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10 Best Tablet Bags Available In India to Buy in 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Purchasing laptops is a massive pain in the bum as there are so many good laptops and nearly all of these laptops have a huge price tag no matter what type of laptop you want.

So after months of hunting and comparing when you finally purchase your dream Laptop, you realize that you didn’t receive a Laptop bag.

Now you might get worried and fire up Google and look up good bags for laptops but you might sit wondering will it protect my laptop properly? It’s the same story with Tablets, and they’re more prone to damage than laptops. 


To answer that question we’re writing this article and here we’ve added the best laptop and tablets sleeves and bags in every budget category and we’ve only picked the ones that provide the maximum protection to your expensive piece of technology; So let’s get started.

Here is the list of 10 Best Laptop And Tablet Bags Available In India:

CASE U Sleeve Bag CASE U Sleeve Bag: Laptop Bag

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Here’s our first Laptop and Tablet sleeve bag and this sleeve is easily the best laptop/ tablet sleeve you can buy in terms of style and protection. 

With this sleeve by Case U, you can easily forget about accidental dropping and damaging your laptop/tablet or spilling water on them during transit while they’re in this sleeve case because this case is literally the knight in shining armor for your laptop and will protect your Laptop/tablet from every mishap.

Case U designed this sleeve by keeping the durability, design, and check-point friendliness in mind and created this sleeve with 3 layers of protection that act as a shock absorber, water-resistant, and as a cushion to provide maximum protection to your Laptop/Tablet and this case provides all that while looking cool.

Unlike other cases, if you’re planning to carry this sleeve as a standalone bag then you’ll definitely want someplace to store your charger, headset, and phone, this sleeve offers dedicated storage pockets for those aforementioned things.

This sleeve is available in 13.3 and 13.5-inch formats which are a bummer if you own larger (14 inches) laptops. 

Red Lemon Hybrid Sleeve 15.6″ for Laptop

Red Lemon Hybrid Sleeve 15.6" for Laptop: Laptop Bag

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When life gives lemon, you start a lemonade stall but then life gives you a red lemon, you forget your fears about dropping your laptop or tablet while traveling. If you liked the “Case U” sleeve then you might like this “Red Lemon” case even better as it is bigger and better.

This stylish case is made up of high-quality woolen fabric that has been coated with neoprene on the outside while has a soft layer of Flannelette on the inner side to protect your laptop/tablet from scratches.

Unlike the “Case U” sleeve that has 3 layers of protection, this case offers 4 layers of protection, and thus this case is water-resistant, warping resistant, impact resistant; this case offers better impact resistance due to the presence of 2 impact-resistant layers. 

This hybrid sleeve also has more pockets than the “Case U” sleeve and also offers 2 wide compartments one of which is a hidden compartment for documents and other stuff.

This case also offers a hand grip so you can easily carry it around, it can carry a laptop, tablet, chargers, notepad, phones, and wallets. It is 15″6 inches in length and also durable enough to survive regular roughhousing, which makes it ideal for office people. 

Getko Laptop BagGetko Laptop Bag: Laptop Bag

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 Unlike the earlier sleeves, this one isn’t designed for Laptops but for tablets, although its main focus would be plenty of storage for all our cables, chargers, power bank, and other stuff as we own a lot of accessories.

Now those sleeves above provided enough storage but considering we own a ton of accessories, the storage provided by those sleeves is too inadequate so if you want to store all your accessories neatly in one place, then you need to check out this sleeve case.  

This case is made up of nylon and Oxford cloth with 2 main compartments with strong zippers.

There are 2 net compartments on the second Storage layer that can store a phone, external hard drive, power bank, or a charger, while there are 19 elastic loops on the first storage layer for all your charging cables and headsets, this layer also has a zipper mesh pocket for 2.5 inch hard drives, passports, Memory card, or small accessories. 

On the second storage layer, there’s large storage that can fit 9.7-inch iPads or other 9.7-inch tablets. This case also offers a handle to make it easier to carry around the case.

I highly recommend this case if you frequently travel, are a photographer, or simply have too many cables. Ah! This sleeve also costs less than those cases above. 

