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List of Top 15 Best Indian Fashion Bloggers In 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Indian fashion bloggers

Fashion is something that we live with almost every day of our lives. Be it our clothes, our hair style, our shoes, bags, accessories, everything is inspired by the fashion trends that go on in our society. 

You have to choose your own style wherever you go and it will the ultimate factor for people to look upon you as a person in the first go.
As said by the great Diane von Furstenberg, ‘Style is something each of us already has. All we need to do is find it’.

Some people are born with a sense of fashion while some take years to develop that skill into themselves. That is where the fashion bloggers play an important role and that is, how to define fashion not just for them, but also to inspire people to dress as per the latest fashion trends.

In India, you will find a lot of famous fashion bloggers who will influence your sense of style, so that you become the next fashion icon.

Here is the List of Most Popular Fashion Bloggers In India:

Nitin Sood and Sana Sood

Nitin Sood and Sana Sood


If wedding ideas and themes is what you need right now, these two bloggers are the best in the business.

Their blog goes by the name Happy Shappy and you will find amazing and trendy ideas for your next event or for your special day.
They will help you plan your wedding or other event in a great manner and are quite famous in the field.

You do not have to worry about anything as they specialize in everything, from head to toe and all types of wedding events.
Each and every thing is covered by them in their blogs and you can also contact them for further assistance. Go to their blog to get amazing ideas and get ready for the shaadi season with a bang.

Anshita Juneja

Anshita Juneja Fashion Bloggers

Facebook | Instagram

Anshita Juneja is another fashion and wellness blogger in the country who has grown to be one of the biggest influencers in the field.

She has her own blog website with the name, ‘Vanity No Apologies’, where you will find every solution to your problem in the area of trendy makeup products or skincare routine or other cosmetics. is one of the best fashion bloggers in India.

If we talk about her education, she has completed her post graduation in the field of marketing from the University of Delhi, where she also completed her graduation in BA Economics.

All your needs, be it a wedding event or a first date or graduation ceremony, she has got you all covered up in terms of fashion trends and products required to looks flawless. You will get every review you can get on every product that you love and are about to love.

Devina Malhotra

Devina Malhotra Fashion Bloggers

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Devina Malhotra is again one of the topmost bloggers in the country who loves to shop around and take random pictures all around the place.

She has a talent for writing and has also been a part of Tehelka, Hindustan Times, and some other publications as well.
She also works as a digital marketer, full time and as a social media strategist for various startups.

Her blog Guilty Bytes, is one of the most popular blogs in the country with a lot of followers.

She is huge supporter of body rights and absolutely hates people talking nonsense about body shaming.
A believer who knows what she wants and also wants people to know better about how to style their wardrobe according to their body type and personality.

Being really famous, she has also collaborated with some of the best brands in the country through the help of her blog and extending the network of various other brands as well.

Rhea Gupte

Rhea Gupte Fashion Bloggers


Rhea Gupte is more of a model than a fashion blogger, but has shown keen interest in the area of blogging.
She grew up in the city of Mumbai, is currently based in Goa, who is also a creative professional there.

She has her own blog named, ‘Fuss’, that is quite a popular blog as of now. If beaches are your vibe, then you will blend well with the fashion influencer and her blog.

She likes to play with different aspects of a beach, be it waves, water, sand, colors and more, and then highlights them in her blog, creating a different palette of her imagination.

In her career line, she has also gotten many chances to collaborate with the top brands in the world like, Loreal, Tommy, and Nike. She completed her studies in the area of fashion communication from NIFT. 
One thing to take away from her lifestyle is the Boho fashion trends or the eccentric styles that she loves to carry around.

Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu Fashion Bloggers

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Akanksha Redhu is definitely one of the most famous fashion bloggers in all of India.

She started her own blog in the year 2010 to express her ideas, skills, talent and reviews with all of you, so that you get inspired and start to inculcate a unique sense of fashion like hers.

