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15 Best Cases for Realme 6 Pro Available In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Realme 6 Pro Back Cases

The Realme 6 Pro was announced in March of 2020, available for sale from March 13. It was one of Realme’s potent mid-range entries into the smartphone market for the year 2020, bringing some interesting improvements from the past releases of the company. The Realme 6 Pro has a dual selfie camera in a cutout on the front display.

With 16 MP wide camera and a 6 MP Ultra-Wide camera, it allows you to take sharp photos with ease. With a Gorilla Glass 5, front and a glass back the only thing lacking is the plastic frame made to probably cut corners in the price. The Realme 6 Pro also has a quad-camera system that seems to have swapped out the 2MP depth camera for a 12 MP 2x zoom component.

Additionally, there is a 64 MP wide camera, 12 MP telephoto, 8 MP ultra-wide and a 2 MP macro camera as well. Overall, the phone is a good steal for the 17,999/- that it is.

Here is the list of Best Realme 6 Pro Cases & Covers:

Transparent Case

Here are the best Realme 6 Pro Transparent Covers:

KAPA Beetle for Realme 6 Pro Back Case

KAPA Beetle for Realme 6 Pro back cover

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The KAPA Beetle back case is a perfectly compatible case for Realme 6 Pro. It has military-grade protection that absorbs shock with the shock-guard corners that help you protect your phone from those unforeseen drop accidents. It serves as a great impact protector.

The combination of hard PC back, shock-absorbent corners and a soft TPU frame, this hybrid case provides the best protection without sacrificing the clarity and quality. Raised edges help protect your camera module from rubbing against a flat surface and get scratched. You can lay your phone flat down without the screen touching the surface.

Lucky for you, the backside of the case is also tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear thereby keeping your phone looking good as new for as long as possible.

Trifty Trending TPU Back Cover for Realme 6 Pro

Trifty Trending Silicon Flexible Shockproof Corner TPU: realme 6 pro back cover

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The thrifty silicon transparent case provides crystal clear protection with a side bumper that ends up enhancing your phone’s original stunning look. The anti-slip properties of the case allow you to grip your phone better.

Adding to which, the polycarbonate hardshell case is moulded from the phone itself to rubberized TPU materials that allow maximum protection from scratches whereas the bumper aids in shock absorption. The TPU back case cover is designed to be slim and lightweight making your phone look sleek and not bulky like other cases.

The precise cuts along the sides leave all the ports, speakers, buttons and microphones completely open. It is 100% compatible with your regular charger and headphones. Moreover, it also makes for an easy installation and removal process.

A rtistque Frameless case for Realme 6 Pro

A rtistque Frameless case for Realme 6 Pro Covers

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A very artistic frameless case for Realme 6 Pro comes with a slim, translucent matte design that has a hard PC back cover. Additionally, it also has shock bumpers in the corners to absorb shock from dropping your phone. The unique design of the cover allows easy access to all the buttons, ports and controls without any hindrances or having to remove the case.

Lucky for you, you do not need to settle for those boring cases that look like a brick with no character whatsoever. This case is a fashionable scrub phone case that has a semi-naked transparent colour that is suitable for fashionable people.

The stylish frosted matte texture, with the frosted polish and weave texture design gives you the necessary grip to prevent your mobile phone from dropping. Made of premium TPU and blended memory material, this case can bend without worrying about destroying the shape.

Flip Case

Here are the best Realme 6 Pro Flip Covers:

Dervin Flip Cover for Realme 6 Pro

Dervin Flip Cover for Realme 6 Pro PU Leather

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The Dervin Flip cover is a unique and very functional cover for all those who want a less of a hassle in their pockets or purses. This case comes with a Leather Magnetic Wallet installed in the Back Cover.

This cover is perfect for your Realme 6 Pro phone model and is a bliss to carry around. The high-quality material has an ultra-high-quality construction made of synthetic leather material. The wallet has 3 card slots with extra grip that stores your debit or credit cards with ease as well as a side pocket to store some cash.

You get guaranteed, unrestricted access to all the features of the device including microphone, speaker, all buttons, speaker. Moreover, this case has a magnetic closure flap that prevents your screen from being exposed to the possibility of scratches. The case is very easy to remove, though it may not be the most stylish, it is easily the most protective of all cases.

