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Top 10 Best Punjabi Singers (Male & Female) In 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Punjabi songs make for amazing dance numbers, and even more amazing romantic and emotional songs! They make us groove our bodies to the rhythm and make our limbs move to the sound of the beats! However, these songs are incomplete without their talented singers and songwriters. Let’s look at a few!

Here are the Most Popular Punjabi Singers that are Rocking In your Life:

Best Punjabi Singers Male:

Here are your all time Favourite Punjabi Singers Male:

Diljit DosanjhDiljit Dosanjh Best Punjabi Singer

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Diljit Dosanjh is an Indian artist, entertainer and singerwho works in Punjabi and Hindi cinema. He  acts in Punjabi motion pictures, with a significant number of them being a commercial sucess .

Dosanjh released his first collection Ishq Da Uda Ada in 2004 with Finetone Cassettes, a division of T-Series. Consistently trying different things  Dosanjh’s melodic and execution style is the subject of examination and investigation from critics.

Dosanjh grew up learning in music from Gobinder Singh Alampuri and Kartar Singh,and his underlying work mirrored their style. His later COLLABORATION with Honey Singh introduced an alternate style to his music.

The artists Jaidev Kumar, Sukhpal Sukh, Sachin Ahuja, Pavneet Birgi, Jassi Bros Bhinda Aujla, and Tru Skool have all influenced him. He wishes to make a Punjabi melody that becomes overall hit like Korean single Gangnam Style

Some of his best songs include :

  • ‘Lak 28 Kudi Da’
  • ‘Patiala Peg’
  • ‘Pagg Wala Munda’
  • ‘Rangroot’ and
  • ‘Panch Tara’

Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala Best Punjabi Singer

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Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, also called Sidhu Moose Wala, is an Indian vocalist, lyricist, rapper of Punjabi music and Punjabi film. He began his career with composing the verses of the tune “Permit” sung by Ninja, and started his singing profession on a two part harmony melody titled “G Wagon”.

In 2019, Moose Wala established a record name of his name and released various tracks on the record name. relases are “Sidhu’s Anthem”, “Mafia Style”, a cooperation “Toxin” with R Nait, “Sohne Lagde”, and “Crime”.

Some of his best songs include :

  • So High
  • Tochan
  • Old Skool
  • Same Beef
  • Dark Love

Karan Aujla

Karan Aujla Best Punjabi Singer

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Karan Aujla is an Indian vocalist, lyricist, and rapper known for his work in Punjabi music. He is most popular for the melodies “Don’t Look”, “Indication”, “Don’t Worry”, and “Chitta Kurta”. His singles “Clue”, “Chitta Kurta”, “Jhanjar”, and “Red Eyes” have included in Global YouTube week after week charts.

Aujla began his career alongside Deep Jandu and Elly Mangat. He composed verses for different artists including Jassi Gill, Elly Mangat, Gagan Kokri, Jazzy B, Bohemia and Sukh-E. Afterward, he began including and performing raps in the songs. Before long, he released tracks as a lead singer.

Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh Best Punjabi Singer

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Hirdesh Singh , known by his expert name, Yo Honey Singh or Honey Singh, is an Indian music composer, rapper, pop vocalist and film actor. He began as a session and recording artist, and turned into a bhangra music maker.

He soon began making tunes for Bollywood films. Right now, he is one of the most paid singers in the Indian music industry. In late 2014, Singh vanished from the music scene, before making a rebound the next year,  and yet for the most part evaded the media.

In March 2016, he ascribed his absence in general to his bipolar issue. Singh likes to sing in Hindi and his local language Punjabi as opposed to English.

Some of his best songs include :

  • ‘Break Up Party’
  • ‘Lungi Dance’
  • ‘One Bottle Down’
  • ‘Birthday Bash’
  • ‘Party All Night’

Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan

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Gurdas Maan, born in Giddarbaha town in Punjab, is a well-known Bhangra and folk specialist and was interested in music from an early age. Maan came to national notice in India with the Doorsharshan recorded song ‘Dil Da Mamla Hai.’ He went onto record more than thirty albums, writing over three hundred tracks.

