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30 Best Online & Offline Part-time Jobs for Students (In 2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Money, Everyone needs money and the only way to get money is through working (or gambling, or stealing) and that’s the truth about life.

During my teens, I always wanted money to buy new things, books, or simply to spend it with friends but I hardly ever had any money, and I firmly believe that I’m not the only one who has suffered that, and you the reader are currently suffering for that too.

So right now and here I’m giving you 25 best part-time job suggestions that will help you earn some bucks, become financially independent, and gain new skills. 

Do remember that no job is big or small. Also! This post has been split into 2 sections (Off-line/ Online-Work from home) for your convenience and I’ve marked a few of the points with the “+” sign to convey that they can be done both online and offline. 

Offline Part-time Jobs:

Here is the List of Best Offline Part-Time Jobs that you can do to earn money:

Library assistant

Library assistant: best part time job for students

As an avid reader and book lover, working in a library has always been my dream but sadly there aren’t many libraries in my town. Anyways, a Library Assistant job is one of those under 18 jobs so all you need to do is find a library and apply for the part-time assistant post.

And of course! You can also apply for the library assistant post in your College/University but you need to talk about it to your College/University administration and the chances of receiving it are a bit slim (I didn’t receive it) but if you tell them that you wish to become a librarian in future, it might be a different case. 

Library assistant duties include;

  • Renewing material.
  • Assisting patrons. 
  • Answering phones and messages.
  • Maintain records.
  • Dusting (not always).
  • Removing unneeded materials (under supervision). 

Let’s talk about the pay, library assistants usually don’t receive as much as a full-time Library Assistant by depending on where you’re working (and how stingy they are) you can receive either ₹ 5,000 a month to ₹ 10,000 a month and obviously! You get to read any book you want for free! 

Newspaper Boy

Newspaper Boy best part time job for students


The majority of teens and even adults can agree that this is the best part-time job and it has been the best part-time job since old times. 

Believe it or not, many great leaders have once worked as a newspaper boy for a living, although Mahatma Gandhi went a step further and founded his own newspapers. 

To work as a newspaper boy, all you need to do is find the closest newspaper supplier and apply it. But for this job you need a good knowledge of the locality and means of transport (cycle/bike), and this job is also quite demanding as the distribution process starts at 3 am (in case it is delivered by 6 am) so you have to be up early and delivery to 70-80 houses for ₹1000-1500 per month, yes that too low and too underappreciated. 


nanny best part time job for students


 The majority of us have done babysitting at least a bunch of times, so why not earn through the same? In the U.S.A, teens and often adults are hired as babysitter/au pair frequently as the parents are often too busy.

It’s the same situation in India but sadly I haven’t heard of getting paid or maybe I just worked for stingy people, anyways Nanny’s job is in high demand and many new nanny job providers are popping up. 

If you simply Google “Nanny jobs” in your area, you might be surprised at the available offers. Now Nanny work is harder than you can expect and sometimes you might have to deal with pure Lil devil’s, other than that you have to cook, read them stories, play with them (depending), keeping them from fighting (most often), change nappies (for babies), and put them for a nap. As for the pay, you’ll receive whatever they offer which may or may not be above ₹4,000 rs per month (definitely not) although you’ll have other benefits. 

Animal Caretaker

Animal caretaker best part time job for students


I shouldn’t consider taking care of Animals as a job, because I’m sure it won’t make you feel like one. If you love animals, being an animal caretaker can be very satisfying. Your job will be to take care of the needs of animals where you have to feed, groom, exercise, and play.

It will be a great-stress relieving job for students. You can ask for a job at any pet shop, veterinary clinic, zoos, animal shelters or an NGO. The average salary for an Animal caretaker is ₹5000-10000 per month, but I guess getting paid for doing something you love is a sweet deal. 

  I firmly believe that Animal Caretakers often have it easier than nannies… 

Private Tutor +

Private Tutor + best part time job for students


It’s something I have done and had a great time doing. I’m a firm believer in making studies fun so most of my classes were fun and kids readily showed up.

