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Top 10 Best Romantic Restaurants For Couples In Delhi (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Restaurants For Couples In Delhi

In a country like India, couples often struggle to find a decent place where they can have a quiet alone time, some good food and nice ambiance and yet affordable at the same time.

Well, it might be difficult to find a restaurant with all of these qualities but it is not impossible. We have come up with the 10 best restaurants for couples in Delhi.

There are a few couples who like exploring their taste buds by experiencing different cuisines and some have one favorite cuisine that they prefer. We have something for all the different explorers and couples who are specific in their choices.

Our list has it all, be it Indian cuisine, Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Korean cuisine, etc. After going through expert reviews from all kinds of sources, reading the reviews of the top food bloggers and reviewing the customer reviews we have reached our final 10 restaurants.

Since, Everybody has their own budgets, we have categorized the restaurants based on their prices so that it is easier for you to identify your best fit.

Here is the List of Top Romantic Restaurants In New Delhi (For Couples):

Cha Bar

Cha Bar: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

  • Open : 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM
  • Nearest Metro: Rajiv Chowk

This cafe is most suitable for college going kids. The place is extremely beautiful. It is crowded most of the time because the food here is very cheap and of good quality at the same time.

It also comes with good news for book lovers as it has a bookstore nearby. The reason why it is so popular is the different varieties of tea it has to offer including assamese flavoured tea, nilgiri flavoured tea, Darjeeling flavoured tea, herbal and organic tea.

Besides tea, the dessert at this place is a must try. Some of their specialties are Fish and chips, Cold coffee, Speared mint chutney and Cottage cheese sandwich.

The restaurant delivers at home as well as has beautiful indoor seating. It is known for its courteous and friendly Staff, Prompt Service, decor, beautiful ambience.

Address: N-81, Barakhamba Rd, Block N, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Phone: 099109 94865

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Indian Accent

Indian Accent: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

  • Open: 12:00AM – 2:30PM
  • Nearest Metro:  JLN Stadium

One of the restaurants which have been featured within the world’s best 50 restaurants is Indian Accent. The trendy avatar of Indian dishes generated by chef Manish Mehrotra is a revelation. He’s a genius person who always tries to give his regulars a change every week.

After getting so much success at The Manor in Friends Colony, the award-winning restaurant Indian Accent decided to shift to The Lodhi Road and it’s been killing it ever since.

Their location, On the Waterfront at The Lodhi Road, looks absolutely stunning. The restaurant has a gathering of 100-seater and has three private dining spaces.You can taste the best of Indian cuisine at Indian Accent that has been prepared with global ingredients and techniques while keeping the standard flavours intact.

Some of their specialties are Butter Chicken Kulcha, Cocktails, Dal Makhani and Pav Bhaji. You will get to experience an Elegant Décor, a Friendly staff, a Great Service and Classy place and ambience at this restaurant.

Address: The Lodhi, Lodhi Rd, CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi

Phone: 098711 17968

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Imperfecto: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

  • Open: 12:00PM – 12:00AM
  • Nearest Metro: Noida City Centre

Next, we have Noida’s Imperfecto restaurant in Delhi NCR’s which is one of the biggest bars and has both indoor and rooftop seating areas with the gathering of about 400 people at a time.

With an architectural structure of an upside-down house for a facade and an enormous bar, this is often where we can spend our weekends, sipping cocktails and binging on snacks moreover, the menu has your go-to booze and food options, so you can expect having a decent time with an enormous squad.

Do give their Rainbow Pizza, pork ribs and therefore the interestingly-named cocktail menu a try. The decor is all made of wooden and peculiar with upside-down chairs, plants, wall art, hanging nets and lights, and music blaring through the speakers.

The main highlight of the place is the terrace. Moreover, they host local artists, bands, DJ’s, and even international names to increase the musical element of the bar. Some of their specialties are Cocktails and Mocktails, Pasta, Dahi Ke Kabab and Exotic Veg Pizza.

Special features unique to this restaurant are that it has an elegant decor, a courteous staff, prompt service. The place is quiet classy with a breezy live music.

Address: 5th Floor, Wave City Center, Sector 32, Noida

Phone: 099991 23846

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Amour Bistro

Amour Bistro: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

  • Open: 8:00AM – 12:30AM
  • Nearest Metro: Lok Kalyan Marg

Comfortable seating, beautiful decor, and great food – what more could you expect from a restaurant? Amour Bistro, located in Chanakyapuri is precisely all that.

