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Now-a-days getting vacation loan is quite easy, Plan your vacation and get vacation loan in just few steps

by Ashish Bansal
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Whether you are planning a trip to the hills or the seaside or to an exotic foreign locale, it is no longer a difficult task. With the availability of complete information regarding locations, sightseeing, travel and accommodation at your fingertips, planning for a vacation is not as cumbersome as it used to be. With the travel restrictions due to the pandemic being slowly lifted, holidayers are making plans to take a well-deserved vacation. 

What are the steps to be taken to organise your dream vacation?

Decide on the location

If you are planning on a trip with your family, you will do well to check what would excite them the most and plan the destination accordingly. Would you like to enjoy the cold weather in the hills or would you prefer a seaside resort? Are you the kind who loves visiting foreign locations? Make up your mind and narrow down your internet search accordingly.

Plan your itinerary 

Once you have identified the destination, you should do further research and decide on the sights and locations you would like to visit. This will help you decide the number of days you would need for the trip.

Draw up the budget

Once the itinerary is fixed, you can draw up your budget. It is important to know how much you are prepared to spend on the vacation. So, decide on a budget for each head of expense and try to stick to it.

Check out the travel and accommodation

Now, you should check with the travel websites to identify the best travel and accommodation packages. You may get several promotional offers to choose from. Based on your budget, identify the best deal available.

Check your fund availability

Let’s talk money now. If you have sufficient funds to handle the expense, there is no issue at all. If you are falling short, don’t stress. You don’t have to worry because you can always take an instant personal loan to meet your need.

It is very easy to get an instant personal loan from a fintech lender. The eligibility criteria are usually very simple.

  • You should be an Indian citizen or resident
  • You should be between 21-60 years of age
  • Your net monthly income should be over Rs 30000

The process usually takes around 24 hours to be completed from the point of application to the cash being credited to your account. There is no paperwork or waiting time. You will need to upload the following documents –

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card/ Driving Licence/ Passport
  • Salary slips for the last three months
  • Bank statement for the last six months

The lender’s team will evaluate your application and if you have a decent credit score, your application will be approved and cash credited to your account.

You can easily repay the loan in easy EMIs. Usually, no prepayment penalty is charged if the loan is foreclosed after 6 months. 

Don’t you think this is a convenient way to make your dreams a reality? Why should you defer your aspirations when you can easily meet them? There are several easy financing options available in the market at better rates than credit cards. An online personal loan is quick, convenient, efficient and seamless with excellent customer service.

If you need to go on a vacation, don’t put off your plan for another day. Find the right lender and get the cash you need. All of us need a break once in a while and you shouldn’t let a temporary shortage of funds stand in the way.


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