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Top 10 Most Popular Headphones Brands In India (2023)

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A good pair of headphones is no less than a best friend. Whether you are on the commute, spending leisure time or especially if you are a music professional – there is no denying that we are all looking for a perfect pair of headphones to accompany us with our daily routines.

Moreover, with everything going practically virtual and digital with the ongoing pandemic – businesses, classrooms, entertainment and even social interactions – having branded and good quality pair of headphones seems to be a favorable investment.  

As the current market has loaded us with a great number of choices, it becomes still more daunting to select an ideal pair of headphones for ourselves. Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider while purchasing a pair of headphones is the brand.

Not only does it assure good quality and durability, but also deliver great performance and an enhanced experience of listening to music.  Although, apart from the brands of headphones, several other factors such as cost, noise cancellation, controls, sound quality, style etc.. determine which pair suits one best, selecting the right headphones brand can do the trick for most.

If you are someone who would tether to the headphones for the majority of the day or who would prefer to carry a light and portable pair of headphones during the commute, we have curated a list of the best headphones brands in India to help you make the right choice.    

Here is the list of Best Headphone Brands In India:


Sennheiser: Best Headphones Brand In India

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A 75 years old company, Sennheiser is one of the oldest and highly preferred headphones brands in India. Originally a German manufacturer of audio equipment, this headphones brand comes with a vast range of products to choose from.

Whether you are an individual looking for headphones for leisure, or a music professional looking for equipment with innovative audio technology, Sennheiser is your one stop solution.

They offer everything from wireless, earbuds,  over-ear headphones, home and TV audio equipment, conference systems, studio recording, audio streaming equipment and so on.

Be it low-end headphones or high-end ones, Sennheiser keeps the quality remarkably consistent, ensuring that customers always get the best value for their money.   


boAt: Best Headphones Brand In India

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Especially renowned for its detailed sense of fashion and style, headphones from boAt will uplift your everyday look, besides giving you an enhanced audio experience.

With boAt’s distinct sound, be ready to plug into Nirvana with extreme noise cancellation, next level Hi-Res audio systems, high bass and high definition sounds. Headphones from boAt truly exist to define the universal love for music.  

Their range of products are rather affordable for individual and everyday use. boAt offers wireless headphones powered by smart Bluetooth technology and a long lasting battery life of up to 8 hours at a time.

Some other features that make this a top headphones brand are, state of the art design, soft ear cushions, easy tap controls, voice assistant and many more.  


JBL: Best Headphones Brand In India

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A considerably popular among headphones brands in India, JBL today operates under partnership with Samsung. With uncompromised sound quality, headphones from JBL come with the high performance, outstanding frequency response and bass that is powerful and deep.

Don’t want the wires to ruin your listening experience? JBL has you covered with its exclusive range of wireless headphones. Other categories include adaptive, noise cancelling headphones, JBL Sports Headphones, on-ear loudspeaker headphones and so on. 

They offer products for all prices, – from low, budget oriented products ranging between $10 and $20 to more expensive products for about a couple of hundred dollars. Also popular from the brand are Bluetooth speakers, which are in fact JBL’s specialty.  


Sony: Best Headphones Brand In India

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The Japanese company, Sony is perhaps one of the most popular household headphones brands in India. Most of the audio equipment and products offered by Sony is for personal use and are therefore, more on the affordable side of the spectrum.

However, they have a pretty great collection for audiophiles as well. What makes it stand apart is the consistent quality across products even at reasonable prices.

Sony’s collection includes everything from on-ear stereo headphones, wireless headphones, to noise cancelling headphones and extra bass headphones with ease of access controls such as mic, Bluetooth, touch control and Alexa voice controls among others.  


Bose: Best Headphones Brand In India

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One of the reading manufacturers of audio equipment and perhaps the first name that comes to mind while buying a pair of headphones is Bose.

This Indian brand of world renown is best known for its range of noise cancelling headphones, which also makes it the first choice for people working in aviation.

Although ridiculously expensive, headphones from Bose can be a profitable investment if you are a music professional, or a music enthusiast, for it guarantees a brilliant listening experience for a long time. 