For ‘Boot Polishan’, Maan received the Best International Album at the 2009 UK Asian Music Awards.

Popular tracks of Maan include :

  • ‘Mamla Gadbad Hai’
  • ‘Chhalla’
  • ‘Peer Tere Jaan Di’
  • ‘Chugliyan’ and
  • ‘Apna Punjab Hove.’

Sharry Mann

Sharry Mann

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Surinder Singh Mann, famously known as Sharry Mann was born in Mohali, Punjab and has a civil engineering degree, however, his heart was always set on singing.

His started by posting songs on various social media sites and became a celebrity overnight after the release of his album, ‘Yaar Anmulle’ in 2011. He won ‘Best Album of the Year’ for ‘Aate Di Chiri’ in 2012. He has several other hits to his name. Mann is loved as both, a singer and actor.

Some of his best songs include :

  • ‘Yaari Da Vasta’
  • ‘Dil Da Dimaag’
  • ‘Vadda Bai’
  • ‘3 Peg’
  • ‘Hostel’

Ranjit Bawa

Ranjit Bawa

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Ranjit Bawa, born in Gurdaspur, Punjab. His singing story goes back to when he was in sixth class. He won singing competitions six years in succession, during his graduation and post-graduate study. After gaining popularity for the song, ‘Bol Mitti Diya Bawaiya,’ the word ‘Bawa’ became an add on to his name.

Although achieving early success, he did struggle for fifteen years to make it big in the world of Punjabi music. However, with constant perseverance, his first song, ‘Jatt Di Akal Vech Ke’ came out in 2013, becoming immensely popular and breaking many records.

His most popular song was part of the album, ‘Mitti Da Bawa,’ which won the Best Word Album at the 2015 Brit Asia Awards.

Some fantastic tracks of his include :

  • ‘Jean’
  • ‘Saddi Vaari Aun De’
  • ‘Yaari Chandigarh Waaliye’
  • ‘Sher Maarna’ and
  • ‘Meri Sardarniye.’

Ammy Virk

Ammy Virk Best Punjabi Singer

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Ammy Vrik began his singing profession with a single track which proceeded to be a success. Later on, he sang different melodies including “Yaar Amli” and “Jatt Da Sahara” which advanced him in the Punjabi music industry all around the globe.

His most well known tune is “Qismat” which was released in 2017, after which a film was titled.

Kuldeep Manak

Kuldeep Manak

Kuldeep Manak, born in Jalal village, District Bhatinda, Punjab is a legendary singer and comes from a singing family.He is credited for popularising the Punjabi music genre ‘Kalli’, which is poetry linking to Punjabi literature. He was further honed under the guidance of Ustad Kushi Muhammad Qawwal.

He has released numerous albums that gained popularity including ‘Mitran De Jacket De’, ‘Maa Hundi Ae Maa’, and ‘Heer Di Doli.’ At only sixty, Manak departed from this world, in the city of Ludhiana. His voice still echoes in the minds of his fans worldwide.

Some of his great tracks include :

  • ‘Kaliyan’
  • ‘Lok That’
  • ‘Sada Soormen Samjha’
  • ‘Sahibaan’ and
  • ‘Tere Tille Ton.’

Hardy Sandhu

Hardy Sandhu

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Hardy Sandhu is well known singer and rapper. His songs have deep meanings and feelings and therefore he is one of the biggest sensations in the music industries.

He started his career as a studio artist and started producing and singing songs himself after a while.

He gained fame after his songs ‘Soch’ (2013) and ‘Joker’ (2014), which became all time blockbusters. This boosted his morale and he produced many hit tracks. His songs have also been remade and used in various Bollywood movies.

