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15 Best Sites to Buy Mobile Covers & Cases In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Sites to Purchase Mobile covers

In today’s world there’s a dire need for durable and stylish smartphone covers because everyone owns a smartphone and wants to make their smartphone look better than that of the other person’s, but oftentimes we just can’t find anything unique yet heavy-duty on well-known sites like Amazon and Flipkart so in this article we’ve named a few sites that aren’t too well-known but offer great (and sturdy) mobile covers at great discounts. 

So if you’re tired of the commonly found cases, then give these sites a try, I’m quite sure you won’t regret it. 

Here is the list of Best Sites to Buy Phone Covers & Cases:


Trenx is relatively new and small in the e-commerce market and that’s why they don’t offer cases for brands other than Apple and Oneplus as of now.

So if you are a user of Apple or Oneplus phones, you should definitely check their website as they offer cases by their types for instance Silicone, Glass, Camera Sliding, leather, printed(fancy), transparent cases, etc. They also sell their products through Amazon and apart from phone cases, they offer cable protectors, chargers, earphones, and pop sockets. 


Flipkart.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

The second-last shopping site is saved for the best and the most renowned shopping sites in India namely Flipkart! Flipkart was founded in 2007 as a bookstore with just $ 6000 but today it earns up to $1.5 billion per year. 

Flipkart is the biggest competitor of Amazon in India and Amazon had tried to acquire it but failed. Flipkart is quite similar to Amazon but the major difference is that it is a Home-made sire and I think purchasing things from Flipkart is a bit safer than purchasing from Amazon.

Considering they’re an e-commerce site, you can find a lot of mobile covers, you’ll even get suggestions for covers when you purchase the phone along with glass protectors, but sadly unlike the others, you won’t get many custom cases unless the seller provides it.

The best part about Flipkart might be its coins, which can be used during purchases to save some money. 


Amazon.in: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

And thus we’ve reached the end of our journey but hold up! We still have one last site left namely Amazon.in! I initially wanted to leave it out but added it anyway.

Now there ain’t a single person in this world that doesn’t know Amazon, everyone regularly purchases things from them that range from TVs to groceries so it’s obvious that they’ll have mobile covers. 

Although unlike the others, Amazon doesn’t create those covers by themselves, there are many mobile accessories providers like Qrioh, Beawara, and others that actively sell their products on Amazon.

So if you’re looking for covers for your brand new device, Amazon will recommend good cases, although Amazon often sees a lot of mishaps with its goods, especially when they’re costly; so be careful purchasing from Amazon.in (Maybe it’s just me, but Amazon Prime is a big joke).

If you want high-quality covers with a lot of variety, then go for Amazon global but you’ll have to pay a bit more there. 


Qrioh.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

The first site to purchase mobile covers here is Qrioh.com, if you’ve read any mobile covers articles by us, then you must already know about this particular site. This site offers some of the best cases that’ll make your precious phone look impressive and something you’ll definitely want to flaunt.

Qrioh thinks that your phone and it’s case is your identity and can tell other about what type of person you are– this is a bit true as it’ll give the other person some clue about your habits, like using brightly colored cases tells that you’re colorful (do note that I’m not a Sherlock, he’d tell you the exact thing). 

Qrioh offers more than 1000 beautifully designed cases for about 19 smartphone brands and their 580+ phone models. They provide various types of cases like Silicone, Printed, Glass, Neon (glow cases), and Glitter cases; if that’s not enough for you, then you can get customized cases from them.

Other than mobile cases, they also provide MacBook covers, Custom power banks, grip sockets, and passport covers. All the covers supplied are made in India. 


Bewakoof.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

Next up we have a Bewakoof, another site you must know about if you’ve read any of our earlier mobile covers articles, but even if you haven’t read our earlier then you still must’ve heard about it as it’s a quite well-known fashion brand in India.

If you’re looking for some stupid mobile covers then this is the right place because Bewakoof definitely knows how to do stupid (stupid is as a stupid does eh?).

