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10 Best Samsung A11 Back Covers Available in India {2023}

by Aziz Arora
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Best Samsung A11 Phone Cases

Samsung has so many cheap phones that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. One of the most recent launches of the business is the Galaxy A11, a low-end computer with an MSRP of $179.99. However, the $200 price bracket is a highly competitive one, and the Galaxy A11 is battling the new Moto E, Nokia 2.3, and even other Samsung-made phones for your hard-earned dollars.

Samsung’s new-found Galaxy A11 is an exciting foray into the budget market with a flagship concept at just a fraction of the size. As for all smartphones, you don’t want anything to happen to your new handset, so get a new case to go with your A11 and keep it safe.

Samsung’s Galaxy A11 is another smartphone budget revealed by Samsung for the Galaxy AX1 series. It’s much cheaper than the A21, but it also comes with some good features. It has the same 4,000mAh battery with 15W charging support, but the rear-end camera scales down the resolution. Overall, it’s a very enticing bundle for those who have a small budget but still want all the South Korean goodness that comes with a Samsung handset

Have a look below at the best cases you can get!

Transparent Case

Sunny Fashion

Sunny Fashion - Transparent Case.jpg

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This cover glows in the dark and nights after the sun is consumed. Great match, easy to mount and can be removed at any time-Cut Out For Easy Access To Headphones, Volume Keys, Battery Port, Monitor, and Home Button. It’s the perfect cover for girls , women, boys and gents.

Of course, over the years, several third-party suppliers have developed straightforward events, albeit with mixed outcomes. One of the most difficult things about making a transparent case is to ensure that it does not turn yellow over time. Any of the manufacturer’s goods do better than others in this respect, but it would be important to see if the Sunny Fashion Transparent Case retains its clarity over time.

Sunny Fashion’s clear case retains the high strength of carbon fibre when highlighting your handset due to a new style. It provides excellent protection, particularly with extended bumpers along corners, with reinforced corners and raised edges protecting the screen from falling damage.


  • Compatible For Samsung Galaxy A11 / M11
  • Liquid Sand cover, Glow in Dark and Glow at nights. Looks Amazing bright lights.
  • ACCESS CONTROLS: Access to all control and features with Precise cutouts for speakers, camera, charging and Head phone Ports
  • ACCESS CONTROLS: Access to all control and features with Precise cutouts for speakers, camera, charging and Head phone Ports
  • ADDITIONAL BEAUTY: Extremely High Quality TPU with Floating Bling Hearts and can be Perfect Party Wear.

Gift Kart

Gift Kart - transparent case.jpg

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The GiftKartTM cases & covers collapse into some of the most common phone cases & covers on the market. This covers are made with the use of Top-Grade material & technology resulting in impeccable finishing & quality items.

A phone case is an important part of your range of accessories for your mobile phone. Not only does the phone case boost the aesthetics of your phone, but it also adds to the reliability of your gadget. A durable phone cover defends the phone from accidental spills, splashes and shocks.

Polycarbonate is a common material used to produce durable handset cases and covers. The same thing has been used for the phone case. Good content makes the phone case more durable, as they claim.


  • Premium Design Design:- Beautiful style, sleek look and strong security all mixed in one rare cover.
  • Minimalist Style:- Retain your smartphone’s original look with Crystal Clear TPU Back Cover for effective protection from drops and impacts.
  • No Slip Side Hold:- Ergonomically built with non-slip sides offering great grip and corner safety.
  • Scratch Resistance:- Anti Scratch coating is used to avoid long-term wear and tear.
  • Energetic defence:- Maximized safety with double-injection ultra-protective transparent cover & integrated shock absorption.



RealCase - Tranparent case.jpg

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Crafted for Samsung Galaxy M11 / A11: Ultra Thin Frameless Matte Hard Plastic Phone Cover Shock Absorption TPU Bumper Cover with Non-Slip Rope Pull Loop. It offers your phone great protection and lets your phone stand out in the crowd by maximising its presence. It has high quality Environmentally Friendly fabrics, exclusive patterns on the back and suits perfectly to your screen.

