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15 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Cases Available In The Market

by Akshay Chanana
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Cases

Smartphones today are as much as our friends as our real-life friends. From attending calls and checking quick messages, from surfing the Internet to updating status on social media, from setting alarms and reminders to make quick notes – for plenty of our daily routine activities, we drastically depend on our smartphones.

In this scenario, even a little damage to your prized possession is almost like losing a friend. And there is no denying the fact that our smartphones bear the brunt of everyday wear and tear.

There are accidental drops, scratches, fingerprint marks, and whatnot that our smartphones are subjected to on a daily basis. This is why it is important to safeguard these devices by using a protective back case or cover.  

Now, without a doubt, Samsung knows how to provide a tough protective design along with the technological prowess that it offers.

Yet, to further safeguard your investment and make it a long-lasting possession, it is better to use protective back cases for your smartphone to reduce the possibility of everyday wear and tear.

The following are some of the selected back covers and cases designed for compatibility exclusively with Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite to provide overall enhancement and protection for your device and keep it brand new in the long run.   

Here below is the list of 15 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Cases Available In The Market:

Transparent Case

KAPA Beetle Transparent Back Case

KAPA Beetle Transparent Back Case: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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This transparent back case from KAPA is a cost effective and stylish solution for safeguarding your smartphone device. Designed for perfect compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, this back case comes power packed with military grade protection.

Its four corners are designed for absorbing shocks and another impact during accidental drops. The Hybrid Protection technology combines a hard polycarbonate back, a soft TPU frame along shock-absorbent corners to ensure comprehensive protection without sacrificing the clarity of access.  

It is transparent at the back with elevated black edges for preventing friction when the smartphone is kept face down. Similarly, the area around the camera is raised further by 0.8 mm for safeguarding the camera from shocks, drops, and other damage by preventing direct contact with the surface.

The hard backplate of this mobile case is tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. Therefore, this unique back case will keep your smartphone looking as good as new for a long, long time. You can also purchase it in several other color variants.  

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Case: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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Spigen is one of the most popular mobile back covers brands available in the market today and this amazing back cover for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite surely testifies to this fact.

It comes with a crystal clear transparent design that is tailored to suit the everyday grind and with style. Further, its transparency ensures that you can retain and flaunt the original design of your smartphone.  

The back case provides the hybrid defense of the TPU bumper with a durable PC back. Its raised bezels lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces when kept facing down.

Its advanced precision is specially designed to ensure ease and comfort while accessing side buttons, ports or earphone jack.

The back cover case comes with a slim profile and does not add any excess weight or thickness to your smartphone. This means that it provides solid protection while maintaining the sleek profile of your device.  

Printed Silicone Case 

ZUBY Hard Plastic Silicone Back Cover

ZUBY Hard Plastic Silicone Back Cover: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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If you like to add some fun in life, then this printed silicone case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is the one for you.

Available in multiple designs and colors, this hard plastic designer cover case from Zuby comes with tough protection and defense to reduce the chance of breakage and damage from accidental drops, falls etc..

The selected model comes with a unique lighted bulbs design with a black luminous background. All designs are printed edge to edge and finished to perfection with the CareFone technology.   

It is designed to precision with perfect cutouts for side buttons, charging port, earphones jack and more and ensures easy accessibility to the camera, speaker and so on.

The surface is covered throughout by an anti-scratch coating to prevent wear and tear. Its easy fit allows for hassle free installation and removal with just a snap. Plus, this mobile accessory is totally cost effective and would not create a hole in your pocket.  

Amagav® Printed Silicone Cover

Amagav® Printed Silicone Cover: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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Keep your smartphone device stylish and protected with this amazing and unique back cover from Amagav. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, this printed back cover case is the ideal blend of attractive design and superior construction.

Its unique design is printed using UV technology which helps the cover in retaining its colors and textures. Further, it is refined with a matte finish that does not add excessive shining to your smartphone.  

If you are looking for printed back covers that are a little different from the ordinary, then this is the one to look out for. It resists scratches and bumps and keeps your device safe from scratches, bumps and any impact if dropped by accident.

Its precision cut design ensures easy access to all buttons and ports and does not obstruct the camera lens. Also, it comes with elevated edges to provide an optimal lift and therefore, offers smooth installation and removal without screeching on the surface of your smartphone.  

Silicon Case


Case Creation Silicone Cover

Case Creation Silicone Cover: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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One of the best options of silicone back cases for smartphones, this product from Case Creation is just what you need to make your smartphone look attractive. It is sleek, minimal and fashionable and does not make your phone look or feel heavier.

 Featuring two layers of protection – a double injected ultra protective clear case and an integrated shock absorbing frame – this back cover case prevents scrapes, scratches, bumps and more while accidental drops or falls.  

