Top 10 Places To Visit In Gujarat (2022) For Tourists

Gujarat, 6th largest state in India, this western state is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is a colourful, lively state that extends a warm welcome and offers the most exciting places to visit. Its cultural and religious history attracts millions of tourists annually. 

Gujarat features on every traveller’s bucket list and we are sure t does on your too, so here is a list of the top 10 tourist attractions in Gujarat that will help you gain a memorable experience. Happy Journey!

Here are the Best Places to Visit In Gujarat (Tourist Places In Gujarat):

Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

The Great Rann of Kutch is the most popular and beautiful tourist spot of Gujarat. It is the face of Gujarat tourism campaigns. The place is a salt marsh that is designated to be one of the largest salt deserts in the world. A part of Thar dessert, this marsh covers the Kutch district. 

This place offers everything that an enjoyable tourist destination is supposed to. The long stretches of white sand with frequent simultaneous occurrences of moon and sun makes it a sight to behold.

Tourism is promoted by organising desert safaris, stay in tents and campfires with cultural performances. Nights turn fun when you witness Ghost lights, locally called Chir Batti, which remains an unexplained phenomena of strange dancing lights that take over the sky as the nightfall kicks in.

Camel and tanga rides are common. One may also come across local Kutchi women selling traditional Gujarati embroidered clothes, all colourful and full of mirrors, you surely cannot resist! Oct-Feb is the best time to visit, and if you happen to be there during Makar Sakranti you are surely in for a treat.

It is a kite festival that is celebrated with great show and pomp. Do remember to pack your woollens as the temperature dips as low as 0 degrees celsius. 

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Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

This temple has a great religious significance attached to it. It is believed to e the first of 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. Situated in Prabhas Patan near Junagadh, this tempe is an important pilgrimage site from the fact of being a triveni sangam, meeting point of three rivers. 

The temple’s history is believed to have commenced from the mythical legend of Chandra, the moon God. When moon god was cursed by his father-in-law, he lost his lustre and to regain the same he arrived at Prabhas Teerth and built the temple in Gold to please Lord Shiva. Waxing and waning of the moon and the high and low tides of the ocean behind the temple is believed to have oriented form this tradition. 

Later sources of history reveal the accounts of innumerable attacks and destruction of the temple by different invaders that plundered, destroyed and looted its immense wealth.

The temple, however, withstood every attack and witnessed subsequent reconstruction everytime. Its costal location adds to its detailed beauty and offers marvellous sunset views.

The temple is illuminated with thousands of Diyas every evening creating a tranquil atmoshpere. A light and sound show titled “Jai Somnath” is also organised at night, that allows the pilgrims to experience the great legends and history attached to this architectural marvel.  

Address: Somnath Mandir Rd, Veraval

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Rani Ki Vav

Rani Ki Vav: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

This archeological marvel is in Patan district, located on the banks of Saraswati River.  Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014, this step well is believed to have been constructed by Udaymati, a queen of the 11th century Chaulakaya dynasty, in the memory of her husband Bhima.

This structure is in the form of an inverted temple that entails seven levels of staircases and sculptural panels depicting religious, mythological legends.

Its date of construction goes back to 1032, but it was later flooded and silted over by Saraswati River and was discovered later in 1940s excavations.

This monument is a fine example of Maru-gurjara architecture, reflecting intricate details and proportions. The place is sure to fill you with awe and charm you with its beauty. History buffs are definitely in for a treat, photographers too will have a great time. 

Address: Mohan Nagar Society, Mohan Nagar Socity, Patan

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Lukshmi Vilas Palace

Lukshmi Vilas Palace: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

This extravagant structure is an epitome of Indo-saracenic architecture. Constructed by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1890, this place holds a record to be the largest private residence and is four times bigger than the huge Buckingham Palace! It even had the most modern of facilities that were found only in lavish European households at that time.

The place continues to be partially occupied by the Royal family. Different parts of the palace are open to public. Durbar hall is a frequent venue for music concerts and cultural celebrations. 

A delight for history buffs, this palace has a grand museum called the Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum. It displays the collection of objects d’arts collected by the Gaekwads of Baroda and oil paintings by Raja Ravi Verma depicting the royal life.

The foreign art collection of the museum is equally rich. The museum was opened to public in April 1961 and allows visitors till 5:30 in the evening. It also includes an audio tour. 

Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club, another establishment by the royal family, is a premier private golf course club. With its wide range of activities it has developed into a full fledged family club with excellent sports facilities. It offers a great atmosphere for a fun weekend.

Address: J N Marg, Moti Baug, Vadodara

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Junagadh: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

This district offers a complete tourism package in itself. It has an amazing collection of tourist destinations thus making it perfect for a weekend getaway:

Uperkot Fort is a 2300 years old structure with Adi ki Vav and Navghan Kuwo, two deep step wells that are carved out of a single stone! Its mystical charm will surely amuse you. 

Those who love historical tales will be thrilled by Ashok Shilalekh, a large carved rock, its 14 inscriptions are believed to written with an iron pen in Bhrami script of Pali language.

It dates back to the time of Emperor Ashoka’s reign. Indulge in a spiritual experience at Jama Masjid. Carved in This place has a beautiful white marble courtyard and lotus shaped dome. Relax at Ahmedpur Mandvi beach, with long white sand stretches and clear waters, this beach is ideal for swimming and water sports.

