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List of 15 Best Sonalika Tractors In 2023 (With Review)

by Ashish Bansal
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If you are from India and have not been living under a rock by now, then you must have known, seen or at least heard the name “Sonalika Tractors” by now. If you haven’t, you need to be more aware. It is the 3rd largest tractor manufacturer in India while also having the tag of the youngest. The company is known for its robust and reliable tractor that helped shape the company’s legacy.  The company is one of the most popular companies in the field of great quality agricultural products, equipment and implements especially tractors and is known for delivering their products at a very affordable rate. 

Sonalika tractors are based in Hoshiarpur, Punjab where they have their huge manufacturing plant. The workers aided by machines work day and night to provide their consumers with the best quality products. The company is regarded as a major player in the agriculture automotive manufacturing business and its sales are evidence of that. Sonalika is known to be one of the largest manufacturers both in domestic as well as in the international markets. The largest manufacturing plant of the world is also set up by the company that manufactures more than 3 lakh tractors annually. The company has tractors in categories of 20 to 90 HP. Let’s check some of them out:

Here is the List of Top 15 Best Sonalika Tractors:

Sonalika MM 45

sonalika-mm-45 - best sonalika tractors

Watch Video Review of Sonalika MM 45

Sonalika MM 45 is a strong, durable, reliable and a good looking tractor designed for affordability, durability and reliability. It is a 42.5 hp tractor with a 3 cylinder direct injection diesel engine of 3067 cc capacity. The tractor is a 2 wheel drive tractor that means that it works great in dry conditions.

Such tractors are ideal for seeding, pasture topping and spreading fertilizer properly and so is Sonalika MM 45. The tractor comes with standard oil-immersed brakes that are able to keep the maintenance costs low while providing for a smooth and safe ride.

The 3 stage oil bath type filter helps in screening out the particulate particles of dust in the air from reaching the engine and thus degrading its efficiency. The engine burns fuel efficiently and doesn’t allow it to be a burden on your purse. It is cooled by a water cooling mechanism that keeps us from getting extremely hot and breaking down.

The strong and large enough fuel tank of 50 litres stores plenty of fuel when needed. The transmission system is great and comprises a single friction plate type clutch and a constant mesh gear system of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that provide smooth mobility. 

Sonalika DI 42 HDM



Watch Video Review of Sonalika DI 42 HDM

Sonalika DI 42 HDM is a 3 cylinder, 2500 cc diesel injection engine that produces 42 hp. The engine is water-cooled to prevent it from excessive overheating. The air cleaner is a wet-type cleaner that helps to clean the air coming into the engine.

The clutch system comes in option of the single and dual-clutch and transmission too is basic constant mesh with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Nothing that fancy about it. The breaks, however, come in 2 variants to choose from dry disc or oil-immersed.

There is an option for a power steering and the tractor comes with standard mechanical steering facility with a heavy-duty single drop arm that is easy to reach from the ergonomically placed seat and hence provides comfort to the driver and provides better manoeuvring. It has an 1800 kgs lifting facility. The huge fuel tank capacity of 55 litres ensures that you don’t have to worry about a refill very soon.

Sonalika DI 42 Sikander


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Sonalika DI 42 Sikander is a 2891 cc tractor that has power written all over it. It is fast, strong, durable and works as a powerhouse. The DI 42 Sikander comes with a lot of features. The 4 stroke diesel engine produces a good power output of 42 hp and makes it an absolute favourite among the customers.

The 1800 rpm engine provides good range, speed and efficiency to the tractor. It has a water cooling system that ensures that your engine doesn’t break down due to excessive overheating and hence maintains its efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. It comes with an optional 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive.

It also comes in an optional clutch system of a single dry disk clutch or dual system mated with a good constant mesh transmission system of 8 forward and 2 backward gears that make up for the good mobility. The seat is comfortable and one can sit on it for a longer duration without any discomfort.

The braking system comes in 2 optional systems: the standard disk brake or the oil-immersed brakes. It has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 kgs. The steering also comes in 2 variants: a power and mechanical steering options which one can choose according to budgetary requirements. It also has the ExSO sensing hydraulics system for finger touch operations of the lifting capacity.

Sonalika MM 35 DI


Watch Video Review of Sonalika MM 35 DI

 Justifying its name, the Sonalika MM 35 DI is a mileage beast. The MM in its name standing for Mileage Master. This one is a compact and easy looking tractor but don’t judge its performance by its looks. It is a budget-oriented tractor that can be used by one and all.

