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10 Best Samsung Galaxy M01 Core Back Covers In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Samsung M01 Core Covers

On 27 July 2020, the Samsung Galaxy M01 Core smartphone was announced. With a resolution of 720×1480 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, the handset comes with a 5.30-inch touchscreen display.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 Core is powered by a MediaTek MT6739 quad-core 1.5GHz cpu. It’s supplied with 1 GB of RAM. Android Go Version runs on the Samsung Galaxy M01 Core and is powered by a 3000mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 Center on the rear carries an 8-megapixel sensor as far as the sensors are concerned. There’s autofocus in the rear camera system. For selfies, it features a 5-megapixel sensor on the front.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 Core runs an Android Go Version based UI and packs 16 GB of built-in storage that can be extended with a dedicated slot with a microSD card.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 Core is a smartphone that supports Nano-SIM and Nano-SIM cards for dual-SIM (GSM and GSM). It was issued in the colours of black, blue and red. It was holding a plastic shell.

A mobile cover will typically do a decent job at shielding the handset from scratching, provided you are good at keeping it clean such that dirt and grime do not build up between the handset and the frame.

If you drop your handset, a mobile case will also have some security (although you shouldn’t use a case as an excuse to launch your handset off your roof).

Here is the list of Best Samsung M01 Core Back Covers & Cases Available Online:

Transparent Case

SKMO Back Cover Case

SKMO Back Cover Case: Samsung M01 Core Cover

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  • Durable, soft & flexible, slim transparent back case to enhance the look of your phone.
  • Perfect cutouts for volume buttons, audio & charging ports, Easy to put & take off.
  • Raised upper lip build design to help protect the screen against fall on a flat surface.
  • Protects phone from scratches, fingerprints and sweat.
  • Tear & slip resistant, Case delivers excellent everyday wear and tear protection.

The company’s statements, for the most part, are correct. My Samsung M01 Transparent Case is crystal clear, and for the most part, the iPhone lurking underneath did not obscure the light coloured finish.

You may find a “rainbow” effect in the plastic at some angles, which is prevalent in most apparent situations, but I noticed that on all the Samsung phone situations I had to go looking for the problem.

It also does a decent job of avoiding scratches on the rough outside and inside, but it is still not scratch proof. To make the point, my Samsung M01 has its fair share of battle scars.

Perhaps the greatest worry was whether, over time, the situation will appear pink. In my experience with cheap, transparent instances, they would develop a nasty-looking yellow tinge after just a few months of use.

Yellowing is less of a consideration in this Simple Event, but it also occurs over time. Most of the Samsung M01 Transparent Case preserved its visual transparency after around a year’s use, but certain areas of the case , especially around the keys, embraced a faint yellow pigment.

For someone who’s used their fair share of transparent situations, subsequent yellowing is unsurprising. The business does not suggest that its case is yellow testimony, only that to stop yellowing, it went to considerable lengths.

Flip Case

Dervin Flip Cover

Dervin Flip Cover: Samsung M01 Core Cover

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  • Compatibility: This cover is compatible with Samsung Galaxy M01 CORE model only
  • Material: High quality material, Ultra High Quality Construction With synthetic Leather,3 Card Slot And 1 Side Pockets
  • Accessibility: Complete access to all features of the device including microphone, speaker, camera and all buttons with magnetic closure flap
  • Protection: Protects your phone from Scratches, bumps and falls
  • Installation: TPU soft inner case. Easy to installation and remove

One of the best examples Samsung has to show for the Galaxy S20 Plus is the S-View Flip case. Also when the folio cover is closed through a semi-transparent strip, it lets you communicate with the phone screen.

You can access information and alerts that are important, answer calls, monitor your audio, and more. While the Flip cover protects the screen, a shell case covers the back of your phone.

A multi-functional case that lets you store cards or IDs on the inside and shows you LED updates on the outside is the official Samsung LED pocket.

By simply clicking the power button with the cover covered, you will be able to see updates of incoming calls, tweets, the present time and more. The handset is held in place by a shell case and the smooth cloth exterior feels fantastic.

A fabric cover that looks nice and adds to the grip comes with the Kvadrat case for the Samsung M01 Core. Given how slim and light it is, the case provides good security for the handset.

That said, the big selling point here is the fact that this is a sustainable example, made of a 100 percent compostable recyclable material.

Printed Case

Gismo Case

Gismo Case: Samsung M01 Core Cover

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  • Back Cover Type & Material: Soft Silicone TPU designer back cover for Samsung Galaxy M01 Core. Designs are printed on the backside of the soft case.
  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Finger: Gismo’s back covers are smudge-free and anti-scratch so that your cover always feels new and looks stylish.
  • Easy Access to All Ports and Buttons: Gismo’s back covers fit with 100% compatibility so that you can easily access all the ports and buttons after easy installation of the cover.
  • Premium and Classic Designs: Gismo has hundreds of premium designer covers to choose from your Samsung Galaxy M01 Core.

The official durable Samsung cover is designed to withstand a pounding, as the name indicates. To keep the phone protected from unintended bumps and drops, it features military-grade security.

