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15 Best Realme Narzo 10 Back Cover Available Online in 2023

by Akshay Chanana
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Realme Narzo 10 Cases

We all would freak out if our phones fall down or they crack their screen. After all, phones are an investment. This makes us realize how important it is to cover our phone with protective layers.

If you have recently purchased Narzo 10 and if you are unable to decide which cover will look good, feel good and make your phone good, we have a few best picks for you! There are various types of phone cases in the market, printed plain, silicon, or hard case.

Here, we are listing our top picks considering all those categories when it comes to choosing the perfect phone case.

We are presenting you with a variety of designs, and prints. In the end, we have also added a recommendation for tempered glasses because two layers of protection are better than one.

Here below is the list of  Top 15 Best Realme Narzo 10 Cases:

Transparent case

If you are looking for a really light-weighted case and nothing too fancy, you should really buy a transparent case. Even though these are usually provided when one buys a phone, however, they get yellow way too easily. Hence, we have a recommendation for you.

Realme Narzo 10 Shockproof Bumper Back Cover

Realme Narzo 10 Shockproof Bumper Back Cover: Narzo 10 Case

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If you have other members in your family with Realme phones, this transparent phone cover is a hoot! The feel of this product is ultra-soft and its transparency will let you show off the actual design and color of your phone.

This material is plastic material along with Soft TPU, which makes the cover smooth yet strong. It also comes with shockproof technology, this will further help to prevent your phone from getting scratches, dents, dings, and bumps.

This phone case has precise cutouts for your camera buttons, ports, and speakers. It has a very easy and convenient snap-on and snaps off installation. Its air cushion technology will always keep your phone safe. It weighs only 20 grams; hence you don’t need to worry about your phone feeling bulky.

STUDOZ Frameless Back Cover

STUDOZ Frameless Back Cover: Narzo 10 Case

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This is not your basic transparent case, but a way trendier one. This phone cover is ultra-thin and weighs only 18 grams, so your phone can look slim and sleek. The material is made up of polycarbonate and its microdot pattern will give your phone a uniform look always as it prevents clinging.

This cover offers dual protection along with a lightweight frameless cover. Other than its innovative design and stunning looks, it is anti-scratch, anti-dust, anti-fingerprint, and smudge-proof.

It also offers camera protection bump. But one of its most unique features is its anti-yellowing layer which is a common complaint when it comes to such bumper cover.

Flip Case

If you are looking for an ultra-secure case for your phone, flip cases are the best option. This is because they not only provide protection to the body of the phone but also prevents screen cracking.

Lejaao Mobile Flip Cover

Lejaao Mobile Flip Cover: Narzo 10 Case

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This phone cover is one of our top recommendations when it comes to choosing the perfect phone case for your Narzo 10. The backside has got a glossy mirror plating which can come in handy during unexpected encounters with college buddies or colleagues.

Its 0.88cm lens and 0.33mm case provides higher protection against damages. It is a durable cover made up of silicon, rubber, polycarbonate, plastic, leather, and TPU with an active 7 times oil edge process.

Other than these unique features, this case is anti-fust, antishock, anti-fingerprint, and anti-scratch. It also has a kickstand on the back so you can watch movies or read books hands-free is a horizontal experience.

The camera, speaker, and jack cutouts are very precise curated specially for your convenience. Get this phone cover for a luxurious and premium quality experience.

Red Tree Magnetic Flip Cover

Red Tree Magnetic Flip Cover: Narzo 10 Case

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This musky brown flip cover has got a natural skin touch feel and is extremely comfortable to hold and carry around. It is made up of premium quality PU leather or faux leather. It is an ethically friendly case that has a luxurious touch to itself.

It consists of a magnetic clip for closing and opening it, which ensures the safety of what is kept inside. It is not just a flip cover but also acts as a wallet as it has got slots for cards and emergency money.

Even though it is a PU leather case, it weighs just 100 grams so it will not make your phone look and feel too bulky. This case can easily be converted into a back stand so you can enjoy your favorite Prime shows in a horizontal hands-free way.

Its material is shock absorbent and will protect your entire phone against all kinds of damages, expected or unexpected. It has got a plethora of options for its case color, check it out soon!

