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10 Best & Comfortable Sanitary Pad Brands in India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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sanitary pad Brands in india

Smuggling a pad into my pocket to the washroom, during my school days has been the earliest memory of my periods. Menstruation has been a thing which has always been hid behind the curtains for a very long time.

However, the recent decade has witnessed the breaking of this silence around menstruation, feminine hygiene and sanitary pads.

There have been lot of campaigns online as well as offline which has strived a lot to normalise the whole process of menstruation and use of sanitary pads. However the question is- how many women are aware and has access to a basic necessity like sanitary napkins.  

According to a survey conducted by National Family Health, roughly around 121 million women use sanitary pads out of the 336 million menstruating women in India, which is about 36% percent roughly. Accessibility and affordability has been a key issue. Another important issue is the lack of awareness among women.

Check out our list of 10 best sanitary pad brands in India for a safe, comfortable and affordable menstrual experience:



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Sofy is one of my most loved and the best sanitary pads brands accessible in the market since the mid 60s. Sofy by Unicharm is a notable brand for women’s hygienic brand that makes agreeable and affordable pads.

The “Sophisticated” and “Soft-hearted” napkins works meticulously to give you a comfortable menstrual experience. Sofy sanitary pads guarantee cleanliness, intimate hygiene and wellbeing. Sofy pads are soft and they do not cause any kind of allergy or infection.

The wide range of sanitary pads offered by Sofy include:

Some key features of Sofy sanitary pads include-

  • Light and soft pads
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti- leakage technology
  • The mild fragrance prevents bad odour

Napkins when used for a long time becomes a breeding ground for microscopic organisms like escherichia coli (e-coli),candida Albicans and staphylococcus aureus.

The Sofy Body Fit Antibacterial Sanitary pad prevents the growth of these organisms with its long-lasting absorbency by killing 99.9% organisms. This also prevents the itchiness and discomfort felt during the cycles. 

The mild tree-scented pad helps in absorbing the bad odour, the side walls prevents leakage or stain thus, offering you a pleasant feel. Henceforth, you can feel confident and free with SOFY pads wherever you go. 



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Whisper is the most loved and popular sanitary pads brand in India.  It has something for each lady, regardless of what their budget is. Their pads are comfortable, safe, and reliable.

The great range of pads according to different needs and styles make it popular among women. The extra large wings in the Whisper range prevent leakage due to crumbling up of the pads.

The Whisper range includes the following sanitary pads-

Some of the features of the Whisper sanitary pads include-

  • Protects the skin from rashes
  • Locks the wetness up to 100% and prevents leakage
  • The mild fragrance nullifies bad odour
  • It comes with extra large pads for women during heavy flow

Hence these properties make Whisper brand one of the best sanitary pad brands in the world for women’s intimate hygiene. It is a brand that deeply understands and knows the necessities of every woman. 



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Personally Stayfree was my first brand of sanitary pads. Stayfree is one of the best sanitary pads brand in India. These sanitary pads ensure a quicker absorption of the moisture and guarantees as long as 8 hours of odour-free pleasant experience.

It is a trusted brand which has been offering women a healthy and hygienic menstrual cycle through its wide range of sanitary pads like-

Some of the features of the Stayfree pads include-

  • It actively prevents and neutralizes the bad odour through deep-locking moisture technology and mild fragrance
  • It offers ultra thin long pads
  • Its locks the moisture to about 100% and give you a dry feel
  • Anti- leak properties help you to a good and sound sleep during heavy flows
  • Hence, the range of soft and comfortable sanitary pads gives you a hygienic and happy cycle all throughout. 



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Kotex is another top sanitary pad brands for women. Their pads are thin, absorbent and soft which reduces rashes and infections. Kotex offers a wide variety of sanitary napkins depending on light days to heavy flow days.

The brand has always prioritised comfort and hygiene by making products which are safe and comfortable. The brand has been a trusted sanitary brand all over the globe since decades, serving different and varied needs of women.

