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20 Best Back Cases for Redmi Poco X2 Available Online (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Perhaps it is too difficult to even imagine a day or two without checking our mobile phones at every other moment. Be it constant phone calls, or those group chats on WhatsApp; be it a quick scan for news or updating that status on social media – we are all too reliant on our smartphones for almost the entire part of the day.

That being said, there simply cannot be enough emphasis on the need to protect your prized possession from all those accidental drops, falls, scratches,  and whatnot. This is where back cases for smartphones come in handy.  

They not only protect your device from inadvertent external damage, but also enhance the appearance of your phone. And with an eclectic range of back covers available in the market today, there is absolutely no dearth but plenty of options to suit everyone’s style.

Here, we have curated a list of the best back cover cases for Redmi Poco X2, in all its variety.  

Transparent Case

KC Back Cover 

KC Back Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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Plain mobile covers make life monotonous and this exclusive back case cover for Redmi Poco X2 mobile device is here to add some fun. It comes with floating hearts pink glitter powder in the interior, drifting sand and bling slice flow in the case, which floats whenever you hold the phone at different angles.

This unique, stylish, and fashionable back cover is made of anti-skid silicone gel and TPU materials which gives it extraordinary special looks with electroplated edges, rich sparkling diamond glitter, and makes your smartphone look eye-catching.  

It keeps your smartphone slim and is not bulky to carry at all. This back cover from KC is great for protecting your mobile device from dirt, scratches, shocks, and accidental drops. The mobile back case would be ideal for a party, daily casual use, or as a gift for someone special.

Sunny Soft TPU Mobile Back Case

Sunny Soft TPU Mobile Back Case: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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This transparent back case from Sunny Fashion, which is compatible for use with Redmi Poco X2 is the perfect companion for your smartphone.

It comes with a transparent, floating liquid with dazzling pink quicksand glitter, that gives a fun outlook to your smartphone. This liquid sand cover which glows in the dark looks amazing even in bright lights and gives your mobile device an appealing look. 

It is designed for easy access to all controls and features with precise cutouts for speakers, camera, charging port, and headphone jack. Its simple, elegant design and soft-touch make it fashionable and convenient to carry.

If you are looking for overall fashion, protection, and unique design, then look no further than this simple yet effective back cover case. It is easy to install and remove and is best suitable for use with party outfits. 

KC Soft Silicone Back Cover 

KC Soft Silicone Back Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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This transparent back cover case comes with static, dry glitter and stars that do not float. Made of soft, transparent silicone, this back cover case for Redmi Poco X2 protects and beautifies your smartphone.

Powered with the durability of quicksand styling and a functional design, this mobile accessory stays put in its most beautiful state for a long time. 

It comes with a smooth touch and resists fingerprint marks, scratches, and fading. Thick and delicate, the back cover case is completed with a refined matte finish and pure color. It perfectly fits with precision giving easy access to the cutouts for all buttons and ports.

Also, it consists of an elevated back to protect your camera from scratches and damage. The design gives a starry illusion and its soft silicone material makes the cover shockproof and therefore, offers long-lasting protection to your smartphone. 

CELLUTION Bumper Case Cover 

CELLUTION Bumper Case Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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If you prefer less glittery and more simplicity, then this transparent back cover will be the best choice to buy for your Redmi Poco X2 smartphone device.

Designed for perfect compatibility, this back cover is plain, transparent, ultra thin and lightweight that comes with a hard back plate to offer dual protection to your phone at all times. 

It consists of a shockproof air cushion for protecting the sides. With its soft touch and rough and flexible design, this mobile accessory for Redmi Poco X2 is a must have for giving it a glamorous look.

It is sleek and slim for carrying and protects the front screen, which is elevated by 2 mm and has a raised lip for camera protection also.

Designed for perfect accessibility, the back case features precision contouring which provides seamless and easy access to all buttons, ports, camera, speakers and the microphone.

Printed Silicon Case 


SharpEseller Mobile Back Cover  

SharpEseller Mobile Back Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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Designed exclusively for compatibility with Redmi Poco X2, this printed silicone back case from SharpEseller is one of the best back covers to go with your smartphone device.

It comes with a beautiful floral design, printed on a white background that instantly enhances the appeal of your phone. This brilliant design is created using a high quality print technology and comes with a fingerprint proof coating and is also finished to a refined smoothness. 

It completely covers your mobile phone and fits comfortably to provide overall protection from scratches, drops etc..

Other useful features such as transparent white sides, stain resistant outer layer and easy access to all buttons and ports makes this back case cover one of its kind. It is shockproof, flexible and easy to install and remove for a trouble free usage. 

VediArt Back Cover  

VediArt Back Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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This back cover for Redmi Poco X2 is extremely cost effective and makes for an easy but sustainable purchase for your smartphone. Made from hard plastic, this solid back case has a sturdy and attractive print design.

It also secures your phone against any drops, bumps or shocks. It comes with a multicolor print of stars, hearts and circles on a solid blue background that is printed edge to edge.  

The back case is precision moulded with no sharp edges and easy access to all ports and buttons and the earphones jack.

