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25 Best Indian SMM Panels for All Social Media Services (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Businesses and industries are now using any resources they can to market and advertise their services and products. SMM is basically the short form of Social Media Marketing. It is the form of internet marketing where social media platforms are used as marketing tools. According to recent surveys, over 53% of the world’s population uses social media, which is hundreds of billions. So, if you want something to reach people fast, you can always use social media. SMM services are now available all around the world. Using SMM can advertise and give exposure to your brand in a very effective way. This can also broaden the reach to get among the customers. Various SMM panels help companies and businesses satisfy their SMM needs.

One of the main components of SMM is SMO, Social Media Optimization. It is similar to SEO, which will help you attract the right clients and customers to your online platforms and offline offices. 

Best SMM Panel India


SocialPanel - smm panel

With SocialPanel, you can get Facebook Page likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and many other services at cheap prices. In addition to being a wholesale service provider, SocialPanel can deliver your order in super-quick time.

As well as tracking your order and getting information, you also receive 24/7 customer support. Full automation and responsiveness are both provided in this SMM panel. Sign up, deposit, pick services, and you will receive your order very soon. 

You can easily get the pricing of Instagram likes, YouTube views, Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, and Twitter followers on SocialPanel’s website and we can assure you that it is very budget-friendly. There are several payment options supported by SocialPanel.



Experience a cutting-edge website for SMM Panel India serving multiple countries. Order completion takes just a few minutes through the system with exceptional prices. As prices are best suited for Indian users, taking services becomes easy and affordable. All the services are really simple and in the case of further SMMBuzz has many experts waiting to set their account ahead.

This perfect social media marketing store has all the pieces of the puzzle. Services offer variant results and there is a live statistic of top SMM panel services that they are constantly sending out. Like creators who ordered before, new creators can order from SMMBuzz too. Results from the plans are living proof of the authenticity of the plans. From the latest websites like Clubhouse and Vimeo to the veterans in social media, the 1000+ plans offer anything and everything.



With this social media marketing tool, you get top-notch social media marketing services that would make you infallible in the social media space. 

For those who want to resell SMM panels to clients, SMMRush is a great option because it offers top quality at a low price, keeping it one of the cheapest SMM panels available. Through the website’s ingenious interface and easy navigation, it goes above and beyond to provide users with ease and comfort.

SMMRush is fully compatible with any social media platform you can imagine, providing great services for each site. You can choose from their bundles of services the one that best fits your interests, subscribe to it and see the changes right away on your profile, and just like that, everything begins to happen. Site members can make payments with Mastercard, Visa, or through SMM Panels with PayPal. 



SocialPanel24 is an SMM service provider based in Dubai, however, it also offers services in India. Over 23,000 users have signed up with them, and it has completed 2.1 million orders. The rank-based profile of this panel allows users to join for free and upgrade as needed to VIP or Master.

For all users of the SMM panel, the Master Status offers additional benefits. As part of these benefits, you are informed about all new services early and quickly, receive customer support, and are eligible for a $500 lottery.

With SocialPanel24 you get a cheap SMM panel that accepts Paytm and is one of the top SMM panels. First-time customers of SocialPanel24 will receive a 5% discount. You can pay on Socialpanel24 using apps like Cash Maal, Payeer, PayOP, Payoneer, Skrill, and even Bitcoin. MasterCard and Visa payment options are also available.

The price of SMM packages on this website is quite budget-friendly, as you can buy 1,000 website visitors for only $0.20, 1000 Likes on Facebook page for $4.50, and 1000 subscribers on YouTube for $4.85, etc.

Instant Fans

Instant Fans

Instant Fans was launched in 2016 and has gained high popularity since then. YouTube and Instagram users often label it as one of the cheapest SMM panels.  The panel is also among the most active and cheap SMM panels that offer services to Instagram users, TikTok users, Facebook users, YouTube users, etc.

Over the past few years, InstantFans has delivered amazing results to over 1 million customers and processed over 20 million orders. Also, you can use Instant Fans API to create a custom Instagram followers panel to see your growth over time. 

InstantFans provide SMM services such as 1000 Facebook likes at $5.01 and 1000 YouTube Subscribers at $19.50. The only disadvantage of Instant fans is that it offers only a few payment gateways, including Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Altcoins, and WebMoney.


