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Top 10 Oppo A7 Cases And Covers Available In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Oppo A7 Cases

Are you looking to make the other models look exclusive on your smartphone? Well, to satisfy the excitement, back covers remain the best striking accessories to add to your tablet.

Not only can you find a way to keep it secure, but it also provides your valuable phone with a seamless feel. The market has plenty of budget options for you to try now, considering your requirements. The paper lists the best back covers for your Oppo A7 that you can get.

Here below is the list of Top 10 Oppo A7 Cases And Covers Available In India

Transparent cover


Amagav Transparent Silicone Cover

Amagav Transparent Silicone Cover: Oppo A7 Case

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It enhances the contour of your mobile device by giving it a streamlined and lightweight appearance, the best match for your mobile phone style. The weight is compact and light. It is made of high-quality, durable soft silicon plastic.

No scratching, no bumps. With the designer back case cover, keep your appliance free from bruises and abrupt bumps. For your money, get elegance, security, and great value. The precision-cut style renders both buttons and ports easy to reach and does not block the camera lens.

Dovira Ultimate Slim Back Case Cover

Dovira Ultimate Slim Back Case Cover: Oppo A7 Case

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Dovira offers attractive modern fashion cases and is an ultimate style statement to cover your new cell phone. The required cutouts for the speaker, camera, and other openings give your cellphone the ultimate look.

This trendy, fancy, and clever back cover suits both girls and boys well. Color of A Rtistque Designer Due to different resolutions, mobile cases can vary from the display image.

This is a lightweight, light-weight, and sturdy Stylish Hardcase cover that covers your handset from scratches, dust, and fingerprints.

This latest build cover makes all keys, controls & ports to be conveniently accessible without needing to remove the case. Prevent your cell phone from falling.

Frosted Polish & Weave Texture Style. Made of quality TPU fiber, blended memory fiber, without thinking about out of shape, you can bend this weaving case arbitrarily. The case is exceptionally lightweight & provides an ultra-sleek profile.

Pikkme Flip Cover

Pikkme Flip Cover: Oppo A7 Case

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This is fit to use executive brown leather stand wallet case flip cover to invest in the safety of your computer today and spare yourself from the heartbreak and agony of constantly seeing the scratches and losses on your computer multiply.

This elegant executive flip cover case is designed to suit seamlessly your smartphone and adds more to its polished appearance. This pouch comes with an internal shell back cover that does not readily crack and helps to withstand shocks during impacts.

For holding receipts, cards, or emergency funds, this wallet case comes with card slots. In landscape mode with the wallet stand, you can now video chat or stream movies hands-free. Perfect and correct cutouts allow all ports to be quickly accessed.

Oppo a12’s Pikkme leather case is a premium quality product that promises soft touch and timeless style. These cases improve your phone’s charm and provide it with the finest security. High quality and precious cutouts for all ports are offered in the Pikkme leather case.

The keys, camera, and ports are also easy to reach in these situations. These cases provide the computer with great security from the front and backside, and it even comes with a magnetic flip to hold the case closed when remaining idle.

Kick back and relax with a kick-stand in the pikkme leather case style engineered. Become a walking mobile theatre to enjoy entertainment as you eat and off your oppo a12 show for fast media sessions on the go.

As a holiday piece for your loved ones, these high-quality luxury leather cases are appropriate.

Aleppo Leather Flip Cover

Aleppo Leather Flip Cover: Oppo A7 Case

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The cover is made from high-quality material that gives your phone maximum protection for a long time, making it solid and sturdy. With a durable and secure phone cover with card slots and a cash mask pocket, keep your phone secured.

Side wallet-The pu case acts as a 3-slot side wallet in which you can store your cards and money to keep your valuables secure at all times. Magnetic closure-it has a fast and convenient snap-on engineered solid magnetic closure for your belongings’ safety and security, along with all-around defense.

Accurate cutouts-Your mobile has easy access to all available features. Cutouts without the need to take the handset out of the case for video, charging, mic, headphone, and lock button. Stand feature, royal look, ideal match, magnet lock flip cover, inside pocket, outstanding & sturdy quality cloth, view of the video stand.

This cover suits well with the cell phone. The camera, microphones, flash, and other pieces of the smartphone are specifically sliced. Volume and Power Main cuttings are also available.

The consistency of the material for the flip cover is very superior. The consistency one can sense. The durable fake leather on the inner lining with a soft microfiber coating provides your phone with the perfect amount of cushioning without adding bulk and retaining its streamlined appearance.

Durion Mobile Flip Cover

Durion Mobile Flip Cover: Oppo A7 Case

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This cell phone cover is made of high-quality external electroplating and hard rubber inside, shielding the handset from unintentional drops, bumps, dust, and scratches. Durion mirror flip covers have detailed cut-outs with German precision technology for charging jack, camera & speakers.

Featuring a polished finish, shiny highlights, and carbon fiber finish, Mobcruz mirror flips have a sleek look. Flexible and tear-resistant, easy to remove & attach, anti-scratch, washable case. 

A glossy plated makeup mirror maybe a luxurious slim mirror flip mask. It makes your phone look high-end and luxurious. Made of high-quality PU leather that is safe and protective, lightweight that matches well with your tablet.

Secure your phone well from grit, fingerprints, dents, bumps, and scratches. The nature of your multi-angle viewing stand leaves your hands free while viewing images. The case supports wireless charging with an ultra-slim build.

