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15 Best Shorts For Men Available Online (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Shorts For Men

Shorts are a staple wardrobe essential that is useful throughout the year. They are one of the handiest and versatile clothing items that never go out of style because of the level of comfort it provides.

However, finding the right pair of shorts can often be tricky. After all, there are just so many factors that need to be considered. From its fit to material, it’s very important to find just the right pair of shorts because one has to use them for a very long time.

If you are a man looking for shorts or perhaps a girl who is looking for gift suggestions or go for the tomboy look, you are in the right place. Preppy, relaxed or athletic, we are here with our top recommendations on the best shorts for men.

Here is the list of Best Shorts For Men:

Veirdo Men’s Sports Shorts

Veirdo Men's Sports Shorts

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Camo shorts are always in fashion. From a shopping day out to go for a jog, camo shorts are always in handy and we have just the right pick for you.

These cargo shorts from Veirdo is one of the most comfortable pairs out there with a very soft material. One of the best attributes about this short is that it will not shrink its size after washing. The fabric used is premium quality cotton with bio washed fabric for a good color pay-off.

It is well-fitted with sufficient pockets to keep your phone, wallet, and other small stuff. To ensure extra safety, it has a zippered pocket so your material remains safe.

Its discharge ink is a water-based product for better quality. For a longer time, make sure to not dry the item in sunlight and not to bleach it. It is also available in other colors and patterns to choose from.

M.R.D. Men’s & Women Running Shorts

M.R.D. Men's & Women Running Shorts

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For extra savings and more variety, we have this combo pack recommendation for you. Offered by M.R.D, it consists of 3 running shorts in the classic black, grey and blue colors with stylish stripes on its sides in different colors.

These shirts are stylish, comfortable, and have an excellent fit.  The fabric is designed in a way that would easily let go of stains with a piece of quick-drying fabric.

To keep your valuables safe, it has 2 side pockets and both zippered. The material is composed of ultra-premium 100% honeycomb. These shorts are perfect for workouts due to its breathable texture and lightweight material.

You don’t need to invest much of your time and efforts in its maintenance as you can simply machine wash or hand wash them in mild soap.

GREENWICH Men’s Sports Shorts

GREENWICH Men's Sports Shorts

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Next up, we have these amazing quality sports shorts presented by Greenwich.  Designed in a way to ensure the maximum level of comfort, it is perfect for sporty activities and even for leisure wear at home.

Its closer type is elastic with a knot so you wear it as per your size and the fit that you desire. It uses very long-lasting cotton and is very lightweight.

This product is bio-washed so the fabric quality is enhanced and gives a more refined, cleaner, and lustrous look. This further makes it look gentle but increases its durability.

This particular product is in grey color with a pop of orange but you can also choose from its other variants.

Pride Apparel Men’s Pure Cotton Shorts with Pockets

Pride Apparel Men's Pure Cotton Shorts with Pockets

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Next, we have another combination pack for you offered by Pride Apparel. Pride Apparel is proud of its excellent workmanship made up of the finest mills.

This set consists of three pairs of shorts in deep blue, subtle grey, and black color with white borders. The fabric is made up of 100% cotton which is extra soft with enhanced softness and feel.

It is breathable and lightweight, making it perfect for both casual wear and workout. To add to its classy appearance, it is designed with a slim fit look so you can easily wear it outside. Its side on-seam pockets are only an add on.

GREENWICH Men’s Sports Shorts

GREENWICH Men's Sports Shorts

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We have another recommendation from the Greenwich brand for you.  This is again a pair of grey shorts with a thin orange stripe on its side. It is also available in various other shades and patterns so you can choose as per your vibe.

It has an elastic opening with a knot for your comfort. The comfort level is excellent and so is the bio-washed material. The pockets are deep enough to hold maximum carriable material without the risk of falling and losing. With a variety of colors to choose from, this product is definitely worth the price.

US Polo Association Men’s Plain Cotton Boxer

US Polo Association Men's Plain Cotton Boxer

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These branded shorts from US POLO is one of our top recommendations. It has everything that we look for while finding the perfect pair of shorts.

The fabric is premium quality cotton. It is extra soft, smooth, breathable, and has a great absorbency. Its inner elastic waistband is softly brushed for more comfort.

For all-day comfort, it has a tagless back. There are two side slits on the bottom so you can easily move your legs in all directions. It has an open inner fly with a button fastener for convenience. Available in many unique shades, get this value for money shorts now!

US Polo Association Men’s Plain Cotton Boxer

US Polo Association Men's Plain Cotton Boxer

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We have another classic pair of shorts for you by US Polo Association. This pair of shorts comes in the evergreen black color. It is composed of premium quality combed woven cotton that gives an extremely soft and smooth touch.

It has a very relaxed fit so you can wear it for comfort at the gym or for leisure time at home. So that one does not feel uncomfortable itching on the backside, its branding tag is woven on the front and outside in the center.

It has 2 side pockets for convenience and for storage. Its elastic waist is covered with a soft woven fabric so you can remain comfortable all day long. For the unhindered movement of the legs, there are two side slits.

This becomes extremely useful when it comes to jogging or working out. The fabric is not extremely stretchy so you need not worry about its wearing and tearing off.

Jockey Men’s Cotton Boxers 

Jockey Men's Cotton Boxers (Pack of 2)(Colors & Print May Vary)

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When it comes to leisure wear and comfortable clothes for home and gymming, Jockey is one of the leading and recognized brands for such items. It has gained an unbeatable reputation due to its top-notch quality in a variety of designs and patterns.