Further, its surface is refined to a seamless and smooth texture with a scratch resistant coating that prevents easy wear and tear. It fits comfortably on the device with a quick, hassle free installation and removal with just a snap. 

OnHigh Case 

OnHigh Case: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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If you like to keep things plain and simple, then this printed silicone case from OnHigh is sure to come to your fancy. It will glam up your smartphone by keeping it simple with its blue gradient design print that covers the full surface.

The print is made using high absorption Ink technology for long color and print retention, meaning that it would not fade away or become yellow even after repeated use. 

This cover case for Redmi Poco X2 endures scratches and scuff marks more than any other regular case, giving your mobile phone an all round protection.

It comes with decisive precision cutouts for perfect contouring and easy access to charging port, side buttons, earphones jack and more. It is slim and does not add weight to your phone.

You can carry it around with complete ease and comfort.  This is yet another printed silicone case from OnHigh to go with Redmi poco X2. It comes with a brilliant

OnHigh Case – Kidnap the Space  

OnHigh Case - Kidnap the Space: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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 and exclusive design of space in a jar, printed over a solid black background. The printing on the back cover is done using high absorption Ink technology to ensure long lasting print and color and to prevent fading.  

Made with premium grade toughened polycarbonate plastic, this back cover case is a total value for money.

Other prominent features include a 3D edge to edge printing, scratch resistant surface coating, contoured for easy accessibility to ports and buttons, lightweight and extremely easy to install and remove without causing any inadvertent damage to the body of the smartphone. 

Silicon Case 


SharpEseller Gentleman Vector Mobile Back Cover 

SharpEseller Gentleman Vector Mobile Back Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2 

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You are sure to love this unique silicon case back cover from SharpEseller if you are a fan of quirky graphics and vector prints. This particular piece comes with a customized black vector image, printed over a contrast mustard yellow background shade.

All printing on this mobile accessory is done using high grade print technology to increase the life of the design. The back cover looks extremely stylish to pair with your phone.  

The silicon case for Redmi Poco X2 incorporates several useful features including flexibility, transparent white sides, stain resistant outer layer, fingerprint proof coating, and full buttons and ports access.

Further, it is dustproof, waterproof, lightweight and allows for easy and comfortable grip in the hand. Plus, it is not expensive at all, and so there is absolutely no harm in giving this a shot!

Racing Fever – Race Of Life Back Cover 

Racing Fever - Race Of Life Back Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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One of the best options of silicone back cases for Redmi Poco X2, this extremely sleek and stylish protective case from Racing Fever is for all the sophisticated people out there.

This solid matte black back cover will give your smartphone a classy and sleek look. Light but sturdy, this silicone case is backed by an ultra-thin dual layer construction which provides necessary protection to your smartphone while keeping it slim and light.

It protects the device from all the four sides from scratches, smudges, stains or bumps, while ensuring that it stays as good as new and for a long time.  

The back case is made from high quality silicone TPU material and is compatible with edge to edge tempered glass manufactured by most brands. Further, the cases are made with a slightly elevated lip for the screen to ensure that the 3D tempered glass fits perfectly.

All cutouts for charging ports, buttons, speaker, microphone, camera, LED flash and more, are perfectly designed to precision.

The back case offers a soft grip and comes with a multi-layer OITX coating which gives it a satin smooth finish and an ultra rich touch. The anti-scratch coating additionally makes this accessory, a perfect buy to go with your smartphone. 

Spigen Rugged Armor Back Cover Case 

Spigen Rugged Armor Back Cover Case: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2 

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If you like to keep things simple, then look no further than this amazing back case for Redmi Poco X2. This solid black rugged armor silicone case is specifically designed to ensure all round protection to your mobile device.

Made using flexible and durable TPU material, it is also powered by the Air Cushion technology for excellent shock absorption and deflection.  

Its textured black design gives the smartphone a stylish appearance while also keeping the look of the phone slim and sleek. Its ultra slim and lightweight profile is tested to provide MIL

Grade Protection which means you get long lasting protection for your smartphone included in the same price. Also, it resists scratches, fingerprint marks and any inadvertent external damage. 

Caseology Vault Poco X2 Back Cover Case 

Caseology Vault Poco X2 Back Cover Case: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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Another back cover that comes in a sleek and classy matte black finish, this silicone case from Caseology is one of the most sought after options to buy. This flexible single piece TPU cover offers the necessary durability required to protect against everyday wear and tear.

It offers thin but rugged protection to your smartphone with shock absorbing and deflection features that add only minimal bulk to your phone.  

This back cover for Redmi Poco X2 boats off a unique “sandstone” texture and feel of the vault to ensure a good, comfortable grip. In addition, the soft case is easy to attach and remove off, from your phone.

Its slightly textured cover with brushed metal design and carbon fiber detail is exclusively styled for timeless fancy design for a classy, sophisticated appeal. This back case is slightly more on the expensive side of the spectrum, but given its features and design, it is completely worth the money. 

Smock Case 


YES2GOOD Smoke Case Cover 

YES2GOOD Smoke Case Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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This translucent hard matte finish back case, designed exclusively for Redmi Poco X2 is going to style up your smartphone instantly. The combination of strong and tough PC with soft, flexible TPU materials makes this one of the best protective covers for your smartphone.

