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Top 10 Best Tile Companies (Tile Brands) In India 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Tile Brands In India

Everybody likes to amplify the novelty of their home décor by improving on the aesthetics. And while you might like collecting knick-knacks to decorate your homes, you just can’t ignore the floors and walls. After all, they too create a powerful impact on the overall beauty of the rooms.

Paint, carpets, wallpapers, hardwood, vinyl and other options are well and good but the ease and elegance that come with tiles are unmatched. While the other options are liable to wear and tire, tiles can be vouched for their durability.

And let’s not forget the fact that they are easy to clean. You can work around with muddy shoes and not even worry about spills. Tiles are not limited to only home decor. Offices, parking lots, heavy rush, bathrooms, porches you can find tiles in all places. 

The sleek designs that have a hand and glove relation with tiles have changed the concept of flooring solutions in India. From the old-school monochrome look to the classy alternative patterns, you have a variety of options to choose from. The tiles can even be fitted right up against one another with minimal or no grout lines, to imitate the look of real wood flooring.

But the question is which brand to choose. There are thousands of brands to choose from and understandably you might be confused. I am sure most of you feel that you enter into a long term commitment of sorts with tiles and of course, you would like to invest your money in the best.

Look no further because here is an assemblage of the best tile manufacturing companies which also happen to be among the favourite of the leading architects and builders of the country.

Here is the List of Top Tile Brands In India:

Asian Granito India Ltd

Asian Granito India Ltd: tile manufacturer

Established in the year 2000, the Asian Granito India Limited has risen to become one of the largest ceramic companies of India in a short span of 19 years. Besides India, AGL has a global footprint across more than 58 countries.

AGL’s initiative in applying innovative digital printing technology, technical collaboration with SACMI, Italy and an excellent Quality Management System has enabled it to build a truly unconventional range of tiles. 

The modern, high-quality designs that this brand brings to the market, are a treat for one and all. Well-known for manufacturing a wide range of tiles such as porcelain digital tiles, digital ceramic tiles that are of premium quality, AGL has never compromised with the beauty and aesthetics.

Irrespective of whether you are an architect, decorator, part of a construction company or a homeowner, you are sure to find tiles that fit in seamlessly with your requirement.

Bajaj Tiles

Bajaj Tiles: tile manufacturer

Established in the year 1990, Bajaj Tiles is among the leading manufacturer of wall tiles, vitrified and packaging tiles in India. At present, the company’s range of products includes Ceramic Wall, Vitrified Floor Tiles and Heavy Duty parking tiles.

Latest technology such as Digital Printing, Roto Printing, and Flat Printing technology are used to produce contemporary ceramic wall floor tiles in various size formats with different finishes like Satin, Glossy, Matt and Rustic.

Italian firing technology, best raw materials, and 100% imported machinery, ensure that you receive the best tiles in the market. Beautify your surroundings with these luxurious and classy tiles.

Cera Sanitary Ware Limited

Cera Sanitary Ware Limited: tile manufacturer

Among the premier tiles company is Cera Sanitary Ware Limited, that produces the latest designs and innovations in this industry. This company was established in the year 1998 and its head office is located in Ahmedabad.

The usage of only the best grade of raw material ensures a pleasurable and everlasting experience. These tiles have superior tensile strength, scratch resistance, waterproof and stain-resistant properties that ake these tiles durable and long-lasting.

Whether you are looking for Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Vitrified Wall Tiles, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Floor Tiles, Ceramic Wall Tiles or Elevation Tiles there is something for everyone.

Glue, satin, 3rd Tiring, Matt, Stone Matt, Gloss, Polished, Vitrosa are among the several finishes that this brand offers. With a wide range of exclusive design, Cera Tiles are the perfect blend of modernity and class.

H&R Johnson Limited

H&R Johnson Limited: Best Tile Brand In India

Since 1958, H&R Johnson Limited has built strong patronage in India for tiles by providing products that are finest in both quality and design.  

The brand has maintained its position among the forefront by launching and employing several innovations and unique features in the tiles they produce.

Anti-skid and Water-repellent Tiles for Bathrooms, Large Format Slabs, Rectified Wall Tiles, Digitally Printed Wall & Floor Tiles, Johnson Marbonite – Vitrified Wall and Floor Tiles, Germ-Free Tiles and Sanitaryware, Solar Reflective, Joint Free Tiles and Exterior & Industrial Flooring Solutions are to name a few of the several high-quality characteristics tiles that you will get if you opt for this brand. 

These bring out the true meaning of good tiles with their beauty and durability.

Kajaria Ceramics Limited

Kajaria Ceramics Limited: Best Tile Brand In India

Since the last thirty years, Kajaria has remained synonymous with perfection and style. Equipped with extremely advanced modern technology like intense automation, robotic car application resulting in zero chance for human error are a few reasons that catapult Kajaria to be among the top tile making companies of India.

The perfect culmination of technology, analysis, design and quality helps Kajaria to enhance the quality of its tiles. Kajaria offers an impressive collection of tiles for both floor and walls.

So whether you are looking for tiles for bathroom, kitchen, outdoor spaces, living room, bedroom walls or commercial spaces, this brand guarantees that gorgeousness will adorn your walls and floors.

