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Top 10 Best Room Heater to Buy In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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In India, room heaters may not be a common household appliance given the temperate climatic condition of the country. However, there are certain parts of India with harsh winters where the temperature falls below 10 or 5 degrees.

Quilts and blankets may not be sufficient to withstand such extreme temperatures. Room heaters come in handy in such situations to keep you warm and cosy.

It can also be used by people in regions of the mild climate to stay comfortable and maintain a desired temperature inside their house or office.

Room heaters in India range from Rs.1000 for basic designs to Rs.10000 for advanced models with versatile features. These are budget-friendly appliances that convert power to heat.

They help in regulating the temperature of the room, making the environment comfortable to stay in. A detailed discussion on the best room heaters in India is presented below.

Here is the List Of Top 10 Best Room Heaters For Winter:

Orpat OEH 1220

Orpat OEH 1220: Best Room Heater In India 

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This is a heater that is cost-effective as well as power-effective. It heats up the room within seconds making it perfect for a normal-sized room.

The heating settings can be adjusted to two modes: 1000W and 2000W using a supply of 220-240V. This heater can also be used as a fan during other seasons. The makers provide a 1-year warranty for this product. 

It is compact and occupies less space which makes it easier for the customer to accommodate it. It is a compact device with unique designs which is also a reason to attract a large number of customers.


  • Over double heat auto cutoff protection
  • Thermal cut-off for added safety
  • Two heat settings (1000W and 2000W)
  • Safety mesh grill
  • Cool touch body
  • Pure copper wire motor for long life

Bajaj Flashy/ Radiant Heater

Bajaj Flashy/ Radiant Heater: Best Room Heater In India 

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This compact heater comes with a low power consumption of 1000W. It weighs around 11kgs and can be moved around based on the needs of the user. The flexible stand is an added asset to this product which can be adjusted according to the user’s wish.

This can also be used to direct the heat in a particular direction if needed. Apart from this feature, there is a nickel-chrome plated mesh grid which withstands corrosion and prevents overheating.

This product comes with a 2-year warranty period. It produces minimal noise and comes at a budget price of Rs.995. This is one of the best-buys in this range as it comes from a trustable brand.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Neat and clean operation
  • Stainless steel reflector
  • Nickel-chrome plated mesh grid
  • Overheat protection
  • Noise-free

Havells GHRFHAGW200 Room Heater

Havells GHRFHAGW200 Room Heater: Best Room Heater In India 

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Powerful motors present in this heater play the role of rising the temperature of the room in seconds. This heater specifically focuses on consumer safety as it turns off automatically when the device is overheated.

It comes with dual heat settings- 1400W and 2000W. The cool touch body should be noted as an added feature for protection. The heating irons are rustproof.

This heater can be mounted to the wall considering the lightweight feature. A warranty is provided with this appliance for a period of one year. It is a lightweight and compact device with an attractive design.


  • Lightweight
  • Three heat settings
  • Auto-revolving feature
  • Fan type of room heater
  • Outer cover does not heat up
  • Overheat protection

Usha QH 3002 Quartz Heater

Usha QH 3002 Quartz Heater: Best Room Heater In India 

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The Quartz tube and twin-turbo design aids in quick heat up under a short time-saving power. It consists of high-grade reflectors to effectively heat a large area. Safety is ensured through a thermal cut out.

This device comes with a warranty of one year. There are two heater settings available- 400 and 800W. The side air inlet grills prevent overheating. It is designed in such a way that it is compact. It is manufactured to be a light-weighted device which makes it portable to any location easily.


  • Two quartz tube heating elements
  • Low power consumption
  • Front grill for safety
  • Safety tip-over protection
  • 2 heat settings (400W and 800W)

Solimo Room Heater

Solimo Room Heater: Best Room Heater In India 

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The adjustable vent angle which distributes heat throughout the room is the main highlight of this room heater. Overheating is controlled by the cooling fans.

The thermostat control knob lets you regulate temperature easily. The body of the heater is protected with a cool-touch body feature. This heater is versatile and can be used as a fan as well as a heater.