AURION 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve AURION 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve: Laptop Bag

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If those sleeves above were too costly for you then how about something affordable? Bet you’d like that; this particular Laptop sleeve is just that something; it is quite affordable but it doesn’t compromise on the important features like shock absorbing and water resistance. 

This “Aurion” sleeve is on par with the other sleeves but the only con about this sleeve is that it doesn’t offer any compartments for keeping cables or chargers and you can’t carry this sleeve as a standalone bag due to the same reason. 

The sleeve is made up of thick neoprene material that can protect your precious laptop from water, dust, bumps, scratches, and scuffs. This case is also quite thin with 0.25-inch thickness so it’s quite easy to keep it in your backpack.

This case is available in black and maroon colors and can be used on any 15.6″ laptops. 

Generic Laptop Sleeve 10inch Bag

Generic Laptop Sleeve 10inch Bag: Laptop Bag

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The main purpose of sleeves is to offer protection, it’s best for people who want their laptop to look as good as new. But as I mentioned above the downhill is that you can’t carry them, and some of them don’t provide extra compartments or pockets for other essentials.

And yes they won’t be able to provide a lot of protection which a robust laptop bag can do. But sleeves are used when you feel your bag doesn’t provide much protection or you don’t want any dust and debris on your laptop or tablet.

Anyways this is the last sleeve of this article and if you want a bag instead of a sleeve keep on reading. Genetic used high-quality neoprene material for this sleeve, which prevents scratches and dust.

This simple looking sleeve is available in 2 colors it changes color when turned inside out (from black to red). Its soft material makes it easy to use and offers a firm grip preventing it from slipping, instead of a laptop, you can use this for tablets too.

Killerzone Laptop Bag 14 Inch

Killerzone Laptop Bag 14 Inch: Laptop Bag

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So you didn’t like those sleeves above and are looking for something that you can comfortably carry to the office and back regularly, then check out these office style laptop bags by Killerzone, for such a badass name this case looks quite classy and screams office worker.  

Killerzone offers a high-quality laptop bag with fine workmanship that appears thick but is quite soft and provides 360° protection to your costly Laptop.

This case is shock resistant, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant; this case also comes with velvet lining on the inner side to prevent scratches on your laptop.

The case has various pockets for keeping your phone, chargers, cables, headsets, and wallet; there are also 2 handles so you can carry in comfort.

All that sounds fun but the only negative thing about this Laptop bag would be that it is just 14 inches in length, so you can only fit 13-inch laptops in it. 

FunBlast Laptop Messenger Bag

FunBlast Laptop Messenger Bag: Laptop Bag

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Now we have this sleek leather bag, which is a great combination of a messenger bag and a briefcase. As you can carry it over your shoulder or crossbody, It holds a formal and structured look with a handle.

It features multifunctional interior compartments for laptop, documents, tablet, or notebook and a variety of interior pockets for mobile, passport, car keys, or pen loops. So you can keep all your essentials in one place.

And all your essentials will stay safe in this sleeve as it water repellent and it’s leather finish will keep them protected. You can use it for college, business, or school (It’s too formal for school though). 

It’s very convenient to carry, as it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and easy to carry handle. While the size of the bag is 16.53 × 12 × 3 inches and its weight is about 0.81 kg so it won’t add much weight to it.

It fits laptops which are up to 15.6 inches. Its high-quality leather makes it look stylish and sophisticated. And if you don’t prefer black it comes in 5 different colors. 

Wesley Office Laptop/Notebook/MacBook BagWesley Office Laptop/Notebook/MacBook Bag: Laptop Bag

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This office bag by Wesley is made up of premium quality durable fabric. If you are a person who follows trends or are into looks, you might like this bag.

It is compatible with those laptops which are up to 15.6 inches as it’s dimensions are 17 × 12.5 × 3.5 inches. It has two zippered sections with a laptop compartment.

Whether you’ll use it for your laptop or tablet this bag will protect it very well with its thick foam padding and fluffy lining as it offers extra protection, it absorbs the impact of shocks or falls and prevents the damage to your device. And your device won’t get damaged due to water too because this bag is also water-resistant. 

It is convenient to carry as it offers a shoulder strap and a handle, other than that it is designed to be slim and lightweight. Its luggage strap makes it easy while traveling, as it’s easy to fix it with a trolley. 

