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10 Best Realme C3 Back Covers & Cases To Buy in 2023

by Akshay Chanana
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In this technologically overflowing era, the smartphone has become every person’s transitional object. Be it a teenager or an old man, everyone has their all-in-one companion everywhere they go.

But of course, these are expensive devices that all of us desire to keep safe from any potential destruction and damage. Besides keeping the smartphone safe, modern phones and their modern owners require stylish yet protective cases.

As for the new Realme C3, the company has launched yet another affordable smartphone. The C series is Realme’s entry-level line up with quirky designs that offer excellent hardware at super affordable prices.

In this competitive market, who does not want a budget-friendly smartphone that does it all? In this article, we’ve shared 10 popular Realme C3 phone cases that are destined to give sassy look to your lovely devices.

Here below is the list of 10 Best Realme C3 Back Covers Available Online

Transparent Cases

Amagav Transparent Silicon Soft Back Case

Amagav Transparent Silicon Soft Back Case: Realme C3 Back Cover

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The Realme C3 is undoubtedly a beautiful phone with a unique design and a brilliantly well-built structure. Most of us don’t want to hide away the beauty and bright colours of our smartphones but always want to keep it from getting damages.

This transparent silicone soft case is the perfect fit exclusively for your Realme C3 as it is built with definition and the perfect protective shield that your phone needs. It highlights the contour and colour of your smartphone while giving it a sleek, stylish, and compact look.

The material that this case is made from is high quality, soft silicone which is not only durable but also lightweight which makes it a more functional back case for your smartphone without making it too bulky. As this cover is great value for money, it comes with amazing features too.

The silicon is a soft substance, creates a barrier between the phone and any damage like scratches, dents, or bumps and therefore proving itself to be exceptionally durable. While talking about the design of the case, it has got a sturdy yet classy look to it.

The precision-cut design that gives access to all the buttons and features of the phone like a camera, microphone, speakers, ports, etc. makes it easy to use a phone case.

Another exciting feature of this cover is that, the camera lens cut has a protective boundary that keeps it from touching any surface thus keeping it away from any damage and maintaining its quality for a longer duration.

Flip Case

LINASO Mobile Flip Cover

LINASO Mobile Flip Cover: Realme C3 Back Cover

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Get your Realme C3 a glamourous and luxurious look with this exclusive case which comes specially designed for this model. The astonishing part about this back case is that it has a mirror on the flip case but it is also clear as to see the screen through the mirror.

Isn’t that amazing? This cover has a classic fiber back finish and a perfect customized fit for your Realme C3’s sockets, ports, cameras, sensors and other parts. The stunning sleek design comes with a complete 0.8mm higher camera protection.

The luxurious mirror backside design gives a clear, glossy and gleaming reflection. The edge looks fuller and round because of the rubber, silicon and leather material attached to its corners.

It is made with PU leather which is safe and protective at the same time and provides 360-degree protection from all four sides. The durability of this back cover is so much that it consists of anti-fingerprints, anti-scratch, anti-dirt and anti-shock features.

The back case comes with a stable kickstand that engages you in comfortable horizontal usage of the phone for video calls, reading, movies and other hands-free work which releases your hands from the methodical work.

MOZIKON PU Leather Flip Wallet Case

MOZIKON PU Leather Flip Wallet Case: Realme C3 Back Cover

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Ever thought about comprising your wallet and protecting your phone with just one thing? Well, if you have, this back case for the Realme C3 is exactly what you are looking for.

This opulent, multi-purpose magnetic flip cover is an all in one back case that provides various amenities while being convenient for usage and light-weight to handle. It is said to be 100% handmade which adds another unique and extravagant feature to your phone case.

The back case is made out of high-quality premium leather that has a skin-like touch for a very comfortable feel and it also plays a role of shock-absorbent, scratch-proof, and repellant to fall whilst maintaining a professional image.

The delicate line stitch design suits every occasion, let it be professional or everyday use. The magnetic flip case offers a protective layer to your front screen too and PU-plastic placed at the back protects the rear of the phone.

The back case also bears compartments or your credit/debit cards as well as money therefore, it is a great buy when you compare it to the price and the features it offers. It is purely designed to meet the interests of individuals of all across the globe when it comes to professionalism and passion.

