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This Coffee-Lemon Juice Mix May Help You Burn Belly Fat And Lose Weight

by Tyler Adams
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Is your belly coming out of your clothes, or your best dress doesn’t fits in? You might sit and start scrolling over the internet to get that perfect home remedy for help. Internet will come up with several answers, but all of them will not be genuine. Before you get overwhelmed and pick up on a remedy that is just another myth, you need to know the truth. One such rumor stealing all the spotlight is lemon coffee mix burning all the belly fat to give you a perfect belly. The trend initially started over the Tiktok as a challenge, and from there, it started spreading like wildfire. People knowingly or unknowingly started following a trend, just like sheep without knowing the truth.

What Is The Trend And Its Claims?

The trend of weight loss recently took over the internet. The challenge asked to mix lemon juice and coffee and drink it every day to melt the belly fat. Many famous Tik tokers came onto the platform to spread the challenge and influenced people to try it. Many people stated it to be effective, but is it the truth?

Lemon and coffee have an impact on the body’s weight, but mixing them has no significant effect, as influencers claim. Lemon will have its usual effects, while coffee has its own. Mixing them together will not give any exceptional signals to speed up the process of fat burn. The evidence of a coffee-lemon mix drink as a sham was retrieved from this article presented on a trusted source.

The Solution

If you want to see weight loss results, start burning more calories. Calories are the principal road blockers getting in your weight loss process. The mantra to weight loss is to get fewer calories as much as possible and burn more of them every day. You can have lemon water in the morning to assist your body in weight loss.

While coffee can be another drink that can help boost metabolism.  An article on HealthCanal also warns to avoid adding some of the ingredients with coffee, because not all of the ingredients are healthy. You don’t have to be a part of some baseless trend for weight loss. A simple change to make your lifestyle healthy will be the most effective way to shed weight. There are better solutions that no one cares about because it takes effort. Remember efforts are most important when you have to achieve something big, and weight loss is one of them.

The Alternate Effective Solutions To Weight Loss

Don’t get disappointed over the myth-busting fact of lemon-coffee drink. There are alternative solutions to weight loss problems. Some of them are discussed below.

Eat Well

A weight loss plan works well if you have a good metabolism. Having good muscle mass boosts metabolism and helps shed weight even with little to no activity. You can only build lean muscle mass if you have a good diet. A fast metabolism will help you burn more calories without extra effort.


Exercising will help you get a perfect body. It will be your calorie-burning time. The more you workout, the more you burn it. Exercising will keep obesity miles away, as it cuts off the root cause of weight gain, like stress. Exercise daily, and if you can’t, make sure to do some light movements that help you burn calories. Don’t forget to compliment your diet with supplements before hitting on heavy exercises for building muscles mass.

Get Tea Refreshment

Drinking green tea is very impactful for weight loss. Green teas have epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which has a powerful effect on boosting metabolism. The benefits of green tea go on endlessly because it’s never limited to weight loss. It can be seen as a weight-loss remedy but it has the potential to treat other health issues too.

Cut Carbs And Add Fibers

Keep your diet low in carbs and increase food with low calories. Fiber-rich foods are best to go with, as they are calorie deficient. Involve more green veggies, fruits, and seeds. Don’t eliminate the carbs completely, as they will be giving you the energy to burn down fats. Not all carbs are your enemies; get the healthy ones for yourself.

Get Sleep

You might have several tasks on your to-do list, but it’s better to keep them aside if it’s troubling your sleep. Having a good sleep is one factor for leveling up the metabolic rate. If shedding weight is what you desire, you need to sleep to help your metabolism. When you don’t sleep enough, you interfere with the body’s ability to process carbs. This will make you feel exhausted during your working hours. When you are lazy during your working hours, you burn fewer calories, which leads to weight gain.


A cup of coffee mixed with lemon juice is no magic drink for weight loss. Both the drinks help shed belly fat but taking them together also doesn’t increase the weight loss effectivity. You can try out these drinks separately without making it some magic potion that is hard to swallow. If you want to spend time on weight loss, try out genuine methods that work. Live a healthy lifestyle, eat good food, and exercise to assist your body get in perfect shape.


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