Some of his best work include :

  • ‘Naah’
  • ‘Kya Baat Ay’
  • ‘Hornn Blow’
  • ‘Backbone’
  • ‘Yaar Ni Milyaa’

Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma Best Punjabi Singer

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Parmish Verma is a  Punjabi vocalist , who appeared on the big screen with the Punjabi film Punjab Bolda.  Parmish went to Sydney to seek after a Diploma in Hotel Management.but he left the course and returned to India to seek after an acting profession.

In the wake of coming back to India, Parmish did theater for 10 years.and  shot to fame in 2017 with the tune ‘Gaal ni kadni’. The song has earned of 118 million views on YouTube.

Indeed, even his subsequent film, ‘Rockey Mental’ earned him a great deal of fame for his melody ‘Le Chakk Main Aa Gya’, which accumulated in excess of 40 million views on YouTube.

Some of his best work include :

  • Gaal Ni Kadni
  • Sab Fade Jange
  • Shada
  • Le Chakk Main Aa Gya
  • ‘Jab Hum Padheya Karte The’

Millind Gaba

Millind Gaba

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Millind Gaba, born and brought up in Delhi, is a prominent musician, music producer and actor and is one of the most listened and renowned name in the industry.

He has worked under the label of T-Series and debuted in 2014 with his solo album ‘Nazar Lag Jayegi’ which was an instant hit.

He has worked with the big names like Guru Randhawa and also has some great numbers in the Bollywood films.

Some of his liked tracks include :

  • ‘Nazar Lag Jayegi’
  • ‘Yaar Mod Do’
  • ‘She Don’t know’
  • ‘Dilli Sheher’
  • ‘Kalesh’

Jass Manak

Jass Manak Best Punjabi Singer

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Jass Manak is known prevalently for his melodies like Prada, Suit Punjabi , Lehanga, Viah and Boss. His single “Lehanga” has highlighted in UK Asian Music Chart and furthermore on Global YouTube week after week His single track “Lehanga” was positioned No. 22 and No. 5 in Global and Indian YouTube music week after week charts .

Manak additionally become one of the most-viewed/heard singer in Punjab, India on YouTube. Manak is related with label Geet MP3, which was established in 2016. He recently released his new single ‘Shopping’.

Satinder Sartaj

Satinder Sartaj

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Satinder Sartaj, born as Satinder Pal Singh Saini in Bajrawar village, Punjab, specialises in folk and Sufi music. He took up Sartaj as his ‘thakallus’ (pen name) when penning down poetry during his college days.

Sartaj has an honours degree in music along with an MPhil in singing and a PhD in Sufi singing, therefore many consider him to be a scholar of Punjabi music and culture.

He has had the honour of performing at the Royal Albert Hall and has even featured in an American film, Black Prince, essaying the role of Maharaja Duleep Singh.

Some of his top track include :

  • ‘Sai’
  • ‘Aaakhari Appeal’
  • ‘Heeriye Faqeeriye’
  • ‘Paani Panja Daryawaan Wala’ and
  • ‘Nikki Jehi Kudi.’

Surinder Shinda

Surinder Shinda

Surinder Pal Dhammi, famously known as Surinder Shinda, comes from Ludhiana, Punjab, and has been a mentor to several new age Punjabi singers.

He inherited the passion for music from his father and grandfather who were folk and classical singers respectively. He undertook training from Ustad Jaswant Bhanwra.

His first song, ‘Ucha Burj Lahore Da’ was a fans favourite far and wide. He has released more than forty albums ever since.

Some of his popular track include :

  • ‘Jatt Jeona Mod’
  • ‘Putt Jattan De’
  • ‘Rakh Lae Calendar Yara’
  • ‘Bol Punjab De’ and
  • ‘Jatiye Ne Jatiye.’

Amrinder Gill

Amrinder Gill Best Punjabi Singer to rock your parties

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Amrinder Singh Gill is an Indian entertainer, artist, musician, and film maker who makes Punjabi-language movies and music. He has been named for ten PTC Punjabi Film Awards, winning six including three for Best Actor, and two for Best Playback singer.