Although, allow us to tell you, if you’re someone who likes to settle on from a range of cuisines at the identical restaurant, Amour won’t be the place for you (who actually wants that, though?).

Offering European cuisine, this quaint bistro is far too pretty to miss out on if you’re crossing by. As soon as you enter, you will be welcomed by beautiful decor (think wooden chairs, colourful glassware, empty wine bottles that remain on the walls).

As you create yourself comfortable and appearance over the menu, trust us, it won’t disappoint. Amour Bistro includes a range of cocktails and mocktails to fit your palate.

For cocktails, we recommend that you simply try their Mexican Kiss (which is essentially vino, tequila, marinated chilli, sugar, and orange bitters), while in mocktails, you can go for Purple Shadow (which is created with fresh orange wedges, mint leaves, strawberry, cranberry, and soda).

Moving over to food, start your meal with their stuffed mushrooms appetizer (made with roasted mushrooms crammed with quinoa, spinach, and feta on Dijon cream) and take a look at Tofu Steak (vegetarian) and Pollo En Salsa De Almendras (recommended for non-vegetarians, made with grilled roast paprika chicken in almond sauce).

Some of their specialties are Tiramisu, Pasta, Dahi Ke Kabab and Wine and Exotic Veg. Pizza. You will get to experience an Elegant Décor, a Courteous staff, Prompt Service and a Cozy Place at this restaurant.

Address: Block C, No.10 Yes Bank, 48, Malcha Marg, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi

Phone: 098108 77553

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Lodi- The Garden Restaurant

Lodi- The Garden Restaurant: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

  • Open: 12:00AM – 12:30PM
  • Nearest Metro: JLN Stadium

A discreet escape in the centre of the city, Lodi – the Garden Restaurant is an idyllic space to unwind at. It’s nothing short of magic to be sitting under a Jamun tree on a moonlit weeknight, with pebbles under your feet and mellow tunes to round off the experience. 

The key feature of the restaurant includes remarkable dishes made by chef Pallavi Mithika that add feather to the restaurant. Some of their specialties are Wine and Cocktails, Mezze Platter, Garlic Bread and Pasta.

You will get to experience an Elegant Décor, a Courteous staff, Prompt Service and Romantic Place and Dinner.

Address: Opp. Mausam Bhawan, Near Gate 1, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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Kylin Restaurant

Kylin Restaurant: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

  • Open: 12:00PM – 12:30AM
  • Nearest Metro: Vasant Vihar

Kylin Sky Bar is known for its ambiance and its music and also known for their lip-smacking Chinese food, this is the place to go if you wish to slurp up some authentic Asian cuisine.

Candles, white lilies, plush sofas, and great wait staff make up for the high prices of this rooftop bar. The place provides authentic oriental food with sushi and teppanyaki being the highlights.

Beers are INR 250 a pop if you’re looking to just chill. The key feature of the restaurant is that they even do live music nights, and although a breezy winter evening can get quite chilly, singing along with a beer in hand can never go wrong.

Some of their specialties of this restaurant are Sushi, Dumplings Pasta, Khao Suey, Noodle and Fish. Special features of this restaurant include Elegant Décor, Courteous staff, Prompt Service, Romantic Place and Dinner and best of all a Rooftop Ambience

Address: Ambience Mall, 3rd Floor, T-302, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Phone: 098717 57744

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Rose Café

Rose Café: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

Open: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Nearest Metro: Saket

A Victorian-style cafe tucked away inside Saidulajab, this cute cafe will have you dreaming of pots full of tea and scones being served to you in the most elegant manner.

What Makes It Awesome

The pastel blues and pinks used in the cafe, along with the distressed wood furniture create a very nice ambience. As for the food, the melts available here are well-cooked and pretty damn delicious! This place has a lovely quiet and pretty ambiance.

This place offers both inside and outside seating and is ideal for small gatherings and quiet evening scenes. Some of their specialties are Pizza and Coffee, Waffles, Spaghetti and Mint Lemonade.

