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10 Best Paris Honeymoon Packages in 2023

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Best Paris Honeymoon Packages

Do you know what is the best destination for your honeymoon in 2023? Well, it’s Paris, of course! What better way to celebrate your love rather than to spend it with your partner in the City of Love? Indulge in the romantic foods from the bakeries, or go for a cruise with a view of the Eifel Tower. Not sure of the itinerary to choose? Well, the following article will list the best Paris honeymoon package to ensure you garner the best experiences together! So, let’s get started and decide on a few to plan the best surprise.

Charming Paris Honeymoon Package

Charming Paris Honeymoon Package

Travel Triangle lists the best packages and guides for destination tours. We have found the best one yet – The Charming Paris Honeymoon Packages. The package is customizable, but the decided itinerary ensures that you witness the best of Paris in four days and three nights.

It is for couples who live life like one is supposed to. If you want to be a part of the pomp and the grandeur, this is the best Paris honeymoon package for you. The trip will take you on a tour to cruise on the River Seine, the Illumination tour in the city’s air-conditioned buses, and go to see the glorious Eifel Tower.

On day 2, you will be taken for a full-day outing at Disneyworld, Paris. You will surely enjoy the attractions and relive your childhood innocence with your partner. Day 3 is a trip to the Louvre museum to see the Mona Lisa. Your itinerary for the 4th day will entail a cruise on the River Seine.

At the end of each day, get back to your hotel and relish the delectable cuisine with your partner. The package covers all sightseeing costs and books your stay at 4-star hotels for the perfect Parisian honeymoon.

Beautiful Honeymoon in Paris for 4 Nights Including Disneyland

Beautiful Honeymoon in Paris

If you and your partner are big fans/advocates of a fairytale romance, this is the best Paris honeymoon packages for you. Spend showering your love on your partner while traveling along the River Seine, visiting the Eifel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral, and trying the delicious cuisine at the 58 Tour Eifel Tower Restaurant with a view of the magnificent city on Day 1. Tour the residence of the French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI, the Palace of Versailles, and experience calm and delight at the Monet’s Garden at Giverny on Day 2.

The third day might be the ultimate landmark for your honeymoon – Paris Disneyland. This is your chance to step into your dream and live a fairytale-like life! Take the reins into your own hands on the fourth day. You can go exploring/shopping at the Galeries Lafayette or the departmental stores at Printemps.

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Pleasurable Paris Honeymoon Package

Pleasurable Paris Honeymoon Package

In case you are set on exploring and soaking in the cultures of Paris, the Pleasurable Paris honeymoon package is for you. Other than visiting the popular sights, you will be taken on a trip to Versailles. The culturally rich city and heritage of Paris will blow you away.

The breathtaking gardens and magnificent views are the ultimate sign of grandeur you will see in your lifetime. The Paris honeymoon packages include all accommodation, flight, breakfast, sightseeing, and travel insurance costs. However, it will not cover your visa and lunch and dinner expenses.

Fairy-Tale 6 Nights Paris Honeymoon Package

Fairy-Tale 6 Nights

The Fairy-Tale Paris Honeymoon Package comes with a day-wise plan and includes flight, stay, transfer, and activity charges. After arriving in the morning at the hotel in the morning, you can visit the Arc de Triomphe. The monument celebrates the courage of the warriors of the French War on the first day.

Some other places your package will include are – the Perfume Museum, Rex Studios, Jardin des Tuileries, Montmartre and Sacre-Coeur Church, and the Treasures of the Opera Garnier Tour in Paris. You can check out the detailed plan to check what monuments your trip includes.

Popular Paris Honeymoon Tour Package

Popular Paris Honeymoon Tour Package

The Popular Paris Honeymoon Package is for people who want to experience the best of Paris instead of exploring the culture and mystery in the nooks and corners. If you and your partner love traveling at your leisure and enjoying each other’s company, this is the best Paris honeymoon package! You will get ample leisure time once a day to walk around the city or take a steaming bath at the Hammam in Paris.