Kotex has additionally designed a pad which secures the moisture at a 360 degree angle hence, useful for women who find one pad insufficient during heavy flow. The brand also has sanitary pads solely designed for women who are committed to physical activities during their cycle and so on.

Hence it offers a wide range of products like-

Some of the key features of the sanitary pads include-

  • The pads are slim and soft
  • It offers great protection during heavy flows
  • The pads keep you clean, fresh and healthy
  • The soft cottony material reduces chances of rashes.



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Carmesi is one of the best biodegradable sanitary pad brands in the country. The top sheet of the sanitary pads are made up of natural materials like corn starch which is mild on the skin and avoids any kind of infection, irritation and other health problems. And the core is made up of bamboo fiber which offers great absorbing capacity and prevents leakage.

According to reports, on an average a woman uses about 12000 pads in her lifetime and if the pads are non- biodegradable, it leads to serious problems in nature as well as women’s health. Carmesi as a product was introduced as a solution to the above serious problem.

Some of the key features of Carmesi sanitary pads include-

  • Made up of natural material, hence biodegradable and safe for use
  • Leak-proof 
  • The pads come with biodegradable disposable bags
  • Zero synthetic materials used
  • Light and soft


  • The pads are relatively expensive as compared to other brands.



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Nua is a new but one of the best chemical- free sanitary pad brand that considers women’s intimate hygiene as its priority. The chemical free pads prevent rashes, infections and bad odour which otherwise is a common experience during periods. Nua Sanitary Pads are made of non-woven top quality material and cotton which makes it safe for use.

It doesn’t utilize any prints or synthetic substances or scent on the top layer of the pad which might cause rashes. There are three sizes of pads in the Nua collection depending on different flows – light, medium and heavy. Each pad has paper-based disposable cover which ensures an eco-friendly way of disposing pads without contamination. 

Some key features of Nua sanitary pads are:

  • The pads are leakage proof and rash- free
  • The pads are light, soft and comfortable
  • Its unscented and print free top layer makes it much safer
  • It ensures a stress- free disposal
  • It has a larger and wider back which decreases the chances of staining.
  • The brand also offers a facility to customize your own pads based on your flow!



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Carefree is an old and trusted brand of sanitary napkins known for its comfort and hygiene. Other than pads, the brand also makes panty liners for light days. It offers a wide variety of pads based on your flow like- extra large pads, regular pads, ultra thin and body shaped liners and so on.

The brand is quite old- School in its design and style with the belt which helps in positioning and comfort. It reassures a leakage free period. The  sanitary pads are soft and delicate thus, reducing chances of rashes. The brand additionally has a moisture-free shield to keep you dry all through the day and prevent chances of infections and other health related issues. The different kinds of sanitary pads Carefree produces are-

Carefree Acti-fresh Thin, Extra long, long and Regular

  • Ultra-protection
  • Carefree original
  • Carefree Thong
  • Carefree Breathe

Some key features of Carefree Sanitary Pads are

  • The pads are thin, soft and absorbent
  • Deep absorbance of moisture
  • It prevents allergies and irritation and even rashes. 
  • Carefree sanitary pad hence, is one of the best sanitary pad brands for sensitive skin. 



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Azah brand of sanitary pads is a top-quality brand which strives to offer organic pads for women. It is one of the best organic sanitary pad brands in India. It is made up of top-quality cotton which is soft and absorbent hence, making the pad safe and comfortable.

It can absorb up to 150ml of moisture with a single pad, making it suitable for heavy flow. The top layer is made up of high quality cotton which absorbs the moisture and makes the surface dry.

Some key features of Azah sanitary pad includes

  • Organic pad with biodegradable disposable cover
  • The high quality cotton top layers leaves the surface dry and comfortable 
  • The organic cotton layers also prevent allergies, rashes and other health complications
  • Ultra soft pads made which gives you a smooth cycle without irritation or rashes
  • Super-dry pads made with super absorbents
  • Tested and certified safe, chemical free sanitary napkins.
  • Azah promises its women a safe, healthy, stress-free menstrual cycle experience every month!

