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List of 42 Best South Indian Movies of All time

by Ashish Bansal
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South Indian Movies

Tollywood has established itself as a successful film industry over the last few decades, delivering massive hits. South Indian film industry always suffer from the stereotypical image of launching perpetually action films.

However, the industry has defied all conventional norms and has explored across genres.

Here are the best Tollywood movies from the years 2015 to 2020, that broke records at the Box Office!

Upcoming South Indian Movies (2020):

Here is the List of Upcoming South Indian Movies:

AlA vaikunthapurramuloo

AlA vaikunthapurramuloo: Best South Indian Movie

Watch AlA vaikunthapurramuloo Trailer

This Telugu Family Drama kick started Telugu cinema’s year with a bang! Stylish star Allu Arjun starrer, this film follows Bantu who has put up with his Father’s wrath throughout his childhood.

Grown up when he learns the truth of his parentage and origin, he attempts to establish a bond with his original family. 


JAANU: Best South Indian Movie

Watch JAANU Trailer

This Telugu romantic drama follows the story of two school sweet hearts  who meet after 20 years in their school reunion. Awkward at first, they start reminiscing and try to sort out their unresolved differences.

Anjaam pathira

Anjaam pathira: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Anjaam pathira Trailer

Another movie that gave Tollywood an awesome start this year. This Malayalam thriller is an engaging story about a serial killer who is on the loose and is targeting policemen. A psychologist’s help is sought to understand the crime pattern and investigate further. 

Ayyappanum koshiyum

Ayyappanum koshiyum: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Ayyappanum koshiyum Trailer

Yet another Malayalam action thriller garnered success this year. This film revolves around a clash between two different personalities Koshy Kurien, influential and wealthy figure, and Ayyappan, a police officer, latter attempting to identify former’s motive. This clash turns into a battle of egos and forms the rest of the film.  


Hit: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Hit Trailer

This Telugu thriller movie is about a 30 year old policeman who is struggling to overcome his traumatic experiences. But a disappearance case calls for his attention. Movie is loaded with suspense and keeps you hooked throughout.  

Kannum kannum kollaiyadithaal

Kannum kannum kollaiyadithaal: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Kannum kannum kollaiyadithaal Trailer

This Tamil romantic drama starts off with two con artists when they fall in love, they decide to be truthful to their respective girlfriends and decide to mend their ways. But the romance does not go as planned, and a lot is waiting for the artists. This Dulqeer Salman starrer is a pleasant, breezy delight.

O pitta katha

O pitta katha: Best South Indian Movie

Watch O pitta katha Trailer

This Telugu romcom soon turns into a thriller and that’s what made it a success. It follows the story of Krish who visits his uncle to solve the conflict between his mother and uncle.

While there, he falls for his uncle’s daughter and proposes to marry her to reunite families. However, when the girl goes missing on a trip the police learns about the existence of another guy.  

Best South Indian Movies Of 2019

Here are the Best South Indian movies of 2019:


Thadam: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Thadam Trailer

This Tamil thriller offers a nail biting experience when the police, investigating a murder case, learns that the prime suspect has a lookalike thus bringing the investigation back to square one!

Oh Baby

Oh Baby: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Oh Baby Trailer

This Telugu fantasy drama is a supercute story about a 70 year old who is unsatisfied with her life and frequently accuses god for it. One day, after getting clicked at an old photo studio she wakes up as a 24 year old with a chance to re-live her life differently. 

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Super Deluxe Trailer

This Tamil Thriller is an interwoven story of subplots about an angry teenager, a newly wed unfaithful wife and an estranged father, and all of them must face the past that blows up in their face on one fateful day. 

Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Dear Comrade Trailer

This Telugu romcom is the story about a short tempered student union leader who always encourages others to stand up for the right. However, his hot headed attitude becomes a problem in his love life. Later, when his love is faced with troubling circumstances, his temper returns. 

Kumbalangi Nights

Kumbalangi Nights: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Kumbalangi Nights Trailer

This Malayalam family drama is about four siblings who are frank with each other but do not mingle well. The movie explores sweet-bitter elements of a siblings relationship that moves up a level when three of them decide to support the love life of the fourth sibling. 

Avane Srimannarayana

Avane Srimannarayana: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Avane Srimannarayana Trailer

This Kannada adventure fantasy comedy is about Narayan, a cop, who sets out to find a missing treasure but is challenged at multiple points by the leader of the gang that looted it. How Narayana comically overcomes the obstacles forms the rest of the story. 


Jersey: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Jersey Trailer

This Telugu sports drama follows a talented cricketers who hit the rock bottom in past. To fulfil his son’s wish of getting jersey as his birthday gift, Arjun re enters the world of cricket in his late 30s. 

Blockbuster South Indian Movies of 2018

Here are the Best South Indian Action Movies Of 2018:

Kgf chapter 1

Kgf chapter 1: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Kgf chapter 1 Trailer

This Kannada action period drama ended the year with a massive hit at the box office. It centres around Rocky, who reaches Mumbai in his quest for power and wealth but gets entailed in the web of conspiracies of Gold mafia.  