Peaceful Paris Honeymoon Package


If glamour, luxury, and romance are your forte, the Peaceful Paris Honeymoon Package will hit the right spots! Step out on your first day and roam the streets of the City of Lights with your partner. Go for a grand cruise on the River Seine and visit the Eifel Tower on the second day. You could also stroll in the magnificent and lush gardens.

The third day of the City Tour will take you across the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs, Elysees to witness the global standard of cinema, cafés, and shops. Do you think that is the extent your trip can reach? Well, the itinerary of the 4th day will make your jaw drop. You will be booked at the Lido show to experience the charm of ballets and dance troupes and return to your hotel to prepare for your departure on the fifth day.

Truly Paris Honeymoon Tour

Truly Paris Honeymoon Tour

The Truly Paris Honeymoon Package is not a template package and allows you to experience the offbeat places and unexplored sides of the city. After an overnight stay on Day 1, you will start afresh and explore the Film Festival Palace and other sights in Cannes and Antibes on Day 2.

Monaco and Monte Carlo is the next destination on the trip and has several hotels and casinos to choose from on Day 3. Days 4 and 5 are for Lyon, the UNESCO Heritage City. It is known for its exceptional Medieval architecture. On the 6th, 7th, and 8th day, you will be taken on a trip to witness the world-famous monuments of Paris, while you will check out and head back home on Day 9.

Why Choose Paris As Your Honeymoon Destination?

Whether you love traveling for the scenic views of magnificent architecture or the food and culture, Paris will be the perfect destination for you. Some reasons we would always be on Paris’ team are:-

  • River Seine Boat Cruise

The River Seine winds throughout the city, and a boat cruise is a great way to witness new silhouettes. Whether you choose to do it during the day or the night, you will see Paris from a new viewpoint. Make sure to carry a bottle of wine to accompany your escapade.

  • Exceptional Cuisine

If you have a taste for expensive cheese and wine, Paris would be the best choice. Moreover, Paris lets you break from the traditional chocolate-covered strawberry and try scrumptious pastries to express your love.

  • Soak in History

Museums are a huge part of Paris’ history and culture. Parisians often visit the museum, which is why it might quickly get crowded. Try visiting these on weekdays during office hours or in the early morning. The Louvre Museum is a must and also offers private tours for a group of eight or fewer people.

  • World-Class Fashion

Everything that screams class and delicacy is in Paris. Whether you want to look for ways to elevate your outfit or buy from designers and luxury boutiques, Paris is the place to be.

Which Destinations in Paris are a Must-Visit?

Other than that, some destinations that will provide you with some top-of-the-world experiences include:-

  • Eifel Tower

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Eifel Tower has a great view in store. Book a lunch or dinner in the restaurants at the top of the Tower, gaze down at a striking view of Paris, and enjoy the delicious cuisine.

  • Louvre Museum

Every person is familiar with Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s most notable work. Visit the Louvre Museum and find more than 30,000 artifacts from different eras till the 21st century, including the famous painting of the Mona Lisa.

  • Notre Dame de Paris

Paris is all about finding love in every corner of the world. The Notre Dame (translating to Our Lady of Paris) has striking architecture and is popularly known to be one of the best French Gothic structures. The cathedral stood the test of time and is thought to inspire a long-lasting relationship.

  • River Seine 

The cruise on the River Seine might seem expensive, but it includes food, a striking view, and an unmatchable experience. However, you could choose to have a picnic near the River Seine with a bottle of wine and delectable food for your tastebuds.

  • Parisian Cafés

Paris is big on evening dates, baked goods, and pastries. Choose a cozy cafe to spend your afternoon talking to each other while relishing the delicious coffee and gourmet pastries.

Last but not the least, try learning a bit of French to express to your partner how much you love them. These are a few reasons why Paris would be the best destination for your honeymoon. Thus, start looking for the perfect Paris honeymoon package to hold the city of Love as the witness for your love.


Paris is the global honeymoon destination and has everything for one’s priorities. The above list of the best Paris honeymoon packages includes choices for romantics, food lovers, architecture fanatics, and much more. Pick a package for your dream honeymoon today!

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