This clear case has precise cutouts and guarantees maximum user experience with fast and simple download. It is also made of high quality shockproof and anti-scratch TPU that protects your handset from grit, scratching, degradation and drops.

The RealCase Clear Case is not a flexible and foldable case like other clear cases are; instead, RealCase created a comparatively hard case that functions more like a shell on the Samsung Galaxy A11 aluminium side walls and the glass rear exterior. Inserting the phone into the case is as simple as slipping the top part of the phone into the case and snapping the bottom part into.


  • APPLICABLE Innovative Frame-less Case for Samsung Galaxy M11 / A11 APPLICABLE: Designed for Samsung Galaxy M11 / A11 Compliant with wireless case charging. Restore the true original feel.
  • Slim & lightweight Lightweight and super slim style. Just 1.15 mm and 18 g, don’t apply any weight to your screen.
  • Screen & Camera Safety with 0.35 mm raised lip camera safety, screen protection, buttons wrapped anti-dust protection.
  • Fake Translucent Back Design Fake Translucent Matte Texture Style, anti-fingerprints & scratching, anti-yellowing
  • SmartPrecise shortcuts: Fast and simple access to microphones, charging ports, audio ports and buttons.

Flip Case

Gift Kart

Gift Kart - Flip Case.jpg

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The cover material looks old and is not as nice as the picture. Its dull toned, quite bulky, the magnetic button on the cover is crude and not very nice to look at. The only thing decent was atleast it fitted my samsung M11. The material used outside of case cover is also good in look and feel, but the material used inside it to hold mobile is not that much of quality. So bit disappoining

This phone case is made up of Luxury PU leather and 100% handmade. Equipped with Radio Frequency Identification technology, it helps identify, read, and copy electronic data. Moreover, the RFID shielding technology helps to protect your card information from stealing.

Additionally, it has multifunctional card slots and noteholders for your business and bank cards. These are designed to hold your debit card, credit card, ID card, receipts, and even some of your money. All its ports and controls are all easy to access. It also has a kickstand for movie-watching and video-chatting convenience.

This is a slim folio wallet type case. It helps minimize bulk and protect your phone. Furthermore, the inner skin cover is made up of soft TPU. This holds the device and protects it from scratch. Also, it keeps the features fully accessible by its exact cutouts.


  • Classic Business Styling:- This Cover is Designed in a Timeless Classic Business Style matching the Personality of both Men and Women Perfectly.
  • Top Quality Material:- This Case is Made with Premium High Quality PU Leather Material to ensure Excellent Finish and Long Life.
  • Camera & Screen Protection:- Smartly Designed Case has Camera Bump and Front Flap to keep the Camera & Screen from Scratching or Touching the Surface.
  • Hands-Free Optimized:- It can be folded like a stand which allows you to have your hands free while watching videos, reading news etc.
  • Built-In Pockets:- Built-in card slots and money pouch keep all of your daily essentials perfectly organized.
  • Magnetic Closure:- The case can be easily and securely closed and snapped in place, thanks to the strong magnetic clasp to keep your important items safe and secure in one place.
  • Complete 360 Protection:- For complete peace of mind, this flip cover provides Excellent Shock-Absorption & Complete 360 Degree Protection from all 6 Sides.
  • Great Grip:- Provides an excellent grip due to which your phone would feel fully secure in your hand.


ShineStar - Flip Case.jpg

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SHINESTAR handmade PU leather wallet case is made with synthetic leather and a unique design to make your phone look and feel more professional. It’s handy magnetic clip and smooth exterior finish allows you to keep your phone protected from all dust, dirt and scratches whilst maintaining that professional image.

This case is made of blocking material of RFID shielding technology, designed to protect your credit card,prevent others from trying to steal your credit card information.

This wallet case is made up of premium PU leather making it comfortable to touch. Its double magnetic clasp helps to hold the cards in and not open up. Moreover, the kickstand is adjustable into a multi-angle view for easy reading, video watching, and video-chatting.