Gill recorded his first tune for Jalandhar Doordarshan program Kala Doria. He came into the spotlight with his track “Paigam”, trailed by melodies like “Daru”, “Madhaania”, “Khedan De Din”, with Sunidhi Chauhan. Gill released his debut studio collection “Apni Jaan Ke” in mid 2000.

Some of his great songs include :

  • ‘Dildariyan’
  • ‘Khedan De Din’
  • ‘Mel Karade’
  • ‘Taur Mitran Di’ and
  • ‘Tu Juda.’

Gippy Grewal

Gippy Grewal

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Rupinder Singh Grewal, more prominently known as Gippy Grewal was born in Ludhiana, Punjab. After making his debut with the album, ‘Chakk Lay’, he released further hit albums, including Phulkari 2.

The singer has also sung some popular tracks in films that he has acted in and produced. Besides performing at the 2014 Sandwell and Birmingham Mela, Gippy has won many awards for his songs.

Some of his famous tracks include :

  • ‘Phulkari’
  • ‘Angreji Beat’
  • ‘Oscar’
  • ‘Car Nachdi’ and
  • ‘Fuel.’

Dr Zeus

Dr Zeus

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Dr Zeus, born and brought up in UK, is a music composer and producer and returned to India after his songs became hits in the country. After returning, he released his first song ‘Lovely’ in the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Happy New Year.

Zeus started as a music producer, in the year 1999, and after a year went on to produce his first solo album ‘Deathjamm 4.5’ which became an instant hit.

However, he hit the limelight with his album ‘Unda Da Influence’ and a song named ‘Sat Sri Akaal’ from his next album ‘Back Unda Da Influence’ became a No.1 on the BBC music charts.

Some of his best tracks include :

  • ‘High Life’
  • ‘Unda Da Influence’
  • ‘Back Unda Da Influence’
  • ‘Lovely’
  • ‘The Original Edit.’

Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa Best Punjabi Singer to rock your parties

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Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa is an Indian artist, musician and music writer into Punjabi, Bhangra, Indi-pop and Bollywood music.He is known for melodies like “Lahore”, “Patola”, “High Rated Gabru”, “Daaru Wargi”. He sang his first song on YouTube named “Same Girl with Arjun.

He sang at the 2017 Indian Premier League opening function. He made his Bollywood singing introduction in Hindi Medium (2017).Several of his tunes have showed up in films. In 2018, he colaborated with salman khan for his dabang reloaded tour.

Top songs of Guru include :

  • ‘Tu Meri Raani’
  • ‘Yaar Mod Do’
  • ‘Suit’
  • ‘High Rated Gabru’ and
  • ‘Lahore.’


Badshah Best Punjabi Singer

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Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, better known by his stage name Badshah,is an Indian rapper and vocalist known for his Hindi, Haryanvi, and Punjabi songs.[4] He began his vocation in 2006 alongside Yo Honey Singh in his hip band Mafia Mundeer.

He split from Honey in 2012 and released his single Haryanvi melody Kar Gayi Chull, which was later adopted into the 2016 Bollywood film, Kapoor and Sons.

He has showed up in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as one of the most generously compensated VIPs in India. He began his profession in the music business with the name “Cool Equal”, but then changed his name to Badshah.

Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan Best Punjabi Singer to rock your parties

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Tejinder “Babbu” Maan,[is an Indian artist musician, singer and film maker. The greater part of his creative work centers around Punjabi music and movies. Maan’s primary objective crowd is the Punjabi populace of the world.

Since 1999, he has released eight studio collections and more has composed screenplays for, acted in and created Punjabi films; and has contributed immensly to provincial and Bollywood film soundtracks.

Some osongs great songs include :

  • ‘Tupka Tupka’
  • ‘Dil Ta Pagal Hai’
  • ‘Kabza’
  • ‘Mehfil Mitraan Di’ and
  • ‘Mitraan Di Chhatri.’