If you’re good in any subject or all subjects, then you must try becoming a private tutor. It’ll help you stay sharp and make your pupils a bit smarter. 

I think private tutoring can be done by anyone (with a brain and common sense), as older people like us know more and can teach easily to the younger generation and also give them the tips and tricks which we didn’t know while we were young.

You can get paid quite decently through private tutoring as you can charge around 400 rs per kid.

So the better you are, the more kids you’ll attract. And if you have a tough time teaching offline, then opt for Online tutoring, although for that you’ll need a good pair of headsets, fast network, and a Laptop.


Photographer best part time job for students


Photography is the most common hobby in today’s world, but what makes it different is your creativity. If you see what others can’t see and you can capture those moments then You should apply for photography, that will not only uplift your skills but it will enhance your creativity and plus point you’ll get a legit excuse to travel too.

Photography is considered as Art, you just need to find your style and then you can rock. For this job, all you’ll need is a camera, creativity, and knowledge about photography. The average salary of a part-time photographer is  ₹10000 – ₹15000 per month which is higher than any other part-time job. 


Beautician best part time job for students


Many people like to make other people look good. If beauty is what you are passionate about. You should go for the beautician job.

You’ll need basic skills and knowledge about skincare, haircare, nails, and beauty. And depending on the salon, beauticians can get discounts on treatments or you can apply some tricks on yourself which you learn at the job.

The only disadvantage is, you will be packed on events or special occasions. You can find any nearby salon and ask for the job. On average, you can earn somewhere around ₹5000- ₹10000 per month.

Shop Assistant

Shop Assistant best part time job for students


The shop assistant is the next best choice after a private tutor. There are so many shops around and getting assistants’ work in one is too easy.

It’s even easier if you apply to retail stores or shopping malls as they need lots of help. As a shop assistant, your work might include Checking things, stacking them, helping the customers, and a bunch of other things. 

   In a few ways, Shop assistant work is quite similar to Library Assistants. The difference is that you can’t tell people to be silent and that you have to constantly stay alert.

A full-time shop assistant earns around ₹8,000 to ₹10,000 (depending on the location) so a part-timer can earn somewhere around ₹5,000 to ₹6,000.


Cashier best part time job for students


The cashier job is pretty simple and easy but boring too, as it’s repetitive work. Your work will be to handle cash and talking to customers. But you have to be nice to customers even when you are having a bad day, which can be annoying.

Other than that you get to know your customers on a personal level, it can help you to stay entertained. It will be better if you are good at math and if not, keep a calculator handy.

So if you enjoy being around people and comfortable with handling money, you should ask for a job in nearby stores. On average, you can get ₹10000-₹15000 per month.

 Do note that this job is tough to do as a part-time job. 


Receptionist best part time job for students


 Receptionist job, what do I say about this one? It’s one of the jobs that is highly dominated by the ladies.  Depending on where you’re working as a receptionist, it can be breezy or simply hectic (for eg: Hospitals).

For this post, you need a Good look (no offense), Reliability, communication skills, and Time management. And in this post, you’ll have to greet people, receive phone calls, sort through the mails, and other things. 

The average salary of a full time experienced Receptionist is ₹13,000 and for a part-time fresher it’s around ₹5,000. 


WaiterWaitress. best part time job for students


Another underappreciated job that can pay quite well. Everyone likes eating out, but nobody likes getting their own food or dirty tables when they eat out, and this task is handled by the waiters and the waitresses.

A waiter’s job is quite easy to find but hard to keep as you have to work quickly and efficiently and oftentimes deal with rude people and oh! You also need a good balance or you’ll be getting fired too quickly. 

You can apply at fast food joints like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza hut, or others and expect a salary of around ₹8,000-₹10,000 per month. 

