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15 Best Shorts For Girls Available Online (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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Shorts For Girls

A good pair of shorts is a must in everybody’s closet. Regardless of your age or gender, that is a staple piece to have in a closet. Shorts are very versatile and easy to wear as compared to more elaborate pieces of clothing like jeans or a skirt.

Shorts are easy to slip on and most importantly very comfortable to wear. Unlike jeans, they are not restricting or tight-fitting that it makes your legs feel like they are getting squeezed. It is a comfortable material that is designed to be comfortable to wear.

Especially in the summer where it is hot and humid outside, the last thing you will want to wear is a tight full-length pair of jeans or a pair of pants. Skirts are too much of a hassle, especially on little girls who like to run around. Shorts are the in-between choice, where they are not restricting you, but are also comfortable enough to play and sweat in without it getting too annoying and irritating.

While you agree that it is comfortable, it is very hard to find a fitting pair of shorts that is the perfect length and fit.

Especially for growing girls, finding the size that fits them now to how it could fit on them later is a problem. You should not have to keep buying a new pair of shorts each time your daughter grows.

Here is a list of the comfiest, perfect fitting shorts that you should buy for your daughter to keep her comfortable:

Aatu Kutty Girls’ Regular Fit Shorts

Aatu Kutty Girls' Regular Fit Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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These shorts are comfortable as well as very stylish to look at. These cute shorts come in a pack of 3. While they may be slightly high maintenance because you have to wash it by hand, it is of a decent quality.

For the pack of three, the price you pay is decent. The material is 100% cotton so you know your kids are safe and will not get rashes or allergies from the material.

Moreover, cotton makes for a very comfortable fit. The elastic waistband means that you can let your kids wear it for a long time without it becoming too tight for her. The three colors available are red, grey and black with some fun patterns on it.

EASYBUY Girl’s Regular fit Cotton Shorts

EASYBUY Girl's Regular fit Cotton Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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These EasyBuy girls shorts are perfect to wear for those really hot and humid summer days. It is loose around the thighs which allows for some circulation, keeping your daughter cool and not irritated. Moreover, it is made of a high-quality cotton material that is comfortable on the skin.

The white coloured pattern of the shorts makes it extremely cute and girly. Easily washed in the washing machine, you need not go through the effort of washing them by hand. The elastic closure allows the shorts to fit for a long time.

DJ&C by FBB Solid Knit Shorts

DJ&C by FBB Solid Knit Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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The DJ&C shorts by FBB is a solid knit pair of comfortable shorts. Often, knitted material is associated with discomfort and scratchy material. Fortunately, for you, that is not the case. The material is soft and feels extremely nice and comfortable against the skin.

You can rest assured that your daughter will not get any rashes from the material. This is because the material is made from 100% cotton. It can even be washed along with your normal clothes in the washing machine. It is a regular fit but a mini length short.

It even comes with an elasticated waistband so that your child can be comfortable. The cute printed pattern also makes it look very cute and stylish.

Fasla Girl’s Cotton Shorts

Fasla Girl's Cotton Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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The Fasla girl’s cycling shorts and designed to be worn for all different activities. From outdoor activities to just lounging around these shorts are very comfortable. It’s available in 3 colours, red, grey and pink so you have the option to choose whichever one you like.

Again, this fabric is easy to wash as it can be put into the washing machine along with your daily load of laundry. The material is super smooth and soft against the skin as it is made of 100% cotton material.

It is lightweight and non-see through. Moreover, the fabric is stretchy and breathable making sure your daughter is comfortable. The elastic closure ensures that it securely stays on your daughter’s hips without falling while they play.

Goodtry G Girls Cycling Shorts

Goodtry G Girls Cycling Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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This killer deal is something you should snatch up immediately! The Goodtry G girls cycling shorts comes in a pack of 5! The value of this pack is worth your money.

It comes in multi colours which makes it extremely versatile as you can just slip on these pairs of shorts and just coordinate with another shirt and the outfit.

It removes the hassle of trying to figure out your daughter’s outfit every day. It’s easy to wash also as you can simply throw it in the washing machine like normal laundry.

However, make sure to use only cold water and not bleach any of this material. Just because you are paying a low price does not mean that you will have to skimp out on the material.

Made out of premium quality rich 100% cotton, this is extremely comfortable and soft on the skin. It comes in a regular fit ranging from sizes up until 14-year-olds. This casual pack of 5 cycling shorts come in Black, White, Red, Royal, Dark Pink and Yellow colours.

Fasla Girls Cycling Shorts

Fasla Girls Cycling Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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These Fasla girls cycling shorts are perfect for athletic use and outdoor activities. It comes in a pack of three so you are getting the value for your money. It is made from a 100% cotton fabric that is safe on the skin.

They come in three colours and a set with a multicoloured option as well. They are extremely soft and comfortable so your child can even sleep in them.

This is probably the best all-rounded shorts that are perfect for your daughter. You do not need to go to the extra lengths of washing it by hand as you can just toss it in with the rest of your clothes in the washing machine.

Pink & Blue Solid Knit Shorts

Pink & Blue Solid Knit Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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These Pink & blue pairs of solid knit shorts are extremely cute and versatile. It is a perfect short length without being too short or long for a pair of shirts. They are a regular fitting pair of shorts that are made out of a 100% cotton material which is printed.

It is a regular rise on the waist with an elasticated waistband that keeps your shorts in place without it moving around a lot. Wash these pairs of shorts in the washing machine with your normal loads of laundry and you will be fine.

STOP by Shoppers Girls Shorts

STOP by Shoppers Girls Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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The STOP by Shoppers pair of denim shorts is the perfect going out shorts for those warm but humid summer evenings. It is a mild wash denim shorts that are not uncomfortable on the skin.