She has six sections in her blog page, covering just about everything, from Fashion & Lifestyle to Beauty to Events to Travel to Media and till Shopping.
In these sections you will find information and her personal reviews in terms of jewelry, designers, makeup items, Fashion weeks, places she travels and their whole hearted reviews, her wish list in apparels and so much more.

Due to her popularity, she has also collaborated with a lot of world renowned brands like, Airbnb, Chanel, Carlton London, Chivas Regal, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and so many more to count.

Ankita Shrivastava

Ankita Shrivastava Fashion Bloggers

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Ankita Shrivastava is a very famous fashion blogger and also a graduate from IIT Bombay.
She started her blogging journey in the year 2011, when she was completing her graduation and found out her one true passion, which was fashion and related stuff.

Her blog page, ‘Corallista’ shares everything you wanted, ranging from beauty products to makeup items to skincare tutorials and other makeover videos.
Not just videos, all types of reviews about every item ever that she has posted is also available, so that you can choose only the best product for your skin.
The blog page is one of the most followed blogs in the country, by almost over 5 lakh people following it.

She loves to experiment with various colors and posts all sorts of trendy topics and tutorials and reviews time to time to help you get the best help online.

Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap Fashion Bloggers

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Gia Kashyap is yet another visionary in the area of fashion and has successfully created her popular blog page, ‘Gia Says That’, where she shares all her acquired knowledge and interest in the area of style, makeup, makeover, beauty standards etc.

If we go deep into the whole list, you will find detailed reviews about many apparels, designers, jewelry, shoes, handbags, makeup ranges and so much more such topics which she has covered for you in her blog.

She has a belief, that fashion is a form of art and it is best celebrated with the company of others, and therefore the page that goes ahead with this ideology.
She is one person who loves to see a whole palette of colors down her wardrobe, since childhood, and will definitely inspire you to see the same beauty as well.

You will all of your trendy vacation ideas, date ideas, wedding themes, birthday fashion, etc. on her blog, where she has shared her best tips and secrets.

Jattin Jay

Jattin Jay Fashion Bloggers

Facebook | Instagram

Jattin Jay is one such fashion blogger who loves to street style and recommend his best tips over his blog.
His blog is named as, ‘The Style Doodler’, and is a very popular blog among most men of the country.

If you have no idea as to what to wear at a party, or a birthday or a date, Jattin Jay is the go-to person for such advice.

His blog covers all the latest street styles and fashion advices and picks for the people who are in dire need to step up their fashion game.

People generally underestimate everyday styling and tend towards ignorance for such matter.
This is where are very own blogger gets into action mode and describes day to day styling patterns that you should wear to avoid making any fashion blunders.

Not just clothes, but he also gives advice to men for a variety of things like, footwear, accessories, haircare, skincare products to use and other grooming things.

Ashita Agarwal

Ashita Agarwal: Indian fasion blogger


Ashita Agarwal is another popular fashion blogger who is very particular about affordable stuff around her.
She completed her education from KC College, Mumbai University in the area of Advertising and Applied Communications in the year 2013.

She is the founder of the business coach enterprise named, ‘Bossconfidential’, that enables creative tips for small business women entrepreneurs to get more clients.

Moreover, she has another devoted blog, which she runs herself, i.e. ‘The Crunchy Fashion’ and with this blog she focusses mainly on fashion and lifestyle in various types of events that come across in your lifetime.
Be it a wedding or first date or a birthday party or your birthday party or any other special event, you can take notes from her blog directly to get going on that fashionable journey in the right manner.

Another thing she believes in is affordable fashion and not spending huge sums of money to look stylish and she has shared her tips and secrets to get that going.

Karron S Dhingra

Karron S Dhingra Fashion Bloggers

Facebook | Instagram

Another popular blog page for men is the Karron S Dhingra’s blog named, ‘The Formal Edit’.
Being a lawyer professionally, this man turned out to be a great fashion blogger as well and manages both the things simultaneously.

He has a different, yet refreshing sense of fashion when it comes to styling self, and if you love some quirky and stylish items to be included in your wardrobe, Karron is your go to person.