Rangasthalam: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Rangasthalam Trailer

Another period drama of the year was given by Telugu cinema. Set in 1980s in a fictional village, the movies follows the story of two brothers Chittibabu (a deaf lad) and Kumar babu who oppose the local government to end the 30 year long tyrannical rule in their village. 

Bharat Ane Nenu

Bharat Ane Nenu: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Bharat Ane Nenu Trailer

This Telugu action drama stars the Handsome Hunk of Tollywood, much loved Mahesh Babu, as an NRI with multiple academic degrees, his father is a CM but he intends to stay abroad as he has no political aspirations.

However, he is forced to return when his father dies and he is made the CM. He discovers ugly truths during his reign and takes measures to make things right. 


Mahanati: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Mahanati Trailer

This Telugu biopic reminisces the charm and magic of first female superstar of India, Savitri. The movie kicks in flashbacks and traces her life as a bubbly child who worked in theatre to her rise to stardom.

The movie has captured how Savitri’s over helpful nature and innocence eventually led to her downfall forcing her into depression and alcoholism.

Geetha Govindam

Geetha Govindam: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Geetha Govindam Trailer

This Telugu romcom is a supercute movie! Vijay, a young professor is eager to get married and dreams of his perfect girl. When he comes across Geetha, he falls for her instantly and in an attempt to woo her offends her incredibly.

Things turn worse when they discover that their siblings are getting married and they are forced to make the wedding arrangements together. Watch this sweet-bitter love story now!

Vada Chennai

Vada Chennai: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Vada Chennai Trailer

This Tamil action-crime film won’t let you move your eyes away from the screen. It follows the story of a pro carrom player who intervenes to settle the battle between gangsters. However, matter turns personal and force him to action, when they attack his locality. 


Ratsasan: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Ratsasan Trailer

This Tamil thriller is about Arun Kumar, an aspiring film maker who wanted to direct a film on psychopaths but due to constant rejection and family pressure gave up his dream and became a police officer instead.

He comes across a series of murders with striking similarity and his script comes of help to solve the cases. 

Best South Indian Action Movies of 2017

Here are the Best Hindi Dubbed South Indian Movies:

Bahubali 2 the conclusion

Bahubali 2 the conclusion: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Bahubali 2 the conclusion Trailer

Sequel to the box office super duper hit Bahubali, this movie runs in the flashback unfolding all the circumstances and secrets that ensued in its prequel.

Movie is packed with entertainment and succeeded beyond expectations making the Bahubali a sought after series and raised the standards of Tollywood. It too received national popularity. 

Duvvada Jagannadham (DJ)

Duvvada Jagannadham (DJ): Best South Indian Movie

Watch DJ Duvvada Jagannadham Trailer

This Telugu Action comedy is a packet of entertainment and follows DJ who is a cop but has to stay undercover because his brahmin family discourages violent attitude.

How he takes down a criminal mastermind under the disguise of an innocent brahmin caterer who only cooks and prays is a refreshing comedy. Allu Arjun wins hearts with his portrayal of sweet brahmin and smart cop.


Fidaa: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Fidaa Trailer

This Telugu romcom is sure to make you blush with its  soul stirring romance! It follows Varun, an NRI doctor, who comes to India to get his brother married and falls for the bride’s younger sister, a bubbly girl who loves her village and its ways.

However, when he returns to US, the relationship complicates. How they overcome their differences to reunite forms the crux.  

Ninnu Kori

Ninnu Kori: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Ninnu Kori Trailer

This Telugu romance drama is a sentimental story of Uma, who is heartbroken when his ex girlfriend gets married off. Pallavi, invites him home to convince him of her conjugal bliss but Uma keeps trying to win her back. Grab that box of tissues!  


Hello!: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Hello! Trailer

This Telugu romance drama takes you through an emotional rollercoaster. Junnu, a bubbly rich girl makes friends with Seenu, a poor orphan. When Junnu’s father gets transferred she leaves Seenu her phone number to keep in touch which unfortunately gets lost.

How this childhood love find itself 14 years later forms a beautiful story around fate and destiny.  


Raajakumara: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Raajakumara Trailer

This Kannada action was a massive hit and the first movie to complete 6000 shows in multiplexes within first 6 weeks of its release! The films centres around, Siddharth, a light hearted helpful guy who lives a happy life in Melbourne.

However, his life takes an ugly turn when he loses his family in a flight crash. After returning to India, he learns of his father’s enemies and tries to transform his conscience.  

The Ghazi Attack
The Ghazi Attack: Best South Indian Movie

Watch The Ghazi Attack Trailer

Based on true incidents, this Telugu war thriller is set in 1971, when an Indian Naval submarine, S21, intercepted a Pakistani submarine, PNS Ghazi, during routine surveillance and hindered its mission of destroying INS Vikrant. Handsome Hunk Rana Daggubati is a treat to watch!  