Daler Singh Mehndi

Daler Singh Mehndi Best Punjabi Singer

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Daler Singh also called Daler Mehndi, is an Indian vocalist, lyricist,  and composer He has made Bhangra famous around the world, He is most popular for his fun songs, voice, turban and long, streaming robes.

Bolo Ta Ra, Mehndi’s introduction album, sold more than 20 million copies The album set up Daler as a pop star, Mehndi is credited for making a genre called “Rabbabi”, a mix of Thumri, Sufi and rock and making an instrument called “Swar Mandir” that joins impacts from the Rabab, Swarmandal and Tanpura.

The instrument was made by Sanjay Rikhi Ram from Delhi and was introduced on 10 February 2012 by the Indian  music maestro, Bharat Ratna awardee Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Hans Raj Hans

Hans Raj Hans

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Hans Raj Hans, born in Shafipur village, Punjab, is a Punjabi Sufi singer and has garnered love and support for his devotional music.

His guru, Ustad Puran Shahkoti Sahib perfected his singing and blessed him with the surname, ‘Hans’ as a token of appreciation. He has also been named as the head of a Sufi Darbar in Punjab.

His melodious voice, signature curly hair and albums such as ‘Jhanjarand Mornihave’ are famous amongst Punjabis of all generations. He became a recipient of the highest civilian honour in India – Padma Shri Award, in 2008.

Some of his best songs include :

  • ‘Dil Chori Sada Ho Gaya’
  • ‘Silli Silli’
  • ‘Nit Khair Manga’
  • ‘Haal Ve Rabba’ and
  • ‘Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya.’



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Sukhe is music producer and lyricist who has been in the industry for a long time now and is famous as well. His real name is Sukhdeep Singh. Sukhe is also know as Sukh-E or Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz.

He has been a prominent Punjabi songwriter and musician and gained fame with his first single ‘Sniper’ featuring Raftaar and the next on the list was his second album ‘Jaguar’ featuring Bohemia. He then went on to produce some of India’s most famous tracks!

His best known songs include :

  • ‘Sniper’
  • ‘Jaguar’
  • ‘All Black’
  • ‘Red Alert’
  • ‘Insane’

Harbhajan Mann

Harbhajan Mann

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Harbhajan Mann, born in District Bhatinda, Punjab, is a Punjabi-pop style singer who began as an amateur singer, while at high school in Canada.

His professional singing career started in Punjab during 1992. It is at this time that he released ‘Chithiye Nee Chithiye’ (1992) and became very successful across the region. He got his first major breakthrough with the album ‘Oye-Hoye.’ He then went onto release many other albums going into the millennium.

Some of his best songs include :

  • ‘Gallan Goriyan’
  • ‘Tin Rang’
  • ‘Sher’
  • ‘Jinddriye’
  • ‘Kangan.’

Surjit Bindrakhia

Surjit Bindrakhia


Surjit Bindrakhia, born in the village of Bindrakh, Punjab, began his musical career when started singing Punjabi couplets for a Bhangra team at college.

Known for his powerful bhangra voice, Surjit got his big break with the album, ‘Addi Utte Ghum.’ From then on he sang for many successful singles and albums.

Unfortunately he passed away at the age of forty-one, following a cardiac arrest. His contribution to Punjabi music earned him a special jury award at the 2004 Filmfare Awards.

Some great songs of his include :

  • ‘Jugni’
  • ‘Tera Yaar Bolda’
  • ‘Dupatta Tera Sath Ranga Da’
  • ‘Lak Tunoo Tunoo’ and
  • ‘Billian Akhiaan.’

K Deep

K Deep

Kuldeep Singh, more famously familiar as K Deep was born in Rangoon, Burma. ‘Nashean Naal Yaari’, ‘Roli Main Izzat Sari’  was his first LP in 1969 under HMV.

He was one of the first few singers who gave voice to songs and poetry penned down by poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi.