Considering Bewakoof is more focused on clothes and other accessories, they don’t have different types of cases like Qrioh does so they only provide some good quality designer hard mobile cases and premium glass covers for around 10 smartphone brands; other than cases you can find earphones, charging cables, clothes, backpacks, and notebooks. Bewakoof is an Indian brand so you can easily get your hands on the most trendy, and contemporary Indian style goodies.  


Thesouledstore.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

After the Bewakoof we have a souled store which is as popular as Bewakoof but is a bit smaller than Bewakoof; and if you’re wondering if they have any soul stones for sale, they don’t but they do have other colorful and stylish stuff. 

After learning and reading about them, I’ve realized that they love what they do and are quite funny and love cracking puns. They’d started with 4 people while now they have over 150 people and a warehouse.

They design great products and give great deals and discounts on t-shirts, Phone cases, hoodies, mugs, and etc.

But as we’re talking about mostly phone covers, let’s stick to it; unlike the other two sites above, “The Souledstore” offers mobile covers for only 4 smartphone brands and only 20 smartphone models. 

Even though they offer covers for limited brands, they have some of the incredible looking LED and glass cases.

If you’re looking for a case related to your favorite movies, TV shows, musicians, and others then the Souledstore is the right place to get them all because they believe in celebrating our fandom and helping you keep up with the Pop culture trendz. 


Beawara.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

Guess we have all types of sites in India, I mean we’ve got a stupid store, a souled store that doesn’t sell Soul stones, and now we have a Romeo who sells pretty tasteful stuff which I daresay is a lil better than the others. 

BeAwara is quite like bewakoof and TheSouledstore so here you’ll find more than just mobile cases, although they do have some of the best looking mobile cases I’ve ever seen.

They also provide great discounts on cases, so if you buy 2 mobile cases, you’ll get 1 case for free; BeAwara offers mobile cases for 11 smartphone brands and around 1000 smartphone models (crude estimate).

I found some of the coolest looking cases on BeAwara that I couldn’t find anywhere else, I mean do you want a case that looks like a DSLR or a battery panel? BeAwara has them. 

As I’ve mentioned before, they have more than just smartphone covers, so here you’ll find couples T-shirts, printed mugs, t-shirts, gifts, and other things. 


Stayclassy.in: Site to Purchase Mobile covers: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

After BeAwara we’ve got stayclassy that’ll help you keep up with the latest trends; this site is a mix of Qrioh and Bewakoof so here you’ll find a lot of printed stuff along with exquisite mobile covers. 

Stay classy provides back cases for 13 smartphone phone brands and around 1000 smartphone models, they offer 3 types of covers, namely designer slim covers, glass covers, and neon sand glow covers.

Most of the cases offered by them look better than the ones available on Qrioh but in terms of quality, they’re slightly inferior to Qrioh mobile cases as their glass covers are made up of tempered glass instead of gorilla glass. 

Other than covers they also provide custom printed wall clocks, wristwatches, mugs, keychains, photo cases, and t-shirts. 


Dailyobjects.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

Dailyobjects is a mobile accessories firm that considers art and design for their products. They differentiate their product through the wide collection of art and design, instead of running behind trends.

They offer a wide variety of designs, and different designs don’t have different prices, they all cost the same. And the great thing about them is that they offer unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else as they thrive to create original designs.

And for the durability of the design they use advanced MT3 technology. They offer different types of cases like Designer Glass, Classic Clear, Leather wallet, etc. 

Launched in 2011, today they have over 5000 designers and cases for over 100 models of global brands. They offer cases for brands like Apple, Oneplus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. 



If you are a user of Apple or Samsung phones and looking for some strong and simple cases you should definitely check the Starelabs website. You might not find some pop culture printed cases, but you’ll definitely find some elegant and strong cases.

And do remember that they don’t accept returns, if you have doubts you can contact them via WhatsApp before ordering. Other than cases they also deal with apple watch straps. 

