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Top 10 Most Popular Jewellery brands in India 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Jewellery Brands

“Jewellery more than an asset or a symbol of social status, is an emotion”, says my grandmother. And hence, there is a demand for quality and trust-worthy jewelry brands and outlets in India.

According to reports, “Out of the 52 percent worldwide jewellery consumption, the majority happens in India”. Gold forms the major consumption with regard to jewelry consumption in India- South -37%, West-32%, North-18% and East-13%.

This huge degree of Gold consumption clearly hints at the vast jewellery market India stations. According to the World Gold Council, Kerala and Tamil Nadu form the key figure in jewelry markets in India, as is evident from the above figures.

Some of the reasons for the boom in consumption and the rise of Jewellery Industry in India are as follows-

  • Jewellery especially gold, is not only an asset or status symbol but a medium to express individuality.
  • According to Export and Import Bank of India, the growth of the industry is due to the high jewellery export to Europe and U.S as well as domestic demand.
  • Change in lifestyle
  • An overall increase in the affordability of jewellery among Indian middleclass consumers.
  • Introduction of certifications and hallmarking.
  • Large variety of designs and selections arising from an availability of skilled artisans with expertise in diamond cutting, jewellery making and designing.
  • Marketing strategies by different brands through advertisements which emotionally appeal to the viewer.
  • The ever- increasing gold demands for marriages and other Indian ceremonies and rituals.

Additionally, jewellery as an industry has also witnessed its share of transformation from an unorganised sector to a more organised sector and with it, has been the rise of branded jewellery in the market.

The majority of branded jewelry chains in India like Gitanjali, Joy Alukkas and so on are run by families and hence, the legacy contributes a lot to its brand name. However, with the boom in the industry, several new brands have emerged and are slowly making their name.

Nevertheless, consumers trust brand names and its legacy, more than anything else. And as a south Indian family, my family’s major jewelry shopping spot is Kalyan jewelry. Which is yours?

If you are still confused about which brand to purchase from, the below is a list of 10 best jewellery brands for silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum jewelry in India.


Here is the List of Jewellery Brands In India:


Tanishq: Jewellery Brand In India

Tanishq, is one of the most trusted jewellery brand in India owned by the Titan Company which comes under the TATA group and headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka . The Tanishq group endorses its brands through popular collections like Rivaah for wedding purchases, Mia for working women and so on.

According to reports Titan- Tanishq is ranked third among the top 10 in the world based on their appreciable sales rate. Even though, it is one of the expensive jewellery brands however, it gathers its customers through heart-warming advertisements, great designs and unique collections.


Caratlane Best Jewellery Brand In India

The online jewellery store has partnered with Tata-Tanishq. The online platform offers latest gold coins and diamond jewellery, best of earrings designs for best prices in India.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds 

Malabar Gold and Diamonds Best Jewellery Brand In India

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Malabar Gold and diamonds is one of the largest jewellery stores, with about 250 showroom chains across 10 different countries. It is a BIS certified Jewellery chain headquartered in Kozhikode, Kerala.

“The array of deigns and unique collection makes it so much in demand”, remarks a customer of the Malabar Gold and Diamonds. Its exclusive collections include- Mine: Diamond Jewellery, Divine: Indian Heritage Jewellery, Era: Uncut Diamond Jewellery, Precia: Precious Gem Jewellery, Ethnix: Handcrafted Designer Jewellery, Starlet: Kid’s Jewellery and so on.

Shubh Jewellers 

Shubh Jewellers: top Jewellery Brand In India

Shubh Jewellers is a retail brand name for Rajesh Exports Limited established in the year 2012 and headquartered in Karnataka. It is very famous for its commendable craftsmanship, guaranteed quality and purity and best designs. Rajesh Exports Limited ranks seventh largest company with regard to its revenue. It has plans to expand Shubh Jewellers across the globe.


PCJ: Best brand for gold Jewellery

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PC Jewellers Limited is an enterprise located in New Delhi. It engages itself with manufacturing, wholesale, retailing and exporting of Gold and Diamond Jewellery in India.

It is a first generation business anchored by two brothers- Padam Chand Gupta and Balram Garg and spans over 19 states with 84 showrooms. The first showroom in Karol Bagh, New Delhi was inaugurated in the year 2005. PC Jewellers also reaches its online stores through Amazon.

Joy Alukkas 

Joy Alukkas: Jewellery Brand In India 

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One of the famous and world- renowned Jeweller group which was originally based in Thrissur, Kerala was later establsihed in Dubai, UAE as well. It is one of the most sort-after Jeweller showrooms for shopping especially for marriage purchases.

It has about 160 showrooms across the globe. Middle East showrooms have been a huge success story for the Joy Alukkas group. Forevermark is its famous diamond brand and caters a wide range of designs and jewellery.


Tbz: Top Jewellery Brand In India

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited is one of the oldest Jewellery retail chain in India established in the year 1864 and headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has about 37 showrooms in 23 cities across the country, with Zaveri Bazaar showroom being the largest jewellery showroom located in Mumbai.