Printed Case

Renowned Printed Mobile Back Cover

Renowned Printed Mobile Back Cover: Realme C3 Back Cover

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Should you wish to give your Realme C3 a glamourous touch, this Renowned Mobile Case’s beautifully designed cover not only makes your smartphone stand out of the crowd but also leaves a stylish impression wherever you go.

This cover provides maximum protection for your phone with maximum comfort and functionality. As mentioned above, it is made from a hard polycarbonate plastic that keeps the phone from any dents and scratches of any kind and keeps it in pristine condition no matter what.

The design is printed on a matte finish surface with a high-resolution print from all three dimensions that, therefore gives it a very luxurious and fashionable look.

It is designed with a high lip feature for the camera lens to avoid minor damage by keeping it on surfaces and also protects it from any kind of scuff, scratches, and dents.

The easy-cut of the cover gives quick and comfortable access to the phone’s buttons and ports and also provides openings for its speaker and microphone.

Although your phone might not ne waterproof, this mesmerizing phone is, doesn’t that sound amazing? It also has many other unique and one of kind characteristics which include fade-resistance, eco-friendly prints made with exclusive vibrant inks, functional, and extremely slim-fitting.

Hence now, you can go all out with your trends and fashion while doing the most to protect your prized possession with any compromises.

Silicon Cases

TheGiftKart Silicon Case

TheGiftKart Silicon Case: Realme C3 Back Cover

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If you are thinking of presenting a, minimalist look for your Realme C3, this cover for TheGiftKart is the most highly recommended one which makes it the best contender.

This exquisite high-end back case has a smooth and velvet-like texture to it. The ultra-light-weight silicon back case is a complete steal when you are looking for a case that protects your phone but feels like a feather at the same time.

Considering the full protection this case provides your phone this price is justified. Moreover, it does not feature any branding that delivers a clean and simple look. The multi-layer OITX coating offers a premium matter finish to the touch and serves a super-rich and classy look.

This slim-fit case is also installed with advanced dual layer protection to keep your phone from any scratches and dents. The matte finish makes the case anti-fingerprint.

The sleek protective case looks slim but acts as a barrier if the phone falls or gets damaged, therefore, keeping it looking as good as new for the longest time. You can most definitely choose from a proficient range of colors that you desire to suit yourself best.

Protective Case

WOW IMAGINE Ultimate Frameless Case

WOW IMAGINE Ultimate Frameless Case: Realme C3 Back Cover

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For a case that can add its own style and color to your Realme C3, check out Wow Imagines’ back case.

Forget about bulky and huge covers to give your phone the ultimate protection with this new ultra-slim and sleek, frameless back cover that comes with a hybrid bumper hard case and protects your phone from all angles without adding any weight to it.

The TPU hard case comes with a clear polycarbonate black plate and TPU lining for premium 360-degree protection for every corner and edge of your phone. With a 2mm high raised lip, it perfectly protects your camera lens as well as your screen from hard, pointy surfaces.

This timeless classic case is designed for both men and women with a business touch to it. Its elegant design makes this case the perfect companion for your phone that also prevents any damage namely scratches, dents, fingerprints, skidding, and falling.

It is waterproof as well as dustproof which keeps any excessive damage away from your smartphone for all the good reasons. It comes with a flexible premium plastic body combined with two electroplates protective frame and a classy finish.

While some are simply plastic covers, some go the extra mile to create the right impression and this back case is undoubtedly one of them with the number of features it offers at a considerable price.

It is available at multiple online shopping websites as well as in stores near you. So, what awaits you? Go get yours now.

Smoke Case

Jkobi Silicon Smoke Case

Jkobi Silicon Smoke Case: Realme C3 Back Cover

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A phone is a vey personal gadget and hence we all wish to always keep it clean and safe from damage. While some cases provide the best protection for your phone, they take away the beauty of it.

But it is the entire opposite of the new Jkobi Smoke Case. It comes exclusively compatible for the stunning Realme C3. It offers great protection for your phone but does not take away the beauty and uniqueness of the design.

You do not need any technical help to install and remove it and as it is extremely easy to do so. The opening of the back case will give you full access to the camera, buttons, and ports of the phone without any disturbance.