It also comes with an incorporated kickstand that allows you to prop up the handset at various viewing angles. A slender polycarbonate case that does a good job of keeping the phone secure is the Samsung LED back cover.

Giving the case its name are the LEDs that inform you of incoming calls , texts and more scattered around the back of the cover. Before a snapshot is taken, it also displays a timer, which even has an enjoyable light show when the screen is switched over.

This Samsung cover is a perfect soft-touch case that provides good protection while the device hardly adds any weight or thickness. The finish further strengthens the hold. The silicone cover, available in a range of colours, does a wonderful job of bringing a bit of elegance to the handset.

Silicon Case

Jkobi Soft Back Case Cover

Jkobi Soft Back Case Cover: Samsung M01 Core Cover

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  • Clear Protective layer is built-in to prevent your phone from getting scratches
  • Easy to install and removed
  • Protect your Case against accidental damages.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Durable And Protective
  • Compatible for samsung galaxy m01 core
  • Super slim and light weight, adds only style not weight
  • Superior grip
  • Raised lips to protect your screen from scratches & damage
  • Easy access to all buttons, ports, camera, speakers and microphone on the smartphone

Enough silicone remains that it maintains the feel I love so much, and it remains stain-resistant even when I’m apt to treat it with greasy fingertips or lay it on a damp countertop unintentionally.

But no, there are bigger problems. The strong plastic coating under the silicone has absolutely fallen off at the bottom right (and it happened so long ago that I forgot the conditions).

I’ve been lucky so far that I didn’t drop it on the one exposed spot, but if I ever do, I think the harm is going to be such that I may not have needed a case at all. And there’s confirmation that it’s just about getting worse.

I can see cracks taking form in the upper right, and it will not be long before that corner, too, breaks down like an iceberg. The bottom left corner is still fine, but the upper right now has its own break.

But I do feel confident to say that the silicone case for the Jkobi iPhone only has a realistic lifetime of about a year. I could potentially get another half year out of it, but its graphical drawbacks would outweigh its practical advantages by then. For the moment, I am always not ashamed when I am seen with it, at a distance, anyway.

If you’re thinking about wearing out the box, you should buy two of them and you’d always spend less money than you would for the edition of Jkobi.

Your call is that. For my part, I know my phone is going to be slim, grippy, and stable (even with a missing corner), and I know it’s going to last until my next annual update, at least.

I confess readily that I’m also hoping to have one for my next tablet. I ‘m going to be more vigilant this time, though, when I take it off.

Transparent Bumper Case

Samsung Galaxy M01 Core Bumper Case

Samsung Galaxy M01 Core Bumper Case: Samsung M01 Core Cover

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  • This cover is for Samsung Galaxy M01 Core / Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, not compatible with any other mobile devices. This back case is soft, clear transparent yet functional, perfect for daily use
  • Ultra Soft Feel – Showcase your phone’s real colour and design
  • Very Easy To Install and Remove, Full Access To Camera, Buttons and Ports
  • This product is made of Soft TPU and plastic Material. Durable, excellent protection your phone from scratches and shock-proof. Protects your device from scratches, bumps, and dings

Samsung galaxy m01 core / samsung galaxy a01 core bumper soft case back cover shockproof corners with air cushion technology in transparent(silicone & rubber) shockproof corners with air cushion technology.

This is a shockproof armor hybrid shield soft phone cover. It has a new design and nice snug fit. This allows better access to all ports. It has a slim design gives you comfortable feeling. 

This case cover protects your phone from scratch and gives your mobile phone a safe protection. It comes with soft inner protection to safeguard your phone from scratch.

It has an easy snap on/off installation. It also comes with precisely cut openings to allow full access to all the functions of your phone.

For the Samsung, there are a few different models of the bumper case available. The textured finish gives you all the grip you can get with a sandstone variant.

To compliment the same colorways of the handset, there are also cyan and purple colour variants this time around.

The Karbon bumper is also available with an impact-resistant kevlar and TPU nylon version that is designed with shock-absorbing and robust nylon strings. When holding the phone, this case feels fantastic and adds a touch of style.

For the first time , the brand has launched a transparent cover, which obviously makes sense because these are some good-looking phones. There is a gloss finish on the raised ridges on the rear on keep them scratch-free. The monitor, rear camera, and fingerprint scanner are kept free from injury by an extended lip.

For drop safety, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style includes a rough polycarbonate back and a thick TPU bumper. Also, the scratch-resistant casing is translucent and lets you see the construction of the handset.

The monitor and rear camera are held damage-free by high bezels. For anything else, you often get protected buttons and detailed cutouts.

