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10 Best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Punjab (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Pre Wedding locations in punjab

Punjab is one of the most unique and beautiful states in India. It is cradled by nature and a lot of Indian history is connected to the state. So, you will find a wide range of places to visit and enjoy in and around Punjab. If you are planning a pre-wedding shoot and are looking for the best pre-wedding location in Punjab then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of best Pre-wedding shoot locations in punjab. So, let’s get started.

Here is the list of 10 Best Pre-Wedding shoots in Punjab.

Jagajit Palace

Jagajit Palace

Let’s start the list with a beautiful tourist attraction that will give you some of the best pre wedding sets to do your pre wedding photoshoot. Jagajit Palace is one of the most popular palaces in India. This palace was built by Maharaja Jagajit Singh. He was the last ruler of Kapurthala.

If you know your architecture or you are an avid traveller then you might notice that the palace and lots of structures in the vicinity have a sort of French influence.

This isn’t by chance but rather because it was sort of intended. Maharaja Jagajit Singh was very much interested in French architecture and thus, a lot of the designs may have some French influence. Kapurthala was called the Paris of Punjab.

The palace looks majestic and royal. The French and Indo-Saracenic architecture is so pleasing to the eye. This is a very popular tourist spot and you should not miss it if you are in Punjab. The entire palace has lots of spots that can serve as decent spots to click amazing pictures with your partner.

A lot of couples often visit Jagajit Palace for their pre-wedding shoot. The fort itself offers a great backdrop. The walls, the pillars, the roof all are amazing and can look great behind the couple.

Outside you have lots of greenery which again can be a good spot to click a few pictures. Currently, within the premises of the Jagajit Palace Sainik school is located which was established in 1961. The Jagajit Palace is 75 kilometres from Amritsar airport.

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The Film City


If you are just looking for a location that has been made for people to shoot amazing photos and videos then you can stop by The Film City in Ludhiana. It is located near Jodhan-Narangwal Road. This is probably one of the options for the best pre wedding location.

Here, you will find some of the best pre wedding sets for pre-wedding photoshoots. There are a total of 20 sets of different themes that you can use as the perfect backdrop for a scenic photo with your partner. All the sets have been designed by professionals and you will enjoy the quality of these sets.

It is not too pricey but yes, you do have to pay a fee per person. It costs around Rs. 350 per person to enter the film city. The entire place has been structured and designed in such a way that it is very easy to shoot quality pictures.

Many people use this place to shoot short films, music videos etc. Since this is specifically made for clicking pictures and shooting videos you will have no trouble getting some amazing clicks for your pre-wedding shoot. You can see many photos online and even get contact information for bookings and get your queries resolved. The place is quite accessible as it is built near a very prominent road. The people working at this place are professionals and are ready to help you out during your visit.

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Shalimar Garden


If you have visited Kapurthala and have spent some time clicking amazing pictures in the Jagajit Palace then there are a bunch of places in the city that you can visit to click more pictures with great backdrops. One of the best pre wedding locations is Shalimar Garden that you can visit if you like flowers and picturesque historical structures.

The Shalimar Garden is the place where Maharaja Ranjit Singh had met Maharaja Fateh Singh. The garden contains a swimming pool and mausoleums of the rulers. These “Samadhis” are covered with beautiful art. There’s also a pond and a park in this place.

So, it has a lot of good spots where you can enjoy clicking pictures with your partner. This garden is located at the heart of the city and is quite popular among tourists and locals. It provides them with a sort of get away from the busy life in the city. So, if you want a relatively calm location then you can visit this place.

Most of the photos that you will find online depict the natural beauty of this location and the beautiful architecture of the cenotaphs made of red sandstones that have marble obelisks inside. Kapurthala has a lot of great spots for doing a pre-wedding photoshoot.

So, if you do decide to visit this place we suggest you take a look around and visit the various locations in the city so that you can find some quality backdrops for an amazing pre-wedding shoot.

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Qila Mubarak

Qila Mubarak

Let’s move on to the next entry in our list of some of the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Punjab. Now, let us look at Bhatinda. Bhatinda is a popular city in Punjab and at the heart of the city, you will find a beautiful fort, Qila Mubarak.

This is a monument of national importance and the archaeological survey of India maintains this site. Qila Mubarak has a huge historical significance. It is one of the oldest surviving forts in India. It seems to have been built around 1100 to 1200 AD.

One of the historical events related to the place involves Razia Sultana, the first woman to take control of Delhi. She was incarcerated and dethroned here. The fort is said to have been built by Raja Dab and emperor Kanishka. Qila Mubarak is a majestic monument.

You will feel the royal atmosphere in this place and the ambience is just amazing. Though the place is not made especially for shoots like the Film City the entire location has lots of spots that are quite amazing. The structure of the fort itself serves as a majestic and awesome backdrop for clicking some beautiful pictures.

It is this 30 metres high fort that was created to defend against Huns. So, this can be a great destination for doing a pre-wedding shoot as you can capture a close moment with your partner in this royal location that has been deeply connected with the history of our country, especially the state of Punjab. Since it is a popular tourist spot it is very easy to reach this spot.

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Bougainvillea Garden

Bougainvillea Garden


Well, from the name of the next entry of the list you could have easily guessed what it is going to be. Well, the location is going to be a garden and the plant that will be monopolizing this place is a popular plant species called Bougainvillea.

This is a garden that was established over 45 years ago in 1976 and has since then become a popular place for people to spend their leisure time. It is a beautiful garden that houses many different varieties and types of Bougainvillea. All in all, you can find over 50 varieties of the plan in the garden.

