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10 Best Software Companies In India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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The world is consistently outgrowing conventional old modes of functioning and is speeding into an era of technologies. Software companies are taking the lead today and we as a generation are moving towards an alien century full of infinite possibilities.

Software development companies have indeed come a long way and have simplified our lives in so many inexplicable ways, saving us a great amount of time and energy.

From developing websites, eCommerce industries, mobile applications, to providing IT solutions for healthcare, education etc, today the IT sector has occupied a central position in the functioning of the consumer-producer market and this demand has also given rise to a global heated competition where many IT companies in the world are trying their best to be listed amongst the top 10 software companies of the world.

Even though Indian software companies still have a lot of scope for growth and advancement, there are a few companies that have buckled-up for a couple of years and are incessantly advancing and making their way to the top.

Here are the 10 best Indian software companies that are worth knowing.

Trigent software

Trigent software: Software Company

Founded in the year 1995 by Bharat khatau, Trigent Software is a considerably early IT company that has been pushing high, the bar of IT outsourcing in India as well as the globe, to their best abilities.

They specialize in Core, Disruptive, Front-end/UI Technologies and have been delivering innumerable customized services ranging from Cloud Services, Mobility, Product Engineering and Offshore Software Development etc across education, healthcare, manufacture and many other industries.

They have a proven record of developing more than 400 outshining products so far which is an exceptional track record so far. The company is known for the rapport that it develops with its customers.

That rapport quite majorly influences Trigent’s customized services which in turn facilitate the company to actualize its mission of helping its customers overcome financial limits and time constraints.

Appentus Technologies

Appentus Technologies: Software Company

Appentus Technologies is a young budding software company of India which has its niche in Mobile Application Development, Web Development and Blockchain Development and has been acing these fields with impeccable results.

Today it has just over 8 years of experience in the IT sector yet it has managed to make its space in the market amongst some of the oldest software companies of all time. The company’s mission caters to the needs of the common public.

It envisages providing budget-friendly deliverables that the customers are content with. Appentus Technologies aims at ensuring quality services and IT solutions to its customers and has been doing so over the couple of years with great zeal and enthusiasm.

It has produced over 1000 customized client projects so far and has even successfully raised huge amounts of investments for start-ups.

The software company has an outstanding portfolio with apps like Dhgate and FGB in the ecommerce sector, Educhat and Grasshopper in the educational sector, Induction and Medocity in the healthcare sector and so on.


Magneto: Software Company

11-year-old Magneto is an exemplary software company that has demonstrated its success in the software development market in an impressive amount of time.

It has perplexingly established a strong position in the IT sector by delivering professional solutions, consultancy and customized products ranging from Web Applications, Mobile Applications to ideal eCommerce Solutions.

It has displayed its expertise by collaborating with many renowned companies like HP, KTM, Hyundai, Kotak Mahindra Bank, The Gun Box, Ashrafs, AlJazeera, and so on and has thereof set a high professional standard which the company keeps trying to push higher.

With a resource strength of more than 70 IT experts, Magneto has managed to leave its mark in more than 20 countries across the globe. It has developed more than 1,800 products and has happy customers returning to it with new demands and projects.

It has been featured on Business of Apps and has been certified by GoodFirms, ITFirms, and SelectedFirms as “Top eCommerce Development Company” and has also been certified as “Top Mobile App Developers” by TopDevelopers.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra: Software Company

Tech Mahindra is a global information technology company founded by Anand Mahindra in the year 1986 which is a part of the renowned parent organization “Mahindra Group”.

It has been providing outsourcing services for almost many decades now and has only been skyrocketing towards sustainable, innovative development which has brought the company much deserved appreciation and respect from across the world.

The company offers a wide range of services which include Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Consultancy, Engineering Solutions, Digital Supply Chain, Telecom Product Engineering, Cyber Security, Enterprise Business Solution, and almost anything under the sun.

The company is well established in more than a hundred countries and has collaborated with more than 150 companies to build the $21 billion enterprises that it is today. It has truly built a strong trust amongst its customers with its excellent services and efficiency.


HCL: Software Company

A multinational company, HCL is one of the most successful software companies of the world. Founded in the year 1976, it has been providing a plethora of customized excellent services for almost 4 decades now.

IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and Products and Platforms (P&P) are three business units through which HCL offers strategic deliverables like Product Engineering, NextGen Engineering, Operational Technology Services, Hybrid Cloud Services, Cyber Security and GRC Services, Digital Consulting, Data and Analytics, HCL Software, ERX, Banking Transformation Platform etc.

The company has its grip in more than 50 countries and resource strength of about 1,53000 ‘Ideapreneurs’ who have consistently worked hard to generate the company’s revenue of $9.95 Billion.

L&T Technology Services

L&T Technology Services: Software Company

LTTS is a subsidiary of Larson and Toubro Limited that is a $20 Billion Indian company. LTTS specializes in Product Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Engineering, and Engineering Consultancy and has taken the world by a storm with its extraordinary Innovations and outstanding quality services.

The company has given the world its 1st Autonomous Welding Robot, Solar ‘Connectivity’ Drone and the Smartest Campus. It has 52 Innovation and R&D design centers worldwide to serve various industries such as Transportation, Media and Entertainment, Oil and Gas, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, and Telecommunications to name a few.

From Product Design, Manufacturing to Operations, LTTS has it sorted for anyone and everyone with an idea or project. In fact, it also offers consultancy and solutions.

Wagesapp, Cogmation, I-Bems, Semiconductor IP, nBOn are some of its strategic solutions matching up requirements of the current digital era.