It can be easily removed without scratching the body of the phone. The back panel of the shell is made out of a combination of PC and cloth which provides a comfortable grip and soft touch, and which can bear the impact of strikes and shock. 

Its high precision cutouts allow for easy access to all side buttons and ports without having to remove the case. The smock case is designed strong for anti-fall ability and offers strong protection ability from scratches, scrapes, drops.

It is supple, shock absorbing and extremely easy to install or remove. Further, it comes with a flexible built which resists breaking or abrasion. 

Artistique Smoke Cover 

Artistique Smoke Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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If you are looking for a simple smoke case hard cover for your Redmi Poco X2 device, then this product is worth eyeing for. Made of high grade polycarbonate and TPU materials, this back case offers all round protection.

It comes with soft sides and corners to ensure enhanced security during drops and falls. The case is only 0.7 mm in thickness and therefore, does not make your smartphone look thick or bulky.  

Designed with heavy duty PC matte backboard, the case is fingerprint resistant and guards the phone against scratches and other damage. The case is also anti-slip, offers an excellent grip and consists of an additional shockproof layer.

Made of environmentally sustainable material, this back case is durable and provides long lasting protection. This product is available for purchase in four color variants including Smoke Black, Smoke White, Smoke Green and Smoke Blue. 

ANVIKA Smoke Back Cover Case

ANVIKA Smoke Back Cover Case: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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A one of its kind smoke case designed especially for Redmi Poco X2, this smoke black cover case by Anvika is sure to suit your taste. It comes with a promise to provide a shockproof and drop protective, high grade tested defense for your smartphone.

Made using high quality translucent and rubberized matte, this non-glossy hard back smoke case features soft edges and effectively reduces fingerprints and scratches, while providing smooth touch. 

This cover supports wireless charging so you will not have to take it off to do so. It is refined to precision offering easy accessibility to all the buttons and ports.

Further, it comes with raised edges and extra elevation near the camera lens for extra protection against damage. Its additional shockproof bumper corners makes this accessory a must buy to pair with your smartphone.

IronWolf Smoke CaseIronWolf Smoke Case: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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Simple and effective, this smoke case, back cover designed for Redmi Poco X2 is one of the most sought after options to purchase. It comes with a perfect, rubberized matte finish and a 360 degree design to give all round protection to your smartphone device.

Made using ultra durable high density polycarbonate material, this hard back smoke case is extremely tough and approved after an eight stage reliability test. Its simplistic solid back coloring with a matte finish is literally every minimalist’s dream.  

To help protect the screen when faced down on a flat surface, the case makes for a super protective accessory since it has raised edges to protect the screen from scratches.

Further, it completely covers the surface of your phone to provide superior impact resistance while maintaining an extremely slim profile. This amazing case is also sweat resistant and fingerprint free, thus maintaining your phone in a perfect condition all day long.

 Its feather light, sleek design provides ease and comfort while handling the smartphone, without any additional weight and bulk as with other traditional cases. With its unparalleled quality, you are sure not to be disappointed.

Leather Case 


Amazon Brand – Solimo Designer Mobile Cover 

Amazon Brand - Solimo Designer Mobile Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2 

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This is one of the best options when it comes to buying leather back cases for your smartphone. Designed for compatibility with Redmi Poco X2, this amazing back case from Solimo is snug fit for your mobile, with perfect cutouts for volume buttons, audio and charging ports.

Along with extreme precision, it also comes with a stylish design and appearance. It comes with an elegant black and red solid design at the back with transparent sides.  

Made using superior quality silicone, this leather back cover case is anti-scratch, anti-dust and resists fingerprint marks; also, it is extremely lightweight to handle and carry around.

Further, it features raised bezel to keep the screen and camera off flat surfaces when the phone is kept face down. Right from the materials used, to detailed quality checks, this cover from Solimo is just what you need. Carefully built to deliver exceptional quality, this mobile accessory is the perfect companion for your smartphone.

REALCASE Back CoverREALCASE Back Cover: Back Case for Redmi Poco X2

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If you are someone who likes things organized neatly in one place and in general, likes to keep things hassle free, then this leather flip wallet and back case is ideal for you. 

It is designed for ensuring overall protection for your Redmi Poco X2 device. Boasting an invisible balloon design with four bumper corners, and three pockets for storing your stuff such as cards, money etc.. on the flip side, this leather back case cover is simply utilitarian.   

It comes in the classic shade of back and is effectively skid resistant, fingerprint proof, prevents slippage and also resists scratches.

Cut to precision, it neatly defines the contours of your smartphone device and allows for easy accessibility to all ports, side buttons, camera lens, headphones jack and more. Plus, the premium quality leather used to make this back case gives your phone a really sophisticated appearance,  


So if you own a Redmi Poco X2, then look no further and buy these amazing back cases and covers to give overall protection to your smartphone and also, beautify it and we are sure that you are going to like each and every bit of it. 

PS: This is especially for all the droppers out there!  

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