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10 Best Prewedding Shoot Locations in Haryana (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Pre-wedding Locations in Haryana

Haryana is a place that is known for lush greenery, old temples, historical forts and beautiful resorts. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Haryana to spend their leisure time. Due to the scenic beauty of the state, many places can be considered the best pre-wedding sets. So, if you are looking for the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Haryana, then you have come to the right place. In this list, you will find various locations that are quite beautiful and will be perfect for your pre-wedding shoot. So, let’s get started.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Haryana.

Leisure Valley Park

Leisure Valley Park - pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana

Let’s start the list with Leisure Valley Park. It may not be the most popular spot in Haryana but it is an underrated one. Many locals visit this park regularly to spend some time. The park is located in Sector 29 in Gurgaon. It is a big park that has a lot of features that makes it quite an enjoyable place.

This place is very nice and it is secluded enough to give the visitors an ambience that they can spend some time to calm their minds. This park has many scenic locations which adds to its beauty and it is one of the reasons why you can do your pre-wedding shoot here.

Many spots can be considered as the best pre wedding sets since they can serve as awesome backdrops for the photos you are planning to take. The park has gardens as well. One of the gardens includes rose plants which give off an enchanting aroma.

This is another good place to do your pre-wedding photoshoot. Since roses are linked with love, if your photographer can capture the chemistry between you and your partner along with the beautiful roses then it will lead to some really good photos. There are some musical fountains in this park as well.

They line the pathways of the garden. There are other floral plants in the garden as well. The park opens at 5 in the morning and closes at around 9 at night. It gives you a big window to conduct your pre-wedding shoot locations in Haryana. You can try to visit the park in the evening as well to click some great pictures with sunset in the background.

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Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams - pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana

The next entry on the list is not that obscure. It is one of the most popular places in Gurgaon. If you love Bollywood then this place will be more enjoyable for you. Kingdom of Dreams is a famous leisure destination that has live entertainment, theatre and lots of other cool and fun stuff.

This park started in 2010 and quickly became a big attraction. It spreads over an expanse of 6 acres. This place is owned by The Nautanki Company and you can find some of the tastiest Indian cuisines in this destination and there is a cultural space as well.

If you are looking for some good entertainment other than food then don’t worry this place has you covered. There’s the Showcase Theatre and the Nautanki Mahal that provides quality entertainment to the visitors. The location has a lot of cool places and the entire place is a work of art.

This has given rise to some great spots that can be used for photoshoots. So, anyone planning any kind of photoshoot can find some nice spots to click some decent photos. If you are looking for the best pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana then Kingdom of Dreams is definitely a top contender for that spot.

This entire site is filled with technological advancements and cultural entertainment that is bound to give you great entertainment while at the same time providing various locations and opportunities to do your pre-wedding shoot locations in Haryana. Many people visit this spot for this purpose. The architecture of the place is quite impressive and can serve as great backdrops for your photos.

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The Lalit Mangar Dera Mandi

The Lalit Mangar Dera Mandi - pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana

The next option on the list is for people for whom budget is not an obstacle or people who have a huge budget for their pre-wedding shoot locations in Haryana. So, if you want the best pre wedding sets then you have to visit the best pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana. Well, since being “the best” is a matter of perspective so we can’t say that The Lalit Mangar is the best pre wedding location for shoots but it is certainly one of the best.

This is a 5-star luxury resort. It is humongous as it spreads over an expanse of 677 acres. Well, if you find yourself thinking they should have just planted trees instead of creating buildings then don’t worry, that’s what they did, or rather that’s what this place is all about. It has over 6 lakh trees.

If you have ever wondered what an oasis would look like then you should visit this place. It is fitted with all the modern amenities to provide you ultra comfort but at the same time this place is cradled by nature and you will have an amazing experience if you visit this place.

There is no shortage of pre wedding sets in this place. You can click amazing pictures that will depict you and your partner in this awesome vastness. The distance of this place from Gurgaon is 28 km. It is quite expensive with prices starting at around Rs. 20k per person.

