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5 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Covers Available In India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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Galaxy S20 FE Covers

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (fan edition) is one of the latest releases by Samsung. The phone was launched on 23rd September. It is packed with a bunch of features and latest innovations.

The design and look of the smartphone are quite pleasing and it has got some solid specs. Though the phone comes with good protection we all know that to ensure the safety of the smartphone from shock and fall damages we need to install a good-quality back cover which provides extra protection while keeping the present aesthetics of the phone or adding to it.

Here is the list of Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Cases & Covers Available Online In India:

Galaxy S20 FE Silicone Cover

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This is the silicone back cover for the Galaxy S20 FE. It is an opaque plain cover. It is sold by Samsung and is meant to provide overall protection to your Samsung smartphone. This is a hardcover which has a really good design with a premium finish.

It looks very stylish and will be a good addition to your phone’s aesthetic while providing it protection from damages. The structure and the design are made with the comfort of clients in mind.

When you put on the back cover on your Galaxy S20 FE it does not feel too bulky and can be held comfortably. There are many hardcovers in the market which do not have this property.

These covers increase the thickness of the phone little too much and it is uncomfortable not only to hold the phone but also makes it irksome while having the phone in the pocket.

The colour theme has been kept very plain. This adds a sombre vibe and is not too vibrant and loud. So, if you like plain covers then this can be a good addition to your smartphone.

The cover comes in 5 colours viz. Mint, Navy, Lavender, Red and White. All the colours look quite good and would definitely add to the aesthetics of your smartphone.

The cutouts are very precise and do not provide any hindrance while accessing the ports and buttons. The soft silicone material is of top-grade and will provide good protection to the back and corners of your phone safeguarding it from shock and fall damage.

It has a matte finish which feels super comfortable. The cover is easy to install and uninstall without putting any scratches or such on your smartphone. This cover is manufactured by Hochuen Smart Technology Co., Ltd. It is a Chinese manufacturing company.

Galaxy S20 FE Clear Standing Cover

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The previous over that we looked at was an opaque plain cover for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. It was meant to give the back of your smartphone a different colour and look. But many might prefer the original design, look and the colour of their smartphone.

It is a perfectly logical reservation to have. After all, you bought the phone not just because of the specs but also because of how it looks and the design and colour of the backside. But you still need some good protection for your phone though, right?.

So, the obvious choice is to go for a transparent back case which will not only show off the original colour and design of the backside of your phone but also provide solid protection to it. This back cover is brought to you by Samsung and is meant to protect your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

A good thing about branded or official covers is that the finish is quite premium and the cover feels quite good to touch. This is a good feature since you will be holding your phone all day.

Also, the good quality finish ensures that the cover looks good and adds to the already pleasing look of your smartphone rather than diminishing it. A good amount of thought has been put into the material and the design of this case.

Bouncy TPU bumper and solid polycarbonate back have been used together to ensure that the smartphone is safeguarded against shocks and drops. This cover comes with a small flip stand to ensure a comfortable viewing position while watching movies or videos.

We really liked this added feature as it increases the utility of the back cover from just providing protection to providing a comfortable standing position. This case is manufactured by China-based Shenzhen Name Technology Corp., Ltd.

Galaxy S20 FE Clear View Cover

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So, we saw a plain cover to change the look and colour of the back of your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and then we took a look at a clear cover which allows you to show off the original hie of your smartphone while giving it overall protection.

Now, it is time for a flip cover. Many people like this type of cover as it provides extra protection to the screen of the smartphone and protects it from dust. This is not a transparent cover though thus you have the option to choose different hues.

Currently, Samsung is providing 4 hues for this flip cover namely Mint, Navy, Lavender and White. The aesthetics of the colour, design, structure and material is very similar to the opaque plain cover that we saw in the beginning.

It has a premium quality feel to it and the matte finish just adds to the already good-quality finish. The front flip adds a small bit of extra thickness to your smartphone but that is an obvious by-product of using a flip cover.

This cover has been made using anti-microbial technology which protects it against 99.9% of bacteria. A zinc-based additive has been infused to ensure consistent blocking of microbial growth.

The front flip has a vertical cutout to provide access to a bunch of basic shortcuts on the screen. Whenever you use this flip cover and cover the display with the flap the screen automatically switches to the short mode where a bunch of shortcuts are displayed in the cutout.

You can even receive calls, read notifications, pause, play and change the music you are listening to, snooze alarms et cetera with the flap on. The manufacturer of this cover is Vietnam based Hanoi Seowonintech Co., Ltd.


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