Tour guide

Tour guide. best part time job for students


The tourism industry has bloomed beautifully and millions of naked apes travel across the continents every single minute. But these travelers need someone local, easy to communicate with, and trustable to show them the places worth gazing at. Sure they can simply Google it, but that won’t beat having a tour guide. 

To apply for this job, you need to have excellent character and communication skills; and with this job, you can expect a salary of minimum ₹7,000 per month. A full-time tour guide can earn up to ₹18,000 a month in Delhi

Bookkeeper +

Bookkeeper best part time job for students

Bookkeeping is a technical job, but not something you can’t learn. You’ll need to have knowledge of accounting for this job. Bookkeeping requires keeping track of every financial transaction of business. They are the people who work behind the curtain. They watch over the business. Their involvement might vary depending on the business.

But it will always include recording every transaction going in or out. It is the foundation of financial statements. They do what others don’t care about. Even though they are mostly buried in papers, on average they’ll be paid ₹15000-₹20000 per month. You can apply for a Bookkeeper post through online portals and can work as a virtual Bookkeeper. 

Security Guard

Security Guard. best part time job for students

If you’re seriously in need of money and have a fit body and know a bit of self-defense, then a security guard job might be suited for you. Of course, you can also work as a fitness instructor but if that isn’t enough then Security guard it is.

If you have what it takes to become a security guard then you can easily apply at a nearby bank, club, or hotel; you can also apply as a private security guard which I think pays better than the others. 

The average salary of a security guard in India is ₹ 16,000 to ₹24,000 but for part-time it’s much lower. 

Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor. best part time job for students

This had been another of my dream jobs, but sadly I wasn’t given a chance to teach… Anyways, The Fitness instructor job is perfect if you’re a fitness freak or even a sportsperson. 

In this field, you’ll need throughout knowledge of what’s good and what isn’t for the body, that includes diet plans too. And of course, you’ll need a great build yourself if you want to make others follow you. The fitness instructor job is quite flexible and you’ll have work for only 4-5 hours. 

 A typical highly experienced fitness instructor can make up to ₹10,000 per Hour, but for beginners, you can expect your pay to be somewhere at ₹10,000 per month. 


Maid best part time job for students

Maid… as sad as it is, this is a part-time job that is massively done by the lower echelon of society. I myself am from the lower rungs and can understand why the majority of us take this job and the reason is not something most of the people would like.  

Maid job often pays okay and all you have to do is Brooming/ wiping the floor (Jhadoo/pocha), washing utensils/ clothes although washing clothes isn’t that often due to the washing machines. On average, one can earn around ₹5,000 to ₹8,000.

[In case this point makes anyone angry, then I beg your pardon.]

Car/bike washing

Car/bike washing. best part time job for students

Car and bike washing is another good part-time job option especially if you’re a bike/car enthusiast, as a car lover, I have worked in a few garages as the cleaning guy and from my experience, it’s quite a wet and fun job.

You won’t believe how much time and effort it takes to make a car shine and if you start working as a car/bike washer, you might start wondering whether people take care of their vehicles or not.

For this job you need to know how to properly park a vehicle, how to wash it properly, and how to wax it till it shines like a mirror.

The average pay for a car washing attendant is ₹15,000 rs but the majority get paid around ₹8,000 and if you’re doing it part-time, then you’ll receive pay of ₹3,000. 

Delivery Job

Delivery Job best part time job for students

Delivery Jobs are amazing, mostly if you know the area and are working for a good firm (like Amazon). For a delivery job, you need some mode of transportation like cycle, bikes, or vans.

If you own a bike or a van then you need a license and most of the time you have to pay for the fuel by yourself although some firms cover the fuel costs. 

For this job, you simply have to spend 4-5 hours per day and are quite flexible to be done part-time and your pay will depend on the number of deliveries you make, so at the end of the month, you can earn anywhere from ₹6,000 to ₹8,000.

Data Entry Jobs+

Data Entry Jobs+ best part time job for students 

Data Entry work is simply too famous and is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of “part-time jobs”.

