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Top 10 E-Commerce Websites Ruling in the Market of India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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E-Commerce Websites

“Websites promote you 24/7; no employee will do that.”

Having an own eCommerce website falls under modern form of advertising or modern form of promoting or divulging the products, offers, features and details of the company.

This serves as a very strong base for any ecommerce business. Via having an own website, we can reach out to many at a go. Emphasizing on Globalization, standing on the 21st century, proliferation, expansion, productivity, internationalization set a very important grand stone.

If we have an own ecommerce site, then national, international everyone can view and get to know about our company – the functioning, the materials, services and all other details. In fact, orders, buying and selling, giving suggestions and reviews can also be uploaded via that platform.

Marketing through e-commerce websites becomes very smooth and fruitful. When you have your own website then marketing and advertising via social media platform becomes very easy and convenient.

We can not only advertise or promote our products but we can also gather a lot of followers, subscribers, likes, comments and customers from all over the world. A lot of product reviews can be gathered via e-commerce sites.

The top ten E-Commerce Websites in India are 


Amazon.in: E-Commerce Website

“Amazon.com strives to be the e- commerce destination where consumers can find and discover anything they want to buy.”

Based in Seattle, Washington Amazon.com is a huge platform on which E – Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Steaming and Cloud Computing are standing and functioning. It is an American Multinational Technology Company which has spread its hand on a variety of sections and streams.

One of the most important, popular and valuable tag it carries. Originally started with books but has expanded with electronics items, dolls, jewerelly, dresses, grocery items, furniture, food items and the company has flourished like anything.

Not only in terms of products, it has established in form of entertainment also – Amazon Prime, Amazon Studies, Amazon Web Series, Amazon Publishing, Alexa, Kindle, Amazon Drive, Amazon Flesh and so on.

Amazon has reached its zenith point of success, admiration and demand very evidently. Amazon.com is available in multiple languages including – English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish.

We can easily avail the services rendered by Amazon from the comfort of our own house. The most wonderful thing is that we can get a lot of reviews and we can also type our reviews for various products which can be highly beneficial for buying or ordering a product.

We can even insert the pictures while writing a review. From getting discounts to returning any damaged product, we can make use of a lot of facilities offered by this grand e-commerce site – Amazon.

“One of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.”


Flipkart.com: E-Commerce Website

“After the Flipkart acquisition, a lot of writers will quit their day jobs to pursue their passion of engineering.’’

Just like Amazon, Flipkart started on its journey with the book loads and proliferated with a variety of items like electronics items, home essentials, grocery items, decorative items, dress and many more.

Flipkart also maintains and nurtures a lot of house brands on a variety of domain – Citron for Home Appliances, Digiflip (accessories and electronics items), Billion (Smartphones) etc. Also, it serves as the base for Videos and such launches.

Flipkart Video Originals presented its very first piece on the tenth month of 2019. The most attracting point of flipkart is that it generates certain discounts and offers like no other e-commerce site and automatically a lot of traffic is initiated towards flipkart. For example- Big Billion Days during the festival of lights.

“A better service is keeping the promise you made to the customer.’’


Myntra.com: E-Commerce Website

“Fashion is instant language.”

Myntra is an e-commerce site mainly focused on fashion industry and personalized gift items. Its indeed a very useful and highly used e-commerce site for apparel products.

Not only in terms of its products and productivity but also in the organizing a digital reality show, Myntra has done wonders. Myntra Fashion Superstar carved out the path for fashion enthusiastic and gave a scope and grand stone to them to learn, exhibit and compete on a huge platform.

Although there were issues including strikes from the labors’ side regarding wages and low pay scale, but still Myntra holds a strong grip in terms of economy and earnings. It has also aided the start-up Witworks to uplift them to a great extent.

“We will unearth the talent from every part of India and give them a platform to make it big.’’


Snapdeal.com: E-Commerce Website

“The e-commerce industry is a force that no industry can afford to ignore.’’

Snapdeal is a private e-commerce company that emerged on the second month of 2010. Its an eminent online market place which is growing and glowing with a rapid stage.

The way it is going ahead to its acquisition is indeed appreciable. The immense support and shed which Snapdeal is offering to start ups are of utmost importance and magnificence.

‘Innovation, Change, Openness, Honesty and Ownership’ are their core values with which they work around. Its famous mega deals are something which attract the customers a lot.

The languages in which it is available are – Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Marathi and definitely English.

“We interrogate things about what is the best experience for customer.’’


Paytm.com: E-Commerce Website

“There are two kinds of companies in the world: one who build and the second who buy.’’

Paytm is a financial services site which helps us for various transactions, online shopping, online banking etc. Basically, it’s a payment site which acts as our electronic wallet. We can do online shopping, pay bills, store-payments as well.

Starting from restaurants to grocery shop, from medicine shops to toll tax, we can go and run digitally if we have Paytm and money inside it. Proper KYC needs to be done for smooth transaction of money.

Whenever we are entering the digits for amount and the person on whom account the money needs to be transferred. It is widely used and accepted in every sphere of the market. It has also achieved the Outstanding Startup of the Year Award.