You can perform a plethora of activities in this place including sunbathing, village tours, cycling, rock climbing, rappelling and even spend some time relaxing in the Time Reversal Spa. Basically, if you can afford luxury you should visit this resort for your pre-wedding shoot.

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Asigarh Fort

Asigarh Fort

Let’s move from modern man-made structures and locations to places that have been for centuries. Asigarh Fort was built originally in the 11th century but it was demolished in 1857 and then restored in 1937. So, yeah this fort has been through a lot and has deep connections with the history of India. This fort is also called the Hansi fort because it is located in the Hansi town of Haryana.

This fort is located some 135 km from Delhi. So, it will take around 2 to 3 hours to drive to this location from Delhi. The fort, like many other forts, is huge. It has been built on an area of around 30 acres. When the fort was still under powerful rulers it controlled over 80 other forts in the area.

It has been said that the fort was so strong that it was known as one of the most impregnable forts in the country. Due to its historical significance, the archaeological survey of India restored the fort and declared it to be a protected monument. The fort is majestic and has some decent and beautiful architecture that can provide some good opportunities to click amazing pictures with you and your partner being the subjects.

It is not the most beautiful fort but you will fill the royal and historical ambience of the place. There are some really good spots to click pictures on. You will find some quality scenery as backdrops when you reach high ground. The surrounding greenery and the peaceful environment will enhance your experience and add to your enjoyment.

So, if you like historical places and are looking for some good shots for your pre-wedding shoot, we suggest you check out this place.

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Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake - pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana

If you like water bodies especially the calmness of lakes then this next entry is for you. Lakes are beautiful water bodies that are generally surrounded by beautiful and scenic greenery. Damdama Lake is one such lake. It is located in Gurgaon and provides an amazing panoramic view of the banks surrounding the lake filled with lush green shrubs and trees. The lake was formed by the British in 1947.

They had built a stone and earthen dam and then it was commissioned for rainwater harvesting. This lake is rainfed. So, it is filled with monsoon rain. There is a trough at the base of Aravali hills that flows into this lake after being fuelled by the monsoon rain. Generally, the water level of the lake is around 20 ft but during the monsoon rain, the water level can rise two to three times or more.

It has often risen to 50 to 70 ft during the monsoon season. The area around the lake is of great significance due to its biodiversity. It is a part of the Northern Aravalli Leopard Wildlife Corridor that stretches from Delhi to Sariska Tiger Reserve. This beautiful location is an awesome place to click scenic pictures.

The lake can serve as an awesome backdrop for pictures of you and your partner. If you do like the online images of the lake and decide to visit it for a pre-wedding photoshoot then don’t visit the lake during summer. It dries up during summer so you will be quite disappointed. The government is currently coming up with ways to sponsor a water renewal process to fill up the lake during summer.

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Heritage Village Resort and Spa

Heritage Village Resort and Spa - pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana

pre-wedding shoots are generally short and people are just looking for a quick getaway for a couple of days then if you have the budget you can spend a couple of days in a quality resort. This will not only give you some of the best pre wedding sets to click amazing pictures but also provide you with the awesome refreshment that will leave you rejuvenated.

We have another quality resort as an entry on this list. Resorts are built to not only provide physical comfort but also to give you some visually appealing and scenic ambience. Heritage Village Resort and Spa is an example of a quality resort. Yes, it does cost a good amount of dough but if you can indulge yourself in luxury for a few days then you will have a lot of fun. This resort is so beautiful. It is filled with greenery.

The hotel itself has a touch of Rajasthani Architecture. It was a Rajasthani Haveli that has been turned into a spectacular resort. Just take some time and have a look at the amazing and picturesque view of the resort. If you like it and have the money then it can be a great location for a pre-wedding shoot.

The food here is quite great as well. There’s a wide variety of cuisines and each day you have a buffet with specific cuisines. The staff is quite helpful as well. Just stay here for a day or two and ask your photographer to take quality shots around the entire campus. The prices start at around Rs. 12k to 13k.

