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Top 10 Tractor Companies In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Tractor Companies

In any farmer’s life, tractor plays a major role and tractors are becoming more advanced in this modern period. Today, Tractor Companies build tractors according to the needs of farmers so that they can comfortably run on farms.

Many Tractor Companies in India sell revolutionary tractors in an inexpensive range to suit consumer requirements. A tractor is a partner for each farmer since the tractor allows farmers to successfully and efficiently complete their work.

By way of tractors, India is now emerging as one of the world’s huge markets. Tractor Companies In India are now manufacturing advanced tractors for the comfort of farmers.

The domestic tractor industry is segmented by horsepower and has a combination of Indian roots and foreign OEMs. Usually, the market is listed under the following segments: < 20 HP, 20-30 HP, 31-40 HP, 41-50 HP and > 50 HP.

The 31 to 50HP group accounts for over 80 percent of tractor sales. The Indian tractor market (the world’s largest by volume) scaled a new record with sales of 787,304 units in the fiscal year 2019.

Here below are the well-known domestic and foreign tractor brands producing different farm machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and agricultural equipment in India. The rating process for the best tractor companies in India is constantly updated by our team of experts.

Here is the list of Top Tractor Companies In India:


Mahindra: Best Tractor Company

Mahindra understands only that and that is perhaps the only explanation why they were among the first tractor firms to support us with the nation’s tractors and are among the world’s top 10 tractor manufacturing companies.

Tractors are those vehicles that are the most important for the nation’s farmers in general, and if he has a tractor to support himself with, you will be able to get all the help for the farmers.

Mahindra & Mahindra is the world’s No 1 tractor firm and it is the world’s highest-selling tractor. In 1964, Mahindra & Mahindra was established.

Farm Equipment Sector (FES) Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., part of the US $19 billion Mahindra Company. It is the world’s largest Indian tractor company.

FES has managed to bring Farm Tech Wealth to the Indian farmer with technologically superior, accessible solutions as the industry leader in India for the past 30 years.

Through more than 1000 dealers worldwide, Mahindra has gained the distinction of being the world’s largest tractor company with tractor sales in more than 40 nations spanning six continents. In India, it is the largest among the top tractor companies. 

Mahindra offers a tractor model of 15-75 HP and has also produced compact tractors such as Yuvraj-215 NXT, which is very popular among farmers. Mahindra is the Indian 2020 Top 10 Tractors Firm.

The most famous Mahindra tractor models are the Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI, the Mahindra Yuvo 415 DI, and the Mahindra JIVO 225DI.


Swaraj: Founded By Chandra Mohan

Swaraj’s product range comprises tractors ranging from 15 HP to 60 HP, catering to the needs of farmers for different agricultural operations. It is one of India’s best tractor firms.

One of the most prominent companies in the tractor manufacturing industry is Swaraj Tractor. Swaraj is founded in 1970 by Chandra Mohan, who is regarded as the ‘Father of Tractor’.

Swaraj provides top-class tractor features, an inexpensive Swaraj tractor price that makes the Swaraj Tractor perfect for Indian farmers.

It is favored by the majority and nearly all farmers in India chose Swaraj Tractor first. With a decent price range starting from Rs. 2.60 Lakh* to Rs. 8.40 Lakh*, the Swaraj tractor offers a range from 15 hp to 75 hp.

In 1972, a farm equipment manufacturing company was founded in Mohali under the name Punjab Tractors Limited. It became the first firm, under the Swaraj name, to ingeniously begin the manufacture of tractors in India.

Mahindra Group eventually took over the company in 2007 and its name was changed to Swaraj Branch. In the horsepower range of 15 HP to 60 HP, the business sells tractors. 

The Swaraj models have unique features appropriate for use in agriculture and transport. It is third in India’s Top Tractor Companies list.

It organizes customer engagement activities such as free service camps, Swast Tractor Swast Chalak, Doorstep service, and Swaraj Aabhar. Swaraj has pursued numerous CSR initiatives through the Social Choice of Employees (ESOPs).


TAFE: Formed In 1960

TAFE was Founded by S. Anantha Ramakrishnan, In 1960, and today it is India’s 2nd largest selling tractor producer. Under the TAFE brand, all types of tractors are powerful and robust as they are manufactured with superior technology.

Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited generally referred to as TAFE, is the business you can count on if you are about to get the tractor you need without offering any more thoughts. What you need is to get this company’s tractor and you’re more likely to be ahead of most others in the company.

Tafe comprises four big firms, including Eicher, Massey Ferguson, TAFE, and IMT, which are all in India’s top 10 tractor brands. TAFE is also on the list of India’s top 10 leading tractor firms. It is the third-largest producer of tractors in the world and the second-largest by volume in India.

TAFE, a US $9.4 billion tractor and farm machinery maker, is also a major shareholder of AGCO Corporation, USA. For over 58 years, TAFE has collaborated with AGCO Corporation and the Massey Ferguson brand.

It is one of the biggest tractor firms in India. TAFE’s four famous tractor brands, Eicher, Massey Ferguson, as well as the newly purchased Serbian tractor and farm machinery company IMT (Industrija Mašina I Traktora), are effectively planned by a huge distribution network of over 1000 dealers.

TAFE sells tractors to farms in over 100 countries, including developing countries in Europe and the Americas, both in cooperation with AGCO and separately. It is the second largest of India’s top tractor firms.

John Deere

John Deere: founded in 1837

The business is not here to supply you with tractors, John Deere, but to provide you with the most crucial and important part of farming, that is to take it to another level so you can enjoy it and multiply your profits at the highest possible pace at the same time.

In this sector, the company has always been one of the toppers and they will simply be among India’s top 10 tractor manufacturing companies.

In the Indian market, this is yet another famous tractor brand. The Deere & Company, founded in 1837 by the American blacksmith John Deere, is one of the oldest suppliers of agricultural machinery.

With its wide range of rational, highly reliable, low maintenance, and superior performance tractors, The firm is headquartered in Pune and has developed an immense presence.

John Deere sells 28-120 HP tractors. It also comes with a small tractor. It ranks among India 2020’s top 10 tractor firms. John Deere 5105, 5050 D and 5310 are John Deere’s most common tractors.

This Company markets farm machinery and services through a network of 19 corporate offices, six district offices, and almost 900 touchpoints for distributors. It is 6th in India 2020 in the Top 10 tractor chart.

It has four training centers located across India and exports to more than 110 nations around the world. Headquartered in Pune, John Deere currently has eight manufacturing and service facilities in India.

New Holland

New Holland: Tractor Company

The company with the name was the one that any farmer’s dream was not because it offers you the best, but also because the company also provides you with the simple service and a wonderful customer experience support that you will ever need along with supplying you with the best.

This makes the organization much better than many others in the industry.

As part of the New Holland Group founded in 1895 by Abe Zimmerman, it is a global brand of agricultural machinery. The Fiat India Pvt. of New Holland. Ltd.

(formerly known as New Holland Tractors India Pvt. Ltd.) was recognized in 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNH Global NV. In North America, Australia, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa, tractors manufactured here are exported to over 70 countries. 

New Holland sells tractors with a power of 35-90 HP. It’s ranked in the world’s top 10 tractor companies. New Holland 3630 TX,  3230, 3600-2 TX. The New Holland 3630 TX is a common model.

New Holland Tractor is the first brand to develop the most satisfactory range of mechanization technologies, delivering a revolutionary range of tractors.

Abe Zimmerman founded New Holland in 1895. New Holland Goods for agriculture, ranging from tractors to harvesters and farm machinery.

Escorts Ltd

Escorts Ltd: Tractor Company

When all appears to hit the farthest possible stage in the world, there is just no reason that one will not encourage the most significant part of a nation to get along with the machinery to help them achieve the most they can.

Agri Machinery escorts know that well enough and then you’d be betting on the firm for your tractors! The 3 best tractor brands in India are also ranked.

Four major tractor brands, Powertrac, Farmtrac, Digitrac, and Escort, are listed in the top 10 leading tractor companies in India under Escort Agri Machinery.

In the past seven decades, Escorts Agri Machinery, the founder of farm mechanization in India, has dedicated itself to improving the agricultural productivity of India and bringing value to the life of the farmer.

With two-star brands, Farmtrac and Powertrac, Escorts currently offers a technologically superior range of 22 HP to 80 HP tractors. It is fifth in the India 2020 ranking of the top 10 tractors.