It is also wall-mountable, making it safe for pets and children. It can be placed vertically as well as horizontally. The air throw range is around 10 feet which is ideal for a small to medium-sized room. A warranty of one year is also offered with this purchase.


  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Plastic body with rust-free metal grill front
  • Cool, Warm or Hot wind selection knob for heat setting
  • Powerful 2400 RPM motor for quick heating
  • Copper winded motor

Eveready QH800 Room Heater

Eveready QH800 Room Heater: Best Room Heater In India 

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This is a compact heater that attracts buyers for its mesmerizing design and appearance. This heater comes with dual heat settings- 400 and 800W. A metal frame is present over the heating elements to assure proper airflow.

The automatic tip prevents overheating when the temperature reaches the tipping point. It is compact and easy to carry around. The eye-catching design is an attractive feature. There is also a small LED light to indicate whether the heater is on or off and to prevent people from touching it.


  • Dual heat setting
  • Safety tip-over switch
  • Twin quartz tubes for direct heating
  • Easy to carry design provides ease of use

Morphy Richards OFR 09 Room Heater

Morphy Richards OFR 09 Room Heater: Best Room Heater In India 

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This is a shockproof heater with three heat settings. The adjustable thermostat helps to set the desired temperature. It comes with a two-year warranty.

The oil-filled radiator with 9 fins warms the room within seconds. It has a 180-degree rotation option which enables the heat to spread throughout the room. This heater is compact and it is easy to carry.


  • Tip-over switch
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Castor wheels for mobility

V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000

V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000: Best Room Heater In India 

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This heater is designed in such a way that it turns off automatically with a safety fuse when it reaches optimum temperature. The duality function helps the customer to make use of the heater even during summer by turning it into a fan.

The noiseless function of this heater is to be noted. The fire-resistant body takes care of ensuring safety of the user by protecting them from the heat from the coils.

It is a compact, portable heater which comes with a two-year warranty. The safety measures protect the device from overheating and prevents damage.


  • Less noise
  • Dual heat setting
  • Faster heating
  • Automatic tip-over protection
  • Compact and elegant design

Maharaja Whiteline Lava

Maharaja Whiteline Lava: Best Room Heater In India 

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This heater has an elegant look to it. It has three heat settings: 400W, 800W and 1200W. 180-degree rotation option permits heat to cover a maximum area. This heater comes with a shockproof body to ensure the user’s safety.

It reduces the extra work such as installation as it works with a normal plug-in option. A one-year warranty is given to this product. Fall protection is provided where the heater is turned off when it falls accidentally.


  • Three heat settings
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Shock-proof body
  • Spot heating
  • Tip-over switch

Bajaj Majesty RX 11

Bajaj Majesty RX 11: Best Room Heater In India 

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This heater can also be repurposed as a fan in summer which explains its dual-purpose feature. It operates with a fan to facilitate circulation of hot air throughout the room.

An adjustable thermostat, auto thermostat and thermal fuse are installed for safety purposes. It comes with two heat settings and a two-year warranty. This heater is also well-known for its compact design. The temperature can be adjusted according to the customer’s choice.


  • Adjustable thermostat with two heat settings
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Auto thermal shutoff
  • Dual purpose
  • Can be placed vertically or horizontally

Features to consider:

There are numerous factors to be considered while purchasing a room heater based on requirement to make the best out of your investment.

  • Convention heaters:

These are low-maintenance heaters which use heat transfer oil to radiate heat from a surface. Though it takes time to evenly heat up the room, they are preferred for bedrooms as they don’t require regular cleaning. These are the basic model heaters and are hence available at a cheaper cost. Performance is compromised at a low cost. Convention heaters consume more power and have a problem of noise generation during operation.

  • Infrared and radiant heaters:

Infrared heaters use infrared technology to generate heat. These provide instant heat supply with less power consumption. They work silently and are perfect for small rooms. They also go by the name quartz or radiant heater. They come with a reflector that directs heat towards a particular direction.

