15 Best Samsung M11 Back Covers Available In India (2022)

Earlier this year, Samsung released the Galaxy M11 as a budget entry for the Galaxy M series. This Samsung M11 has a 6.4″ display with a punch hole for the selfie camera in the top left corner.

The Korean manufacturer has announced the chipsets, and it says the Galaxy M11 comes with a 1.8GHz clocked octa-core Processor.

The phone will have a RAM of 3 GB while capacity is 32 GB and a microSD card slot is available for more storage. Overall it’s a great smartphone with well-rounded features.

In this article, we’re going to provide the best and most robust Samsung Galaxy M11 cases. Keep scrolling through the materials for different types of covers for Samsung M11.

Here is the list of Best Samsung Cases & Covers Available Online In the Country:

Samsung M11 Silicon Covers

Lofad Back Cover case – Black

Lofad Back Cover case - Black: best cover for samsung m11

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A perfect combination with all cutouts and buttons explicitly designed to reach the functionality of your device. Built from robust content, you will never complain about excessive bulk as it offers a streamlined style.

This ultra-thin build will keep your phone lightweight. Also, with this cover, it feels nice in hand, and the protection defends against bruises, stains, and dumps.

The bumpers in the shelter have an Anti-Shock Cushion System for minor and unintended drop safety. This cover suits the design of your mobile exactly.

ValueActive Back Cover (Black, Grip Case, Silicon)

ValueActive Back Cover (Black, Grip Case, Silicon): best cover for samsung m11

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This cover has several features such as matte finish, anti-dust, washable, tear-resistant, and fingerprint-proof. Also, the cover has precise cutouts for the mic, camera, and other openings within to provide the highest results in both functionality and protection.

Furthermore, it has unique cutouts for buttons and ports and sleek design for your phone to have the best feature. Perfectly suits the natural form and style on your screen.

ValueActive Back Cover (Black, Shock Proof, Silicon)

ValueActive Back Cover (Black, Shock Proof, Silicon): best cover for samsung m11

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This cover consists of eco-friendly fabrics with network design inside, appropriate holes, and sensor cut-outs. Also, it has raised lips that cover the beautifully looked panel and camera bounce-slim style and matt accents.

Further, it has the anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, washable device, simple to clean like features. Inside the concept of heat dissipation, lightweight and tear sensitive, prone buttons are also provided for fast natural clicking.

Samsung M11 Printed Covers

BuyFeb Soft Matt Finished Back Cover

BuyFeb Soft Matt Finished Back Cover: best printed cover for samsung m11

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This cover shows the contour of your mobile device by making it a sleek and compact feel for your mobile phone type.

Additionally, it consists of high quality and durable soft silicon plastic. This cover will keep your device away from scratches and sudden bumps with the back cover.

You will get style, protection, and value for money—a quick access model for both buttons and ports that will not obstruct the focus.

NOTE – Photos in the link are for comparison only, actual color may slightly vary.

Samsung M11 Protective Covers

Runicha Back Cover (Blue, Shock Proof)

Runicha Back Cover (Blue, Shock Proof): best protective cover for samsung m11

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To secure and render your smartphone appear ever more cool, cover with a high-quality shell. It protects your phone against scratches and scuffs.

This cover is dirt-proof, scratch-proof, friction prone, and has melded precision for an optimal match, perfectly crafted for Samsung Galaxy M11 device.

Genuine content of good quality, yet robust nature. Simple to load and uninstall. The cell phone is completely secured from gravel, scratch, and bumps.

Great for use to secure your phone in any outdoor events or ride. The cover is exclusive, convenient, and functional for your cell phone. And the strengthened sides provide reliable support and mobile defense.

TheGiftKart Neo-Hybrid Back Case Cover (Black)

TheGiftKart Neo-Hybrid Back Case Cover (Black): best protective cover for samsung m11

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This case has smartly built frontside speaker holes that turn your phone’s usual speaker into a Superior Front Firing Speaker.

This is further clarified in the images in the link. Beautiful and sturdy, using this case will minimize the risk of failure of the signal. In Layer 1, you can consider polymer absorbent by ballistic shock, and in Layer 2, Polycarbonate Shell immune to severe effects.

Protects internal surface from scratches and smudges. It provides durable security for your phone, thus complementing & enhancing the elegance of the architecture of your product.

TheGiftKart Rugged Carbon Fibre Armor Back Cover Case

TheGiftKart Rugged Carbon Fibre Armor Back Cover Case: best protective cover for samsung m11

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Samsung M11 is compatible/suitable for this cover. This rugged carbon fiber package, all in one, is a prime illustration of striking looks and the required security.

