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10 Best Phuket Honeymoon Package in 2023

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phuket Honeymoon Package

Phuket is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. This destination is primarily known for couples who can enjoy the best moments of their lifetime. Phuket has everything for couples from places to stay to various activities. This is the best place to enjoy a honeymoon with excitement and amazing nightlife. But most people face budget concerns to spend their honeymoon moments. This list will help you find the right destination where you enjoy and have unlimited fun. Let’s know more about what the Phuket honeymoon package has to give you for the perfect romantic vacation. 

Here are the 10 best Phuket honeymoon packages in 2023.

Lovers Paradise Phuket and Krabi Honeymoon Package

Lovers Paradise Phuket and Krabi Honeymoon Package

This Lovers Paradise Phuket honeymoon package has everything for you from place to stay to explore the island. You will get 5 nights and 6 days of stay in Phuket along with twin sharing rooms. The breakfast will be complimentary with a romantic candlelit dinner. Isn’t it exciting to spend your first day in a romantic evening? Besides the stay, you will get to experience Krabi 4 Island tour by speed boat. Here you can enjoy swimming and scuba diving with your partner. 

On Day 4, you will have a Phi Phi Island tour in Phuket by ferry. In this package, you will get to explore the famous sights of Phuket and the beaches. If you want to change anything, don’t forget that it is a customizable package. All tours will have transfers so there is no need to worry about traveling. This package will cost you around 24,500 INR per adult with customizable quotes.

Stunning Phuket Honeymoon Package

Stunning Phuket Honeymoon Package

This three nights and four days Phuket honeymoon package includes accommodation in a 3-star hotel with exciting tours. This package will make your honeymoon special and fulfill all the requirements. The cost of this Phuket honeymoon package starts from 27,000 INR per person on twin sharing. Spend your day two by taking a tour of Phuket city where you will visit three famous beaches and mesmerizing views.

Get unlimited fun by witnessing the adventure at Phi Phi Island through Big Boat on Day three. The breakfast will be complimentary and you will also get the advantages of hotel services without paying any extra charges. So, make your love memorable and spend the leisure day in the positive vibes of Phuket.

Mesmerizing Phuket Honeymoon Package from Mumbai

Mesmerizing Phuket Honeymoon Package from Mumbai

Who doesn’t want to spend their happiness after marriage in a mesmerizing place? Phuket is always known for loving birds or newlyweds because of the vibrant views and thrilling activities. This mesmerizing Phuket honeymoon package has the opportunity to fulfill that wish of yours. This package will cover all the visits to beautiful islands like Phi Phi, Phuket, Koh Samui, and also the city tour. Check in at your three-star hotel on day one and witness the sunset at Phuket FantaSea Kamala Beach.

Enjoy the water activities at Phi Phi Island through a big boat on your second day. This package also includes your departure from Phuket to Koh Shumai to experience leisure. Visit the mountainous rainforest and experience the stay at luxury resorts with your partner to double your excitement. This whole fun-packed honeymoon package starts from 79,000 per person on twin sharing with complimentary breakfast.

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Best of Phuket Tour Package Day Trip to Phi Phi Island

Best of Phuket Tour Package Day Trip to Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is very popular in Phuket for the adventurous scuba diving and astonishing views. If you are thinking of a day trip to Phi Phi Island during your honeymoon, this package is the perfect option. It has everything to offer like twin sharing rooms, flight tickets, private cab, delicious food, and a chance to take part in the Phuket Fantasea show. So, stop thinking and avail the package to spend a beautiful romantic weekend. In this package, you will have an international buffet dinner with the Phuket Fantasea show.

Get the excitement in your hand by visiting Phi Phi Island and experiencing delicious lunch. The activities which can be done on this Island are sightseeing around the Viking cave, swimming, snorkeling, Pileh Bay, and Loh Samah Bay. There is something unique in this Phuket honeymoon package that you cannot avoid. You can enjoy the Phang Nga Bay with Canoe program and have a buffet lunch on board. Unleash the entertainment at the cost starts from 38,000 INR per person.

Phuket and Krabi Tour Package from Delhi with Flights

Phuket and Krabi Tour Package from Delhi with Flights

Nowadays, most people look for tour packages with flight inclusion so they don’t need to worry about traveling. This package includes flights for the Phuket and Krabi honeymoon tours. Romance is all about spending the evening at white sand beaches, enjoying the nightlife, and playing with water.

This honeymoon tour package is for six days and five nights and covers two islands. You will also get visa assistance and transfers for exploring the islands. Let’s see what you cannot miss during this trip. You will get to see the nightlife scenes in Patong and sunset views at Promthep Cape. As for activities, trekking, bamboo rafting, and scuba diving are available to get the adventure during your honeymoon. Breakfast is added to this package, so enjoy your delicious food and explore the mesmerizing beauty of Phuket and Krabi.

