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10 Best Printed Masks Available to Buy in India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Back in March, imagining what it would be like being sequestered in our homes under shelter-in-place constraints was difficult. Quick forward now to the quarantine five-month mark where everything from our zoom-relegated social networks to our WFH-office setups sounds normal.

And while there is still a lot of confusion in our midst, we still know a lot more about things that once seemed totally new to us — like non-medical face masks for starters.

Not only do we now consider masks to be necessary daily, but we have also developed tastes for the choices that best fit our face types and lifestyles (from shoulder-tying to sweat-absorbent, and haute couture-forward).

But even the most educated mask shoppers can still feel intimidated by the vertiginous range of coverings from manufacturers and designers who have recently begun to sell them.

Track out the fruits of our meticulous internet sleuthing through the information about the mask styles that landed most often with optimistic reviews in consumer carts.

If you are on the lookout for a pillowy soft version made of certified OEKO-TEX cotton, a light-catching and mood-lifting metallic variant, here we have what you need.

Here is the list of Best Printed Mask (With New & Latest Design’s) Available Online In India:

White and Blue Summer Shine Printed Re-Usable Mask

White and Blue Summer Shine Printed Re-Usable Mask: Best Printed Mask

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This beautiful summer shine mask by Tiger Marron will give everything you need in terms of fashion and protection. It comes with a black and white floral pattern and is made of a material which is completely washable till up to five times. It also has some efficient head ties that make it even more practical and relevant.

If you have an extremely big or small head that slips out of the standard vendor requirements, these head ties may fit best for you. They will even feel better and place less pressure on your weak ear cartilage if you wear the mask for a long time.

If you’re out and about, you can use the tie at the bottom of your head to put your mask around your forehead, rather than having a spot to tuck it in your purse or pocket securely. You can even jimmy your own with a slipping knot if you see a mask that you like with head ties.

Space Journey: Black rPET Sustainable Face Mask

Space Journey: Black rPET Sustainable Face Mask: Best Printed Mask

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Want to stay protected while making an impact? Well we’ve got just the thing. These masks from Bottle & Co. are made from recycled PET and perfect for climate enthusiasts and budding philanthropists.

What’s even cooler? The mask has a black and white print of your favorite animated sitcom- Rick and Morty! Clearly, there is no better way to remain hip, pop, woke, and protected.

Bottle&Co is an outdoor clothing company based in the US, with domestic production and quick delivery. It makes one of my favourite rain coats and it makes a pretty inexpensive mask kit now as well.

It has flexible ear bungees, a wire of the nose, and a three-pack philtre. It’s polyester, surprisingly thin and it helps to wick my sweaty breath away as I walk my puppy.

It is worth remembering that the fabric has been created out of recycled PET. This is a textile fabric, which was tested for antiviral and antibacterial properties in the European Union.

However, as of writing, these experiments have not been repeated in the US. It’s just a very lavable, flexible, and sturdy mask for our purposes.

Atlas White: Black Rpet Sustainable Face Mask

Atlas White: Black Rpet Sustainable Face Mask: Best Printed Mask

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Don’ worry, the mask above is not the only environment friendly option on the list. Bottle & Co. has provided this version of recycled rPET mask as well for people looking for more variety.

If you do not want to conform to a set pop pattern and instead want to make your own personal statement, then there is no option better than this mask. With a hip, indie design, the mask has some of the best designs we have seen in a while.

I considered the cotton face masks from Bottle & Co to be surprisingly sturdy and well-made, given the price. This men’s apparel shop sells their masks on Amazon in six-pack, and the price per mask is about 400.

The one-size masks suit well with my medium profile, and the ear loops have interchangeable bungees too.

Adult’s Printed Face Armour

Adult’s Printed Face Armour: Best Printed Mask

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I have two young daughters, aged 3 and 5, who are brave enough to wear masks in public. We’ve tried several varieties, including Etsy and Vistaprint varieties, but the clear winners so far are the affordable Papa Brands masks, made from 100 per cent cotton. Within seconds, plastic masks like the Vistaprint get saturated by kid drool.

The masks perfectly fit the faces of both of my children. They like the playful prints, and they like plated masks too, which stretch as they speak.

(Constantly! They talk constantly.) However, for an 8- or 9-year-old, a mask that fits a 5-year-old would probably not work. Tom Bihn, Kitsbow, and Rickshaw Bags are just a few of those companies that make small size masks.

Nyka Woman Washable and Reusable Face Mask

Nyka Woman Washable and Reusable Face Mask: Best Printed Mask

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The washable and reusable Nykaa 4 layer mask is a premium quality protective gear which keeps you safe from infection with dust and germs. Its high quality filtration removes soil, pollen, smoke and saliva. The mask is built to shield every breath and is comfortable and simple to wear for long hours.