CEDO Back Cover

CEDO Back Cover: Narzo 10 Case

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Next up, we have another beautiful flip case made up of plastic, TPU, plastic, and faux leather. The material is of premium quality. This one again has 2 card slots and a side pocket so you do not need to carry your wallet with you everywhere.

You will have easy access to all the features including microphones, speakers, and jacks with its precise cutouts. It also offers protection to all the buttons without interfering with its working.

This case has a built-in shock absorbent technology that saves the phone from breaking or cracking in case of bumps and drops. You don’t need to worry about dents, specks of dust, and scratches, as this case will always keep your phone as good as new.

Printed case

Life is too short for boring phone covers. Sometimes it is okay to add a little hype to your phone case. If you are looking for cute or smart printed cases, check this out.

Amazon Brand – Back Case

Amazon Brand - Back Case: Narzo 10 Case

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This stunning color combination is perfect for those who want to step up their basic black phone cases. Weighing only 50 grams, this a sleek cover that will catch everyone’s eye. It is also compatible with various models of realme making it a real deal saver.

Besides its stylish design, this case has raised lips on the side of the frame and camera. This helps to protect your phone against damage if it falls on a flat surface.

Its dimensions are 19 x 10.5 x 2 cm and will fit your phone like a glove. The cut-outs for their microphone, speakers, jacks, ports, and lock screen buttons are tailored seamlessly. It has an HD quality print that will prevent it from wearing or tearing off. It is a value for money indeed.

Silicon Case

One of the most versatile materials for a phone case, silicon covers is totally a hoot! They are one of our go-to options for strength and durability. If you are looking for optimum protection for your phone, have a look at this one.

TheGiftKart Premium Ultra Slim Back Case

TheGiftKart Premium Ultra Slim Back Case: Narzo 10 Case

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Sleek, stylish, sturdy, and strong; this phone case will ensure that your phone always looks fresh and new. This 360-degree cover will provide protection to your phone from all 4 sides.

You need not worry about your phone getting bumps, dents, scratches, fingerprints, stains, and smudges. This case has an ultra-thin and sleek dual-layer construction which helps to keep your phone safer than before.

It has a premium matte finish that gives it a luxurious and posh look. It has a multi-layer OITX coating which gives it a very smooth and matte surface. It will fit perfectly and has an excellent grip.

No need to worry about wear and tear as it has a scratch-resistant layer. Its advanced dual-layer technology ensures that it remains lightweight (18 grams) and does not add extra bulk to your phone. All the holes are perfectly contoured for your convenience.

TrueObjects Back Cover Case

TrueObjects Back Cover Case: Narzo 10 Case

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We have yet another matte case recommendation for you. It is a complete package in itself. The design is smart and elegant. It has a non-slippery coating which gives it an excellent grip and prevents breakage.

The material is made up of polycarbonate and is designed to give tour phones the perfect fitting. It also has a screen protector friendly design with precise cutouts for necessary buttons and jacks.

It is formed in a way that its side lips and edges around the camera are raised so the phone or camera glass does not crack if it falls on a flat surface. This silky, smooth, sleek, and velvety texture additionally makes it something worth spending on.

Protective cases

The main purpose of a phone cover is to provide protection. What better than a protective case to prevent your phone from all sorts of damage.

Spazy Case®

Spazy Case®: Narzo 10 Case

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This phone case looks perfect for every individual and for all occasions, from business meetings to parties, because of its evergreen sexy design. The material is made up of silicon and ensures its durability and long life.

This phone case has the perfect fit and is very easy to take on and off. It has dust guards that make sure that your lens and frame always keep shining and flawless. It provides full protection to your phone with the help of its raised lips from all sides.

It is extremely lightweight and convenient as you will have access to your all jacks, buttons, and speakers. It has anti-shock cushion technology that will guard your phone against being damaged due to casual drops and bumps. The flaming red borders only give us more reasons to buy this case!

Glass Case

Glass cases are surely one of the most underrated and feared cases but once a person gets hooked to it, it’s hard to let go of its stunning looks and strong surface. You need to have a look at these cases to know what are talking about.


IT Back Case Cover

IT Back Case Cover: Narzo 10 Case

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People usually have second thoughts about buying glass covers because they doubt their resistance, strength, and durability. However, this one is no ordinary glass phone cover. ERIT ensured to provide its consumers with the best of both: looks and utility.