With its 3 cylinders, 2780 CC engine, this one is one of the best that Sonalika has to offer. The transmission system comes with a dual-clutch system which is an easy and smooth sliding mesh gearbox with 8 forward and 2 backward gears that make it a great investment.

It uses the sliding mesh gearbox which further enhances its capabilities and at the same time reduces its maintenance costs. And added to that it comes in the optional braking system from which one can choose from: the Oil-immersed ones or the dry disc brakes.

The 1600 kg lifting capacity combined with ExSO sensing one-touch hydraulics makes it great with implements like a rotavator, cultivator, planters and others. The seat is comfortable and so is the steering wheel. The control panel has most of the controls that one can expect to have and there is plenty of legroom for the driver so that he can work with comfort and without getting tired.

Sonalika DI 52 RX Tiger

Sonalika-DI-52-RX-Tiger - best sonalika tractors

Watch Video Review of Sonalika DI 52 RX Tiger

The DI 52 RX Tiger is the latest member to the Sonalika as well as the Tiger family. It is a 3 cylinder, 3067 cc tractor in the 50 to 55 hp category of tractors offered by Sonalika. The dry type air filter mated with the coolant employed cooling mechanism to prevent overheating of the engine, increase the engine efficiency while decreasing the maintenance cost and overheating.

The clutch system offers 2 variants: single and dual. That diaphragm type clutch system combined with a smooth and simple constant mesh functioning transmission system made up of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears with planetary reduction offer easy interchanging of gears, a whole range of speed options and better mobility respectively. Oil-immersed brakes are provided that ensure a great breaking facility as well as safety.

The mechanical steering provided is better for people having enough acquaintance with manual steering type, although one can also get a power steering option. The linkage system makes it easy to link rotavator, gyrator and other similar implements.

The seat is comfortable and has been made keeping in view the ergonomics and hence everything is in easy reach of the driver. The one-touch ExSO sensing technology for better hydraulics provides better precision. It comes with an attached direct control valve for tipping operations. It comes in 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive options. 

Sonalika MM 50 DI

sonalika mm 50 DI - best sonalika tractors

Watch Video Review of Sonalika MM 50 DI

The MM DI 30 from the house of Sonalika is an ergonomically designed tractor that sports some great features that one should not definitely miss out on. This one has a large 55 litres fuel tank capacity that allows it to work for longer hours without hassle.

The easy and comfortable seat of the MM 50 with wide platform makes it an easy and comfortable ride. There’s plenty of legroom for the driver to feel comfortable and to drive the vehicle without much fatigue. The 52 hp tractor is a beast in working. It sports a very eloquent 3 cylinder 3067 cc diesel engine that works flawlessly and burns fuel efficiently.

The engine is rated at 2000 rpm that provides it with both speed and torque when required. It is a water-cooled engine that helps to keep the cool of the engine which otherwise could get very hot, especially if you’re working in areas with such extreme conditions. The wet type air filter rescues the engine from any sort of dust and dirt and thus keeps it clean and easy through most part of its life.

Frequent maintenance isn’t required however, desirable. The constant mesh transmission system with dual-clutch and 8 forward and 2 backward gears make up for a smooth functioning and easily changeable gears for various speed requirements. The oil-immersed braking system makes stopping easy and safe with comfort.

One doesn’t experience heavy jerks while braking. It is a 2 wheel drive which means that it transmits power to 2 of the rear wheels that drive it. Furthermore, it has a 1600 kg capacity of lifting with ExSO advanced technology.

Sonalika MM 39 DI

sonalika-mm-39-di - best sonalika tractors

Watch Video Review of Sonalika MM 39 DI

Sonalika MM 39 DI is Affordable, easy driving and a Fast tractor. It is a 39 hp, 3 cylinder tractor which is made for small farms and hence designed such to provide at affordable prices. The 2780cc diesel engine makes it work like a charm without much difficulty.

The wet type air filter traps most of the particles that can corrode the internals of the engine, if permitted into it and degrade its quality and thus tractors efficiency.It is not very much technologically advanced but it is easy to use. The sleek and high power headlamps with the digital instrument cluster give it a very modern look.

The control panel is very basic in the sense that it doesn’t have a lot of features. The transmission is sliding mesh transmission and has the standard 8 forward and 2 backward gears that work just fine. There is no dual-clutch system in them.

The most significant feature is the Oil-immersed brakes which are a rarity in such budget-oriented tractors. The 39 DI which is one of the few models that is despite lacking a lot of new advanced functions and features still outnumbers its sales every year. It can be used for a wide variety of basic functions. Maybe simplicity is the true sophistication.