Printed Case

Here are the best Realme 6 Pro Printed Back Covers:

Shengshou Mobile Back Cover for Realme 6 Pro

Shengshou Mobile Back Cover for Realme 6 Pro (Army Look)

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The Shengshou mobile back cover for the Realme 6 Pro comes in a cool military pattern that has a green and off-white camo print on it. It is minimal yet stylish so you are bound to love the sleek look on your phone.

It is a sublimation cover made of the hardest plastic material that is easy to print on. A hardcover that will not break and of course protect your phone regardless of how bad a fall it takes.

It is all designed and printed in India and has a Lifetime Print guarantee. So you might as well prepare yourself to commit to the print it has because there is no going back. The military pattern is unique, but do not be fooled only by the looks. Lucky for you it also offers military-grade protection.

Silicone Soft Designer Printed Back Cover for Realme 6 Pro

Fashionury Pink Headphone Silicone Soft realme 6 pro back cover

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The Fashionury Pink Soft Designer cover is specifically designed for Realme 6 Pro. It gives you the necessary protection without letting you down, literally. The designer cover provides 360° protection to your phone since it covers all sides. It helps protect your phone from those accidental drops, bumps and scratches that we are all too familiar with, unfortunately.

All you do is unbox the cover from its original package and just put it on your phone, no other tool required. It is completely scratch resistant and protective. The case has perfect cutouts that line exactly with where the buttons and slots are to give you complete, uninterrupted control.

It is made from durable TPU materials that are comfortable with a unique design to switch up those boring, monotonous looks to something fun and stylish. It is a soft case that is of the premium quality, made completely scratch resistant and protective. The comfort and feel of the case on the phone are unmatched as it blends to become a part of the phone itself. The stylish prints themselves are unique and do not budge whatsoever.

Printed Colorful Angry Owl Back Case Cover for Realme 6 Pro

Dugvio Polycarbonate Printed Colorful Cases for Realme 6 Pro

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Dugvio Polycarbonate Printed case is perfect for your Realme 6 Pro. The colourful designs are perfect to amp up your boring looking phone with some fun and character. These are premium printed case covers that are printed using high-end Korean Ink Technology giving it that vibrant look.

The covers themselves are made with a high-quality premium polycarbonate material that is hard with a fully matte finish for an upgraded style and durability. The cases fit perfectly to your phones as though it were a second skin made with high precision moulds that cover all sides and corners for all the ports, buttons, cameras and speakers.

Dugvio also provides a lifetime warranty for the quality of the print. If the colour fades or chips, they will replace your case, no questions asked. It also serves as an excellent gift option. So if your friend or relative has gotten the new Realme 6 Pro now, then give them this case. This case protects your phone from dust and unnecessary scratches that are made to fit perfectly and give maximum protection for your device. Ultimately, by using a case you are prolonging the longevity and life of the phone in your hands.

Silicon Case 

Here are the best Realme 6 Pro Silicon Covers:

TrueObjects Back Cover Case for Realme 6 Pro

True Objects Back Cover Case for Realme 6 Pro

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The TrueObjects back cover case for Realme 6 Pro has an ultra Slim Matte Finish that is made of silicone, giving it that velvet feel. It comes in three different colours: blue, black and a beautiful wine red.

The case is extremely thin given it that perfect fit along with a lightweight design that weighs like nothing. It provides 360-degree protection for your device while maintaining its slim profile. It’s almost like it is not there. There are raised lips around the edges of the phone as well as around the camera bump ensuring that they remain safe and sound.

Regardless of how you handle your phone, you can rest assured that your case has got you and your phone covered. It is a hard case that is made in a mould designed especially for the Realme 6 Pro so it accounts for those tiny details, like the microphone, cameras, speakers, sensors, etc. The case is made out of a flexible, fine quality polycarbonate material that is non-toxic and odour free that helps protect the environment as well. It is highly strong and made up of a tough material that makes it easy to remove and install. Additionally, it also comes with an anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch washable material.

Smoke Case

Here are the best Realme 6 Pro Smoke Back Covers:

AE  Back Covers  for RealMe 6 Pro Smoke Back Case

AE Mobile Accessories Back Cover for RealMe 6 Pro

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The AE back cover for Realme 6 Pro is a smoke translucent shockproof material. Made out of the best rubberized matte hardcover with extra camera protection as well. It has a new colour button design that is detachable. The high-grade polycarbonate and TPU material enhance the security of your phone if it falls or during those accidental, clumsy drops.