Hence, we have this amazing short recommendation for you offered by Jockey. These checked shorts in white and blue color is composed of 100% cotton. It has a very durable inner waistband that is ultra-soft for ultra-comfort. You can make use of its convenient side pockets to store essentials while going out for a walk.

The cotton material is a super combed mercerized woven fabric that is durable, soft, and strong. On top of that, it has a double reinforced front and back seams. The button placket is concealed with a front opener so it looks stylish as ever.

Longies Men’s Regular Boxer Shorts

Longies Men's Regular Boxer Shorts (Pack of 3)

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Another super saver combo set for you, these shorts from Longies are a combination of cute and comfortable. This stylish pair of shorts will surely turn some head around with its adorable printed patterns.

Its material is as good as it looks. Made up of 100% cotton, they will keep you dry and cool throughout the day, leaving no moisture and sweat to bug you.

The print is vibrant and will not fade away even after multiple washes. Its construction lays flat for extra comfort and can be worn all day long with its comfortable waistband. To add to its extra looks, the pockets are given on the backside. It comes in a variety of other great patterns so you can choose yours accordingly.

It is to be noted that this product is not eligible for return or exchange but the fit is incredibly great that you will not even need it. Refer to the size chart carefully so you get the right fit the first time itself.

Ezee Sleeves Men’s Running Shorts

Ezee Sleeves Men's Running Shorts (Pack of 2)

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Next up, we have this combo pack of 2 by Ezee. These regular-fit shorts are made up of a high quality 100% cotton and breathable material.

It is a cotton blend fabric is extremely stretchy and feels very lightweight to wear throughout the day.

The shorts are designed in an elegant manner and have safety pockets for the storage of your phone, cards, wallet, and most importantly, face mask! The waistband is made up of elastic but for extra convenience, it has an adjustable drawstring so you can set it as your own support.

They are easy to take care of and the checkered design in white base and black color base is super trendy and evergreen!

US Polo Association Men’s Printed Boxers

US Polo Association Men's Printed Boxers

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These are some of our favorite recommendations in terms of both design and comfort from the US Polo Association. It is composed of premium quality 100% cotton that has the softness of a feather along with good breathability.

It has absorbent properties so you need not worry about sweating too much, especially in summers and during workouts. The high-quality fabric print is USPA inspired as it consists of tribal creatures such as human figures and horses, which adds to its aesthetics.

The elastic band on the waist provides extra comfort with its fabric covering. These are for both comfort wear, leisurewear, or workouts.

Puma Men’s Shorts

Puma Men's Shorts

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Best known for its ultra-premium quality, Puma is one of the leading brands in terms of leisure and activewear. It is also worn by many style icons, from Selena Gomez to Virat Kohli and even the most elite athletes like Usain Bolt.

These shorts from Puma are one of our classiest picks.  The style name is ESS Sweat Bermuda and it surely absorbs all the excess sweat so you can remain dry and cool all day long! It has the Puma logo printed on one of its legs and the rest is all black, so you can wear it anytime, anywhere, and with any t-shirt or shirt.

The material is made up of 40% polyester and 60% cotton, which only increases its stretchability and durability. To make them last even longer, be sure to wash it inside out and not to use chlorine bleach for washing.

JUGULAR Men’s Regular Shorts

JUGULAR Men's Regular Shorts

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This pair of shorts by Jugular is one of the most affordable and quality shorts out in the market. It is composed of 100% cotton that is a bio washed fabric.

This in turn makes the cotton fabric so much sifter and stronger than before. It has pockets on both sides so that you can stuff maximum material in it safely.

Even though it is black in color, it has a fun and funky minster design to keep up with the trends. This item is definitely a steal deal. Go grab this now!

Amazon Brand – Symbol Men’s Regular Fit Cotton Denim Shorts

Amazon Brand - Symbol Men's Regular Fit Cotton Denim Shorts

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If you are looking for a pair of shorts that look simply amazing and can easily be worn in cool cafes and other retreats, this pair by Amazon Symbol is the best that one can go for.

Made up of cotton denim, it is a midrise short and looks sturdy. The fitting is relaxed and it comes in a number of other shades. It has a button closure with a zip tie.

For more longevity, it is suggested to machine wash this product in a gentle cycle with not chlorine bleach. If you want to nail your every look regardless of casual or relax wear, go for it!

Ben Martin Men’s Relaxed Shorts 

Ben Martin Men's Relaxed Shorts (BM-Tape-Blue-Shorts-W-R-N)

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Since denim is so in trend right now, we have another pair of denim shorts for you by Ben Martin. This item is again in denim blue with a stripe tape design on the sides for a trendier design.

The cotton fabric used in the making of the product is very fine and pre-shrunk and pill-resistant. It is classy and comfortable as it is a relaxed fit. This is another one of our must-have picks with a sturdy material and versatile design.

GREENWICH Men’s Sports Shorts

GREENWICH Men's Sports Shorts

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These sports shorts offered by Greenwich is in black color with an orange design on its sides. This product is true to its size and made up of amazing quality bio-washed cotton.

For maximum stuffing, it has deep and spacious pockets on both of its sides. Its closing type is elastic with a knot so you can adjust accordingly.

The color used is rich a deep with controlled shrinkage and long-lasting vibrance. You can jog, rest or simply to the grocery store and look stylish and feel comfortable.


We hope you like all the pair of shorts that we recommended. You can try on different shorts and choose the one that suits you best and return the rest. Please feel free to drop a comment about what you want to see next. All suggestions are welcome and stay tuned to know more!

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