Sonalika WorldTrac 90


Watch Video Review of Sonalika Worldtrac 90

 It is one of the flagships from the world of Sonalika Tractors. This tractor is a beast. The WorldTrac 90 is a 4 wheel drive tractor which essentially means that the power trains power all 4 wheels all at the same time for better mobility and stability on unundated grounds. It is a 4 cylinder and a 4087 cc capacity powerhouse.

It is a 90 horsepower tractor that will surely take your breath away with its efficient and robust working and great mileage system. The tractor has an intercooler system that cools the engine while working. This tractor is a behemoth in every sense. From its great engine capacity to its great transmission.

The transmission system is a full synchromesh side shift transmission system that comprises 12 forward and 12 reverse gears for a wide range of speeds for every landscape and planetary reduction. Further, this efficient gearing system combined with a double-clutch system makes the working of this machine easy and fast.

The interiors are easily fascinating both on paper and inside this tractor. Everything has been placed properly and where it should be taking in view the ergonomics. A power steering wheel is provided which is a standard for these models. The model comes with a great oil immersed braking system that makes the break better and avoids any breakage of them. 

Sonalika RX 50 Sikander

sonalika rx 50 sikander - best sonalika tractors

Watch Video Review of Sonalika RX 50 Sikander

The RX 50 Sikander is a great tractor designer for everyone. Its 3 cylinders, 3067 cc water-cooled engine mated to a strong and effective gear system of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears make it a total powerhouse. The tractor comes in 2 variants as a 2 wheel drive and a 4 wheel drive. The vehicle in itself is strong, durable, powerful and easy to use.

The ergonomics are dealt with proper care, design requirements and everything is in easy reach of the driver. The seats are comfortable and the controls are simple and not too complicated for a new driver to understand. This one comes with a water-cooled engine that prevents the breakdown of the engine due to overheating issues and helps it to work better, faster, longer and more importantly with increased efficiency.

The engine churns out 52 hp of power that makes the tractor run efficiently. It can be equipped with a single or dual-clutch system which comes in option. The clutch system mated with an effective constant mesh gear system of 8 forward and 2 backward gear that makes it more efficient and better in its working.

This tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 kilos with ExSO sense technology and the large enough fuel tank of 55 litres makes sure that the tractor doesn’t get stopped midway during work. Power steering is available on option.

The tractor comes with the better oil immersed braking system that is better, stronger and durable in the long run than the ordinary disk type as they prevent the breakdown of the braking system due to excessive overheating and thus keep the tractor going for a longer extent of time.

Sonalika GT 28

sonalika-gt-28 - best sonalika tractors

Watch Video Review of Sonalika GT 28

Sonalika’s very own baby, the GT 28 is a compact mini tractor. It is a 28 hp tractor that comes with a 3 cylinder 1318 cc diesel engine that works well and efficiently. The cooling system is coolant type and the air filter system is the dry type.

The single friction plate type clutch system mated with a sliding mesh gear system of 6 forward and 2 backward gears make up for the effective and amazingly fast transmission system. Don’t judge it by its looks though, it is powerful and truly splendid in its own category.

The oil-immersed brakes give it a sort of premium feel and that added with the power steering ensures great braking and manoeuvrability. The overall lifting capacity is of 600 kgs which makes its area of operation limited and only restricted to small works. It is still, however, a 4 wheel drive that makes it work just fine.

Sonalika WorldTrac 75

sonalika-worldtrac-75 - best sonalika tractors

Watch Video Review of Sonalika WorldTrac 75

This one is the latest entrant in the tractor world and Sonalika family and is designed especially for large farms. The features are evidence of that. It’s a beast. A machine. A powerhouse. This one is a match made in heaven for farmers looking to have a powerful machine on their side.

The World Trac 70 comes with a great 4 cylinder 3707 cc engine that can produce a maximum horsepower of 75 hp. This one is a part of the renowned World Truck series that have tractors loaded with features. With its great range and high-performance abilities, this tractor stands among the best of the best.

The tractor comes with a modern and highly efficient transmission system with planetary reduction and comprising 12 forward and 12 backward gears in 2-speed in a synchromesh set. It is comfortable and easy to select the gears for the job as they are placed exactly where you would want them: in your perfect reach. It also has the more efficient oil immersed braking system that ensures better braking as well as maintenance of breaks.

