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10 Best Solar Led Lights Available In India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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Solar Led Lights

Solar and LED is the perfect combination! You must be thinking why? Solar provides power for applications without using any other source of energy other than the sun, and LEDs use that energy to provide the light. Earlier people were in the habit of using solar lighting only for outdoor lighting at their house or street lighting at night and in some cases for the sole purpose of emergency lighting.

Nowadays many people have started using them in gardens, front porches, pathways as well as for ornamental or illumination purposes. These ecological, inexpensive and energy-efficient lighting systems provide an indispensable source of light and can be installed anywhere. LEDs also use no mercury or other hazardous materials making them safe to recycle when they eventually go out.

While the initial cost may be a little high, the overall expenditure including the maintenance cost and provides an edge on the aforementioned traditional lighting system.

Plus, point being, solar lasts more than 25 years, why do you want to change your lamp when it goes out every couple years? LED provides more than 20 years of life expectancy and makes a solar lighting system practically maintenance-free.

So, if you are inspired by solar lights and want to install solar lights in your home or garden, read the article ahead.

Here below is the list of 10 Best Solar Led Lights Available In India:

Ifitech Outdoor Solar Lights

IFITECH Outdoor Solar Lights: Solar Led Light

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The IFITECH outdoor solar light is a mini street light designed LED light, which gives out exceptionally high brightness. An extremely convenient feature that this light beholds is that it automatically adjusts its brightness in rainy days and also extends lighting period substantially.

The LED light consists of a lithium power battery cell, it also adopts self-developed TCS technology which helps with a longer lifespan of the light and higher security.

Another fascinating thing about this LED light is that it has three different light modes namely the dim mode, bright mode, and continuously dim mode, and it extremely easy to adjust accordingly.

The functionality of the product is as easy as using a pin to power it on and then using the button on the panel to change between whatever modes one prefers.

It is not only easy to install but also adjustable according to the requirements which are connected with a handle bar. It consists of 4000K natural LED lighting which gives out the brightest light for any occasion.

The core technology and adjustable nature according to the environment secures the quality of the product. With its high battery life and advanced design technology, it ensures that the product delivers what you desire.

Murphy Led Street Lights

MURPHY LED 48W Street Lights: Solar Led Light

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The MURPHY LED street light provides a variety of power from 15 watts to 75 watts as required. The light power is 6500K and the tone is cool white for a better quality of vision.

The 48W LED light is an energy-saving light with highly efficient lighting and low power consumption which saves up to 60% energy when compared to traditional fixtured lighting.

The product comes in a robust design and an incredibly durable fixture which makes this product the perfect pick for outdoor application. This street light has an IP65 rating which more or less protects the product against strong rainfall without causing any damage or corrosion to the fixture in any manner, whatsoever.

The brilliant heat management feature, with an aluminum heat sink and an efficient large shape, makes it last longer than usual street lights. It also keeps away low brightness decay which practically the output of the light can remain five times longer than the traditional lights.

The package comes with a protection kit available that includes a short circuit, open circuit, under-voltage, over-voltage, and other important necessities to set it up that provides complete internal protection to deliver the best product for any time of the consumer.

Quace Solar Security Lights


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The Quace Solar Security Lights are the super bright 18 Led lights which are usually used outdoors as a Garden Light. It is waterproof and can be used as a 4-mode wall lamp.

It also has PIR Motion Sensors installed in it for any different types of decks, patios, fences, walkaways and gutters. It comes in a Cool White colour. It has a slender figure to the light, charming lines to it.

The light is inspired by the LED book lamp. This 18 LEP solar light is a rotating as a book light. It can be used as a beautiful ornament but it also has a high intensity pathway light which ensures the customer’s safety at night (just use the power button and long press on it to turn it on).

It has Solar Garden lights which have stainless steel brackets, which can be clipped easily to the fence or to a gutter by the two brackets (the adjustable distance which is between these two brackets varies from 0-50 mm) or it can be mounted on the wall using two screws.

If you compare it with other single-mode solar lights, this light has 4 of the working modes which helps for it to cope with the different usage scenarios, it is also perfect for using on different places like the front door, back yard, garage, driveway, deck, patio and can even be used on the RV.

The Solar wall lights which have the PIR motion sensor installed, which helps which sensing the angle up to 150° as when the motion is detected within 8-10 m, the motion sensor lights automatically turns on in the darkness or at night which helps to provide an illumination for the security and safety protection.