After meeting his wife, the singer Jagmohan Kaur, at a musical event in Kolkata, the two began singing together. They became a famous singing and acting duo in Punjab to whom many grew up hearing.

Some of his best songs include :

  • ‘Poodna’
  • ‘Gora Gora Rang’
  • ‘Yarane’
  • ‘Tere Patle Bulan’ and
  • ‘Pyaar.’

Asa Singh Mastana

Asa Singh Mastana

Asa Singh Mastana, born in Punjab, is a legend in the history of Punjabi music. The Punjabi music maestro was famous for putting his voice to the songs of Bollywood film ‘Heer’.

Mastana became a household name in the 1940s when he used to feature on All India Radio. Fans remember him for his popular duets with sisters Parkash Kaur and Surinder Kaur.

In 1985, Mastana became a recipient of the Padma Shri Award, courtesy of the Indian government. He left this world at the age of seventy-one.

Some of his best songs include :

  • ‘Doli Charhdeyan Marian’
  • ‘Balle Ni Panjaab Diye’
  • ‘Kali Teri Gut’
  • ‘Jugni’ and
  • ‘Menu Tera Shabab Lae Betha.’

Best Punjabi Singers Female:

Here are your all time Favourite Punjabi Singers Female:

Parkash Kaur

Parkash Kaur

Parkash Kaur was born into a musical family in Lahore, British India. She made her debut as a Punjabi singer on the radio with her younger sister Surinder Kaur.

Kaur won the hearts of many, receiving many accolades during her career.

At the age of sixty-three, Parkash Kaur sadly passed away.

Some of her best songs includes :

  • ‘Gori Diyan Jhanjran’
  • ‘Chan Weh Ki Showkan’
  • Kithe Te Laaniyan Tahlian’
  •  ‘Aap Mahi Ne Chug Laiyan’ and
  • ‘Ghut Paani Pilade Ni Sohniye.’

Surinder Kaur

Surinder Kaur Best Punjabi Singer

Some of her best songs includes :

  • Ek Meri Akh Kashni
  • Vehre Sajna De
  • Kala Doria
  • Bajare Dasitta
  • Jugni

Surinder Kaur was an Indian singer and musician. While she mainly sang punjabi folk tunes, where she is credited for making known and fomous this genre, Kaur additionally recorded tunes as a playback vocalist for Hindi movies somewhere in the years of 1948 and 1952.

For her contribution to punjabi music, she earned the sobriquet Nightingale of Punjab, the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1984, and the Padma Shri in 2006.

Kaur was hitched to Joginder Singh Sodhi, an educator at the Delhi University. The couple had three girls, the oldest of whom is additionally a Punjabi society vocalist. Kaur passed on in New Jersey in 2006.

Ranjit Kaur

Ranjit Kaur

Born in Roper, Punjab, Ranjit Kaur had a passion for music since she was a child. She grew up singing in school and at spiritual places, giving her a good head start.

She earned 1 ½ rupees payment for her first professional performance. She has done duets with folk singer Mohammad Sadiq, and also gave voice to poetry by writer Babu Singh Mann, which was very appreciated.

Some of her best songs include :

  • ‘Menu Chandi Diyan Chanjran Kada De Haaniya’
  • ‘Nanane Baeimane’
  • ‘Khich Lai Vairiya’
  • ‘Metho Palla Kar Layi’ and
  • ‘Meri Gal Sun Sardarji.’

Satwinder Bitti

Satwinder Bitti Best Punjabi Singer

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Satwinder Bitti is a Punjabi vocalist of Punjab, India. She was a national-level hockey player and later took up singing as profession. In 2011, she judge a singing show, Awaaz Punjab Di, by Punjabi TV channel mh1.

On June 2016 Bitti Joined Indian National Congress she began singing at an early period of five. She is a fan of  Lata Mangeshkar and later, after her hockey career, she accepted singing as her calling and released numerous religious songs.