You will get to experience an Elegant Décor, a Courteous staff, Prompt Service, Romantic Place and Dinner and a beautiful Rooftop Ambience

Address: 2, Westend Marg, Sainik Farms, New Delhi

Phone: 098990 55665

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Soho Bistro

Soho Bistro: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

  • Open: 08:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Nearest Metro: Saket

If you’re keen to get away from the city chaos (while still in the city), Soho Bistro cafe is just the place to be. A couple kilometers from the famous Champa Gali, this cafe is all things pretty and colorful! With an indoor seating area where you can enjoy board game sessions and a gorgeous outdoor with plenty of exposure to sunlight, this place is the perfect breakfast spot in Delhi winters. 

They have an extravagant (and rather affordable) breakfast menu. With over 10 awesome egg preparations and a bunch of hearty English breakfast options to choose from, you’re sure to leave the place with a happy stomach.

Those with a sweet tooth have to try their Nutella & Berry pancakes, best ordered with a side of fresh French toast or crepes, and some thick and tasty hot chocolate or coffee.

If you have a small appetite (or are trying to lose the holiday weight), their salad options are equally delicious! They’ve got caesar, burrata tomato, chicken & lettuce, and a whole lot more.

Some of their specialties are Pizza, Chocolate Mousse, Mint Lemonade, Pancakes. You will experience an Elegant Décor, a Courteous staff, Prompt Service, Romantic Place and Dinner and last but not the least Board Games.

Address: 1, Westend Marg, Butterfly Park, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Sainik Farm, New Delhi

Phone: 098994 17884

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Boa Village

Boa Village: Best Restaurant For Couples In Delhi

  • Open: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Nearest Metro: Civil Lines

BOA Village ticks all the boxes – nice atmosphere, epic Asian food, and heat workers to create your eating expertise here even higher. It unfolds across 3 floors, all fantastically wrapped; however, it’s their upside that has our heart.

They’ve got different kinds of seating here too, as well as booths for large teams, individual tables for special date nights, and even a shocking, glass-covered section good.

Coming to their new menu, it’s a combination of Asian dishes like nigri, dim sum, baos, and they’ve even got a tiny low section of the dish and alimentary paste choices for those who’re not massive on Asian food.

Furthermore, it is undoubtedly found a brand new spot to hit up north of the city for once we desire Gin cocktails. Some of their specialties are Pizza, Pasta, Sushi and Momos.

You will get to experience an Elegant Décor, a Courteous staff, Prompt Service, Romantic Place and Dinner and Rooftop Ambience.

Address: 1st Exchange Store Building 13 Civil Lines, New Delhi

Phone: 011 2392 1214

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SKY Lounge


  • Open: 12:00AM – 11:30PM
  • Nearest Metro: Patel Chowk

Correct us if we’re wrong, but every time we travel to a new city, we usually dream of a bar/restaurant/any place that will feed you, with a view. There’s something known as an aerial view that makes our meal/drink much better.

Have you ever noticed why Delhi doesn’t really have any penthouses or sky-high terraces? But for now, it’s changed with the launch of the lounge named Sky Lounge Bar and Grill.

The bar is located in a quiet place, The Royal Plaza Hotel but with Sky Bar, it can add stars to their feathers which could be their saving grace. It is spread over 18,000 sq ft and situated on the ninetieth floor, and it gives the pleasant view of Rajpath, Presidential Palace, India Gate, and Connaught Place, all because of its perfect location bang in the center of the Capital.

The bar itself is further divided into separate spaces, which is connected by a walkway; named the Moon Bar, and the other, The Presidential Lounge.

The interior consists of a lot of LEDs, by which we mean LED furniture, backlights, and in-lit bars. The key main feature of the lounge is that there’s a separate bar for each section, each serving a menu equipped with all local favorites, every foreign liquor brand, and also classic cocktails.

Some of their specialties are Sangria, Chilli Chicken, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Kebab Platter, Pasta and Nachos. You will get to experience an Elegant Décor, a Courteous staff, Prompt Service, a Cozy Place and a Comfortable Seating at this restaurant.


Some people like to spend time amidst the hussle bussle of the city while some need a quiet time with a beautiful ambiance and pretty view. Either way, one thing remains constant i.e., having a good time.

What can be better than having good food at a restaurant with beautiful ambiance and decor. You can choose your best fit from the list mentioned above and have a good time.

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