There are numerous Data entry jobs available throughout the world, but picking a legit data entry job is tough as lately the number of the fraud data entry jobs is higher than the real ones.

One might think that Data entry is an easy-peasy job but 90% of the time it isn’t if it’s easy when you’re being scammed.

I’ve done it once, and nearly made me pull out my hair. It was properly sorting FIR files, sure it was tad interesting but it was so poorly written that I couldn’t make any sense of it.

As for the part-timer pay at Data Entry, you can easily earn up to ₹8,000 a month and you can even work from home as long as you own a Laptop. 


After Data Entry, Tellecaller is the next job that comes to our mind when thinking of part-time jobs, Tellecaller a.k.a BPO jobs are in high demand and are constantly looking for recruits.

Few of the BPOs’ I am familiar with have a work-force of 10,000 people and are still hiring fresh fodder every 3 months. 

For this job you all you need are top-notch communication skills and confidence, the majority of the BPOs’ provide training so it’s alright even if you don’t know a thing about it.

If you’re wondering if a BPO/ Tellecaller job can be done part-time, then you shouldn’t worry, you just need to mention your work timings to them and they’ll provide you with an appropriate working shift. On average you can ₹8,000 (in-hand) but if you’re an experienced individual, then you can earn up to ₹15,000 per month. 

Online Part-time Jobs

Here are the Best Online Part-Time Jobs that you can do to earn money:

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer best part time job for students 

This is something I do but not as a freelancer but as a full-time employee and which oftentimes genuine love and also loathe. From my PoV freelancing writer might be your best bet if:-

  • You’re Creative.
  • Fluent in written language.
  • You’re a Grammar Nazi.
  • Can play with words.
  • Physically challenged (especially deaf or amputee). 

In today’s world content writers are in huge demand so you can easily land a freelancing job right while sitting at home.

If you’re a beginner, then you can expect your pay somewhere at ₹2,000 to ₹3,000 but if you have the experience, then it’s a different story and you can earn ₹1 per word (that’s genuinely crazy but some firms can pay ₹5 per word although that’s unheard of).

And also do remember to always ask to be paid in paise per word instead of a lump sum. 


Translator best part time job for students

This is almost as tough and as draining as being a content writer, for being a translator you need an incredible grasp on languages.

But having a good grasp on Languages isn’t easy, I am quadrilingual but most of the times I don’t know which language I’m talking/thinking/writing in but if you’re a translator, you’re not just translating but you’re understanding the intentions of the speaker and the writing and that’s tough.

But if you’re translating a paper… then it’s easy-peasy lemon-squeezy at least a bit easier than live translation. 

 In India, a full-time translator can earn up to ₹20,000 per month, so if you’re a fresher translator, you can earn anywhere around ₹5,000 to ₹12,000. 

Develop Subtitles/Captions

Develop Subtitles/Captions. best part time job for students

This is where your hunt for a well paying part-time job ends, you know what captions/ subtitles are (unless you’re an alien) but not many think about becoming a caption creator when hunting for part-time jobs.

Well it ain’t your common job either way but creating captions/subtitles is one well-paying job but it mostly depends on your skill and experience.

There are plenty of online sites that provide you with freelancing subtitles creating jobs for e.g Rev. And you can expect a pay of (or around)  ₹25,000 by working a minimum of 5 hours a day (crazy eh?).


 Transcriptionist best part time job for students

 A transcriptionist is the most underrated job and one of the highest paying “easy” jobs out there. For those who don’t know what a transcriptionist is or what a transcriptionist does–A transcriptionist simply (quickly) notes down or types whatever is being spoken.

You might’ve seen a transcriptionist at a pharmacy, as it is quite common there and also medical transcriptionists have the highest pay range among the transcriptionists. 

In India, a certified transcriptionist can earn up to ₹ 18,000 per month, while a part-time fresher can earn half or slightly less than the full-time transcriptionist. 