The kind of top of the world luxury fashion style he displays will give you ultimate ideas for your next grand event, you want to attend.
His Instagram page has more than 130K followers and will give you ultimate fashion goals.

The travelling saga in his outfits that he creates while visiting new places, will instantly give you wanderlust and you will want to recreate the moment.

He posts all sorts of lifestyle advice and other fashion tips and advices on his blog and is a good example of how a male micro blogger must represent oneself.

Param Sahib

param sahib: fashion designer


Param Sahib is a Delhi based fashion blogger who has turned out to be quite the talk of town. His love for colors has made him successful and famous all around the country.

More than a blogger, he has been devoting his time into designing as well, especially for women and has launched his own womenswear label recently.
Another venture of his would be the fashion brand he owns, titled, ‘Param Sahib Clothing’, where he cultivates his ideas into graphics and gives his thoughts wings to fly. His personality, style and everything has been into the womb of colors all around.

His play with different psychedelic colors and graphics is always top notch and on point. If you want a colorful wardrobe at any point of time in your life, go over to Param’s blog named, ‘Parambanana’, and you will get rid of all your worries.

Manvi Gandotra

Manvi Gandotra: fashion designer


Manvi Gandotra is another very famous fashion blogger who will get you hooked over her fashion styles and statements.
Being a fashion designer herself, you can be rest assured that your dressing sense will be falling into the right hands.

She launched her own website in the year 2012 with the name, ‘StyleInked’, and it soon became the talk of the town, where various fashion mongers would go and get their trendy ideas.

You will all the latest fashion trends and styles that will; get you grooving and will surely give you some good looks around.
Any occasion that requires dressing up has been covered here, so get going to find that perfect blend of style to become the fashion queen.

The website has a separate section called the DIY (Do It Yourself) section, where you can find some of her best tips and secret to create your own fashion wardrobe and other items.

If you are a designer yourself or are interested to become, follow this page for better ideas on cloth, embroidery, colors and more.

Mehek Sagar

Mehek Sagar: fashion designer

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Mehak Sagar is one of top fashion bloggers in India who rose to fame because of her amazing fashion insights.
She became or she started blogging in the year 2010, when there was no major competition in the country for what she was wanting to do, but she never gave up and grew out to be quite famous at what she does the best.

Her website named, ‘Peaches & Blush’, is very popular among women as it gave a lot of advice and reviews about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, grooming pointers.
Her very famous Bridal blog is the one that most of the young brides keep looking to get the best tips on their special day.

This edition got so much fame that it appeared on some of the best fashion magazine sellers like Femina and Cosmopolitan.

She was also seen in the very famous series of TEDx Talks, where she gave thoughtful insights about her own field of work and a career option in the same.

This Delhi based blogger even turned out to be an official blogger for FCUK India and continues blowing our minds away with her fashion tips and secrets.

Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Abhimanyu Singh Rathore is one of a kind, fashion bloggers in all of India. He is well known and popular street style photographer and blogger and has his own blog that goes by the name, ‘Ishtailista’.

He was born in the state of Rajasthan, but grew up in the state of Gujarat, so his love for the colors has to be quite obvious, because of the vibrant colors of heritage that are brought by these states.

He has been a part of various portfolio shoots including the very popular Amazon India Fashion Week held in New Delhi, Pearl Portfolio held in Jaipur, Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week 19 and so many more.

The blog consists his ideas and vision which he captures in the camera’s lens very beautifully and showcases them on his blog.
If you feel like taking an inspiration of the best street style adopted by various people, you ca always visit his blog and make up your unique styles and get inspired directly.


Fashion comes to you every day, day in and day out, so we must embrace it rather than ignoring the whole thing at once. It defines our personality and our attitude towards life.

Though having a right sense of fashion and style always doesn’t come natural to us and therefore, we might need to get help and go that extra mile to learn some new ways.
This is where our fashion bloggers come into place and help us redesign our wardrobe and other routines.

All the above bloggers are unique and one of a kind, who are quite popular in their fields. Take some time out to prepare notes and get inspired by the various tips and advices they have in store for you, so that you can become the nest fashion icon.


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