Web Clues

Web Clues: Software Company

Web clues is a well-established name in the IT sector in India as well as worldwide. It has been growing rapidly and is passionately expanding its reach across many countries in the world. It has a knack for Mobile App Development, Web Development, CMS and eCommerce, UI/UX, and Marketing.

It has delivered more than 1250 projects catering to the demands of various industries which are Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Sports and Lifestyle, Retails and eCommerce, Hotels, and Education.

Web Clues has built a benchmark for itself by delivering projects with close precision and detailing. Projects like Dubai Calendar, Dimendscaasi Chicago, Skyloov, VoScreen, EduPlayCloud, LaundroKart, Indian railways, Reach Expansion and hundreds of others have made the company’s portfolio rich and bright today.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services: Software Company

Founded by  Faquir Chand Kohli, Tata Sons and J. R. D. Tata, the Tata Consultancy Services is a global software company that has already established a very high benchmark in the market for itself.

It deals in Consultancy, Blockchain Development, Enterprise Applications Development, Automations and AI, CloudApps, Microservices and API, Cyber Security and Engineering services etc and has an exceptional grip over the Banking and Financial Services, Communications, Media and Technology, Life Science and Healthcare, Travel, Transport and Hospitality, Energy, Resource, Utility and many other industries.

The company has 453,540 dedicated and passionate employees who have consistently outperformed fellow competitive companies through their innovations and corporate responsibilities.

Tata Consultancy Services is multinational and has its scope broadened in 147 Nationalities across 46 countries in the world. The company was founded in the year 1968 and since then it has been positively growing while also receiving its much deserved recognition and fame.

Today it has an extensive network of partners some of which are Microsoft, Google Cloud, Adobe, Bosch, Blueprint, AWS etc.


Mphasis: Software Company

Mphasis has an outstanding track record in the global market of Infrastructure Technology. It is an enthusiastic and determined company that has a Customer-Centric-Transformation approach which allows it to deliver demands with precision.

It has its niche in Application Services, Blockchain, Business Process Services, Cloud, DevOps, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Services, Governance, Risk and Compliance and Digital Services etc.

The company has been widening the realm of its operations and is currently dealing in Banking and Capital Markets, Insurance, Payments, Hi-Tech as well as various industries such as Airlines, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Life Sciences etc.

 Mphasis is a fast-growing name and has been acquiring various laurels after its name for the innovative applied technology and the hyper-personalized products that it delivers to its customers.

Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for excellence in Talent Acquisition, Rotary Karnataka CSR 2020, 2020 HW Tech100 Mortgage Award are some of the most recent awards backed by the company.


Wipro: Software Company

Wipro is a much renowned name in the Consulting and Business Process Services Sector. Founded by M.H. Hasham Premji, the company has risen to great heights over the past few years and has an excellent portfolio to validate its services and innovation.

Wipro specializes in Cognitive Computing, Cloud, Industrial and Engineering Services, Cyber Security and digital Services.

The company spans its extension across Aerospace and Defense, Capital Markets, Natural Resources, Network and Edge Providers, Public Sector, Industrial and Process Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Utilities, Semiconductors, Banking, Insurance and many other Professional Services.

Wipro has set up various platforms such as WiprHolmes, Wipro Base, Wipro Harmony etc that are AI and Automation centric, besides the company has also set Wipro Autoinsights and Wipro Croamis that are few of its most sought after deliverables.

The company has many Multination Companies such as Microsoft Cloud, IBM Cloud, AWS Cloud, SAP Alliance and VMware Alliance as its global Partners.

The company has 180000 passionate employees and in addition to its efficient and remarkable product delivery, Wipro has also won awards for diversity and inclusion as well its excellent Corporate Gender Index.


Mindtree: Software Company

MindTree is a budding IT and Outsourcing company. It has appreciative expertise in IT Consulting, Operation and many sectors of the digital value chain such as AR/VR Services, Digital Commerce, Mobility, Conversational AI, Automation, DevOps, Information Strategy, and Governance, Infrastructure Management and many other integrated services.

The company executes its niche across Banking and Insurance Sectors, Education Sector, Capital Markets, Consumer Packaged Goods, Enterprise Technology, Consumer Technology and few other industries.

Larson and Toubro Group is its parent organization and hence Mindtree leaves no scope for any negative remarks in the quality of the produced service as well as innovation.

Born Digital, the company has a fresh spirit that is maintained by 21,000 employees in different offices across different parts of the world. Mindtree has been named the Rising Star in the ISG Provider Lens Report and rightly so has been on a spree to rise above all else.


LTI: Software Company

Larson and Toubro Infotech Limited holds the 6th position as India’s largest IT Services company as ranked by NASSCOM in the year 2017. It has successfully made a global impact with its Mosaic platform by serving more than 420 clients across different parts of the world.

LTI has earned its position in more than 32 countries of the world and has almost 30,000 employees with expertise in Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Cyber Defense Services, Application Management Services, Digital Integration, Intelligent RPA, Artificial Intelligence, and Consultancy.

The company extends its reach to industries such as Media and Entertainment, CPG and Retail, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, and many others.

The company also specializes in providing scalable Next Generation AMS and Tool-Based System Support to help customers step up their game and be at par with the digital world. LTI has been providing Technology Solutions for Cloud Apps, E-Business Suite, and many other sectors in partnership with JD Edwards and Oracle.

Companies like Adobe, CHEF, CISCO, Dell, GE Digital, Google Cloud, HP, Work Fusion, etc have been LTI’s supporting alliances. LTI has grown to fame through its products like UniTrax, REDaxis, iCEOn, and RapidAdopt, etc that have been the company’s industry-leading flagship products.

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