So, if you are a gardening or plant enthusiast you will enjoy visiting this place as well. Since Bougainvillea flowers have this beautiful purple and pinkish hue, they will serve as great backdrops for a romantic style pre-wedding shoot.

If you like flowers and garden-style destinations then you will find this location to be one of the best pre wedding locations. One of the main features of Bougainvillea is that it is a vine so, it can be used to sort of hug any man-made structure. You will see boundaries, arches, pavilions etc.

all covered with this amazing plant blooming some beautiful flowers. The garden is open 13 hours a day from 7 in the morning to eight in the evening. Try getting some evening shots in while you are here and let the natural light do its work. This place has received great reviews. It is located in Chandigarh.

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Moti Bagh Palace

Moti Bagh Palace

Moti Bagh Palace is located in Patiala. This place is also popularly known as the Pearl Garden Palace which is the English translation of the name. This is a great tourist spot and again, a place of historical significance. The Moti Bagh Palace was built in 1847 so it is more than one and a half centuries old.

Maharaja Narinder Sing was the ruler who built this huge garden. He was the great grandfather to the ruler Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. This garden was an expensive affair. It cost a lot of money to build this place. It is estimated that it cost the ruler over 5 lakh rupees to build it.

You may think that your flat apartment is more expensive than this garden but when you adjust that figure for inflation you will probably get a huge sum of money. Currently, the Moti Bagh Palace is one of the largest residencies in India.

The place was expanded in the 1920s during the reign of, aforementioned, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. Today, this location houses Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports and the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh resides in the new Moti Bagh Palace.

The entire structure of the Old Moti Bagh Palace is an amazing piece of architecture that has some European influence as well as the royal feel of a Rajasthani fort as the architectural style was heavily influenced by Rajasthan as well. If you want to shoot some great pre-wedding pictures with an awesome backdrop then the white Moti Bagh Fort can be a good option.

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Phillaur Fort

Phillaur Fort -pre wedding shoot locations in punjab

Let’s move from one fort connected to the history of our country to another popular fort, the Phillaur Fort. The fort itself was built more than two centuries ago but this location has been a part of our history since the 1600s during the reign of Shah Jahan.

At this place, during Shah Jahan’s reign, a sort of inn was built so that travellers can take some rest while taking a break from their journey. This structure was then rebuilt as a fort during the reign of the well-known Indian ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Ranjit Singh had both French and Italian generals.

They along with the Dewan of the state Dewan Mokham Chand designed the Fort as we see it today. Currently, this location houses the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Police Academy.

One of the reasons why these places are used by many people for pre-wedding shoots is that it sort of adds a royal feel to the entire shoot and you can capture some great moments with your partner with this royal piece of architecture as the backdrop.

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Serai Lashkari Khan or RDB Fort

Serai Lashkari Khan or RDB Fort -pre wedding shoot locations in punjab

The next entry on the list is another fort. This is also connected to the 1600s as it was built during that era. Aurangzeb’s reign over the Indian subcontinent started around 1659 when he was crowned. During his reign, one of his generals, General Lashkari Khan built this inn in 1667.

So, yeah Serai Lashkari Khan has been around for more than three centuries. You may have noticed that we have mentioned another name of this place as the RDB Fort. Well, India loves Bollywood films and this fort wouldn’t have been that popular if it wasn’t for the hit film Rang De Basanti.

Yes, this fort was shown in the movie Rang De Basanti and it grew in popularity and people started visiting this fort. Soon, locals started calling it the Rang De Basanti For or the RDB Fort for short. So, if you are a fan of Bollywood films then this place will have some extra significance to you.

The entire location can be used to click amazing pre-wedding photos. Several spots can serve as amazing backdrops. You can even pick the portions of the fort that was shown in the movie and then pose in front of them. Besides the fort, the surrounding area can also be used to click some amazing pictures.

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Nehru Rose Garden

Nehru Rose Garden -pre wedding shoot locations in punjab

Well, if you are unsure about picking up a nice location for your pre-wedding shoot then you can seldom go wrong with picking a garden famous for its roses. Rose is the symbol of run and it might be able to create the perfect ambience needed to enhance the beauty of your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Nehru Rose Garden started more than half a century ago in 1967. It is located in Ludhiana and is one of the largest rose gardens in all of Asia. You will feel enchanted by the beautiful atmosphere of the rose garden. It stretches over 30 acres of land and has over 17000 plants.

You will find over 1600 varieties of roses in this Garden. The place is a popular excursion spot and it features a bunch of fun stuff that one can spend their leisure time enjoying. The garden also features a mini-zoo and a musical fountain among other things.

Remember not to go when the garden hosts the annual rose festival since it attracts thousands of visitors daily. You might not get enough space to click good pictures without getting photobombed. The Rose Garden is 3 kilometres from a railway station in Ludhiana and the nearest airport is at 18 kilometres in Sahnewal.

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Oberoi Sukhvilas

Oberoi Sukhvilas -pre wedding shoot locations in punjab

We decided to include a luxury resort as the last entry. So, budget is not that much of an issue and you want to have some of the best pre wedding sets then you can visit Oberoi Sukhvilas which is a luxury spa resort owned by the Oberoi group.

Besides the modern amenities that this resort provides, it is surrounded by thousands of acres of natural forests that you can visit for clicking some amazing candid shots in the cradle of nature.

The resort itself is quite peaceful and will rejuvenate you and your partner. There are lots of locations within the resort itself that are picturesque as well.

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So, these were our recommendations for the best pre-wedding location in and around Punjab. If you are looking to find a nice spot for your pre wedding shoot then we hope our list helped give you some ideas. We wish you all the best.

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