Sonalika Baagban Super DI 30


Watch Video Review of Sonalika Baagban Super DI 30

Reminds me of an Indian movie, the Baagbaan is a 2 cylinder tractor. It looks friendly and easy and is compact in its size. It comes under the mini category of the Sonalika tractors. But don’t let its size fool you. It has a 2044cc engine that is rated at 1800 rpm and delivers a good 30 hp power.

The water-cooled cooling system and dry type air filter add to the engine’s performance and efficiency. The single-clutch transmission with sliding mesh gearbox of 8 forward and 2 backward gears provide good traction and speed variations. The tractor is available as a 2 wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive variant.

The oil-immersed brakes enhance performance while keeping an eye on maintenance and keeps the maintenance low. The steering is available in mechanical and power steering mode but sadly now the steering adjustment facility is there. It is a good tractor nevertheless, even after being a lowkey on a lot of features. The 29-litre fuel tank capacity with a pretty good 1200 kgs lifting capacity is good with a variety of implements.

Sonalika RX 745 III Sikander


Watch Video Review of Sonalika RX 745 III Sikander

The RX 745 III Sikander is a great tractor and marvellous depiction of beautiful engineering and precise design. This one is laden with features and makes a great tractor because of its wide range and is a brainchild of the R&D department of Sonalika.

This one is a 50 hp tractor with a beautiful engine of 3067 cc capacity rated at 1800 rpm providing the RX 745 III with enormous power and traction. The transmission system is no less innovative. It is a constant mesh transmission system with 8 gears for forwarding motion and 2 for backward motion and provides a wide range of speeds and torque.

The clutch comes in 2 variants of the single and dual-clutch and so do the breaks: oil-immersed or dry disc brakes depending on choice and budget. The fuel tank capacity is 55 litres and the lifting capacity is of whooping 1800 kgs with the advanced ExSO sense technology for easy and precise attachment to implement. It has a direct control valve for tipping bucket operations and large tyres for great grip and friction coefficient.

Sonalika RX 42 Sikander


Watch Video Review of Sonalika RX 42 Sikander

The RX 42 Sikander is a 2891 cc tractor in the category of 40 to 45 hp tractors by Sonalika. This one comes with a 3 cylinder engine rated at 1800 rpm that makes the work easy and better. The mileage is good and so is the traction coefficient. The tractor is well equipped with good features that makes it a standout among the competition. The braking system is great and one can choose between oil-immersed and dry disc type.

The air filter is a dry type that doesn’t allow the dust and minute particles to reach the engine, degrade it and thus hinder its efficiency. The engine is cooled rapidly by means of a good water cooling mechanism in which cool water is circulated around the engine to improve its efficiency and to reduce the heat that makes the tractor work for longer stretches of hours without rest.

There is mechanical steering in this tractor with the option of a power steering which makes the manoeuvrability easy and good. The transmission system is good and has 8 forward and 2 backward gears. The gorgeous tail light and head beam lamps allow us to work better in low light areas. There is a direct control valve that comes pre-attached from the company and allows a lot of implements to attach to the tractor.

Sonalika DI 60


Watch Video Review of Sonalika DI 60

This last one is one of the best from Sonalika, if not the best. It is a 4 cylinder tractor which generates a whopping 60 hp power that makes it work with elegance and ease. The 3707 cc diesel engine rated at 2200 rpm provides great torque and speeds when adjusted with proper transmission control.

The oil bath type air filter traps the particles and prevents them from reaching the engine and degrading it. It also has a water cooling system for better overheating resistance and hence secures against the breakdown of the engine due to excessive heat.

It comes with a constant mesh gear set with effective planetary reduction consisting of the most common 8 forward and 2 reverse gears for varying degrees of speeds. The low centre of gravity makes it one of the most stable tractors. The ergonomics have been kept in purview with designing the parts of the tractor. The seat is spacious and well placed with maintaining precise distance with other instruments.

The digital control panel is clear and big to provide vital information. The engine is low on maintenance, highly efficient and burns fuel with great efficiency. With the effective lifting capacity of 2000 kgs, one can use all sorts of heavy implements with ease. There are oil-immersed brakes and power steering and the big 62-litre fuel tank ensures good mileage.


The in-house research and development wing of Sonalika tractors believes in continuous and persistent improvements and innovations. They work upon the feedback and issues bought before then from the customers and a great team of professionals including engineers, designers and developers together to resolve those issues.

It is due to this consistency and dedication that Sonalika has been able to make a mark among the masses and has a distinct fan following among the customers.

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