Here are the Best South Indian Action Movies:

Nannaku Prematho

Nannaku Prematho: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Nannaku Prematho Trailer

This Telugu action follows Abhiram, who seeks vegenance against Krishnamurthy Kautilya, the cunning mind behind his father’s business downfall. Although packed with action and angst, the movie explores son-father relationship in a heart-warming way that adds to the beauty of the movie. 

Kuttrame thandana

Kuttrame thandana: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Kuttrame thandana Trailer

This Tamil thriller gives your brain no time to rest, it keeps you engrossed! Ravi, suffers from a  rare medical condition affecting his vision. Given his lack of financial resources to afford surgery, he starts blackmailing two accused of a murder trail. The movie forces your psychological faculties to the edge. 


Dhruva: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Dhruva Trailer

This Telugu action thriller follows Dhruva, an IPS officer who identifies a web of organised white collar crimes and brings all the efforts in the world to take down his targeted criminal. A well written clash of police and crime this movie offers quite an entertainment. 


Oopiri: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Oopiri Trailer

This Nagarjuna starrer is sure to tickle your funny bones! Vikramadthiya an entrepreneur is physically disabled. To help him, he hires Seenu who is out on parole. Their journey and bond between the two develops in quite a comic way and is pleasant to watch.

Kirik Party

Kirik Party: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Kirik Party Trailer

This Kannada romcom is a delightful movie to watch. It is about a group of engineering freshers who create mischief in the college. When the leader of this notorious bunch falls for a final year student, his thought process changes, transforming his very life. 


Theri: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Theri Trailer

This Tamil action is about a DCP who goes underground to raise his daughter in a safe and secure atmosphere. However, when his daughter’s life gets endangered by gangsters he must face the past he was escaping all these years. The movie is packed with loads of action!


Sarrainodu: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Sarrainodu Trailer

This Telugu action masala is sure to keep you hooked. It follows Gana, who previously served in the military, cannot stand corrupt individuals and punishes them.

However, when his love asks him to give up this violent attitude, he gets stuck in a dilemma between love and conscience. Even the songs will keep you pumped up throughout.  


Here are the Best South Indian Movies In 2015 Full of Action:

Baahubali: The Beginning

Baahubali The Beginning: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Baahubali: The Beginning Trailer

This movie needs no introduction! It is an epic fantasy drama that follows the story of Shiva, who in an attempt to woo his first sight love takes up her mission upon himself and in the process learns his conflict ridden legacy.

The movie was a massive hit and created a crazy fanbase across the nation making Prabhas, the lead actor, a national heartthrob. The film was originally directed in Telugu but was subsequently dubbed into several other languages.

The movie inspired animation, games, merchandise and its set in Ramoji Film City became a popular tourist spot in Hyderabad. At the time of its release, it was the most expensive movie ever with a budget of whopping 180 crores! 


Temper: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Temper Trailer

This Telugu film followed the journey of a corrupt police officer who indulged in dirty politics to an honest and duty obliging officer when he comes across a rape case that transforms his conscience forever.

The movie was later adapted in Hindi (Simmba) and Tamil (Ayoga). This Jr. NTR starrer is a complete entertainer! 

Son of Satyamurthy

Son of Satyamurthy: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Son of Satyamurthy Trailer

This Allu Arjun starrer is a package of all emotions possible. With an entertaining storyline, this movie is about Anand who struggles to maintain his father’s legacy after his death.

In an attempt to live by the principles and ethics his father was known for, Anand’s love life gets entangled in a web of challenges. 

Yevade Subramanyam

Yevade Subramanyam: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Yevade Subramanyam Trailer

This Telugu direction revolves around Subramanyam who is an ambitious IIM graduate. To fulfil the promise of a trip made to his friends, he heads to himalayas.

The journey transforms him to a calculative person into one who lives in the moment.The movie launched Chocolate Boy Vijay Devarakonda to stardom.  

Ek Paheli Maya

Ek Paheli Maya: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Ek Paheli Maya Trailer

This Tamil horror film centres around Maya, a single mother who struggles to make her ends meet by shooting ads. However, her already miserable life takes a twist when she is haunted and her dear ones start dying. Interesting throughout, it keeps one hooked.


Charlie: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Charlie Trailer

This Malayalam is a beautiful romantic musical that follows Tessa who elopes from home to escape forceful marriage. In her lodging she comes across a sketchbook of the previous occupant that contains an incomplete story. Her quest for the missing artist forms builds up the remaining story. 

Subramanyam For Sale

Subramanyam For Sale: Best South Indian Movie

Watch Subramanyam For Sale Trailer

This Telugu action romance delivers all elements of a south indian film on a platter. It centers around Subramanyam who shifts to US for job prospects where he comes across Seetha, a girl heartbroken over her breakup.

To console her, Subramanaym agrees to accompany her home and confusion ensues when they are mistaken for a couple. 


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