  • Oil-filled heaters:

These heaters are widely used due to their efficient heating performance. These are filled with oil and are effective in heating up large spaces. They have a very low noise level. Due to these advantages, these heaters are the most used. They are quite expensive and take a long time to heat up. They radiate heat for a while even after turning off as they use oil as a reservoir.

  • Mica thermic panel heaters:

These are modern hybrid heaters that release a maximum percentage of convection heat and a minimum percentage of radiant heat. They are made of advanced technology and make no noise. These are lightweight and can be mounted on the wall as well. The only safety measure required is to make sure not to touch the heater when it is hot.

  • Ceramic fan-forced heaters:

These are all-purpose heaters which can be used in offices, dining rooms, living rooms, etc. They have various attractive features like oscillation, remote control, digital thermostat and multiple fan settings. These are versatile and safer to touch compared to the others.

  • Room size:

Room heaters have to be chosen keeping in mind the area it needs to cover. Infrared heaters are ideal for small size rooms while oil-filled heaters are a better option for bigger rooms.

There is a relation between the wattage of the heater and the coverage area. Generally, the size of the room in square feet multiplied by 10 should be equal to the wattage of the heater. For example, a room heater of 2500 Watts can efficiently heat up a room size of 250 sq. ft.

  • Placement:

Picking the right location to place the heater can affect the deliverability of the appliance. Ideally, the heater should be placed two feet away from curtains, rugs, furniture, bedding, etc. Rest the heater on a hard and dry surface to prevent the risk of electric shocks.

  • Energy efficiency:

With today’s need to be sustainable, conservation of energy is important. To save yourself from heavy electricity bills, look out for energy-saving room heaters with a 4- or 5-star rating. Some heaters in the market also do come with a separate energy-saving mode. In general, heaters with adjustable thermostats, programmable timers and low wattage help in minimizing power consumption.

  • Noise level:

Though intended to comfort you, appliances, if not chosen carefully, can cause a commotion. A major factor to be considered while purchasing a room heater is the amount of noise it produces.

Fan-based and ceramic heaters are usually the noisiest and it might be difficult to tolerate the buzzing noise, especially if one is sleeping. Oil-filled heaters make the least noise. A heater with minimal noise generation should be chosen.

  • Safety features:

Check the overload safety precautions to avoid overload problems in the household. Also, make sure the heaters are children and pet safe to prevent accidents. Some heaters heat up severely and can burn the skin if touched.

These have to be kept away from the reach of children or pets. Some advanced heaters also come with an automatic switch-off feature to prevent the breakdown of the equipment. The body of the heater should be shock-proof and heatproof.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Do room heaters consume a large amount of power?

You have to be very careful while choosing a heater to make sure it does not skyrocket your electricity bill. The energy star ratings have to be taken note of as well as the wattage.

Buy what is necessary for your needs and do not go overboard. If you pick the right one, there is no need to worry about power consumption.

  • Are room heaters safe to use?

Absolutely. Certain precautions need to be taken as with any heating equipment. Make sure to place it out of reach of children and pets. There are wall-mountable heaters available in case you want to be on the safer side.

Be sure to allot a considerable amount of time for the appliance to cool down before touching the outer body.

  • Is carbon monoxide produced by room heaters?

This is a myth which stops many people from using a room heater even when they are in need of it. It is not true that room heaters possess a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Carbon monoxide is a residual gas produced when fuels containing carbon are burnt. Room heaters do not burn any fuel.

  • Can room heaters be used for a longer duration?

This depends on the type of heater and the make. The duration for safe usage of the device is usually mentioned in the user manual which can be referred.

  • Is it safe to use room heaters at night?

It is better to turn off the heater before sleeping. Leaving it unattended for a long period increases the risk of accidents. It is possible for someone to touch it unintentionally.

It is also possible for curtains or rugs to fall on or into the heater causing a fire. Hence, it is advised to use the heater for a few hours to warm up the room before sleeping.


Purchasing a room heater should be considered as a one-time investment. It would go a long way if chosen wisely. Specifications, features and prices have to be taken into account before deciding.

Many other factors should also be considered as mentioned above. These would help make your purchase valuable and money well-spent.

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