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Places To Visit In Goa: Top 10 Best Places to Visit In Goa (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Places To Visit In Goa

This tiny state already features in every bachelor’s bucket list. Thanks to Bollywood films that have made Goa into a dream destination. Party, booze and fun road trips are the identity of Goa trips.

Sure, all this definitely makes a part of Goa tourism but this small state seems to offer much more than what the films have told us. We have all heard jokes and memes on how Goa trip is a milestone that is very difficult to achieve.

So the next time your squad plans for a Goa trip,

Here are the 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit In Goa:

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach: Place To Visit In Goa

Being the largest and most popular beach of Goa, it is rightly called Queen of Beaches and makes a major tourist destination. What makes it an irresistible hangout point is that it offers something for every type of tourist.

Given its natural beauty and breathtaking views it is already a fascinating place for nature lovers, but its massive water sports and activities attracts adventure seeks as well.

The lines of palm trees and beautiful hues of waves thrill the photographers and its soothing charm is makes it a heaven for those seek solitude and are in a content hunt for a relaxing point. 

Irrespective of their interests, to soak in the mesmerising sunrise/sunset with chilled beer or coconut water against the backdrop of sparkling sand stretches is something that every would interest every tourist. 

Indulge in some fun water sports at the beach, there are a lot of activities available- parasailing, jet ski, banana ride, bumper ride. While there, head to Our Lady of Piety, a famous church. It is mystical in itself and offers a charming view of the beach. 

The beach is at a distance of 40 kms from the Goa International Airport. However, the cheapest and fastest way to reach is via taxi that takes up 30 minutes max.

The best time to hit the beach is between late October to February, idea is to skip monsoons and summers. Former makes the sea rough and unsafe and the latter is too humid for a beach trip. 

Address: Goa

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Bom Jesus Basilica

Bom Jesus Basilica: Place To Visit In Goa

A major point for the Catholics, Bom Jesus Basilica, is a popular tourist attraction of Goa. It is known for the preserved body of St. Francis Xavier kept encased in a glass mausoleum and it grand Baroque architecture.

It was constructed in the year 1605 and the body was carried in 1622 and has been there ever since. To experience the traditions, plan and visit the place in December where lavish feast is conducted together with the Christmas celebrations. 

This place has a mystical aura that charms its visitors. A thrilling place for the history lovers, one may also visit the Art Gallery exhibiting the painting depicting the same era. 

It is situated in Old Goa and is easily accessible from Panaji via taxi. It is open on all days of the week from 9 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening.

Address: Old Goa Rd, Bainguinim

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Fort Aguda

Fort Aguda: Place To Visit In Goa

A beautiful structure from the Portugal past of the state, Fort Aguda stands proudly between the Sinquerium and Candolim beach. Constructed in 1612, it was built primarily for defence purposes.

With a huge capacity to hold cannons and other warfare equipment, the fort faces the Arabian sea and was designed to withstand attacks from the erstwhile invaders-the Marathas and the Dutch. The place is sure to thrill all the history buffs. 

The fort premises also contain a lighthouse, built in 1864, it is the oldest lighthouse in India. The lighthouse offers beautiful views of the sea and is a heaven for photographers. 

Address: Fort Aguada Rd, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim

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Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls: Place To Visit In Goa

Located on the Goa-Karnataka territorial boundaries, Dudhsagar falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. It is situated on the Madovi river and is one of the tallest waterfalls in the country.

It is so called due to it milky white appearance that gives it a look of milk stream running down the hills. The white waters gush down from an approximate height of 1017 feet off a steep mountain.

The waterfalls constitutes an element of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. The trek to waterfalls is rough. Easiest route to reach the beautiful waterfalls is through the national park via a jeep ride.

Lush green surroundings and grander of falling water is a sight to behold. One can also board a train to Kulem junction and then hop on a jeep to access the waterfalls. However, Kulem junction is just a rough spot and is not a proper platform. 

Monsoons are the best time to visit as the rains multiply the beauty the place. You may find this place familiar as it has been the shoot location of manny Bollywood films. 

Address: Sonaulim

Phone: 0832 243 7728

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Tito’s Street

Tito’s Street: Place To Visit In Goa

Tito’s Street is the ultimate party destination of Goa. This street is full of the best clubs of Goa. This place gets its name after the most popular club here, that goes by the name Tito. The street is actually the extended shoreline of Baga Beach and turns the calm place into a party hub as the sun goes down. 

It is a perpetually exciting place. You are sure to have a good time whether you go off season or in the main tourist season. Expect a decent quantum of crowd here. There are numerous clubs and party destinations on these trees but do visit Tito’s and Mambos. 

The clubs give away exciting offers and even have complimentary services. The vouchers usually begin from Rs. 1000/-. If it is a girls night out then look out for ladies night. Stag entry is for Rs. 2000/-. Hit it at 6 in the evening all gorgeous and handsome and party till morning!

