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10 Best Realme C2 Back Covers To Buy In 2023

by Akshay Chanana
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Realme C2 Back Covers

Our phones are exposed to so much risk and dirt on a daily basis. This makes us so important to protect our phones with the best quality phone cover and tempered glass. There are millions of options in the market but not every phone case provides the same level of protection.

Hence, we are here for you to review our top recommendations when it comes to buying the perfect phone case for your Realme c2 so you do not have to run in the market in these testing times or exhaust your eyes sitting in front of the screen trying to find the best phone case.

There are various types of phone cases in the market, printed plain, silicon, or hard case.

Here is a list of all the top cases in terms of looks and durability. We are presenting you with a variety of designs, and prints.

Transparent case

We truly believe that everyone should have at least one transparent case with them as it is simply so versatile. Even though a phone usually comes with a bumper but we all know how easily they get torn or yellow. Hence, we have a premium quality transparent bumper for you.

Casotec Hybrid Cover Casotec Hybrid Cover

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This soft silicon TPU transparent phone case offers so many reasons as to why it’s the perfect case for your Realme C2. It has a very comfortable touch and a soft surface. The fit is next to perfect and you will have very easy access to all your ports, buttons, jacks, and speakers due to its perfectly tailored cut-outs.

It is made up of TPU and has an amazing finish, firm grip, flexible installation, and trendy matte finish coating. This cover is not only durable but extremely lightweight as it weighs only 30 grams. There is proper reinforcement from its edges, back, and sides so it can always remain as good as new.

Its shock-absorbent coating and maximum scratch resistance will ensure that your cover is protected against scratches, bumps, dents, and cracks. You never need to worry about this phone slipping off your hands. The look will always be clean due to its transparent surface. Or, you can always add a family polaroid between the cover to mix it up a notch.

Jkobi Ultra Back Case Cover

Jkobi Ultra Back Case Cover

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What can be better than a transparent phone cover? Surely a transparent cover with a trendier design. This cover is extremely compatible with your realme c2.

It is very light weighted and ultra-slim so it will not spoil your phone looks by adding extra bulk to it. The blue framing on edges only adds to its smart and stunning exterior.

The lips of this phone case are raised do your screen and camera can be protected from falling on flat surfaces. The grip is superior. For your extra comfort and ease, it is open from the sides and you will absolutely no problem accessing side buttons.

It also has perfect cutouts for other jacks and ports. It will provide ultimate protection against dips and bumps.

Flip case

We personally want to thank the person who invented the concept of the flip case. They are just so handy and cam is used for multiple tasks. From protective case for phone to wallet, mirrors, and whatnot, they are there for it all.


Bracevor Flip Cover

bracevor leather back case - flip case.jpg

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This phone cover is specially tailored for your Realme C2 and no other phone. This deluxe leather surface has an inner TPU layer so it can provide extra protection to your phone against breakage. Its inner shock prevention layers will protect your phone against all anticipated or unexpected falls and breakage.

This phone case also comes with enough vaults to keep emergency cash, store receipts, and cards. You don’t need to worry about your possessions falling out as it has a magnetic clasp that ensures safe and secure closure.

You can also do hands-free video calling and surfing videos because the backflip of this cover can be converted into a stand and placed somewhere for stability. It will not break easily and not let anything happen to your phone due to its shock absorbent technology.

Mobyro Mirror Flip Stand Case Moby Mirror Flip Stand Case

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This is one of our personal favorite cases offered by Mobyro. It is one of those perfect flip cases that provides added protection through its front flip but one can also look through basic things like timing and battery through the translucent glass. This phone flip case again has a back kickstand so we can have a comfortable landscape hands free experience.

It provides 360-degree protection with its protective shell. It also has a scratch-resistant coating and an anti-fingerprint feature so your phone can always remain good and shining. Its strong and sturdy polycarbonate material additionally gives ultra-protection to prevent any damage to the entire phone.

It itself has a full body printed mirror plating so one can also have a pocket mirror in their phone cases itself. Its looks and premium design is luxurious, slim, sleek, and in the forever classic black shade.

Printed Silicon case

Having plain silicon can often get very boring, and even dirty once they start turning yellow. Hence, we are here with recommendations of good quality silicon cases but with a twist, they are printed in beautiful designs. We have a variety of options for different tastes and moods, check them out.


Gismo Case Gismo Case

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Now we have Gismo’s printed silicon case that comes in an amazing Khadi design. It is made up of very high-quality TPU which we all know, is known for providing optimum protection to phones. The touch of your phone will be super soft with a super-strong grip. Even during rough use, your phone will remain as good as new.

This phone case is very flexible and has all the cut-outs for necessary ports, jacks, buttons, and speakers. Moreover, this case comes with a scratch-resistant coating with shock-absorbent cushions to prevent any damage to the phone. You don’t have to worry about the phone getting naturally worn and torn.

This is because this case additionally is a dust-resistant cover with a waterproof layer. And in case you are not a fan of this print, you also have a variety of options available so you can choose your own design!