  • 100% handmade to add unique feature to your phone
  • Kickstand design frees your hands to watching and viewing
  • Genuine leather phone cover for durable use and vintage look
  • Wallet + Case design to give convenience and modern fashion
  • Flip design + All-around Protection against scratches, bumps and dirt
  • Convenient slot cards slots and moey pocket.
  • Put your bank card, ID card,drivers license and your money into this case when you go out
  • A slim fit soft TPU back case with magnetic closure,prevent cards and money from falling out of the phone case,soft case make a perfect all-round protection,protect your phones from scratches,drops,and shock
  • Kickstand design is for convenient free-hands use when watching movies or working,supports multiple angles.Movie viewing can be conveniently carried out with the stand function

Silicon Case


Lustree - Silicon Case.jpg

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The silicone case is what you would expect from an Lustree product: aesthetically beautiful. Despite it being made out of silicone, the case has a premium feel to it. Most silicone cases are anything but premium. Third-party silicone cases that I’ve bought over the past couple years do a decent job of basic protection, but feel cheap in your hand.

The cutouts fit the volume rockers and sleep/awake button perfectly. The silicone case provides a small lip that prevents the screen from making physical contact when your phone is face down. The case ends before reaching the bottom of the phone, leaving the dual speakers and Lightning port naked. I really like this design choice because the lip doesn’t get in the way when you press your thumb to unlock your phone.


  • Samsung Galaxy M11:- Simple but not normal. We’ve adopted TPU(Bayer) material and a perfect new design for that minimizes bulk and maximizes portability. Keeps your phone and case looking brand new.*?Simple but not normal. We’ve adopted TPU(Bayer) material and a perfect new design for that minimizes bulk and maximizes portability. Keeps your phone and case looking brand new.
  • ALL-ROUND PROTECTION:- Includes 4-side protection, strengthened corners and a raised edge to protect the screen. No need to worry about accidental shocks or drops
  • PERFECT FIT:- Precisely designed for the Samsung Galaxy M11, the case has open cutouts for speakers, charging ports and audio ports. Covers the buttons neatly and offers quick accessibility. Feel the ease of using your phone freely.


SmartLink - SiliconCase.jpg

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The most ingenious design] The raised baffles aroun Samsung Galaxy M11 the screen better protect the screen and camera. The four corners are equipped with a shock-proof air cushion to provide greater protection against sudden drops. EXCELLENT GRIP? Premium, smooth, matte-finish coating provides excellent grip and provides maximum scratch resistance. Your device will never stick to your pocket or slip off your hand. A great, easy-to-hold experience.

The only qualm I have with this silicone case is that it is a bit slippery. Not slippery enough to drop, but not as grippy as I would like it to be. This is due to the soft silicone material. The inner portion of the case has a soft microfiber lining to protect your iPhone from being scratched up.

I wouldn’t choose this silicone case if you are looking for the slimmest case available. In my opinion, the case adds a bit of bulk. However, I don’t mind sacrificing slim for protection. I’ve already dropped my phone several times from distances ranging from my ear to hip level height. There is not a single shred of evidence that my phone suffered any damage from its various falls.


  • Clear Protective layer is built-in to prevent your phone from getting scratches
  • Easy to install and removed
  • Protect your Case against accidental damages.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Durable And Protective

Protective Case


Spigen - Protective Case.jpg

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The next case in the series is the SPIGEN case for the Samsung Galaxy A11. This translucent case is made of high quality TPU material that gives your phone great protection and soft contact, while the built-in air pockets and anti-shock mechanism in 4 corners provides full shock absorption, with the raised corners being protected against hard impacts Smoke case.

Built to suit your phone exactly, it throws zero hurdles in your way of using your phone while keeping it safe. In the Style Department, it features a carbon fibre concept that is very popular with customers these days. Security, style and accuracy, a lot of boxes are checked in this situation.

This case features perfect and precise cutouts in the TPU frame which provide you with full access to the port, speakers and preventing the accumulation of dust on your phone. The raised lip also keeps your screen safe and secure when placed face-down.

This case is made of environment-friendly plastic and anti-stretch TPU rubber with precision molding and cutouts which provide easy access to all the available features and ports. The textured finish also makes your phone look more fashionable and aesthetic.


  • Designed to optimize wireless charging capability
  • Flexible TPU case with interior spider-web pattern & Raised lip to protects screen
  • Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption
  • Tactile buttons for solid feedback and an easy press
  • Spigen Genuine Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy M11 / A11.