 With groundbreaking innovation and technology, the range of audio products from Bose promises the best value in the market. They offer everything from headphones for sports, wireless, audio sunglasses, speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, aviation headsets and so much more.  


Audio-Technica: Best Headphones Brand In India

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Offering some of the best-selling headphones, Audio-Technica is one of the most sought after headphones brands in India. Originally a premier, leading audio company from Japan, the brand, in its 55 + years in the industry, has revolutionized the headphones market. 

Delivering professional grade performance and serious standards of quality, the range of headphones from Audio-Technica is quite extensive. Be it for sports, studio recording or simply budget in-ear headphones, they have something to cater to the needs of everyone.

With this headphones brand, you can select preferred alternatives, from among budget friendly, mid-range or even high-end headphones, ideal for both leisure and professional requirements – and you would not be disappointed with either.     


Mi: Best Headphones Brand In India

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Crafted for true sound representation, Mi headphones are something that you should own for a comprehensive audio listening experience. The range of headphones from this brand are backed by a powerful acoustic system to produce quality sound with minimal distortion or coloration.

They come with a massive 50 mm diaphragm for exceptional bass. Its unique semi-open design, 3D audio and dual damping systems are specifically built to deliver a concert hall experience.

Certain models also come with built-in microphones and song controls besides possessing quality ear cushions for maximum comfort. Choose from among wireless, over-ear or combinations of the two – and all at affordable costs.

When you buy headphones from Mi, you are signing up for reliability, quality and durability that is one of the best in the industry today.  

Boult Audio

Boult Audio: Best Headphones Brand In India

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A favorite among celebrities, this is one of the best headphones brands in India, for an enhanced audio listening experience. From wireless headphones to true wireless livebuds, and to in-ear headphones, Boult Audio has it all to offer for professionals and casuals alike.

Their extremely affordable prices make it a go-to choice of headphones brands in India. The products for this brand come loaded with features such as pro bass audio boost, accentuated high definition sounds, built-in microphone controls and wired mode for both Android and iOS.

Some models from Boult Audio are also enabled with Google and Siri voice assistants with as great as 10 hours of runtime and up to two days of standby.

Moreover, its impeccable ergonomic design that is comfortable and lightweight on the ears, durability,  legendary acoustics, 3D surround sound make Boult Audio the best of the best headphones brands in the market. 


PTron: Best Headphones Brand In India

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A youth oriented brand, PTron offers best quality mobile accessories and headphones from this brand rank the highest on Amazon, which speaks volumes about its quality.

Here, you can shop for some of the latest and the best headsets, true Wireless in-ear headphones, Bluetooth Headphones, and so on. This Indian brand, headquartered in Hyderabad, promises its customers with incredibly crystal clear and high resolution audio experience and features extra bass. 

Other than that, headphones from PTron also feature smart touch control earbuds that allow you to manage calls and music efficiently, power on and off, answering or rejecting calls, hang-up, playing the next or previous song and activating voice assistant.

With an ergonomic and lightweight design that fits comfortably in your ear, these headphones are built for all day wear with no distractions at all.  

Bang and Olufsen

Bang and Olufsen: Best Headphones Brand In India

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Designed by experts, headphones from Bang and Olufsen are a testament for the ‘sound of the unstoppable.’ This headphones brand offers premium, professional grade headphones for supreme sound quality.

From over-ear, on-ear and noise cancelling headphones, Bang and Olufsen has something for everyone. Designed for superior style and comfort, these headphones come with 30 hours of industry leading play time along with active noise cancellation. 

Most headphones products from this brand are made from flawless anodized aluminium along with rich and natural leather, that only beautifies with age.

Apart from this, there are several innovative features included, such as proximity sensors that automatically play or pause the music when you take your headphones on or off; two dedicated microphones to bring top notch voice quality to your calls; Transparency Mode which allows you to filter in the sounds around you and several more features to magnificize your listening experience. 

Investing in a great pair of headphones can promise you with a thoroughly entertaining and profound listening experience. The significance of headphones for a music professional is almost as much as that for an enthusiast, who does not go to bed before humming along musical tunes and beats.

This exclusively curated list would therefore, assist you with your next headphones purchase so that you can select the best among the plenty of headphones brands available in the market.      


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