SMMPanel is among the top SMM panels in India and if you want to increase your engagement on various social media platforms, it is a great option. This is quite unique as it offers convenient service shopping to customers at its website as well as an app. So that you are able to receive services in a convenient manner.

SMMPanel’s services are generally priced- you can buy 1000 YouTube Subscribers for $15.00, 1000 Facebook Likes for $4.62, and 1000 Web Traffic for $0.65.

This SMM panel does not support payments through PayPal like others. You can only pay through Cryptocurrency, Payeer, Perfect Money, Payoneer, and credit/debit cards.


LikesMarket is an extremely popular SMM panel that specializes in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Its SMM services are much superior to those offered by other SMM firms because it only targets three of the largest social networking websites.

As compared with other best SMM panels, LikesMarket’s SMM services are a bit expensive. 1000 Facebook page likes cost $10.00 and 1000 Instagram followers cost $50.00. LikesMarket accepts payments only through Cryptocurrency, PaymentWall, credit, and debit cards.

YoYo media

YoYo media is another SMM panel excellent for resellers because of its affordability rate and high quality of reselling. The services YoYo media provides for any social media platform the user might be interested in are of the best quality. Users can, for instance, buy followers for their Facebook pages, organic likes on their posts, and gain a large audience on Facebook.

For Instagram and Tik Tok, it offers various services where you can purchase followers, subscribers, video views, live stream views, and just about anything else you can think of.  Currently, it’s one of the best SMM Panels for Instagram followers.

Furthermore, it ensures that you go from being an average, old and normal page to being a master in your field. Due to the fact that this site is a PayPal SMM Panel, it is possible to make one-time payments easily.


The SMM.net panel is based in Russia but also offers Indian clients an SMM package. Giveaways are what make this SMM panel so special. It offers a $250 giveaway to lucky visitors who follow all the necessary rules and steps. To qualify, you must join the SMM.Net Facebook group. Additionally, it offers a 10% deposit bonus.

Among SMM.net’s best-value services are 1000 subscribers on YouTube cost $4.68, 1000 website visitors cost $0.87, and 1000 Facebook likes cost $5.82. These SMM services can be bought easily through Paytm (a popular Indian payment gateway), bitcoin, altcoins, perfect money, and credit/debit cards.


Peakerr.com offers some of the best organic services in our list of SMM panels. They provide likes, comments, shares, views, and other organic activities from real and active accounts. This boosts your visibility on social media and gives your profile real engagement. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, SoundCloud, and many other social networks are all compatible with Peakerr.com.

For any service that gets dropped, Peakerr.com offers a policy of free refill. A 24-hour customer service is also available to assist with any questions you may have. You can get excellent SMM services at reasonable prices at Peakerr. You can get 1000 followers on Instagram for $6.50, 1000 followers on TikTok for $3.40, and 1000 video views on Facebook for $0.313.

Aside from this, Peakerr.com also offers a free trial that consists of engagement packs for different social media platforms. It includes- the first one gives you 50 Instagram likes each day, another gives you 1000 Instagram and TikTok views, and the third one gives you 10 TikTok views and 100 Instagram followers. This is quite amazing as it helps you see how the SMM panel is working on different social media platforms.

Peakerr.com accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, Altcoins, Payoneer, and Credit/ Debit cards as payment methods. Moreover, your first deposit is eligible for a 5% deposit bonus.


According to its website, MySmmStore is one of the best SMM panels in the world. It offers high-quality SMM services to buy Instagram followers, Facebook Likes, YouTube Subscriptions, Twitter Followers, and Web traffic.

The delivery service is totally automated. Furthermore, MySmmStore’s services are available starting at a price of $0.001. Therefore, we have the best quality service on a cheap SMM panel.

You can purchase MySmmStore’s best SMM services at $0.06 per 1000 Instagram views, $0.06 per 1000 SoundCloud plays, $0.06 per 1000 Spotify Track plays, and $3.24 per 1000 YouTube views.

There are many payment methods that MySmmStore accepts, including Paytm, Perfect Money, PayPal, Bitcoin, and debit and credit cards. In addition to being the most reliable and reputable SMM panel, it is also one of the most secure.


Aside from being one of the cheapest SMM panels, Smmruler offers competitive offers with support for all social media networks. Smmruler.com distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering instant automatic submissions, high-quality services, multiple payment options, and 24/7 customer service.