Escorts Agri Machinery ensures the fulfillment of its customer base of over 14,00,000 and also guarantees optimum uptime for its tractors and equipment with an increasing network of over 800 customer touchpoints. The firm also manufactures India’s finest tractor.

Escorts Powertrac Tractor delivers hp from 25 to 75 hp and a price range from Rs. 3.30 lakh* to Rs. 11.90 lakh* is also provided. Escorts Farmtrac Tractor has hp from 22 to 80 hp and a price range from Rs. 4.00 lakh* to Rs. 12.50 lakh* is also available.


Sonalika: Tractor Company

With the best-selling tractors ranging from 20HP-120 HP, Sonalika International Tractors Ltd. is the third-largest tractor manufacturing company in the world.

The business is well known as a dominant competitor in both the domestic and foreign markets. It has won the confidence of over 9 lakh patrons in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The Company has built the No.1 largest integrated tractor manufacturing facility in the world with an annual production capacity of 3 lakh tractors.

Sonalika ITL has come a long way since its formation in 1996 to become the No.1 tractor brand in 4 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Myanmar) and is India’s third-largest manufacturer of tractors.

The third-largest company making tractors is Sonalika Tractors. Sonalika Tractor manufactures tractors that are advanced in characteristics. They try to keep farmers’ budget in mind. The price of a Sonalika tractor for farmers is affordable.

Lakshman Das Mittal founded the Sonalika tractor business in 1969. The range of the Sonalika tractor starts from 20 hp to 90 hp and the price range  starts from Rs. 3.00 lakh to Rs. 12.60 lakh.

Force Motors

Force Motors: Agricultural Tractor Company

Force tractors manufacture excellent tractors with exceptional versions of force tractors, features, and a sign of convenience at an affordable price for customers.

In 1958, Shri N.K. Firodia was the founder of the Force Tractor Company. The company began with vehicles and later manufactured its first tractor in 1996.

At a mega inexpensive price beginning from Rs. 7.50 Lakh* to Rs. 7.20 lakh*, Force offers a superb range of premium hp goods ranging from 27 hp to 51 hp.

When a company looks forward to set its foot in any company, Force Motors first conducts a market study, and when any company conducts market analysis for the nation’s tractor industries, then Force motors are certainly one of the firms that will arise.

The agency is well known for the trust and happiness it has with its clients. Force sells models of 27-51 HP tractors. Also, Force is very popular among farmers for its compact tractors.

Also, Force is among India’s Top 10 Best Tractors. The most famous Force models are the Force Orchard Mini and Force Orchard Deluxe.


Kubota: founded by Gonshiro Kubota

Kubota is a Japanese brand in India, North America, and eastern Asia that has an outstanding demand. In 1890, Gonshiro Kubota founded the Kubota Tractor Company.

For other tractor firms, it is a great rival. At a fair market value from Rs. 4.15 lakh* to Rs. 10.12 lakh*, Kubota sells 10 plus outstanding tractors from 21 hp to 55 hp. Kubota manufactures goods that conveniently fit into any customer’s budget.

Kubota Agricultural Machinery manufactures machines at the best price in the class of tractors to provide high-quality machinery that supports easy and economical agriculture.

The Kubota tractor manufactures 21-55 HP tractors and also supplies world-class mini tractors. Kubota is on the list of the world’s top 10 tractors for 2020. The popular model in Kubota is the Kubota NeoStar B2741, Kubota MU 5501, Kubota MU 4501.

Preet Tractors

Preet Tractors: Tractor firm

Preet is everything that you want, or something else you want to find is there. Well, this business needs no explanation, no new remarks, this is one of those businesses that have already been known for all that it gives to the tractors they produce and certainly have good enough reasons to be among the trade leaders.

In 2020, Preet will be among India’s top ten tractor firms. The Preet 3549 and Preet 955 are the most common Preet tractor models. The price of the Preet tractor is between Rs 3.80 lakh* and Rs 22.10 lakh.


To conclude, although Mahindra tractors are the nation’s largest selling tractor manufacturers, yet above-mentioned tractor brands have also proven their efficiency.

Therefore you can compare the characteristics of tractor models provided by various companies and then make your choice. The choice depends on factors such as the requirement for HP, type of use (agriculture, specialty farming, etc.), and of course, price.

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