Address: Titos Ln, Near Baga Beach, Saunta Vaddo, Calangute

Phone: 098227 65002

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Grand Island

Grand Island: Place To Visit In Goa

Water sports are available at all beaches in Goa. But for adventure seekers, the real heaven lies at Grand Island. This place apart from its breathtaking views with beautiful sands and sparkling waters offers the every possible kind of water activity.

Give yourself and adrenaline rush with its most popular scuba diving. Professionally instructed and equipped services are provided to help you explore the underwater life.

You may even come across some Ship wrecks along with marine creatures. Go fishing and end the day with the barbeque. Remember to keep your swimming suit and other beach essentials. Make sure to carry all your swimming and beach essentials as well as spare clothes for the day.

It is located in South Goa and it is recommend that you start early as the activities wrap up by evening. The island is accessible only via water ways, so hop on ferries or rent a boat to reach there. The prices usually vary with different service providers. 

Address: Goa

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Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: Place To Visit In Goa

This beautiful structure was constructed when Goa was under the Portugal colonial rule. Its main purpose was to cater to the religious interest son the Portugese.

Built in the year 1541, the chapel has undergone various additions to the structure to reach where it is today. The architecture of this place is Portuguese Baroque and is a sight to behold.

It is painted in brilliant white symbolic of virgin Mary. The bells are huge. This place is popularly also called the crown of Panjim. Every Bollywood film set in Goa contains a shot of this pretty location and hence has acquired the identity of being the face of Goa.

The interior is not very grand but is kept plain and subtle to reflect the soft charm of Virgin Mary. There are altars dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary and Jesus’ Crucification. 

A massive celebration is organised annually on 8th of December. Festivities are enhanced by a huge fair. The church is decorated with lights and blue and white flowers. Band performances and forwards also take place post the prayers and processions. 

Address: Rua Emídio Garcia, Altinho, Panaji

Phone: 0832 242 6939

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Verna Springs

Verna Springs: Place To Visit In Goa

This place busts the myth of Goa being only a party place. Offering a serene dose of nature, this place soothes you with its mystical charm. It is popular called the Kesarval Spring, the name referring to the earlier times when eagles used to frequent the springs. It is a lush green surrounding combined with huge rocks and hum of the forest. 

The springs are also popular for its healing properties. Its water is said to have remedial nature, a dip in which can cure skin/eye/internal infections. This in itself acts as a huge magnet attracting hundreds of tourists. Do carry an extra set of outfit and dry towel, if you too wish to take a dip. 

The springs are huge and make a popular tourist destination, so do expect crowd when you reach there. If you seek quiet time then try and reach as soon as the spring opens, that is, at 9 in the morning. Best time to visit the springs is in monsoon, when the heavy rans keep the springs full and wear in full force. 

These are located near the village of Cortalim in South Goa. One can travel to Cortalim via  bus or train and then rent local transportation to the springs. Alternatively, one may travel to the springs directly by cab or scooter. 

Address: Quelossim, Goa

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Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach: Place To Visit In Goa

A little to the south of Palolem in Cancona region of Goa lies the Butterfly beach. A little rocky and slightly inaccessible, the beach is one the most secluded and hence peaceful places in Goa.

Also called the Honeymoon beach, this place is filled with romantic aura. A pretty place lined with dense stretches of palm trees, it is perfect to spend time with your sugarplum.

It is so called because the beach is itself shaped as a butterfly and also houses a wide variety of butterflies. It offers breathtaking sunset views, so pour some wine and let loose.

Since it lies beyond thick forest, vehicles do not directly go up to the shore. If you have thing for trekking, then grab the opportunity to trek your way through the forest and claim the pretty beach as your reward. Alternatively, one may travel there via boat from the Palely or Agonda beach. 

It has a picturesque landscape that promises of a beautiful evening. 

Address: Goa

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Dona Paula

Dona Paula: Place To Visit In Goa

Visit this place to relive the love story that still booms here in this mystical monument. Situated somewhere 11 kms away from Panaji, the Dona Paula beach is a beautiful place to be.

This place gets its name from the statue of a man and woman located there. Legend has it that the statue is of a lady named Dona Paula who fell in love with a local Goan man.

The man being of lower caste was deemed an inappropriate match for here as per the societal standards and hence they were separated. The monument speaks of the forbidden, unfulfilled love that reached a tragic end. 

This place also witnesses the meeting of two rivers and is further beautified by the palm trees and silvery sands. The beach is friendly in terms of swimming and water activities. 

There a lot of points to shop, eat and stay near the place making it a perfect holiday destination. 

Address: Goa

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We know you are already prepping for your Goa trip. Its tourist destinations have so much to offer that I cannot imply resist. But do check off the following tips to make your trip hassle free:

Goa is a costal state, so the weather is mostly humid. Keeping dry towels and extra outfits will come in handy. Since you will be hitting beaches all the time. Carry sunscreen and umbrella. Do not carry too much cash or valuables while on the beach, since you will be leaving your stuff unattended. 

There are tons of food stalls near every tourist hangout. But mostly seafood is served. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then do make a list of the veg food points before you reach there. 

Cabs and taxis are readily available, but we recommend you to rent a scooter as it is convenient to visit streets and beaches on a two wheeler. 

Happy Journey!

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