For delivery they are partnered with FedEx, Blue Dart, etc, so you’ll get your product delivered within 2-5 days. 


Hkbasics.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

Hkbasics is similar to Starelabs as they also offer minimalistic and simple phone cases. But as of now, they don’t have a huge collection of phone covers, they offer cases only for only Apple and Oneplus phones. 


They offer high-quality cases and fast shipping (ships within 24 hrs of ordering) so you won’t have to wait for long. Apart from phone cases they also deal with AirPods cases, backpacks, cushions, stationery, and much more. They also have their cases listed on Amazon, if in case Amazon is more familiar to you. 


Coveritup.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

Next, we have another great shopping portal for phone cases, namely Coveritup. Coveritup offers a ton of trendy and aesthetic designs of mobile cases, which are inspired by the latest pop culture trends across the globe.

You can find a huge variety of popular cases like 3d design cases, LED cases, glitter cases, and even custom phone cases. They let you design your phone case, you just need to put a few details like brand name, model number, etc.

Coveritup started in 2013 with just Rs 21,000 investment and a Facebook page. There weren’t many creative and innovative designs in mobile accessories back then, and soon that Facebook page turned into an e-commerce platform. 

Coveritup has a team that handles design, a team that makes sure that the product is durable and easy to use, and a team that does research and brings up new ideas, so you won’t be disappointed if you buy a phone case from Coveritup.

They have partnered with Marvel, DC, Friends, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, etc. to offer licensed merchandise. Other than mobile cases they have a huge collection of t-shirts, stationary, masks, etc. 


Coverscart.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

Coverscart also started in 2013 when innovation and creativity were just setting up in the mobile accessories market. Coverscart is known for their amazing designs as they understand that your phone cover reflects your personality and is a style statement.

No matter what personality you have, you’ll definitely find a case on Coverscart that will protect your investment. They offer high-quality products and premium support to their customers at affordable prices.

And unlike Coveritup they are entirely based on phone cases, so whether you are looking for a case for your iPhone, Samsung, or something else you’ll find a huge variety of trendy and durable cases for it. 

Above that, they offer free shipping through the fastest available courier services with live tracking. You can pay through credit card, debit card, net banking, or cash on delivery. 


Casekaro.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

Casekaro might not be the most known platform to buy phone cases, but they have a wide variety of exclusive designs for cases just like other sites mentioned in this list.

Great thing is that they don’t target a particular age group, so whether you are looking for something trendy or sophisticated office type you’ll easily find it on Casekaro at affordable prices. And for the durability of their cases, they use hard plastic – polycarbonate. 

Apart from phone covers they also sell other accessories like pop holders and Mouse pad. They are steadily adopting the changes in the trends so that they can cater to what their customer needs. 

They take some time to deliver the product once you place your order, they dispatch your order in 24-48 hrs which will be delivered within 4-7 days. And if you cancel your order after they dispatched it, Rs 100 will be deducted in that case. 


Yourdealindia.com: Site to Purchase Mobile covers

Next, we have Yourdealindia, this e-commerce site was an experimental startup, established in 2012. They do wholesale and retail trade in a wide variety of products, by bringing innovative gadgets from all across the world at the best prices.

And hence it’s another great place where you can find a wide variety of cases and covers. It’s hard to trust sites which we haven’t heard about but you don’t need to worry as they ensure that the product is 100% original and also offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.

But the only downfall is that as of now they only offer cases for Apple, Oneplus, and Xiaomi, but if you let them know about your needs they can help you in procuring and delivering Mobile cases or some other accessories from US/UK based sites. Apart from that they also offer free worldwide shipping. 


Time to say goodbye matey, I sincerely hope after this you’ve bookmarked a bunch of mobile covers from the various sites given above.

There are many other sites to purchase mobile covers from but I think those given are more than enough to cover your needs, but if you wish to recommend any site to us, then do leave us a comment.

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