Jasmine Sandlas

Jasmine Sandlas Best Punjabi Singer

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Jasmine Kaur Sandlas is an Indian-American playback vocalist, entertainer, musician who chiefly sings Punjabi songs.She was additionally been a part of the TEDx Talks,MTV Coke Studio and Spoken Word stages. Jasmine Sandlas is an Independent Artist.

Sandlas, born in Jalandhar, Punjab, India and brought up in Stockton, California, consistently sought to seek after a career in singing. Sandlas’ first song was “Muskan” (2008) turned into a hit.

In 2014, she started her Bollywood playback singing career with the tune “Yaar Na Miley” for the film Kick. Her tunes Bamb Jatt (2017), Sip (2018) and Mithi (2019) likewise got famous and were loved by all.

Some of her top songs include:

  • ‘Baddal’
  • ‘Punjabi Mutiyaaran‘
  • ‘Illegal Weapon’
  • ‘Sip Sip’ and
  • ‘Veera’

Sunanda Sharma

Sunanda Sharma Best Punjabi Singer to rock your parties

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Sunanda Sharma is an Indian playback vocalist and actor. She made her debut into this industry with the melody “Billi Akh”. Sharma soon also  started her acting career in the film Sajjan Singh Rangroot with co-stars Diljit Dosanjh and Yograj Singh. Sunanda Sharma began her Bollywood singing career with “Tere Naal Nachna” song.

Sunanda Sharma began her profession by singing making and singing songs on YouTube. In the wake of her increasing fan base and fame, she released her single, “Billi Akh”. One of her tunes “Jaani Tera Naa”, released in 2017, has been seen more than 292 million times on YouTube.

Nimrat Khaira

Nimrat Khaira Best Punjabi Singer

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Nimrat Khaira is an Indian artist, actor and playback vocalist known for her work in Punjabi-language music and movies. She had been selected for two Filmfare Punjabi Awards and one PTC Punjabi Film award.

She is the first position holder of Voice of Punjab season 3. She picked up a fanbase after her single “Ishq Kacheri”.She performed at Saras Mela, held in Bathinda. She also hosted the third version of Radio Mirchi Music Awards with Amrit Maan.

Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar Best Punjabi Singer

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Neha Kakkar is an Indian playback artist. She started performing at religious gathheings at the age of four years and even participated in  Indian Idol season 2 From 2017 onwards, Kakkar, teaming with Tanishk Bagchi, has been redoing old songs to more mainstream ongoing melodies. Kakkar’s music contains components of pop, hip bounce, and R&B.

She concedes that she has generally performed groovy dance numbers as she thinks they suits her voice the most and supplements her vigorous vibe, however she communicated her longing experiment with different genres of music and singing

Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja Best Punjabi Singer

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Gurinder Kaur Kainth , prevalently known by her stage name Miss Pooja is an Indian  vocalist and entertainer who basically sings Punjabi melodies in Bhangra, Pop and Folk genres.

She began her journey in 2006, with the release of a two part song, Jaan Ton Piyari. She additionally is a judge  on Voice of Punjab.

JennyJenny Best Punjabi Singer

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Jenny is Indian expert Punjabi vocalist. She came into spotlight after her first song ‘Yaari Jatti Di’ with  Bunty Bains. At that point she released numerous tunes like Hooters, Narma, Mutiyaar Jatti Di, Yeh Kasoor before singing Dowein Nain.

She is trained and an expert  in playing numerous instruments, for example, harmonium, guitar, sitar, sarangi, tanpura. Jenny began singing at 4 years old under the guidance of Guru Bhupinder Singh Ustad.


We are sure you must have heard about most of these popular singers! They have made the Punjabi music industry what is it today. Without them, movies, events and gatherings would be incomplete.

They bring about an energy that is incomparable and addictive! Don’t forget to listen to some famous songs mentioned and enjoy the vibe that they create! It is surely an unforgettable experience.

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