My spouse is a vital professional who has to wear a mask all day, all day. While he has access to a complete bin of masks of every conceivable form, design, and scale, he chooses the bulk disposable face masks. Happily to him, he has been vindicated by the world of science.

These masks do a fine job of trapping respiratory droplets, and are also the lightest and most durable masks that I have had a chance to try.

Pantaloon Pack of 3 Reusable Masks

Pantaloon Pack of 3 Reusable Masks: Best Printed Mask

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Wellness is important because with the new fashion accessories you reduce your exposure. With an inner microbial jersey fabric covering, a middle melt melted barrier sheet and an outer layer of cotton jersey this mask is designed for warmth and protection. The contoured form and interchangeable ear loops guarantee comfortable fit.

I’ve had a hell of a time getting ahold of some exercise masks and I can’t recommend the handful that I’ve tried.

(Sorry, Buff, your philtre mask made me sound like an octopus strangled me.) Whether you have to go out or work out, reusable masks are the comfiest ones around. They can get covered in sweat and vapour, but at least then you can quickly wash them.

Money Heist Designer Face Mask

Money Heist Designer Face Mask: Best Printed Mask

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It goes without saying that any mask that has Money Heist as its primary design, will be the most suave on any list. Not only this- this mask also happens to be the lightest one on our list.

The most common rule of thumb to see if a lightweight mask is successful is the light test — keep it up to sunshine, to see if the mesh is close enough to block the glare. These are made from a very thin muslin shell of cotton so they pass the test.

They are happy to stretch as you speak, and to fill holes with a moldable nose string. Even for socially distant walks, bike trips, and hiking they are far more breathable.

I’ve been suspicious of hand-washing and line-drying them, but since April they have stayed for me. If I were to step into more cramped places than my local off-hour grocery store, I could prefer a thicker mask.


FRIENDS Face Mask: Best Printed Mask

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The tough gets going as the going gets rough! This cotton-blended face mask acts as security when going outdoors, thus ensuring that our digitally printed templates keep your look constantly in vogue. In the middle of these troubled times we ‘re asking you to cover it up with this awesome stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

Cover It Up is a cloth workware manufacturer that has switched from manufacturing aprons and chef coats to manufacturing masks easily. It collaborated with Robert Cho, a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon at a nearby hospital, to develop them. They are robust, flexible and made of either cotton or a poly-cotton mix with an elastic wire of the nose.

Lazy Panda Reusable Masks

Lazy Panda Reusable Masks: Best Printed Mask

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Any of the fun clothing of Lazy Panda is made from conservative material. Similarly, the company’s face masks are made of closely knit, repurposed fabric, in vivid, eye-catching colours, with interchangeable nose wire and ear ring.

These reusable face masks are machine washable, and for every mask made, Lazy Panda also donates one mask. They don’t have a philtre pocket on them.

This mask has four different layers, the two layers of muslin philtres being directly sewn within the caps. The exterior lining of the jacquard looks really good but it’s one of the tougher ones we’ve used.

It has cord locks, so any time you put it on you don’t have to tie the head strings, which makes it a very comfortable fit. It is definitely cooler on this list than other masks but it also absorbs more heat.

Good Vibes Only Mask

Good Vibes Only Mask: Best Printed Mask

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Introducing this incredibly secure mask that rests securely and doesn’t tug at the face, they are breathable and of course they look pretty fine. Crafted from 100 percent fine cotton thread & packed with silver anti-viral infusions,  these masks come with a reusable melt blown filter. Their goal is to keep you safe and protected.

N95 masks will still top the list but this is pretty good for a non-N95 mask. The film is dense enough for me not to think about tearing it off. It has a hard enough fabric portion to avoid softing of the philtre composition when I breathe. In the top section it has a wire that makes a better clamping around my nose, providing a stronger barrier.

Shatter Cotton Face Mask

Shatter Cotton Face Mask: Best Printed Mask

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Last but not the least, we have this simple mask from Soxytoes. Its fabric is dense enough for me not to think about tearing it off. It has a hard enough fabric portion to avoid sifting of the filter composition when I breathe.

 In the top section it has a wire that makes a better clamping around my nose, providing a stronger barrier. The ear-loops are both convenient and sturdy enough to protect the mask. This is a damn good mask, especially for price.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises “wearing a cloth face-covering in public settings when it is difficult to maintain around people outside their household, especially when other social distancing measures.”

With this in mind we have created a list of the best facemasks in the market. Make sure you check it out!

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