It was the very first Jewellery brand to enter the world of men’s jewellery. Generally, Jewellery groups have mainly worked in the women’s jewellery segment by bringing forth different designs for different occasions. Tbz in that sense is a pioneer of men’s jewellery segment which offers equally unique designs and collections for men.

Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers: Jewellery Brand In India

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Kalyan Jewellers is a Jewellery group established in the year 1993 by its founder T.S Kalyanaraman at Thrissur, Kerala. Through years it has grown to become a popular brand among the Indian customers, especially south Indian buyers.

It is the largest Jewellery store chain in India with about 100 showrooms across the country. Kalyan group also has its name not just in jewellery but also Kalyan Silks, Kalyan Developers, Kalyan Sarees and so on. Its collection includes- Mudhra, Nimah, Ziah and Glo, Sankalp, a bridal collection and Nivara.

Bhima Jewellers

Bhima Jewellers: Jewellery Brand In India

Bhima Jewellers as a jewellery group has an outstanding legacy of traditional expertise and craftsmanship. Founded in the year 1925 in Alapuzzha, Kerala. It has over 36 Bhima jewellery showrooms in South India including Thiruvanthapuram in Kerala, Banglore in Karnataka and Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

Bhima Jewellers has a wide variety of traditional heavy-weight designs and works like- Nellore Colour stone , Karwar precious stone, Bengali heavy-weight designer wears and traditional kerala designs. Bhima Jewellers hence, caters to a wide variety of consumers who are located within different cultural backgrounds and needs.

Amrapali Jewellers 

Amrapali Jewellers: top Jewellery Brand In India

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Amrapali Jewellers was established in the year 1978 by Rajesh and Rajiv Arora in Ajmer, Jaipur. Amrapalli Jewellers has stores also in Pakistan and London. It promotes and sells traditional Jaipur jewellery and designs. And also operates a museum to showcase the traditional Jaipuri jewellery and designs.

It currently displays various types of head and hair ornaments, chains, pendants,  amulets, bangles and bracelets, earpieces, belts and buckles, torso and shoulder ornaments, armlets, wristlets and cuff bracelets, anklets and rings and toe rings which have been collected by the founders over a period of 50 years from across the Indian subcontinent. The brand is one of the famous jewellery brands in the West of India.

Senco Gold and Diamonds

Senco Gold and Diamonds: Jewellery Brand In India

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Senco Gold and Diamonds run by Senco Gold Limited, traces its legacy from 1994 in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The jewellery store in Kolkata caters to its customers through both offline and online and is famous for its authenticity, affordability and high craftsmanship of Bengali Karigars. The store is known for hand-made jewellery and light weight jewellery, which is affordable and luxurious.

According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) Report 2018- the top best jewellery brands in India are-

  • Tanishq
  • Malabar Gold and Diamonds
  • Rajesh Exports Limited
  • PCJ
  • Joy Alukkas
  • Gitanjali
  • Tbz
  • kalyan Jewellers
  • Tara.

Some of the reasons which make these 10 brands best for the Indian customers are –

  • Almost all Jewellery stores have secured an online presence with its website and online shopping experience. This guarantees an even wider and far reaching presence across the globe. The unique traditional jewelleries, Indian designs and the craftsmanship and creativity appeal to a global market. For example the above 10 best Jewellery brands have their own websites and have incorporated e-commerce into their business.The increased internet penetration rates, low online jewellery prices and convenience are few reasons for the growth of online jewellery stores. Some companies like Joy Alukkas have signed up with e-commerce firms like Amazon and Flipkart to enhance its reach and business.
  • Stores are also focussing on expanding its chains to different cities, states and even countries. Some stores also focus on inaugurating exclusive showrooms in Tier I cities to attract the urban elite population.Malabar Gold and Diamonds inaugurated 11 showrooms at 6 different countries on a single day, hence creating historical landmarks. Kalyan Jewellers as part of its expansion plans have opened three new showrooms at Oman.
  • Another important element brought in is, financial convenience. Brands have started to adopt EMI payment mode to facilitate its customers financially. Caratlane, a Tata-Tanishq partnership provides an EMI at zero interest.
  • Jewellery stores have also incorporated return options after certain number days of purchase and based on their terms and conditions.
  • Customised Jewellery is yet another facility offered by many jewellery stores including Malabar Gold and Diamonds. It gives the customers an opportunity to design their jewellery pieces according to their taste and preference. Jewellery as an expression of individuality is an idea which is being slowly adopted by stores across the country.
  • Lastly, another interesting option in jewellery stores nowadays is the introduction of Virtual- Reality (VR) experience for the customers.Stores like PC Jewellers,  Popley and sons, PNG Jewellers have Virtual Reality experience which facilitates the customers to select different jewellery of their choice, inspect the jewellery piece through different angles, zoom on to see the intricate designs of the Jewellery through a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, for a more satisfying and assured purchase

Hence, the best Jewellery brand stores discussed above with the rise in Jewellery industry has become more- quality-driven, affordable, economically convenient and unique in its design, making it an affordable luxury for all.

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