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Top 10 Ayurvedic Companies In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Ayurveda companies

Popularly known as the fifth Veda, Ayurveda, the ancient science of medicine, has been at the very core of the Indian culture for centuries. In fact, globalization has made it possible for other countries to discover and explore this organic-medicinal concept too, given its numerous benefits and next to no side effects, unlike the universally accepted traditional allopathic techniques.

This exposure has landed India an international market for the export of Ayurveda products, making it the hub of numerous well-established Ayurveda brands. However, there is always competition, and this article will tell you just which brands are in the lead.

Here is the List of Top 10 Best Ayurvedic Companies In India:

Dabur India Ltd

Dabur India Ltd Best Ayurveda Company In India

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The world’s leading Ayurveda brand with more than 250 product portfolios listed in its name, Dabur India Ltd. operates in everything, ranging from Home care to Health care, even taking the food industry under its sleeve (Remember Chyawanprash? The sweet-sour candy-like thingy that tasted like shit but still continues to form a part of every brown kid’s childhood?

Well, Dabur is the proud manufacturer of the same.) Initially set up in 1884, the brand has had a legacy of experience and trusted quality for over 135 years, which accounts for its success in the present time, making it the largest Ayurveda and Natural Health Care Company of its kind, not just in our country but all over the world.

So don’t worry if you’ve got an itch, or a scar you just can’t get rid of, or even if all you’re looking for is a few scented candles for a quiet night in, Dabur India Ltd. has got you covered!

Himalaya Wellness

Himalaya Wellness Best Ayurveda Company In India

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Popularly known just as Himalaya, this Ayurveda brand was launched in 1930, which rewards it with a whopping 90 years of experience and reliability, building for it a loyal consumer base.

The brand deals in more than a hundred ranges of Ayurveda products and remedies to cure prevalent health issues (like blood pressure and thyroid).

Initially started to “bring Ayurveda to the society in a contemporary form” (source- www.himalayawellness.com), Himalaya Wellness has only ever upped their game and made a solid name for themselves in the international market, with their clever marketing strategies and genuinely reliable products that are mild and suitable for everyday use.

So whenever you hear your friend raving about her flawlessly clear skin because of a new secret facewash, give them a blank look, say ‘Himalaya’, and watch their face fall.

Charak Pharma

Charak Pharma Best Ayurveda Company In India

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Established in 1947, soon after Independence, this brand has been focusing on increasing exports in order to transport the benefits of herbal healthcare to the world.

Ever since then, there’s been no looking back as the brand manages to expand its markets (both national and foreign) every year without fail. Manufacturing and dealing in a variety of innumerable “effective and safe” beauty and healthcare products and nutritional supplements, the company claims to be a “household brand” for over 35 countries. (Source- charak.com)

So the next time you need a body massage to get rid of the tension in your muscles after a tough day at work, try grabbing their body massage oil, and wait for it to work its magic.

Patanjali Ayurveda

Patanjali Ayurveda Best Ayurveda Company In India

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Set up by India’s (and now worldwide, really) popular Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, Patanjali Ayurveda has, without a doubt, secured itself a place amongst one of the country’s fastest growing companies.

If the credibility of the owner itself is not a driving force for people to choose this brand, the quality, reliability and most importantly, affordability of the products speak for themselves.

With an annual turnover of ₹10,216 crore, Patanjali offers a range of products for everything you could possibly think of- be it oral care, health care, nutritional supplements, medicines, or home care.

Moreover, the brand went as far as making fast food organic and healthy- with the introduction of chocolate bars and instant noodles, which received an overwhelming response from the consumers.

So guess who’s in the market to challenge pretty much every other brand to ever exist? It’s definitely not a hard guess.


Baidyanath Best Ayurveda Company In India

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Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Ltd., a brand found in 1917, has been serving highly reliable products to the marketplace without pause. With a catalogue of over 368 products, the company is renowned for its excellent and super-efficient organic remedial solutions that help boost immunity and strengthen the body by increasing nutritional supply.