“All in one is the only way to win.”


Quikr.com: E-Commerce Website

“Asan Hain badalna.’’

Quikr is basically a sell and buy online platform where we can post our old accessories and belongings and can reach the interested customer easily without taking any pain or trouble.

We can upload the pictures and descriptions and divulge it. It is indeed a great site to sell away our used or second-hand products. A classified advertisement section it is. Quikr has raised to market leadership and is still successfully growing.

The categories in which Quikr mainly works are – household items, cars, real estate, goods and services. The most important aspect of it is, it advertises for Jobs. We can search for jobs according to our own requirement and skills.

The main aim of Quikr as vented out by the slogan also, to support young and aspiring Indians and creating a platform for them to ensure proper job portals and buying and selling of items.

“Quikrrrrr Quikr!”


OLX.in: E-Commerce Website

“OLX dekha hain.”

OLX is an incorporated classified online e-commerce site where we can buy and sell various items of our need. From furniture to apparel, from electronics to cars and items a lot of things.

Besides its facilities, it has also become a platform for swindling and deception. This has emerged between both buyers and sellers indulging more and more in UPI Scam, phishing, fake SMS and mails.

OLX functions on a global scenario and has tactfully set some campaigns and strategies to spread its operations on a higher scale. ‘Making smart choices’ is the main choice of OLX and it is setting a remarkable place in the online market.

Moreover, it also uses and adopts technology that looks after anti-olx policies, making it a far better platform.

“OLX hain to set hain.”


In.Ebay.com: E-Commerce Website

“Connecting buyers and sellers globally.’’

Ebay is an online shopping e-commerce site which is an American multinational company and the headquarter is in California, U.S.A. The eminent acquisitions which comes under Ebay are – PayPal, Skype, Criagslist, StubHub, Corrigon, Qoo10. Initially eBay was called ‘auction web’.

It has spread its hands over hundred countries. Customers are inclined towards ebay because it is very simple, lucid and easy to use. Smooth flow of pricing and is not at all complicated. This is really very helpful for the customers to do online shopping on this platform.

In fact, the customers can also send a letter of request if they want to close their account on ebay. The items which are there on ebay’s listing are decorative items, electrical appliances, furnishings, equipment and many more. It has profitably raised as a trading platform.

‘’Buy it, sell it, love it.’’


Ajio.com: E-Commerce Website

“Doubt is out.’’

Ajio is coming under the Reliance Retail umbrella and a subsidiary retail industry. Reliance Retail’s daily outlets include – foods, groceries, apparel and footwear, lifestyle and home improvement products, electronic goods, and farm implement and inputs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Moreover, consumer goods, consumer durables are also there on the list. Ajio is a fashion open website which puts up trendiest, latest and a variety of clothes of various designs and styles. Ajio defines and sets our personality.

We can wear Ajio items and carry ourselves confidently, smartly and optimistically. The other facilities include- thirty days return, 100% handpicked and assured quality. We can browse through a lot of categories and pick the trendiest attire of our own choice.

“Discover the fresh new look.”


ShopClues: E-Commerce Website

“India’s first and largest managed marketplace.”

ShopClues is a private e-commerce site which provides a great deal of items and accessories. From daily needs to sports and more, everything is so easily available on this e-commerce site.

From pocket friendly prices to jaw dropping deals, they are an expert to increase the traffic within a very short span of time. Cash on delivery, Prepaid systems, Electronic method of payment everything is so very easy and convenient.

One single category or domain has plenty of subcategories. We really need a good time and space to browse through all the offers, discounts and items in order to get hold of the best product for ourselves.

Moreover, by shaking hands with GoDaddy, ShopClues has aided many new and intermediates to start off with their e-commerce sites.’

“India’s asli online shopping hub.”


There is a tagline followed by India nowadays – “Support Small Business.’’ We all need to cater to the needs and interests of small business because if support small then we can rise up to a great extent.

We all are aware of Amazon’s case, which started on a small-scale platform, but now it is doing wonders and supplying wonders. Not only that, being situated under the umbrella of a company can also help you to establish yourself one day.

The founders of Flipkart were actually co workers under Amazon and now they have reached to the zenith point of their milestone and success. Moreover, we need to strategize certain things for building and developing our e-commerce sites.

We need to take care of quality, assurance and customer satisfaction. Just to achieve profit we should not compromise with quality and standard and condition of the items or products. Our services should be the signature point in building our business.

If we target search engine optimization then we can get a lot of clients and henceforth increase website trafficking. In this way we can be at the top in our domain. Inexpensive yet beneficial. It won’t cost much if we build up our own ecommerce site.

We can monitor and expand our brand in a way we want. It’s just a few clicks away from making profit. From personalization to purchasing, from customization to customer connection, we can avail, access and achieve a lot.

E-commerce, online shopping is growing like anything nowadays, if we execute and function it properly, we can definitely make a victorious turn.

“For E-Commerce firms the three most important infrastructure items are information flow, cash flow and delivery.”

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