One may also spot dolphins! Explore the diverse flora and fauna of the state at Gir national Park. Look out for the Majestic Asiatic lion, Gir being their only home in India! Go hiking at the strong Girnar hills, this place finds its origin in the Vedas and its religious significance is older than the mohenjodaro period!

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Dwarka: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

This northwestern district of Gujarat is an important pilgrimage site, believed to be the home to Lord Krishna. Dwarkadish temple is a 2500 years old Chaulakya architectured structure dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Its five storied shrine reflects its grandeur. Another significant religious spot is one of the 12 famous Jyotirlingas, Nageshwar Jyotirlinga. The tall, beautiful Shiva statue carries an aesthetic charm and the myth about its origin attracts  huge chunks of tourists.

Bet Dwaraka is a tiny island located 30km away from the main town. It is a calm place with white sands and coral reefs. The beach offers perfect landscape for picnics and exploring marine life.

Gopi Talava is another beautiful spot, it is believed to be the place of Krishna’s playful romance and youthful pranks. The banks of the lake are covered with yellow sand, it is considered sacred and used by devotees to make tilaks. 

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Saputara Hill Station

Saputara Hill Station: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

It is the only hill station in Gujarat and like hill stations offers scenic views and places so pretty that even the most shy would want to get clicked. Blurred by low lying clouds is the Hathghad fort, which a remote structure built by the Maratha Ruler Shivaji, with its location at an altitude and surrounding greenery this place offers a soothing view and is perfect for a relaxing day out.

Artist’s village is a treat for those who love handicrafts, this village is small locality location the road to Nashik and is full of beautiful artefacts like bamboo and other organs products.

Lying in the center of the town is the heart of the town , the Saputara lake, its calming waters making it a tranquil place to be. The lush green surroundings and boating add to its freshness.

Not very far away are the 150 m tall Gira Falls, experience the grandeur of water while sipping hot tea and coffee rom the nearby stalls. Since it is a hill station, you may want check off the mandatory sunset/sunrise view point.

Do make sure to capture this sight to behold. While there, give yourself an adrenaline rush by hopping on the ropeway cable. You will get a beautiful view of the entire town from the top! If you are visiting in spring, then give yourself a dose of nature by visiting the rose garden, elegant and colourful flowers in full bloom. 

Address: Saputara

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Bhuj: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

A town in the Kutcch district, Bhuj offers a variety of tourist destinations that caters to every type of tourist interest. Begin with the Hall of mirrors or Aaina Mahal, this palace was constructed during the reign of Lakhpatji in the middle of the 18th century.

Its glittering glasses and antique clocks is a thrilling sight. Also gaze in awe at the marvellous architecture of the Prag Mahal, situated next to Aaina Mahal. Its has served as a part of several Bollywood blockbusters including Lagaan, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and numerous Gujarati films as well.

Pay your respects to the martyr soldiers who fought bravely for the motherland Located at Vande Mataram Memorial. Spread across 12 acres of land area, the memorial commemorates the struggles beginning from mutiny of 1857 to the ultimate freedom struggle of 1947.

Spot the rare species, Great Indian Bustard, at the Lala Prajan Sanctuary. Closely observe and capture the diverse wildlife in this reserve. Sparsely populated, the Pirotan island give you the much needed scolded getaway you alway yearned from.

It is a part of the first marine national park- the Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park and gives you a close look at the marine nature. 

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Lothal: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

Discovered in 1954, this city was one of the most southernmost parts of the ancient Indus valley civilisation. It is an important site from the point of archaeology and history. It is located 85 km southwest to Ahmedabad and on the banks of Saraswati.

Its major tourist spots are the ruins of the city, an erstwhile part of the Harappan era, discovered during the excavations. All the objects extracted from the ruins are housed in the museum located west to the excavation sites including mirrors, statues, shells, beads and other handicrafts. Add this city seeped in history to your bucket list. 

Address: Lothal, Saragwala

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Daman: Place To Visit In Gujarat 

Re-live the Portuguese colonial past in these union territory. With a different history, these territories offer you quite a different atmosphere from the Rest of colourful Gujarat. Visit the lighthouse and St. Jerome fort in Daman to experience a mystery novel like atmosphere.

Pack your swim suits and head to Mirassol Water Park for a day full of water sports and adventure. Alternatively, you can also visit the Devka amusement park. 

If you are a shopaholic then do visit the local bazar, Daman is famous for its leather products and the colourful bazaar offers a range of beautiful handicrafts.

There are numerous beaches in Daman, however, Jampore beach is one of the significant attractions. This beach is famous for its black water and offers a calm atmosphere. For those who seek solitude away from the hustle bustle of the city, this is a great place to soothe your nerves.

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Gujarat seems to be the perfect tourist package! You name it, you get it. Every tourist destination seems to offer something unique and memorable. History, religion, adventure, culture, spirituality Gujarat is a basket of all possible genres of tourism.

All you need to do is pick & choose to suit the kind of trip your are planning. Whether its for seeking spirituality, cherishing romance or a fun trip with your pals, Gujarat has got you covered. In short, now that you know that you cannot go wrong with Gujarat as your ultimate tourist destination, it is time that you start packing!