Pop Socket Case

Newlike Case

Newlike Case: Samsung M01 Core Cover

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  • Samsung Galaxy A01 Core / Samsung Galaxy M01 Core** Royal Protective Case with Form Fitted, Heavy Duty Design. Fits
  • Clear Protective layer is built-in to prevent your phone from getting scratches. Take out your phone after One Year and will still look Brand New!
  • Detachable dual layer. Layer 1: Ballistic shock absorbent polymer. Layer 2: Tough impact resistant Polycarbonate shell.
  • Complete access to all features of the device including microphone speaker camera and all buttons.
  • Comes with the built-in stand, offering comfortable angle for movie watching and web-surfing on any surface – study table, office desk, dining table and anywhere else.
  • And if you’ve not heard the name before, PopSockets is still likely to be a familiar sight. It’s the spherical disc the sticks out on the back of phones that you’ve used to help you hang on and stop drops. Ok, to create an enhanced version that could might be a great option, Otterbox and PopsSocket came together. Let ‘s look at the Samsung M01 Core’s Otter + Pop Symmetry Case.

With a collapsible protrusion (PopSockets) built in, this case is a sturdy safe case for your computer. The functionality makes you hang on to your handset, props it up in landscape mode, and offers you a fidget functionality that is very rewarding.

For a long time, Otterbox had been in a case playing. Each round of new concept phones has resulted in refinements to preferred customer models and new technologies. Each of the above is The Otter + Pop Symmetry.

PopSocket is the element that stands out (see what I did there?). It’s a collapsible two-stage system that allows your fingers to nest underneath while your phone is retained and your thumb is freed.

In this iteration vs. a single version, the major benefit of the PopSocket is how recessed it is when collapsing. Here’s a side profile on Otter + Pop demonstrating that.

The scenario has its own collection of functionality above that. Recessed camera lens, button safety, recessed frame safety, dual layer protection, port, and switch access.

Anything from Newlike is a pretty good bet if you’re looking for a security package. Thanks to the violent taper from the height of the Pop Plug, this one looks pretty lean.

A raised lip supports the image well. If you want to run a security screen like Newlike’s own, is it tall enough? Also the sub-flush remains there.

Leather Case

CareFone Leather Back Cover 

CareFone Leather Back Cover: Samsung M01 Core Cover

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  • Silicon Back Cover For Samsung M01 Core
  • Dual Protection
  • Fine Edges
  • Good Quality Material
  • Complete access to all features of the device including microphone, speaker, camera and all buttons With Magnetic Closure Flap.
  • Protects your phone from Scratches, bumps and falls
  • Diary/Wallet Style, Card Slots, Super Slim and light weight, adds only style not weight
  • TPU soft inner case. Easy to installation and remove

My new Samsung case still feels good, but not quite as smooth, and over time I look forward to it maturing. Here’s how Apple explains it on its website:

“They’re made from specially tanned and finished European leather, so the outside feels soft to the touch and develops a natural patina over time.”

The leather also makes the phone slightly less slippery in addition to looking good in the lap, greatly minimising the chance of unintentionally losing your pricey iPhone.

A more rubbery cover also makes it difficult to drop the iPhone, such as the silicone case offered by Apple and many other businesses. But for me, so much pressure is created by that type of case, making it harder to slip my iPhone on the front of a button-down shirt in and out of the jacket.

Second, this case is extremely small, so it is almost negligible with the size and weight that it brings to your mobile phone. I haven’t had a chance to try wireless charging with my M01 core yet, though.

The key reason I got this case was for my phone to be safe, making it less slippery. But in the event that someone makes contact, the situation also provides protection to the sides and back.

There are tiny bumps and bruises on my older leather covers, none of which I worry about on a leather cover, but each represents a moment when my iPhone may have been destroyed without a cover.

Smoke Case

AISK Protective Sleek Back Cover

AISK Protective Sleek Back Cover: Samsung M01 Core Cover

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  • Silicon Back Cover For Samsung M01 Core
  • Dual Protection
  • Fine Edges
  • Good Quality Material

CareFone Leather Back covers are made of high-quality lather with an elegant pattern that protects your smartphone with a distinctive look and suits your handset perfectly.

The soft, internal shell made of plastic of superior value protects your phone secure from slips, bumps, wear and tear. To have the best performance in terms of both functionality and protection, it is equipped with the necessary cutouts for the speaker, camera and other ports.

You get a good grasp from this leather back case and the case is hand moulded with no seams or rough edges. With your standard charger and headphones, this case is 100 percent compliant.

The minimalist design of this case gives you everything you need, from a slim profile to its incredible drop protection. The construction features cushioned corners, soft flexible sides, and non-toxic BPA-free plastic.

his case was specifically designed to fit most screen protectors, Anti-Stick Prevention – The microdot design prevents sticking and an uneven fit with your phone and the case, Wireless Charging Compatible – Easy to use with case with wireless charging, 6 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty

Yellowing of polymer materials is mainly due to a variety of degradation reactions (thermal, photooxidation, radiation, oxidation degradations). These reactions are chemical in nature, so they are irreversible.”yellowing” is just an aesthetic problem and there is no application functional failures.


One of the most apparent explanations why a phone case is necessary is for securing the exterior of your unit. Nowadays, smartphones aren’t inexpensive and taking the handset in for maintenance is much more difficult.

A camera case will help you save time and money while stopping your handset from looking new. Make sure you go through the article above and find the case that you need for yourself.

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