These denim shorts are very versatile as it goes with any top and is also cute. One unique feature of this pair of shorts is the number of pockets it houses.

It has 5 pockets, yes, 5! That is a large number of pockets on just a pair of shorts. The shorts are easy to slide on and off with the zip fly that can be undone and done easily. Make sure to wash it cold in the washing machine as usual and you should be good to go!

STOP by Shoppers Shorts

STOP by Shoppers Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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The STOP by Shoppers Girls shorts is a comfortable pair of lounging shorts that have that athletic look. The taping down the side of the shorts makes it look very fashionable and trendy.

The navy colour of it ensures that all stains and dirt will not be easily visible. However, if it does get too dirty, throw it in the washing machine as usual for washing. It is a solid pattern with a drawstring waist so you can secure it as tight or as loose as you want it to be.

BMS Denim Shorts for Girls

BMS Denim Shorts for Girls: Shorts For Girl

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This BMP shorts for girls is a denim short or hot pant that is fitted around the thighs. It comes in a deep blue colour that is perfect for matching with any outfit. It is easy to throw on along with a t-shirt for a casual look or a flowy top or blouse for a more evening dinner type of look.

The material is not too tight though, as it is breathable and easy to slip on and off. After it is soiled and dirties, you can throw it into the washing machine for a good wash.

Jockey Girl’s Shorts

Jockey Girl's Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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Jockey is a well-known brand for innerwear and is known to make comfortable loungewear as well. This pair of Jockey girl’s shorts are no less. They are extremely comfortable and stretchy as well.

It is made out of a super combed cotton french terry cloth fabric that is so soft it feels like silk but is also super cosy on the skin.

The waistband is ultra-soft and extremely durable with a drawstring to tighten the waist. It even has convenient front pockets that make it look extremely stylish without being too much on the skin.

Jockey Girls Cotton Shorts

Jockey Girls Cotton Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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Jockey’s girl’s shorts are very comfortable as is the case with most of Jockey’s clothes. The material is of a very high quality, super combed cotton printed fabric.

This is extremely cute and stylish as well. It is easy to maintain as you can throw it in the washing machine along with your normal clothes. As is with most of Jockey’s materials, this is also made with super combed cotton printed fabric which just means it is very soft and durable.

The waistband is also durable and soft, not digging into the skin and even has a drawstring to ensure it is more secure.

Additionally, it even has convenient side pockets that come with a lace trim that makes it cute as well as functional. The fit is also relaxed which makes it breathable. Moreover, it is label-free so no unwanted rashes and scratchy skin.

FNOCKS Girls Casual Shorts

FNOCKS Girls Casual Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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The FNOCKS girls dungaree shorts are a very cute and adorable way of spicing up a simple outfit. Dungarees were a huge trend in the 1990s and look extremely stylish on little girls.

Available in a light blue and dark blue colour these dungaree shorts are versatile and take an outfit from a 4 to an 8! It is a romper style short that is made out of denim lycra material so it is stretchable.

Regardless of the length of your child’s rose, it can be adjusted to fit. The adjustable shoulder and the waistband that has belt loops ensure that you can easily make it fit on your daughter.

While you can wash these dungaree shorts in the washing machine, you should handle it with care and the buckles can hook onto something else and tear. You can be assured that the colour will not fade.

United Colors of Benetton Girls’ Shorts

United Colors of Benetton Girls' Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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United Colors of Benetton is a widely popular brand that is popularly known for its high-quality material. Available in a light blue colour this pair of shorts look like denim shorts without the scratchy denim material.

The shorts can be washed only by hand as the colour may fade. It is a regular fitting pair of shorts that is made of 100% cotton material that is soft on the skin. Moreover, it also allows for breathability as it is not hugging the body and making it uncomfortable.

Pepe Jeans Girl’s Cotton Shorts

Pepe Jeans Girl's Cotton Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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The Pepe jeans shorts for girls is a loose-fitting pair of shorts that are made in India. This is probably the most stylish looking fashionable pair of shorts on this list.

It has a paper bag waist with a drawstring of the same pattern and fabric that makes it look extremely cute and girly with a touch of sophistication. It is a loose fit that makes it extremely breathable and soft.

Made with cotton material, the navy blue colour of the shorts makes the floral pattern pop. You can wash the pair of shorts in the washing machine without any problem whatsoever.

Aspetto Girls Denim Shorts

Aspetto Girls Denim Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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The Aspetto Girls Denim shorts are a stylish looking denim short that is a great way to spice up a very simple outfit. They are not that difficult to maintain either.

You can simply toss it in with your regular clothes into the washing machine. It is also a loose fit, so the material will not be hugging your daughter’s body and will let for some circulation of air.

It will not irritate the skin nor will it absorb sweat. This A-line fitting pair of shorts even comes with a loose belt that you can use to secure the waist.

United Colors of Benetton Girls’ Regular Fit Shorts

United Colors of Benetton Girls' Regular Fit Shorts: Shorts For Girl

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The Brand United colours of Benetton is known for the quality and style of their clothes. Mainly, the kids’ selection of clothes is widely appreciated. This pair of shorts comes in a dark blue colour adorned with a white lace trim that adds a touch of girliness in a very sophisticated form.

Your little girl will rock these shorts and look extremely cute while doing so. Due to the lace trim, these shorts must only be washed by hand which can be time-consuming. However, these are not shorts that can be worn daily.

If you have an event like a birthday party or a baby shower, then this is the perfect outfit that your daughter should wear. It also means that you do not have to wash it as frequently.


There are a lot of options to choose from. But shorts are good all around the year and can also be easy. Choose from the huge list of shorts above and reap the benefits of comfort and style.

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