Jkobi - ProtectiveCase.jpg

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Presenting the all new Jkobi Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy A11. We know Mobile is a very personal gadget and hence we take great care to offer you the best in class cases. The case is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy A11.Fits perfectly from edge to edge of your smartphone without any hitches, protects it from dust, dirt and scratches and at the same time gives it the look you always wanted for your Smartphone.

This case has accurate cutouts and ensures the optimal user experience with easy and quick installation. The soft TPU hugs your phone comfortably, meaning it fits onto your hand like the phone normally would without any cover.

If you’re looking for a premium, great-looking case, I would look no further than Jkobi’s silicone case. The silicone case looks and feels luxurious, which is what Jkobi is known for. You also get a durable case that will protect your phone from accidental drops.

Jkobi’s silicone case will look brand new even after months of heavy use, which means you’ll be spending less money on replacing worn out cases. The caveat of this case is that it is pricey at $39. However, I firmly believe the high cost is worth every penny because I know I won’t have to replace my case until I upgrade to a new phone.


  • Compatible for samsung galaxy a11
  • Super slim and light weight, adds only style not weight
  • Superior grip
  • Raised lips to protect your screen from scratches & damage
  • Easy access to all buttons, ports, camera, speakers and microphone on the smartphone.

Glass Case


Trifty - Glass Case.jpg

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Beautiful design, elegant appearance & powerful protection all combined in one rare case. This Luxurious Glass Back Case is a perfect example of Stunning Looks & Necessary Protection, both in one. The phone looks simply amazing with this stylish glass back case installed while having the necessary protection, at the same time.

This Slim Fit Glass Case is designed with Hybrid Technology to provide Total Protection while keeping the looks classy and elegant. This Slim & Sturdy TempeBlack Glass + TPU Bumper Case has a Hybrid construction which provides the phone 360 Degree Protection ensuring that your phone stays as good as new, for a long time.

This Toughened Glass Back Case is a perfect example of Stunning Looks & Necessary Protection, both in one. The phone looks simply amazing with this stylish cover installed while having the necessary protection, at the same time.


  • ALL-ROUND PROTECTION: Hybrid Construction of the Case i.e. Toughened Glass + TPU Bumper provides All-Round Protection ensuring that the phone stays as good as new.
  • SLIM PROFILE: This Slim Fit Luxurious Back Case is designed with Advanced Hybrid Technology to provide Necessary Protection while keeping the looks Classy & Elegant.
  • COMPLETE ACCESS: The Case features Precision Cutouts which provide seamless and easy access to all Buttons, Ports, Camera, Speakers and Microphone on the smartphone.

Tempered Glass


CellBuzz - Temperd Glass.jpg

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This case incorporates all PULEN goods for your handset as well as a screen protector. The translucent back shows off your handset while the bumpers protect it free from shocks and drops. The bumpers also have a special design engraved on them to accomplish this goal.

It’s made of a high-quality TPU content that gives your phone great security and gentle contact. This simple case is easy to slide on your device, but it stays safe. The scratch-resistant back cover reveals the glass of your phone back in all its glory, while the shape-fitting construction means that no extra bulk is applied.


  • Real Experience: This tempered glass is designed to provide the smooth experience with 99.9% transparency to allow you to feel a natural and seamless viewing experience.
  • Premium Quality Product – This Tempered Glass Is Ultra-Thin (0.33mm), Have Precise Cuts Done Through Laser, Exclusively Polished, Coated With Oleo Phobic Coating Which Protects Against Sweat Oil And Water As Well. This Tempered Glass Has 2.5D Rounded Edges To Enhance The Look As Well As To Make The Product Case Friendly. This Tempered Glass Promises Compatibility With Touchscreen Sensitivity And HD Clarity Which Retains The Experience Of The Original Glass.
  • Premium Protection – This Tempered Glass Is Made In Such A Way That On Fall This Product Will Sacrifice Itself And SAVE Your Expensive Phone’s Display. It Offers 9H Hardness To You Phone’s Screen And Resist From Scratches From Things Like Keys, Or Anything Which Is Present In Your Pocket.

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