Delightful Honeymoon in Phuket

Delightful Honeymoon in Phuket

Are you looking for a honeymoon package in Phuket that gives you the chance to experience a luxurious stay at a 4-star hotel and include almost all itineraries? This delightful honeymoon package in Phuket has the opportunity. So, grab it and unleash the adventure of your romantic life. This honeymoon package cost starts from 82,999 INR per person on twin sharing with the customization and complimentary breakfast. From stay to transfers, there is everything available on this package.

The highlights of this honeymoon package are the Phuket Fantasea show, Phi Phi Island tour, Koh Samui beaches, and a big boat ride to Angthong Marine Park. This package is specially designed for those couples who want to have adventurous activities for their memory. Here, you will get to kayaking and snorkeling at the beaches with your partner. Besides the activities, you can also enjoy spa and swimming activities at the resort. As for the fare of flights, you don’t have to make any arrangements because it is already included in your package.

Splendid Phuket Honeymoon Package from Bangalore

Splendid Phuket Honeymoon Package from Bangalore

If you are looking for an excellent honeymoon package from Bangalore to explore Phuket, this package will fulfill your dreams.
This package has a stay of six days and five nights with customization. It will cover your trip from historic temples to luxurious resorts. You will spend two days in Phuket, 1 on Phi Phi Island, and 3 days in Bangkok during your honeymoon. Phuket has Karon beach where couples enjoy a romantic evening and experience the clean water of the Andaman Sea.

On your Phuket tour, Experience the Phuket FantaSea show along with various water sports. In Bangkok, you can explore Dream World Theme Park and have a temple tour to learn some history. So, this package has a combination of adventure and relaxation. Don’t lose it and get the advantage of exploring the beauty of Phuket. The most exciting this about this package is that you can also visit Bangkok. As for the pricing of this honeymoon package in Phuket, it starts from 68,000 INR per person.

Amazing 11 Nights Phuket Honeymoon Package

Most Affordable package

Many packages allow you to spend your honeymoon for more than a week. This amazing 11 nights Phuket honeymoon package unleashes all the activities and adventures. It also has a luxurious opportunity to stay at a four-star hotel.  You can also add activities to your package according to the need. Do not miss the Coral Island and sports activities. Enjoy the Fun Phuket FantaSea show in the evening on your second day. You will also have the opportunity to take a tour of Coral and Racha Island along with the exciting water activities.

The pick-up will be included in your package for all the tours. There is also one day trip to James Bond available by big boat for the couples. Nothing is more mesmerizing than seeing the Dolphins way. So, if you are eager to watch the dolphins, you can get that in this honeymoon package in Phuket. Except for these activities, you can also enjoy elephant bathing in the morning. Make sure to visit Tiger kingdom Phuket to explore the smallest tiger. For the rest days and evenings, you can customize your tours.

This package is popular because it will help you to cover almost everything in Phuket. You can also have a romantic candlelit dinner around the beach with your partner. Do not forget to experience a couple of spas at your hotel to relax after a tiring day.

Breathtaking 10 Nights Phuket Package for Couple

Best Packages

This Phuket honeymoon package has 10 nights duration to enjoy the fun-packed experience in Thailand. On day 2, you can experience Bareback elephant riding for 30 minutes duration. Do not miss the delicious breakfast at the hotel before departure. Take the speedboat and explore colorful marine life at Phi Phi Island. Visit Dolphins Bay with sharing transfers to enjoy the beauty of dolphins.

You can also do scuba diving and watch coral reefs at Racha Island. Enjoy the Simon Cabaret row in the evening at eight-day to add entertainment to your honeymoon. Besides all these things, you can adore the smallest tiger at the Tiger Kingdom Phuket. This package also has the inclusion of elephant walking for 30 minutes. If you want to enjoy any other activity or explore any place in Phuket, you can add that to your package accordingly. These Breathtaking 10 nights will have the most cherished moments of your romantic life.

Vacation on the Islands

Vacation on the Islands

Islands are popular for various water activities and sunset views. If you want to spend your honeymoon on Islands, don’t ignore this package. With 7 days plan, it will cover the Krabi and Phi Phi Island with a Phuket city tour. Flights are also included in this package with a luxurious stay at a four-star hotel. Enjoy the delightful breakfast in the morning at the hotel. After breakfast, you will head to Krabi to visit Poda by Long Tailed Boat. On the third day, you will have the chance to visit Phi Phi Island by Ferry with the stay at Phi Phi Holiday resort.

This package is all about exploring the Islands and relaxing resorts. On Island, you can enjoy scuba diving, swimming, colorful fish, and delicious lunch. Isn’t it interesting to experience the romance around beautiful islands? You can also spend a romantic evening by having dinner with your partner at the resort with your chefs. 


Phuket is popular among couples because of its mesmerizing islands and views. With all these packages, you can also explore Krabi and Bangkok to add an exciting element to your trip. All the suggestions are budget friendly and cover almost everything in Phuket. So, don’t wait and grab the chance to spend a luxurious honeymoon with your partner.

Phuket honeymoon packages are customizable, so there is no need to worry if you don’t want to do any particular activity. You can easily remove that and add your favorite with a single click. For our suggestion, don’t miss the islands and water sports to have the adventure with your partner.

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