Also, you can buy and resell social media services like Instagram followers, comments, YouTube views, Spotify plays, Facebook Page likes, and more at SMMruler.com. PayPal, Perfect Money, Web Money, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Credit/Debit Cards are accepted on SMMruler.com.

Smmruler.com offers the following services: 1000 Instagram followers for $0.75, 1000 Instagram likes for $0.09, 1000 Facebook likes for $1.44, and 1000 YouTube views for $0.77.

Fast Supply

In addition to providing results fast, the Fast Supply SMM panel is another fantastic choice for affiliates and resellers. It offers a child panel that allows you to buy their services at a discount of 5 to 10% so you can profit as your clients make purchases. Their services support all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, as well as generating traffic for your website.

In addition, it provides the best quality services at a very affordable rate, with services as 1000 Facebook likes for $5.00, 1000 authentic YouTube subscribers for $14, and $0.48 for web traffic to 1000 websites. Payment methods available on the site include PayPal, Paytm, debit cards, credit cards, Bitcoin, and so on.

SMM Follows

The SMM panel offers services for as little as $0.1, making it one of the most affordable platforms available. As a leader in the social media marketing industry, SMM Follows has an impressive accumulating of over seven million orders. This provides evidence that they are a reliable and experienced company.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, among many others, are all services provided by this company. Moreover, SMM also considers the affiliate with their considerate child panel as it allows the reseller to sell to their clients at a price that fits their needs, all they need to do is rent an SMM panel and pay the monthly fee.

Paying for this service involves logging into your account on the website, signing up, and checking the accepted payment methods, including credit card payments, PayPal, Bitcoin, Altcoin, and so on. The Instagram followers SMM panel is also internationally recognized. 


You can easily transform your profile into a sensation using this SMM panel. Influencers become famous overnight with this method. To make it seem more natural, you can use the drip-feed feature which allows followers, likes, and views to grow over time and not hit something that happened right away.

In addition, it has a mass order feature that allows you to order services in bulk, so if you have a couple of tasks at hand and lack the time to order services one by one, this would be a very useful feature.

In addition, it works on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and even Twitter despite its security restrictions. Additionally, Marketeum allows you to buy views, clicks, and other metrics to boost your online presence. Several major payment methods can be used to pay for it, including cryptocurrencies.


You would also become quite famous with this renowned SMM service provider. Among the main reasons why so many people go to the site is the low price point since purchases usually begin at $0.1 per 1000 likes. It’s very affordable and appealing. As an affiliate, you have an added advantage as you can make money selling SMM panels.

They provide several services across various social media platforms, so if you need to do all of your online audience development in one place, these guys are a good option for you. In addition to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok, it can work on other social media networks as well and provide a great service there.

To take advantage of these services, you must register on the site, select one of the many options, and you can also access additional services. If you select the mass order option, you can make your payments using the fast, easy, and secure payment methods on the website and sit back to observe the changes on your profile.

Famous Panel

Make yourself famous with the help of this SMM panel. When you use your brand for private gain, everyone will know about you. The company is known for offering services on just about every major platform.

With more than seven million services ordered and 57 thousand active members, Famous Panel has accumulated these statistics during its eight years in the social media advertising business, proving that you can rely on them entirely for your social media presence.

Enjoying the quality services of this company is simple. Signing up on their website is the first step. After that, you will deposit some money into your account, and don’t worry, all payments will be made through trustworthy payment processors. A lifetime guarantee is also included!

India Smart Panel

India Smart Panel is a local panel for an Indian market. It has one of the cheapest price markets with prices starting from 0.001 dollars. India Smart Panel fully equipped with 24-hour support staff for the tools on the panel. It has an easy interface and design and is very friendly to users. Often these Social Media Marketing tools can have difficult panels to comprehend and understand, however, India Smart Panel is created to be easily used, it is also a very cheap SMM panel and one of the best SMM panels. 

It has been created to be easily used by someone not experienced in digital marketing or SEO content, and thus it is rendered incredibly useful for beginners who want to start using Social Media Panels.

Bulk Follows

Bulk Follows is yet another one of the best sites for SMM panels that can help you achieve great things with an increase in online presence. They have 24/7 customer support that assists you in the purchasing process and even tries to customize the package according to your requirements.