Blubags Laptop Bag Blubags Laptop Bag: Laptop Bag

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 Blubags laptop bag provides all-round protection to your laptop or tablet. This bag looks similar to Wesley’s bag. This bag too looks stylish and fashionable. It is compatible with all 15.6-inch laptops, its dimensions are 16 × 3 × 13 inches (L×W×H).

It comes with a pocket on the front side for storing accessories like charger, phone, mouse, etc. The fabric that they used makes it lightweight and thin, and it feels comfortable to handle. While It’s wide straps make it easy to carry.

You can use this bag for daily work and business travels. Many of us don’t trust zippers, as they tend to open or if they stop working, one can lose their essentials but that’s not the case with Blubags as they use high-quality nylon strong zippers that will keep all your essentials safe.

The use of high-quality fabric, soft material for the inner side, and 900D super touch polyester with padding help in protecting your device from accidental drops. Other than that it is also water-resistant. 

AmazonBasics 15.6-inch Tablet and Laptop Bag, Black

AmazonBasics 15.6-inch Tablet and Laptop Bag, Black: Laptop Bag

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This convenient and easy to carry bag by AmazonBasics is compatible for carrying laptops up to 15.6 inches, although if you want other sizes then they have options for 11.6 and 17.3 inches laptops. 

As its inner dimensions are 14.7 × 2.2 × 11.2 (L×W×H) inches and its external dimensions are 15.5 × 2.8 × 12 (L×W×H) inches.

It has an interior pocket that can be used for a laptop or tablet, while it’s zippered exterior pockets can be used for accessories like iPod, mobile phone, charger, and much more. Its padded interior offers a separate space for your laptop, without any unnecessary bulk. 

The three sections are easily accessible from the outside, you can easily organize all your necessities and can graphic them quickly when needed. For carrying it offers a padded shoulder strap and handle. It’s great for travelers, the only thing that is bad about it is that it’s not water-resistant. 

KROSER Laptop BagKROSER Laptop Bag: Laptop Bag

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Here we have yet another grey bag, well we mostly have grey bags on this list… But they all look formal and sophisticated at the same time. So this bag by Kroser has two front zippered compartments with multi-purpose pockets for mobile phones, pens, chargers, etc.

While its main compartment contains a laptop compartment and a pocket for a tablet but other than a tablet and laptop, you’ll also have enough space for the notebook. The material that has been used for this bag is water repellent Canvas Poly.

And just like other bags this bag is also easy to carry, with its detachable padded shoulder strap which can be adjusted and its luggage belt makes it easy to fix the bag to the trolley. Its dimensions are 16 × 2.5 × 10.8 inches. 

Its organizational pockets make it easy to manage all your essentials. And for protection, they safeguard both your tablet and laptop with its padded compartment. This bag is also one of the most expensive Laptop bags out there. 

Tomtoc 15.6 Inch Laptop and tablet Shoulder Bag

Tomtoc 15.6 Inch Laptop and tablet Shoulder Bag: Laptop Bag

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And we’ve finally reached the last laptop/tablet bag in this article and if you thought the “Kroser” laptop bag was costly, then better buckle up as this laptop/tablet is more expensive but it’s worth it.

This bag by Tomtoc offers 360-degree protection to your devices, through CornerArmor which will protect the corners of your laptop or tablet, it is similar to air cushion technology as it absorbs and distributes the impact of shock or drop.

While it’s fluffy interior enhances it’s protection capacity and prevents scratches on your device from the zipper. They offer a side opening design for extra protection. It can fit most 15.6 inches laptop, the maximum fit laptop size is 15.2 x 10.4 inches. 

Other than the main compartment they offer two pockets in the front, for accessories like charger, phone, cables, etc. These pockets are spacious enough so you can easily carry your essentials components. And it’s easy to carry through its padded shoulder strap and retractable handle. 


And you’ve finally reached the end of this article, I sincerely hope you found the right sleeve or bag for your Laptop. If you’re still hunting then opt for expensive ones as they’ll provide more than necessary protection to your devices along with storage space for chargers and cables. 

If you want to recommend any bag or sleeve to us, do leave a comment below.

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