It comes with a tapered front lip and elevated camera bezels protect the screen and camera when kept flat on a surface. A unique specialization of this back cover case is that it is fitted with a microfiber lining on the inside to guard your smartphone fully.

Offering a comfortable and smooth grip to prevent inadvertent slippage, this silicone back case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is just the ideal companion for your device.  

The Gift Kart Premium Back Case

The Gift Kart Premium Back Case: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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One of the best options of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite silicon cases, cases and covers from The Gift Kart fall into some of the most sought after mobile accessories in the market.

Coming to you in a premium matte finish, this exquisite piece is finished with superior quality OITX coating to give you an ultra-rich feel.

Further, it is designed with absolute precision to give you the best fitting experience of carrying a mobile. This cover is manufactured using fine quality, top grade material and technology, resulting in a product with impeccable performance.  

Sleek and stylish, this black silicone back case features a non-slip grip, anti-fingerprint finish, raised bezels for camera and a dual layer technology for extreme protection during accidental drops or falls.

With its premium design, elegant appearance and powerful protection – all combined in one rare mobile case – this silicon case is a must have for your mobile phone.  

Avianna Protective Glass Case

Avianna Protective Glass Case: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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This silicone back case from Avianna brings for your smartphone a beautiful design, elegant appearance and powerful protection all combined together in one unique phone cover.

It is made using 9H toughened glass which ensures that the case remains as good as new by protecting it from scratches, bumps, and breakage.

Further, its luxurious glass design is powered by a protective TPU bumper for added protection. The design is tailored for precision so that all cutouts and port openings provide quick and easy access to the power button, volume buttons, camera, audio port and others.  

This slim fit protective case is powered by Hybrid Technology to provide overall protection while keeping your phone looking classy and fashionable. Also, it allows for easier button access and provides dust resistance to the smartphone with sound transfer holes design.

This white back case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite consists of a raised bump for safeguarding the camera so that while it is on, you can be assured that your phone is secure from any external damage at all times.  

Leather Case


Golden Sand Armor Rugged TPU Case

Golden Sand Armor Rugged TPU Case: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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This exclusive back case from Golden Sand combines the dual brilliance of tough protection and premium aesthetics for your smartphone. It comes with a subtle stitch pattern, giving a unique leather texture. 

The matte sides eliminate slipperiness and thereby, improving the grip of the mobile phone. Its slim design and rugged armor protection ensure that your smartphone stays as good as new for a long time.  

Its intelligently designed elevated lips extend over the sides of the phone to give extra safety to the screen and camera when kept on a flat surface or during accidental falls and drops.

This leather texture cover is made from customized TPU that gives it a unique feel, the case firmly holds your phone and takes care of even the smallest details such as sensors, protruding camera, speakers etc.. so that you can access it hassle free.

Further, its unique Air Cushion technology and shock absorbing corners make your smartphone impact resistant. With the ultra-powerful protection that you can trust and classy appeal, this leather back case is just what you need to compliment a stylish and sophisticated outfit.  

Excelsior Premium Back Cover

Excelsior Premium Back Cover: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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Made of flexible silicone and premium quality PU leather, this exclusive back case is specifically designed for compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

The PU Leather material has a smooth and consistent texture, which is easy to clean and maintain. It also gives a smooth and comfortable grip in hand. The inner silicone case wraps all around the smartphone to offer 360 degrees protection and covers all the four sides edge to edge.

Further, it includes raised edges and an elevated lip to keep the screen from scratching or touching the ground when kept on a surface or when fallen by accident. 

With precise cutouts, this leather case for smartphones allows you to take pictures, listen to music, charge your phone or increase/decrease volume without having to remove the case at all.

With this cover, you get convenient access to all ports, all side buttons, sensors, speakers and camera on your smartphone. It is available for purchase in three color variants including Coffee, Black and Blue.  

Smoke Case


AEETZ Translucent Matte Finish Cover Case

AEETZ Translucent Matte Finish Cover Case: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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This is one of the best smoke cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite available for purchase in the market today. With elegant appearance, this translucent matte finish back cover for your smartphone is the perfect choice for safeguarding your device.

It comes with the hybrid power of soft flexible TPU combined with hard polycarbonate to offer stronger protection from sudden dropping and falls.  

It is slim and sleek in design and does not make your smartphone look or feel bulkier any time. Moreover, it offers excellent in hand grip which prevents accidental slippage from hands as well as from the pockets.

Its precision cutouts and contoured design ensures easy accessibility to all the ports, buttons and sensors. So you would not have to remove and apply the back case again and again. 