Printed case


Blutec Squares Design Hard Back Cover

Blutec Squares Design Hard Back Cover: Oppo A7 Case

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By preventing your cell phone from dust and unwanted scratching, the Blutec printed hard back case cover provides protection. It is made to suit ideally and provides optimum protection for the device.

The hard case is improved to extend the life of your cell phone from the right edges, sides, and back. It also has openings precisely made for the side keys, battery port/dock connector, headphone jack, and speaker in addition to its security, giving you direct access to all the functions on your computer.

Simple to mount and long-lasting, the pattern looks fantastic on the surface. To shield your phone from scratches, shock, and the elements, it’s the best case.

Note: As seen on the website, there may be a minor shift in the color of the logo printed on the cover, as there may be different display settings and also a variation in the rate of printer-to-case ink transfer.

Silicon case


Colorcase Soft Silicone Back Case

Colorcase Soft Silicone Back Case: Oppo A7 Case

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The case features precision cutouts to include all keys, ports, cameras, speakers, and microphones on the smartphone with smooth and fast access. The TPU gel material, shock-absorbent and scratch-resistant, protects your phone from all those bumps and scratches.

The lightweight construction of this case makes for a slim and modern look-and-feel with minimal thickness, while when your handset is put face down, its gently elevated edges cover the screen.

It’s more mobile and durable than ever. Quick installation for snap-on/off & fast washing with spray. Excellent suit and lightweight. Accessory just, not having a mobile phone.

Smoke case


Jkobi Smoke Case

Jkobi Smoke Case: Oppo A7 Case

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Presenting the all-new Oppo A12 jkobi case shell. We know that mobile is a very personal gadget, so we are very careful to send you the best in class situations. The case is designed specifically for Oppo A12.

It suits your smartphone perfectly from edge to edge without any hitches, preserves it from dust, dirt, and scratches, and gives it the look you always wanted for your smartphone at the same time.

Glass case


56 case and cover Protective Case

56 case and cover Protective Case: Oppo A7 Case

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You bought the best phone and now it’s time to buy the best cover for the class. For safety, the hard-style smartphone case is made of scratch-resistant tempered glass with soft silicone TPU around the edges.

This high-gloss hardback cover with cutouts for the back camera and ports covers your smartphone from dirt and dust.

The TPU rubber edges are simple to keep and additional protection against scratching is provided by the glass back cover. Ultralight is the shiny back case and it snaps on and off quickly.

AE Mobile Accessories Back Cover

AE Mobile Accessories Back Cover: Oppo A7 Case

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This glass back case of the Marbel series is a prime example of awesome looks & required security, all in one. With this fashionable cover attached, although at the same time providing the necessary security, the phone looks absolutely awesome.

This luxury slim fit back case is built with sophisticated hybrid technologies to provide the requisite security while retaining a classy and elegant look. Built from a lightweight TPU shock absorption frame, it provides grip and a slender profile. Design of Anti-slip frames.

The hybrid architecture of an I.E. scenario Toughened glass + TPU bumper guarantees that the phone remains as good as new with all-round security.

Design case


Hifad Case TPU + PC Dual Layer Back Case

Hifad Case TPU + PC Dual Layer Back Case: Oppo A7 Case

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Back Cover is a Silicon Case to provide your smartphone with soft & smart security. This back cover is composed of silicon material such that during application & removal of the shell, the handset is protected from scratches & stains.

This product protects your smartphone from unnecessary stains, scratches, and other forms of damage. An exceptional fit. All the cutouts and buttons are designed specifically to control all the functionality of your computer. 

Constructed from sturdy material while providing a streamlined look, never think about bulk that is needless. Your phone will stay lightweight with this ultra-thin feature. Feels nice in the palm, defends from bruises, fingerprints, and dumps on your cell phone.

Bumpers for protection against minor and unintended fall with Anti-Shock Cushion Technology. The safe suit, easy to add, and uninstall. It comes in its original packaging, exactly matching the shape of your screen.

Frazil Case

Frazil Case: Oppo A7 Case

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This screen protector will cover the entire screen, including the bent corners, by applying Thermal Compression Technology, which gives your device’s screen optimum security.

Round edge architecture provides any rounded edge with complete coverage, stops dust from entering, and provides a smooth and naked experience with the phone screen, also increases compatibility with most situations.

9H tempered glass hardness prevents the original screen from cracking, and ultra high-resolution transparency is given by HD optical transmittance.

The Steel Alloy curve edge panel utilizes a luxury painting craft that offers an exquisite and original look to the frame.

It is more scratch-resistant, also heavier and harder than the old carbon fiber panel version, adheres securely and smoothly to the curve screen, which performs well to safeguard the phone’s edge from heavy impact drops.

Our new Steel Alloy edge has high strength and fracture can never occur once applied, not like the full glass curve edge screen protector that has a very easily broken glass edge.


A 4,230mAh battery and 4 GB of RAM are both available for the Oppo A7. The phone will be priced at Rs 16,990. This places it in close competition with brands such as Realme, Xiaomi, Nokia, and more smartphones.

Similar to a large monitor, the phones have a battery that was also present in its predecessor. The Oppo A7, however, has a waterdrop-style notched panel, as we now see on many Oppo phones and even those of its sub-brands.

We do hope this list serves you well and helps in deciding the right cover for you.

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