This case has a hybrid construction as it is composed of both, TPU bumper and toughened glass. This will make sure that no harm is ever able to reach your phone and will always keep it as new.

Contrary to what people would expect, this case weighs only 15 grams which makes it as lightweight as cotton candy and you can carry it anywhere without feeling heavy.

You will have complete access to all your jacks, buttons, and speakers due to its seamless cutouts tailored specifically for this model. We need not boast about its look as we can already see its stunning design.

Fun tip- You can always use it as a mirror for unexpected encounters or if the wind messes up with your hair. Its rating can vouch for its value for money!

IT Back Case Cover: Original Luxurious Back Case

IT Back Case Cover: Original Luxurious Back Case: Narzo 10 Case

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Lucky for you, if you are someone who is bored with black and wants to try something new, ERIT also has the same glass case available in white color.

White color makes it look all the more stunning with all the additional benefits that this phone case will provide to your phone.

Just to recall once again, this glass phone case has a hybrid construction (Toughened glass and TPU) that will protect your phone against bumps, scratches, dents, grazes, fingerprint smudge, and dust.

In spite of being a glass case, it is sturdy and light-weighted enough to not make your phone look bulky. All the cutouts for your jacks, ports, buttons, and speakers are tailored cautiously and precisely so you can easily have access to them.

Matte Case

Velvet, smooth, soft, smart, strong, and sleek; these are just a few words to describe a matte phone case. If you do not find all of the above, you definitely have the wrong case.

Looking for the perfect matte phone cover? Go through this option!

UbrosNetwork Ultra Slim Hard Back Case

UbrosNetwork Ultra Slim Hard Back Case: Narzo 10 Case

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This is one of the top-quality matte phone cases that you can find in the market. This case has a very soft grip with a velvet texture. The looks and finishing of this product and its design is impeccable.

It has a very slim design so your phone does not look too thick. The fit and grip of this product are perfect along with its accurate and seamless cutouts for the microphone, speakers, volume buttons, and audio jacks.

For flexibility and protection of the phone, this cover is made up of 100% polycarbonate. The material is not only durable but also environment friendly. Moreover, there is an anti-scratch coating applied om it which prevents the phone from regular wear and tear.

Other than its 360-degree protection shelf, you can also find a camera bump to keep it safe as well. If you are looking for an extra rich and velvet matte phone case with perfect grip and optimum security, this is surely the one.

Tempered Glass

It is so hard to step outside the house without a tempered glass on your phone. No one wants a cracked screen. If you are looking to provide your phone screen with the best protection, check these out.


Red Robin Tempered Glass

Red Robin Tempered Glass: Narzo 10 Case

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If you are looking for a durable tempered glass that won’t break in just a few weeks, then you should definitely give this one a try. This tempered glass is known for its hardiness and its incredible level of protection that it offers against bumps, scratches, and cracks.

The coverage of this tempered will be from edge to edge, providing all-rounded protection. Other than that, this glass is also touched sensitive, glare sensitive, bubble proof, anti-fingerprint, and scratch-resistant, or anti-scratch.

Even if due to unforeseeable circumstances, your phone does break, the glass will not shatter around and hurt anyone, it will remain intact in its frame. You do not need to worry about fighting bubbles with this case.

In case of doubt, you can watch a self-application tutorial on YouTube. We provide the entire kit in case someone wants to insert it by themselves. From wet and dry wipes to microfiber cleaning cloth, this case has it all.

Gorilla Armour Tempered Glass

Gorilla Armour Tempered Glass: Narzo 10 Case

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We all know that various phones have gorilla glasses preinstalled in their design so their screens can last a long time staying in perfect and non-cracked conditions. In case your phone misses this feature or you want to be cautious, this 9H HD case is the best fit.

This case fits edge to edge but instead of sharp edges, the edges are round and smoothed so it does not hurt your finger accidentally. The touch is delicate so you do not have to worry about the touch of your phone declining.

This tempered glass has an oleophobic coating which will avoid smudges from oil and fingerprints. This is a shatterproof glass that will resist any scratches and make your glass look transparent and HD clear all the time. It also has a slim design.

Bottom line

Now that we have provided you with a list of our best picks, you can decide for yourself that which cover suits your phone and taste the best. Do let us know in the comment section in case we missed anything or your experience with these cases.

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