The case is 0.7 mm higher than the phone, meaning you can let the phone west face down without worrying about scratches on the phone’s screen. The heavy-duty PC matte backboard is coated with an anti-fingerprint layer and gives you a comfortable hold. It enhances the look of your smartphone while guarding it against any scratches or damages.

The anti-slip material is perfect and provides a comfortable and excellent grip as well as non-slip sides. It even has a shockproof double layer that is the ultimate level of protection your device will need. The form of the silicone case will fit snugly over all volume buttons, side buttons and the curves of our device, seamlessly blending in with your phone’s design. Additionally, there is a microfiber lining on the inside of the case that helps you protect your phone.

Glass Case

Here are the best Realme 6 Pro Glass Covers:

Octer Realme 6 Pro TPU Frame with Glass Back Case Cover

Octer Realme 6 Pro back Covers

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The Octer TPU Frame with Glass Back Case Cover has a soft Edge Protective TPU Bumper that makes sure your phone is protected all the time. The Stunning Design is compatible with only the Realme 6 Pro. This toughened back case not only provides the best protection but also gives your phone the sleek, and effortlessly designed look that takes it to the next level.

It is a practical accessory that adds character to your phone as well. Catch yourself thanking everyone for their compliments on how good our phone looks with this on it. What better, you can even brag about the good job it does at protecting your phone. The Case is a slim fit case that is designed with the Advanced hybrid technology, that provides the necessary protection you will need while keeping the look as elegant and graceful as possible.

A hybrid case means that the toughened glass, as well as the TPU bumper, provides all-round protection that ensures your phone stays as good as new. If all these do not convince you to get this case, then the unlimited access to all the buttons, ports, speakers, cameras and microphones on your phone should do the trick. No more fumbling around trying to get to the right volume button, etc. It is completely scratch resistance, with 360-degree protection along with a stylish design. Hurry up! Go get yours now!

Protective Cases

Here are the best Realme 6 Pro Protective Covers:

KAPAVER Rugged Back Cover Case for Realme 6 Pro

KAPAVER Rugged Back Covers for Realme 6 Pro

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The Kapaver MIL-STD 810G is a rugged back cover that is officially drop tested. It is a solid black shockproof slim armour patented design phone case that is good for any level of injury. The case has a matte finish with a single TPU material that has glossy edges that makes your phone look sleek.

The matte layer adds to the protection by giving you extra grip on the phone, preventing those hard falls from taking place, if at all. It has an industrial design with a carbon fibre texture that adds to that matte finish giving you extra grip and security.

Similar to other cases on this list, this case also has those bumpers with the anti-shock cushion technology that protects your phone against those accidental drops and small bumps. Moreover, it even has the raised edges going all round the frame of your phone, letting you keep your phone screen facing down and not worry about scratches.

Tempered Glass Covers

Here are the best Realme 6 Pro Tempered Glass Covers:

SISCA 11D Tempered Glass For Realme 6 Pro

SISCA 11D Tempered Glass For Realme 6 Pro

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The SISCA 11D tempered glass has an edge to edge full-screen coverage. The bubble-free one-touch installation is great as you just tap the centre once and the screen protector adheres to your screen’s surface effortlessly.

The screen is coated on the back with a strong silicon adhesive that makes installation easy and attached the film firmly on to your phone. The 0.3 mm thickness screen protector is capable of completely protecting the entire screen without obstructing the censors, display or the camera cutouts. One Unique feature of this is the anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating on the tempered glass that resists oils and reduces any fingerprint smudges.

It is a very precise laser cut tempered glass that is made with polished, rounded edges with 99.99% clarity and smooth touchscreen accuracy. It is an extremely strong glass that is scratch-proof with a hard-coated surface that withstands forceful impacts and takes the beating on behalf of your phone’s screen. The edge to edge full coverage is guaranteed to protect the screen underneath from any unwanted scratches, bumps or dents. Even better, you do not have to worry about separating your keys and wallets from the pocket you put your phone in, this SISCA 11D tempered glass has you covered, quite literally!


If you have already invested the money in buying the phone, you may as well go the extra step and get yourself a tempered glass and back case to ensure it lasts you as long as you need it too.

The above list of cases ensures that your phone remains safe regardless of where you drop it and how hard it takes a phone. You can go the extra mile and add in the stylistic elements to give it that sleek, designed look to keep your creative side satisfied. So, what are you waiting for? Go get the phone and a case to dress it up!

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