The solar deck lights which are provided here are made of light quality eco-friendly ABS material which is suitable for the weather usage and is much more durable than other lights. The IP65 waterproof rating is perfect for gardens, backyards, walkways, garages, patios and even walls.

Hardoll Solar Lights

Hardoll Solar Lights: Solar Led Light

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It is 54 led solar power, which has an outdoor motion sensor light with led lights on both sides and is also waterproof. Hardoll 54 led solar light: equipped with 54 super bright LED lights, it provides excellent illumination, which is far brighter than other similar led solar lights.

with a 3 led setup on both sides of the solar lights which create a wider range of luminosity. the maximum lighting angle can reach 270 degrees. built-in motion sensor of our solar lights can detect up to 120 degree with a longer sensor length of 26 feet under 24 degree Celsius thus provides a broader range of lighting. sun based panel ip65 waterproof solar lights: with solar panel, it can convert up to 17% of the sunlight into electricity energy.

Made of durable abs material, you don’t need to worry about use in the rain. it can also withstand all kinds of severe weather conditions. Three lighting mode at your option, you can choose any of them at your needs. Medium light mode, dim light sensor mode, sensor mode.

Hardoll 136 LED Motion Sensor

Hardoll 136 LED Motion Sensor: Solar Led Light

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It is 136-volt led motion sensor light which is waterproof and also generally used as a security solar light for gardens. Hardoll 136 led solar light is equipped with 136 super bright led bulbs, it provides excellent illumination, which is far brighter than other similar led solar lights in the market.

Three automatic lighting modes at your convenience, you can choose any of them at your needs. interesting wide-angle design with 10 super bright led setup on both sides of the solar lamps which creates a wider range of luminosity. The maximum lighting angle can reach up to 270 degrees.

Overhauled 140 detection range built-in per motion sensor of our solar lantern can detect up to 140 degree with a longer sensor length of 26 feet under 24-degree Celsius. IP 65 waterproof rechargeable solar lamp with solar panel, it can convert up to 17% of the sunlight into electricity energy.

Xergy Solar Lights Outdoor

XERGY Solar Lights Outdoor: Solar Led Light

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It is a waterproof lantern which is equipped with a Dancing Fire Mashaal flame torch. It has the lights within 96 LED volts. The main organization that sells three lights modes which are light mode, breath mode, lighting mode.

Formed by 96 LED Lamp dots, safe reasonable elective blazes cast a delicate, state of mind upgrading, lovely sparkle that gives an ideal pit fire environment.  It is waterproof (as ensured to IP65) to chip away at stormy days and strong not influenced by any brutal climate or any seasons. Simply interface the ground stake and connector to fix it. No screws or some other instruments required.

This item has a half year restricted substitution guarantee.  It runs on High-End Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panels to charge. Accompanies Auto On/Off from nightfall to sunrise. No battery needs.

Ifitech Solar Pillar Designer Light

Ifitech Solar Pillar Designer Light: Solar Led Light

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The battery usage for the light works in a way as it works for 2 days with a one-day sun charge. Sunlight based Powered Light: open-air lighting apparatus is widely utilized as column light and furthermore utilized in the nursery, patio, street, road, park, pathway, and different spots Made from aluminium amalgam, safety glass, and PC lampshade, the sun-oriented nursery lights are strong and sturdy for use, with the life expectancy as long as 20 years.

IFITech Solar pillar column light is extraordinarily planned to look like a rich wine glass. It has the capacity of both enlightenment and enrichment. Completely controlled by sun-powered, the nursery sunlight-based lights can be charged in the daytime and light up naturally in the evening.

Accompanying an inherent battery-powered lithium battery,  the sun-oriented column light backings constant lighting for 3 days. Pick the light modes with the force button. Application: Gate Pillars/Garden/patio/Street.

Hardoll Solar Light 72 COB LED

Hardoll Solar Light 72 COB LED: Solar Led Light

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These exceptional Hardoll 72 pieces COB LED solar bulb design is specially designed with COB LED on both sides of the product that covers a larger area after installing it in your home, garden, front porch or even anywhere outdoor.

Therefore, we already know that this light is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a powerful illumination wherever they need it. These products come with an even brilliant feature which is the security illumination for night purposes, to keep any strangers away hence, keeping it larger homes or a private property is very helpful in various different ways.