No matter where you are, you can use this back case to safeguard your device from fingerprints, scratches, bumps and cracks. Besides black, you can also purchase this back case in lite green, blue and red shades.  

Cocklet Smoke Case

Cocklet Smoke Case: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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If sleek and sophisticated is your style, then this elegant back cover case compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is what you should look out for.

This smoke case from Cocklet is made up of a soft TPU frame and a rigid hard acrylic back that provides good shock absorption, drop protection and scratch resistance. A slightly raised border and camera aperture protects the screen surface and camera from damage.  

Its heavy duty PC Matte back board is designed to resist fingerprints and offers a smooth, comfortable feel in hand. Equipped with independent buttons in contrasted color design, are highly responsive and come with a definite, tactile feedback.

Its firm and shockproof body is also flexible and allows for easy installation and removal. It resists breakage and abrasion  and supports wireless charging as well. You can purchase this back case model in various colors ranging from smoke black to glass red to diamond blue and several more.  

Protective Case


Spigen Rugged Armor Back Cover

Spigen Rugged Armor Back Cover: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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If you like to keep things simple yet stylish, then look no further than this amazing protective back case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. This solid black rugged armor silicone protective case is specifically designed to ensure all round protection for your mobile device.

Made using flexible and durable TPU material, it is powered by the superior Air Cushion technology for excellent shock absorption and deflection. It comes with slightly lifted edges to defend the camera from surface scratches and also features a non-slip groove for excellent grip.  

Its textured black design gives the smartphone a stylish appearance while also keeping the phone look slim and sleek. Plus, this back case consists of a spider web pattern in the interior for added protection.

Further, its ultra slim and lightweight profile is tested to provide MIL Grade Protection which means your device would get long lasting protection included in the same price. Also, it is scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and prevents any inadvertent external damage.  

Lustree Back Cover

Lustree Back Cover: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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One of the best protective cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, this hybrid armor back case from Lustree is a must buy for your smartphone. It comes with a dual layer structure with flexible TPU encased in a hard PC back.

The first layer is ballistic shock absorbent polymer, while the second layer consists of tough impact resistant polycarbonate shell and is detachable. Its heavy duty design ensures all round protection for your device from accidental shocks, drops, falls, scratches, dusts, fingerprint marks and so on.  

The protective case also features a transparent layer that reveals the original design of your mobile phone. It also comes with a built in stand for watching movies or surfing the Internet at a comfortable angle on any flat surface.

Its precision cutouts ensure that you can easily access all buttons, ports, sensors and speaker without having to remove the cover. Moreover, it features a Front Firing speaker which amplifies the phone’s built-in speaker into a superior one.  

Pop Socket Case


Bounce Back Shockproof Back Case

Bounce Back Shockproof Back Case: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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For providing solid protection to your smartphone, this tough and solid pop socket back case is something you should definitely check out. This shockproof back case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite comes with extreme dual layer protection.

It consists of a clear, transparent polycarbonate back encased in a strong TPU body that provides full coverage to your mobile device from edge to edge. Plus, the transparent back lets you reveal the original design of your smartphone.  

It comes with a metal patch and ring which acts as a kickstand to allow you to watch movies, browse the Internet with ease while you are on the move or eating breakfast.

This pop socket or inbuilt stand offers 360 degrees rotation and therefore, provides a perfect angle for watching the screen when kept on a flat surface. Its premium design is surely something to look out for. You can purchase it in various other color options such as jet green, jet blue and jet red.  

Newlike Robotic Back Cover

Newlike Robotic Back Cover: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case

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This back case from Newlike offers a perfect deal of superior quality and protection in a budget that would not weigh down on your pocket.

Its heavy duty design consists of an inbuilt transparent layer of tough, impact resistant polycarbonate shell and an additional second layer of ballistic shock absorbent polymer which is detachable.

It fits your smartphone perfectly providing edge to edge overall protection. Further, there is also a built-in stand to enable you to watch the screen at a comfortable angle.  

With precision cutouts and defined contours, this mobile accessory from Newlike enables hassle free access to the side buttons, sensors, camera, charging etc.. without the need to remove the case repeatedly.

Its rugged black style is suitable for use for casual purposes and its armor back resists scratches, bumps, cracks and fingerprint marks. Easy to clean and easier to install and remove, this protective, pop socket back case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is truly a must buy for your smartphone.  


Smartphones can be an expensive investment and therefore, the need to protect them at all times and make them last long is also greater. These top picked options of back case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite are designed to do this task for you.

They not only guarantee a solid defense against external damage, but also enhance the appearance of your device. Plus, with so many varieties of back cases available for purchase, you can match it up to suit your unique style.

So be it sleek and professional looking or casual, printed back cases – whatever suits your style, this list has got you covered! 

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