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Firoz Shah Palace Comple

Firoz Shah Palace Comple

Haryana has a lot of forts, which is why we have included a few in this list. Firozabad Shah Palace Complex is a magnificent fort located in the city of Hisar. The fort is quite old having been built some 6 centuries ago in 1354 AD by Firoz Shah Tuglaq who was a ruler from the Tuglaq dynasty and ruled the Delhi Sultanate from 1351 to 1388.

Initially, when this fort was built the town of Hisar resided within the walls of this fort. So, you can easily guess how big the fort must be. This place has a great atmosphere. The connection to royalty and the rich history of the place combined with empty vastness filled with greenery and amazing architecture is sure to give you some amazing shots.

This is a nice place for a pre-wedding shoot. You will get some great shots at this place. This palace complex contains different buildings and sites. It has a palace for the Shah’s wife, then there’s a Diwan-e-Aam, a mosque and then there are underground apartments.

There is also a granary present in the palace complex. Other structures include the royal courtyard that had been built as a private audience chamber, the royal bath, a tehkhana etc.

The red sandstone structures with Islamic-style architecture looks quite picturesque and you can pose in front, on top of or near these structures and will be able to click decent photos to capture the essence of your love. A lot of people use this place to click pictures. You can get a local photographer to help you with it if you haven’t brought someone with you.

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Brahma Sarovar

Brahma Sarovar - pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana

Kurukshetra is one of the most important and popular cities in Haryana. It has both historical and religious significance. The great war in Mahabharata is said to have taken place in this city. The city is said to have been named after King Kuru who was an ancestor to the Pandavas and Kauravas. Brahma Sarovar is a calm water body that resides in this city.

It is a pool that is sacred to the Hindus. A recurring concept in Hinduism is the significance and importance of taking baths which are meant to be a sort of cleansing act enhancing the internal and external purity of a person. This is why you will find pools of water near religious sites like Temples and even near Sikh Gurdwaras.

It is believed that Lord Brahma created the universe from this historical city and Brahma Sarovar is supposed to be the cradle of civilization. If you are a religious person then this lake will have extra significance to you. The scenic beauty of the lake makes the entire location surrounding it quite picturesque.

So, any couple looking for a nice location for their pre-wedding shoot can check it out. Lakes are often some of the most beautiful locations and can serve as beautiful backdrops. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Brahma Sarovar that can be accessed via a small bridge.

If you are planning to visit Kurukshetra or are going through this city we suggest you make a stop at Brahma Sarovar and ask your photographer to take quality pictures at the lake to capture its stunning beauty with you and your partner being the subject.

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Madhogarh is a village in Haryana. It falls under the district of Mahendragarh. It is located at the foothills of the Aravalli Mountain Range specifically at the foot of Madhogarh Hill. This place was founded by Madho Singh I who placed it under the control of Balwant Singh.

The entire village has a sort of natural beauty that you will mostly experience in rural areas. You will find a lot of different locations for your pre-wedding shoot at this location but one of the most famous spots is the Madhogarh Fort. This fort is at a distance of 12 km from Mahendragarh and is easily accessible as well.

The fort is made in the Hindu architecture style and is quite picturesque. Across the village of Madhogarh, you will find many Havelis that are very popular with tourists. Madhogarh is a gem of a place if you like historical places cradled with nature. You can have a good pre-wedding shoot at this place.

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Rani Ka Talab

Rani Ka Talab

Let’s end the list with another beautiful water body that is nestled in Haryana. Rani Ka Talab is a lake that can be found in Ambala. This area is very popular with tourists. It is over 4 centuries old. There is an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva near the talab.

It is a very peaceful place and the scenic beauty of the lake is bound to appeal to your visual senses. Rani Ka Talab is a nice place for pre-wedding shoots. If you visit the place in the evening you might even find a few peacocks. Maybe if you get lucky one or two might even become a part of your photos.

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So, there it is folks. We have gone through siof the best pre wedding shoot locations in Haryana. Let us know which place you would visit for a pre-wedding shoot. We hope it helped figure out some of the popular places in Haryana that you can visit for a pre-wedding shoot.

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