The high-quality rubber material that the case is made from is excellent when it comes to durability, protection from scratches, bumps or dents. The cover is also claimed to be shock-proof after technical and professional testing.

It is impeccably lightweight and especially soft to the touch and also a clear transparent cover which makes it a comfortable and quite the functional product for day to day use.

A special feature of the case is that it has got heightened buttons which make accessibility of the features of the phone extremely comfortable and easy. All in all, this cover is durable and affordable at the same time which makes it a huge steal.

Glass Case

Generic Toughened Glass Back Cover

Generic Toughened Glass Back Cover: Realme C3 Back Cover

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How does a back cover with stunning looks and all the necessary protection at once sound to you? Perfect, I am guessing. This Toughened Glass Back Case is the exact cover you are looking for.

This toughened glass case promises an extravagant look to your Realme C3 and provides the necessary protection at the same time. Expect your phone to look simply amazing and classy as this case is not going to give you any less.

The phone case is designed with a shockproof TPU bumper and advanced hybrid technology that keeps the case protected at all costs. The back case promises an ultra-lightweight usage with toughened glass which gives a high probability for it to last longer, luxuriously.

The case’s features provide cutouts for the buttons, port, microphone, and speaker that make it an easily accessible accessory. Its edges are particularly raised to give full protection to the corners of the devices preventing any damage in case the phone falls.

As the phone case is made of extremely high-quality material namely TPU and glass, it prevents any odor, dust, and toxins from sitting on the surface. It is well built in every aspect of how a phone cover should be. Want to give your phone a sleek stylish look? I say, grab this glass case right now.

Tempered Glass

Dervin Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Dervin Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Realme C3 Back Cover

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The main purpose of a tempered glass is to in fact protect the screen of your phone from any outer damage. This screen guard comes with a high-quality hardness level and provides protection from any accidental drop scratches or dents.

It is exclusively compatible for the Realme C3 and when you have not settled for an ordinary phone, why settle for an ordinary tempered glass.

While being the slimmest and strongest tempered glass in the business for this model, it not only offers the best in class protection but also prevents dust from settling onto your screens. It comes in a box with a guide for easy installation, a wet wipe, a dry wipe, and a micro fiber cleaning cloth.

It also includes exceptional other features like bubble proofing, scratch resistance, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint as mentioned before.

This phone case, if broken will shatter but it will stay in one piece considering the safety measures of the consumers and also adding up to the accessibility list of the product.

When you have a protective shield as tempered glass for your phone screen, that is ready to sacrifice itself while protecting your expensive and high-end touch screens, what more do you need as a cherry on top? Isn’t that right?

SISCA 11D Tempered Glass

SISCA 11D Tempered Glass: Realme C3 Back Cover

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If you’re looking for a higher-end tempered glass that absolutely does not lag at offering brilliant protection for your Realme C3 phone screens, look no further.

This SISCA 11D High definition tempered glass is a premium screen guard with a processed shield extensively provides protection from any sort of outside damages and scratches from falling as well as from sharp objects like keys and knives.

It is perfectly laser cut exclusively for the Realme C3 model. It is said to be “oleophobic” which prevents it from leaving annoying oils marks and fingerprints behind. The glass is HD+ clarity and does not impact your visual display quality even a little.

The quality of the glass is brilliant with a hardness of 9H that can easily withstand any forceful impacts unless of course, you pierce it with a diamond! The unique oleophobic coating feature that acts like an oil-resistant therefore avoiding any sweat to come in contact with your phone after long calls.

The delicate touch screen style promises not to fiddle with the sensitivity quality of your actual phone screen. This product is developed with a newly updates Hot Bending 11D Technology to give a better user experience around the corners of the phone.


That ends our list for the 10 best Realme C3 cases that you can buy right at the tip of your finger from anywhere and anytime. You will most definitely also discover these in stores near you.

All the cases mentioned are high-quality products listed out exclusively for genuine consumers, and you will not regret purchasing them. But of course, your choice will depend on your budget and personal preferences.

At the end of the day, quality matters over quantity because even the most minimalist cover can surprise you with the most outstanding features, and a superior looking cover could disappoint you within days.

Hence, go with what you feel is best, and because like I said, each and every case is unique in its own manner, what matters is that your device is protected at all costs and it is worth the money!

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