Products/ Apps Testing

Products/ Apps Testing. best part time job for students

Are you one of those people who often select the “Beta” option while downloading games or new apps? Then why not simply start earning from it?

App testing is a fun job but sadly not many know that app testing can pay and also not many know where they can find app testing jobs that can actually pay, it’s the same story with product testing, but lately, product testing has been becoming quite popular. In this job you simply have to test the product/ app and write a thorough report on it and send it to the employer.

You might be able to earn around ₹4,000 per month through this and also as an additional perk… you get free products and interesting apps. Just so you know… adult toy testers earn a lot more than other testers. 

PowerPoint presentation designer

PowerPoint presentation designer.best part time job for students

PowerPoint presentations, we’ve done this on an almost weekly basis in school and are often proficient at it. But did you know that big firms hire PowerPoint presentation designers for their imp meetings?

But hold-up PowerPoint presentation designer isn’t your average job and you need to use your creativity at its highest settings and come up with something downright alluring. So do you think that you’re capable of that?

If yes, then look up PP designer jobs on Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork. You can also try to land a project on LinkedIn and learn through them, on average you can do 2-3 presentations per week and for which you might get paid around $10-20 (lower or higher depending on skill) per week. 

Resume writer

Resume writer. best part time job for students

Writing a Resume is breezy, but the majority of individuals (including myself) simply fail at writing a good resume, your resume is what lands you jobs so the more impressive it is, the better your chances would be.

Anyone can become a resume writer but not many can get the results from the resumes that they make. So do you think you can develop a world-class Resume? If yes then give it a try on Upwork or Freelancer. 

Also to become one can get started by writing or editing resumes for free or charge less for a while till you gain experience. You will also be required to do market research, knowing what industry requires what kind of skills.

Other than that you’ll also need to take care of keywords, language,  and presentation. The earnings mostly depend on how many resumes you write or edit. But on average you can expect ₹5000 to ₹10000 per month. 

Graphic design

Graphic design. best part time job for students

 This is my part-time hobby, if I couldn’t become a content writer, I definitely would have polished my designing skills. To become a Graphic Designer, most employers don’t look for a degree but for the skill which is quite similar to Content writing. 

 I can write around 2000 words on this topic but to keep it short, all I can say is that you need to use your creativity to “visually” communicate with your audience.

Graphic designing is a home for jobs like Logo designing (I’m crazy about black and gold logos), Business cards designing, folders, advertisements, package design, booklets, and a lot of other things. Graphic designing is quite engrossing and pays quite well but to start you need a few samples once and once you’re selected, you can expect a pay of ₹10,000 or above (increases quite often). 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant. best part time job for students

 Virtual Assistant is a job that I think stands along with Tellecaller and Receptionist, but it’s much more flexible and much more difficult as you can work from home and you need top-notch skills, for e.g: Resourcefulness, Time management, Managing expectations and confidence, working alone, communication skills, Reliability, and other things. 

If you think that you have what it takes to be a good Virtual Assistant, then look up some internships and gain experience. A full-fledged Virtual Assistant can earn up to ₹20,000 in India. 


This is a long article, and I don’t think many would read till the very end, but if you’re reading this, then I thank-you. During my teens, I often hunted for jobs to do for money but was often fired. And now that I have a job, it feels incredible and while writing this I’ve realized that there were so many other ways to earn money.

In today’s world earning money is too easy if you have the creativity and a phone, you could simply become a blogger or a Vlogger and heck! if you own a PC and know how to repair one then you could work in a PC repair shop and upgrade your PC while you’re at it, then become a gaming blogger/Vlogger (if you’re good) or play & win in the gaming tournaments to earn whopping $5,000 a month (Average tournament prize for League of Legends), if the money isn’t good then you can earn top-notch gaming kits through tournaments, other than that you can also design games through coding, become an online influencer or a social media manager.

Anyways, I’d you have any more ideas for part-time jobs (please none related to strip dancing) then feel free to let me know in the comments.

“Where there’s a Will, There’s a Way” 

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