Vwash wow


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Having a dry and comfortable period can now be a reality with VWash WoW sanitary pads. VWash is one of the best feminine hygiene brands in the country which assures you an irritation- free and rash- free menstrual experience. 

The sanitary pads are designed to cater to a wide range of needs like prevention of stain, prevention of rashes and infections, bad odour and dampness. The high quality material and the superior technology make the sanitary napkins take care of the above needs and concerns. VWash Wow also offers a wide range of sanitary pads ranging in sizes and based on the intensity of flow, like-

  • VWash Wow Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkin
  • Sanitary Napkin Maxi Regular
  • VWash Wow Sanitary Napkin Maxi Large
  • Sanitary Napkin Maxi Extra Large
  • Vwash Wow Maxi Thin Sanitary Napkin

Some of the key features of VWash Wow sanitary pads are

  • Advanced fluid-lock and advanced absorption
  • The side wings which secure the position of the pad and avoids leakage
  • The premium high-quality material gives you a pleasant and soft-touch devoid of rashes.
  • Keeps the skin irritation-free 

Due to its superior absorbance capacity and irritation-free properties, VWash Wow is one of the best sanitary pads brands for heavy flow and sensitive skin respectively.

Pee safe


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Pee Safe is India’s growing personal hygiene brand with its natural and organic product. Pee Safe sanitary pad is a new addition to the list of top sanitary pad brands in India.

It is made up of 100% organic cotton and bamboo fibre, and this makes it safe for you and the environment. The Cotton used for these pads are grown without using fertilizers or chemicals hence making it safe for your skin and intimate hygiene.

Some of the key features of Pee Safe sanitary pads are

  • Made of 100% organic cotton and FSC certified Bamboo fibres   
  • It is biodegradable in nature
  • It also has a biodegradable disposable cover to ensure stress-free disposal
  • The bamboo fibres and cotton ensure superior absorption capacity and makes it leakage proof
  • The pads have anti-bacterial properties
  • It is chemical free
  • The soft and super-dry pads also prevent rashes.
  • Pee Safe sanitary pad would be a good choice to ensure a safe, hygienic and healthy experience.


  • Pee Safe sanitary pads are expensive and hence not affordable and accessible to every woman.

Some things to keep in mind while shopping for the right sanitary napkins:

Choosing a random organic sanitary pad brand would not help you much with your periods and intimate hygiene. There are other factors which need to be kept in mind like the composition of the pad, whether the pads are eco-friendly, ways of disposing the pads and so on.

  • Composition

Many brands vouch that their sanitary pads are natural however they might not be.  Hence, checking the composition of the pads before purchasing, is a good practice. Bamboo fibre and corn starch are two materials which are used to make organic pads and these can be preferred over other materials. Because these materials ensure that your skin is safe from rashes and other infections thus, maintaining good intimate hygiene.

  • Eco-friendly

Using sanitary pads that are safe for you and the environment is a great way to reduce environmental degradation. The biodegradable pads degrade easily and do not harm the environment as against the synthetic pads. 

 Trusted brands like Carmesi, Azah and Pee safe promote organic and biodegradable pads.

  • Disposal

Safe and hassle-free disposal of used sanitary pads is crucial for women on the go. A proper disposal technique is needed to ensure a hygienic experience. Brands like Carmesi have designed biodegradable sanitary pad disposal cover to ensure a safe and stress- free disposal of pads.

  • Size

Another important thing to keep in mind is the variety of size and designs the brand offers for different needs. Brands which offer a whole range of different sizes and types for different flow should be preferred. Also, there are some brands like Nua which offers an opportunity to customise your own period pack according to your flow and comfort.

So, we have looked at the 10 best sanitary pad brands in India and given you some tips on choosing the best and suitable sanitary pads for your need and comfort. After all, we need to give ourselves the best pick for a healthy, hygienic and happy menstrual cycle. And cheers to all the women out there who have done their bit to make these facilities a reality. Now it’s time to do your bit!

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