Think Tech Designer Printed Back Case Think Tech Designer Printed Back Case

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Since the previous case was dark and shady, here we are with a light phone cover with beautiful pastel stripes of pink, white, and blue in a horizontal pattern. This phone case is printed using 3D technology which will ensure that the paint doesn’t erode or fade away with time.

This phone cover is also waterproof so you need not panic when you accidentally touch your phone with wet hands. It has an excellent grip and can be removed and inserted very conveniently. This ultra-slim case has a scratch-resistant coating so your phone and its cover can always look fresh and classy.

The material is composed of premium quality polycarbonate plastic and provides adequate protection and comfort to the phone’s grip. The frame of the phone is lifted by 0.3mm so even if your phone falls down on a flat surface, it doesn’t crack the screen or cause damage to the body.

This case has an easy put on and put off and you will easily have access to your buttons, jacks, and speakers due to its seamless cut-outs.

Think Tech Woman Stylish Pattern Back Case

Think Tech Woman Stylish Pattern Back Case

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Finally, for those people who want contrasting shades, we have a phone case pink in a beautiful combination of pink, white, and black. This is another one of Think Tech’s creation and they have composed it with a print that won’t wear or tear off because of its 3D print technology.

This case made up of polycarbonate plastic will provide protection to your phone against all bumps, dents, cracks, and scratches. It is a scratch-resistant coating that will provide extra protection to your phone and phone case. This phone is waterproof and also dust resistant. It has perfect and seamlessly tailored cut-outs so one can easily have access to their buttons, speakers, and ports.

The lips of this phone are raised to prevent damage by falling on flat surfaces. This lightweight cover is only 100 grams and will not spoil the sleekness of your phone. Its positive reviews only give us more assurance about this phone case.

Silicon Case

Silicon cases are so incredible when it comes to its incomparable quality. They are so lightweight, sleek, flexible, soft, and durable. That is everyone a person looks for in a phone cover. If you are looking for a stylish silicon case, you are in the right place.


TrueObjects Protective Back Case

TrueObjects - silicon case.jpg

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This is our personal top recommendation when it comes to choosing the perfect cover for Realme C2 back case. This is like an all in one package that consists of all the best features and looks to protect the phone and add class to it.

This phone case has stunning black looks with an ultra-slim body. It has an ergonomic matte finish that makes its touch very smooth, soft, silky, and velvet-like.

It is extremely lightweight and will not make your phone look bulky at any cost. The fit is perfect with an excellent grip and access to all the ports speakers and jacks through its seamlessly tailored cutouts and responsive buttons.

You can also easier access your fingerprint censor as the area immediately beneath it is left vacant for your finger. The lips of the frame and the camera are raised for extra protection of the camera and phone’s flat screen.

The cover has 4 layers of the anti-fade coating so it can always look new. This ultra-sleek looking cover is made up of environment-friendly and durable PC material.

This cover can also be cleaning with water from time to time a sit has a waterproof surface. It will not attract any dust particles and dirt due to its coatings. We truly believe that this smart and durable cover is definitely a must-have.

Glass case

People usually have a love-hate relationship with glass cases. This is because of its great looks but doubts about its durability. But not all glass cases are easily prone to breakage and we have the perfect example for that.


Axxitude Gradient Glass Finish Back Case

Axxitude Gradient Glass Finish Back Case

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Next up, we have this amazing and unique glass case at an unbeatable price. Unlike most other glass cases, this glass case is not heavy at all. It has a slim and sleek built with a very lightweight so it can always make your phone look sleek and stylish. Its red color is the only cherry on the cake.

Just because the profile of this case is slim doesn’t make it any less durable as it is built with dual technology. Its hybrid construction made up of both TPU bumper and 9H toughened glass so it doesn’t break easily and protects your phone from breaking as well.

For higher durability, it also has a scratch-free coating. It has a unique finish or rubberized matte and surely a treat for the eyes with a featherlight feel.

Tempered Glass

There is absolutely no shortage of tempered glasses in the market. We can find them online or in stores and streets. However, one should really not just take any tempered glass as durability is one very important factor.

We are here with a very durable and premium quality tempered glass recommendation for you with a self-application kit.


Red Robin Tempered Glass Screen Protector Red Robin Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Tempered glass being so crucial for the phone’s ultimate safety, should be chosen with great caution. After a great tally of different tempered glass, we can positively say that this tempered screen protector from Red Robin will not let you down.

This glass has full edge to edge screen coverage with soft edges for no edge breakage. It has a dot matrix technology for better and high screen sensitivity.

It also has an automatic absorption with perfectly clear glass. This glass is anti-glare, anti-bubble, ant-crack, anti-fingerprint, and anti-dust. Even if the glass does break due to extremely heavy force, it will not shatter and stay in one place for safer usage.

This tempered glass comes with an oleophobic coating and the box has its own installation kit. It contains a wet wipe, a dry wipe, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.


We really hope that you are able to find your perfect cover amongst these options. Drop us a comment in case you have more recommendations. Happy shopping for everybody!

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