You can select from a wide assortment of glazed vitrified, ceramic and polished vitrified tiles and you are sure to find a one that aligns with your needs.

The vibrant colours will add the right splash of colours to break the bleak monotony of ordinary walls and floors. The fact that these tiles are stain-proof, scratch-proof and abrasion-resistant and are easy to clean and mop make them a must buy.

Nitco Ltd (Northern India Tiles Corporation)

Nitco Ltd (Northern India Tiles Corporation): Best Tile Brand In India

Nitco Limited is one of the oldest tile manufacturing companies in India. It was established in the year 1953 by Pran Nath Talwar. Not only in India, but the company also exports tiles to countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and other European and African countries. 

Nitco Ltd has en exclusive range of tiles to add an edge to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and even your outdoor spaces. From the most subtly intricate delicate designs to the most striking details, you will get it all in the wide range of ceramic, vitrified DCH, vitrified heavy-duty, vitrified SST and made in Italy tiles. Earthy tones, eye-catching patterns, elegant textures are some of the multitudinous options that you can avail from this company.

 If you want to adorn your home with luxury and do not want to settle for the ordinary, then get ready to jazz up and rejuvenate your surroundings with these lovely tiles.

Orient Bell Limited

Orient Bell Limited: Best Tile Brand In India

Since its inception in 1977, Orient Bell Limited has always strived to provide the best tiling solutions and as a result, has become one of the largest manufacturers of Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles.

Orient Bell offers a wide range of Bathroom tiles, Kitchen tiles, Living Room tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Outdoor/Parking Tiles, High-Traffic Tiles, Commercial/Office Area Tiles, Elevation Tiles, Accent Wall Tiles and even School Tiles, Swimming Pool Tiles, Balcony Tiles and many more.

If you don’t want to be restricted by a defined set of designs, then this brand is your one-stop destination with a huge variety of plain, marble, wooden, 3D, mosaic, cement, geometric, floral, texture, slate and stylized tiles.

All Orient Bell tiles are tested for stress, scratch, abrasion, water, impact and temperature and these things ensure that you get not only the most elegant but also the most durable tiles for your beautifying your homes.

Somany Ceramics

Somany Ceramics: Best Tile Brand In India

Founded in 1969 by late Shri H. L. Somany, Somany Ceramics has emerged to become a globally acclaimed organization that specializes in ceramics and allied products segment. Somany Ceramics has established its supremacy not only in India but also in Africa, The Middle East, United Kingdom and Russia.

Be it tiles for walls, floors or even steps, Somany is your one-stop destination. The wide range of products in the tile section that can be availed from this company includes ceramic wall and floor tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, digital tiles, sanitaryware and bath fittings as well as tile laying solutions.

What’s more, is that the designs are visibly influenced by Italian and Spanish culture. With high abrasion resistant floor tiles that have assorted new designs that give an unparalleled look to your surroundings, Somany is rightfully among the top tile producing companies of the country.

Sonata Tiles

Sonata Tiles: tile manufacturer

Sonata ceramics private limited has maintained its name in the list of top suppliers of tiles since its establishment in 2004. 

With features like high scratch resistance, stain-free, UV protection, lesser than 3% water absorption, eco friendly and anti-skid surface, these tiles have carved a favourable niche for themselves in the Indin Market.

The company prides itself over transforming ‘a place into feelings’ with its unconventional innovative range of flooring solutions. The company employ the latest Italian and Chinese energy-efficient machinery that ensure quality and production standards as per International standards.

Whether its homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls, airports, parking area, multiplexes, railway stations or heavy rush areas you are sure to find Sonata Tiles because of their pattern, range, quality and durability.

With a portfolio of tiles consisting of Porcelain Tiles, Teflon Technology Tiles, Digital HD Tiles and Vitrified Tiles these tiles have taken creativity to a different level.

The class apart style and elegance of these tiles elevate the aesthetics of surroundings and hence makes it among the top tile producing companies of the country.

Swastik Tiles

Swastik Tiles Best Tile Brand In India

Established in the year 1996, Swastik Group entered into the tiles industry with the motto of creating happy and vibrant environments.

With an assorted range of Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Digital Gres Vitrified Tiles, Digital Wall Tiles, Multi Charge Vitrified Tiles, Digital Glazed Vitrified Exterior, Full Boy Vitrified Tiles and Polished Vitrified Tiles, Swastik has succeeded in uplifting the ambience of various places across the country and made its customers more than happy with their service.

The tiles have time and again proven their worth by offering total tiling solutions across product profile and diverse architectural needs. These easy to clean tiles add the right touch of grace and style to the Decor.


Choosing the right tiles is like solving a million-dollar problem for your surroundings. Not only the visual appeal but also the durability and quality are among the deciding factors while choosing the tiles.

And with the growing diversity in designs and latest technologies employed to make the best products, the search becomes even more difficult.  Acute research is required to choose the best among all.

This is exactly what this article intends to do. So if you are in search of the best tiles to furnish your surroundings, these ten Tiles Manufacturing companies should be in your list as they have been trusted by millions of customers for years.

However, each company has its properties and areas of expertise. I hope that this study of the best tile companies will help you to make a good choice that satisfies all your needs.

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