With this fashionable cover mounted, although getting the requisite security, the phone looks fantastic at the same time. This Slim Fit Premium Back Case is designed to provide necessary protection with advanced fusion technology while keeping the sleek and elegant look.

This slim and sturdy TPU case has a sturdy structure that offers the all-round security protection for a long time to keep your devices safe—meticulously crafted raised lip & camera bump guarantees that the glass & camera stays safe from scratching even though you are putting your phone flat on every hard surface.

Samsung M11 Flip Flops

SHINESTAR. Back Cover (Blue)

SHINESTAR. Back Cover (Blue): best flip flop cover for samsung m11

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Designed specifically for smartphones, and constructed of luxurious quality PU cloth. For quick access to all ports and keys, this cover has complete pre-cut outs.

High-quality keeper notice cover, constructed of premium PU leather with a luxuriously smooth look and sound. Improved & modified internal shell of TPU rather than a fragile shell of pcs.

Knotyy Back Cover (Multicolor)

Knotyy Back Cover (Multicolor): best flip flop cover for samsung m11

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Invest in your mobile security today with this ready to use executive leather stand wallet case flip cover and save yourself from the heartbreak and misery of seeing the bruises and damages regularly accumulate on your computer.

The product gives Glistening Deluxe Leather surface a luxurious, sophisticated look to your phone. This cover is crafted from high-quality content, easy to use, sturdy case molds beautifully to the form of your handset without losing flexibility, Avoiding dirt and stains, tear-resistant, washable.

With the wallet stand, you can now talk video or stream videos hands-free in landscape view. Excellent and precise cutouts allow quick access to all the ports.

SHINESTAR. Back Cover (Black)

SHINESTAR. Back Cover (Black): best flip flop cover for samsung m11

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Designed especially for devices, and crafted of high-quality PU fabric.

This cover has pre-cut outs full for easy access to all ports and buttons—high-quality notice keeper cover, built of premium PU leather with a luxuriously smooth look and sound. Enhanced & changed TPU ‘s internal shell, instead of a brittle pcs tank.

Samsung M11 Transparent Back covers

Case Club Back Cover (Transparent, Dual Protection, Silicon)

Case Club Back Cover (Transparent, Dual Protection, Silicon): best transparent cover for samsung m11

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This Case Club back cover is intended for Samsung Galaxy M11. It has hybrid experience packaging sophisticated drop safety in a single sheet.

The Ultra Hybrid combines a flexible shock-absorbing bumper with a rigid rear to maximize defensive features. Take the Ultra Hybrid to a new stage by bringing individuality to the unit with unique pieces to flaunt.

SHINESTAR. Back Cover (Transparent, Silicon)

SHINESTAR. Back Cover (Transparent, Silicon): best transparent cover for samsung m11

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Shinestar adds high-quality content, robust, dust-proof, anti-shock, fingerprint, simple to mount, light and realistic Strong build, manifest, keeping the phone’s original color Edge is higher than image.

The specification for this cover will help protect against scraping and damaging the phone image. Every hole in this cover is carefully cut, mirror, sensor, volume control, mute button, speaker, and a separate hole for use with the lanyard of the handset.

ValueActive Back Cover Transparent

ValueActive Back Cover Transparent: best transparent cover for samsung m11

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The architecture is exquisite, and your Samsung Galaxy M11 suits precision. The cover is flat, comfortable, and quick to bear.

This effectively protects the unit from usual cuts, grit, tear, and damage. Within this cover, both buttons and ports are easy to reach.

It is constructed of non-toxic and odorless TPU content. This still has outstanding wear tolerance, not quick fading, vivid characteristics of light.

TheGiftKart Transparent Crystal Clear (Transparent)

TheGiftKart Transparent Crystal Clear (Transparent): best transparent cover for samsung m11

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This cover is consistent with Samsung M11 and is also appropriate. This is also produced from imported top-grade silicone material, because of which the cover has an ultra-rich, luxury texture.

It cover provides your phone with continuous security while complementing & maximizing the natural charm of the construction of your handset.

The cover features precise cutouts that render all keys, ports, shutter, speakers & microphone smooth and straightforward to use.


So this rounds off our list of Samsung Galaxy M11 best cases. The Samsung Galaxy M11 is a fantastic smartphone, and probably this has helped you create your own Samsung Galaxy M11 pick-up.

For further information on covers and cases for certain smartphones, follow our other links.