With an annual turnover of US$ 150 million, this brand seems to be giving other companies a run for their money. Additionally, Baidyanath has undertaken the very thoughtful task of promoting the concept of a healthy living with ancient Indian sciences and activities like Yoga.

Zandu Ayurveda

Zandu Ayurveda Best Ayurveda Company In India

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The manufacturer of the legendary ‘Zandu Balm’ that has become a Bollywood anthem ever since the launch of the song ‘Munni Badnaam’ from the movie ‘Dabangg’, Zandu Ayurveda is a fast-growing multi-million dollar Indian Ayurveda Company, endorsed by the most renowned celebrities from Indian Television and Sports.

The brand is popular for its Ayurveda-based medicinal products that help cure (or at least contain) numerous complex ailments ranging from memory retention issues to life-threatening diseases like Cancer.

It’s definitely no surprise for it to be one of the wealthiest Ayurveda brands in India.

Hamdard Laboratories

Hamdard Laboratories Best Ayurveda Company In India

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Founded in 1906 by a renowned Hakeem in Delhi, Hamdard Laboratories is a popular Ayurveda and Unani company of India is popular for the wide range of herbal medical solutions it offers to speed up the healing process for a number of diseases and health care problems, hence providing better and faster results, often in keeping with allopathic treatment.

However, that is not all, for Hamdard is the proud manufacturer of many other products that are extremely in demand worldwide. These products include Joshina and Cinkara, Roghan Badam Shirin, and *drumrolls* Rooh Afza, amongst many others.

Vicco Laboratories

Vicco Laboratories Best Ayurveda Company In India

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Remember the super catchy vicco turmeric cream and vajradanti toothpaste advertisements no one could help but sing along to? Well, the name speaks for itself, enough to represent the popularity of this brand in our nation, what with its bravery to launch products that are miles away from the contemporary ingredients and chemical formula based products that continue to be in circulation worldwide.

(The fluoride-free toothpaste vajradanti is an excellent example of the same.) While these two products are amongst the only ones launched by this company, it has been doing exceedingly well for itself, because of the demand of these products in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates

Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Best Ayurveda Company In India

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Popularly known as NHCL, Nagarjuna manufactures and deals with a catalogue of over products that offer quality health care for the entire body- head to toes. The brand manufactures both Ayurveda based medicines and over-the-counter products amongst others.

NHCL has also accomplished the task of research and manufacturing of medicines that cure a wide variety of diseases, often belonging to the same group.

Moreover, the brand runs clinics and hospitals in 19 states of India, along with a live chat feature on its website for speedy and effective Ayurvedic treatment and consultation.

Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd 

Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd Best Ayurveda Company In India

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Having been in business for a century now, Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd has successfully made a name for itself in the national and internal marketplace, quickly rising to the status of one of the country’s greatest pharmaceutical companies of all time, best known for solutions in women’s health and child care.

A tad bit different from the other brands, Sandu specializes in the preparation of special organic liquids called ‘Kadhas’ and ‘Asavas’, popularly mentioned in many ancient Indian texts. These liquids are known to cure a wide range of chronic diseases, hence justifying its status.

Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala

Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala Best Ayurveda Company In India

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This “century old charitable institution” based in Kottakkal, Kerala has an interesting back story. A man called Vaidyaratnam PS Varier is said to have laid the foundation of this esteemed Ayurveda Company in the year 1902 as a village clinic that soon became popular because of the success of Varier’s treatment.

As a result, the brand is the successful operator of about 30 branches worldwide, adding over 1,000 skin and health care products to its portfolio, raising its status to a multi-million dollar company, with an annual turnover of INR 6 crores.


So these were the brands that have been leading the game of Ayurveda and winning it for the nation, adding over $4.4 billion to the country’s economy, as of 2018, and the number is only projected to grow with time.

While there are other up and coming companies that could possibly challenge the success of the abovementioned, the authenticity and the roots of this Ancient Medical Science is a heritage that must be preserved at all costs. 

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