They have been in the field for over 8 years and know how to make a mark in the online world. Their well-priced packages will certainly help to accelerate your growth and realize the true potential of your profile. The website is easy to comprehend for anyone and purchasing is hassle-free as well.

SMM Guide

  • What is an SMM Panel?

SMM Panels, also called Social Media marketing panels, are marketing tools that provide services for social media. Services like these include subscribers, followers, comments, views, likes, and shares for different social media platforms.

  • Is SMM Panel legal and safe?

Most people have this question about Indian SMM panels – is the service legal or safe? Neither SMM panels nor any SMM service is illegal according to law. The use of such services may be subject to different rules and regulations in every country.

The two biggest social media platforms, YouTube and Facebook, take strict actions against individuals who purchase likes, comments, followers, or subscribers. If you are thinking of buying YouTube subscribers in bulk, make sure you check the YouTube community’s terms and conditions before doing so.

Let’s talk about the safety aspect of SMM services, in particular Indian SMM panels. It is safe to use SMM panels. There are some SMM panels that aren’t safe to use if they are used constantly. Many cheap SMM panels deliver bots rather than real followers and subscribers. You may also lose access to your social media accounts as a result.

  • How to choose an SMM service?

Since so many providers offer SMM panels, it can become confusing. What should you choose? Can they all be trusted? Not at all. As this is a popular industry, there will always be scammers and bad service providers. Choosing a good SMM panel website is not easy. That’s why we have listed a few general guidelines you should keep in mind.

  • Good security

Ensure that the site is SSL-encrypted. Check for it. Normally, if a site does not have this encryption, it should raise red flags.

  • Customer support

A quality customer support system should be available on the site. Prior to entering, check to see if it is responsive.

  • Transparency

There should be a clear statement of all information and terms. In case something is unclear in the fine print, you may want to inquire with customer support.

  • Your budget and needs

It is important to choose a provider whose prices are within your budget. Don’t jump straight to the cheapest. Look for one that offers more reliable service.


SMM Panel sometimes fails to work. Why?

The site might be experiencing technical difficulties. Contact your customer support team immediately if your SMM panel stops working. If you do not hear back, the site you selected might be a scam.

What is a child panel?

Child panels are called reseller panels. SMM panels generally support child panels. You can create your own SMM panel by adding a child panel to the site. A child panel also includes the following features:

  1. Add all SMM services
  2. Pricing packages can be set with percentages
  3. Various currencies are supported
  4. Any service can be added, removed, edited, disabled, or enabled
  5. Customer payments are received instantly
  6. Receive all the features of your admin panel

Among all SMM panels, which one is the cheapest?

There are many SMM panels on the list above that offer affordable services. In any case, if you are looking for an inexpensive SMM panel, you can pick between SMMRush, SMM-Heaven, Instant Fans, and SocialPanel24.

What is the most effective SMM panel in India?

SMM panels on this list perform best in India. Ultimately, it depends on what you need. So, evaluate each SMM panel’s services and pick the one that suits you best.

What is the top SMM panel for YouTube growth?

We recommend SocialPanel24 to get more YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers.

What are the best SMM panels in the world?

Each of the above SMM panels is a top and best SMM panel in the world, as mentioned previously. You can choose according to the type of service, budget, and timeline you need.

What is PayPal SMM panel?

PayPal usually does not allow you to add money for free. Using PayPal as a payment gateway makes it easy for you to purchase services through the PayPal SMM panels.


The method of approach by the SMM panel will be very different based on the size of the company, its goals, and the requirements of the brand. All one has to do, is find the right SMM panel that suits their needs. There are many countries in the world like the UK, USA, and India that have some of the best SMM panels in the world, that will help the brands manage everything related to social media, giving them more time on their hands to focus on the other aspects of the brand. 

A brand is not just based on its success in social media, the other fields also matter. Given above is the SMM panelist of some of the best SMM panels in India and they are the SMM panels every Indian approaches, despite the size of their brand. The given services are very affordable, trustworthy, and can be trusted to get the work done in time in high quality. If you are in India and in need of an SMM panel to personalize your results by considering every aspect of your brand, you can choose from this SMM panel list. Get the best and get the work done in a jiffy!

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