It also has a relatively bigger solar panel which is impressive. The panel is extremely well equipped with the latest poly crystalline silicon technology.

The technology is high energy efficient with the charging time ranging somewhere between six to eight hours when it is kept fully under the sun. It might come off as such the installation of a high-end panel might be an elephantine task.

But nothing could be further from the truth. The installation process is very easy and Fast. A remarkable advantage is that since it is solar powered, it is very simple to install it and there is zero requirement for wiring of any sort.

Given below is the brief overview of the installation process: Simply screw the mount onto the surface (screws included) and easily install the light on the detachable mount 2200mah built-in battery lighting time can be up to 12 hours (dim light mode) after fully charged (solar charging, rechargeable) modern style elegant body with build quality this waterproof solar lamp can surpasses your expectation.

Remember to cover the solar panel while testing the light upon delivery.

Mazda Energy Solar Street Light

MAZDA Energy Solar Street Light: Solar Led Light

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This is a 10w led solar street light offered by MAZDA. It consists of 54 triple chip LEDs. a remarkable feature is that the light switches on & off automatically dependent upon sunset and sunrise. The li-ion batteries [11.1v 13200mahr] are inbuilt into the luminary.

20w 12v solar panel with cable. Two panels of 10w are used to make this string. The cable fits into the luminary without any difficulty whatsoever.

All that is required to be done is the installation of a pole & creation of a fabrication for the solar panels and the light fits onto it. the ideal height of the pole is approximately 4-5 metres. The spread of the light is 10 meters.

The replacement warranty is 1 year apart from battery. Warranty for battery is 6 months. On purchase of this product, you will receive the following things: solar panel, cable & luminary with inbuilt battery.

The aforementioned things are included in the box itself. The pole and the mounting brackets are do not come in the box along with the product. when we talk about the luminary size, 10w luminary size is 35x15x15cms.

54 number of led-tripplechip. Li-ion battery [11.1v 13.2ahr] inbuilt into the luminary. 20w (2pcs of 10w) solar panel size is 30x30x2cms 3-meter wire with pin. Lumens are 1000lm.

Luminary is automatically turn on & off, sensing darkness. opening on the luminary to accommodate bent pipe is 1” to be used on a pole of 3.5 – 4mtrs high. no electricity bill, runs on solar energy. one-time cost.

Ifitech Solar Garden Designer Light

IFITECH Solar Garden Designer Light: Solar Led Light

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IFITech Solar Garden Light is a light that meets all your requirements for all sorts of locations; namely outdoor location. A notable advantage is that this garden light can be installed without any worry or any fear of causing a detrimental impact on the environment.

When we talk about the design, it is very unique. This solar Garden light is designed in a special manner that takes the shape of a Cup design that is very classy and elegant and is also very well equipped with a highly improved function of illumination as well as decoration.

Another impressive feature is the Intelligent Energy-saving. It automatically switches on at dusk as well as switches off on its own at sunrise. Easy Installation is another distinguishable advantage.

One can choose to Simply install it at any outdoor location that is in dire need of elegant lighting without any sort of hassle whatsoever and no inconvenience regarding conventional wires & switches.

When it comes to the LEDs & Battery, they are Super-bright LEDs that have the capability of generating up to 100 lumens brightness of light.

The battery is a Li-ion battery(2000mAh) which is rechargeable and in-built by default. When it comes to the Working Time of the light, it Charges during the day and its functioning capacity allows it to run for over 12~16 hours (Depending on charge).


When choosing the best solar lights for your home, it helps to take a walk around your property at night, and find which areas you want brightened up. Chances are, this will include your front walk, your driveway, and other access points to your house, such as your garage and side-doors.

If you have a patio or deck, string lights or Edison bulbs are a nice addition, as they provide a nice soft glow and enough light to comfortably see people, without the harshness of a floodlight or a spotlight.

You also want to choose solar lights that are easy to setup, and will last you through the night. Bonus features include lights with motion sensors, so that the lights will either turn on or brighten when there’s someone present, or dim or turn off when there’s no one around. It’s a good way to conserve the battery life of the lights.

Of course, you’ll also want to find solar lights that look good during the daytime too. Most are black, but you can find ones in silver, stainless steel and white depending upon the brand.

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