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Top 10 Best & Trusted Tyre Brands In India 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Tyre Brand in india

A good pyramid depends on the base it rests upon. A weak base yields a crumbling pyramid while a sturdy base yields a strong, tall pyramid. The same theory must be applied to automobiles of all the sorts. What makes an automobile strong, easy-to-use and favourable is its base, its tyres.

Hence, we have shortlisted the Top 10 best tyre brands in India to choose from when purchasing new tyres. Each brand holds certain advantages, features and assets to choose from. It all depends on the kind of pyramid, You, the driver wishes to build.

Our list aims to point out the advantages (and disadvantages) of the best tyre brand in India based on consumer reviews, critics and real-life experiences.

Here are the Best Tyre Brands In India:

MRF Tyres

MRF Tyres: best tyre brand in india

MRF Tyres have been a long-trusted part of the tyre market in India and have seen a spike in operating income over the past few months. They are also the largest manufacturer of tyres in our nation. Indians do not fail to keep this mega-brand in mind when purchasing replacement or new tires for their automobiles. Here is why-

  • Tread Pattern- MRF tyres are designed for high durability without sacrificing the vital element of performance. The unique, wide circumferential ribbed tread pattern with sinusoidal grooves allows for a controlled ride/drive even at very high speeds. The tread pattern also comes into play with enhancing grip. Travelling on wet terrains is much easier and safer with MRF’s brilliant tread patterns.
  • MRF PRETREADS- One of MRF’s most notable asset is their ability to procure tread rubber in their state-of-the-art manufacturing factories and perform expert re-treading. This ensures superior rubber compound quality, which in turn, produces a higher mileage on the automobile.
  • Economically feasible- The tread blocks on the tyres aid in improving acceleration with muted friction causes less fuel to be used. Along with that benefit, the tyre’s life-span increases, reducing wear and the need to replace the tyres occasionally.
  • Reliability- the MRF manufacturers, having years of experience, are no strangers to making tyres optimal for Indian roads. Their tyres bring a feeling of reliability, without a doubt.

Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres Best Tyre Brand In India

Apollo Tyres is yet another trusted brand in India. Their advertisements have been quick to catch the public’s eyes but so have their magnificent innovations within the tyre manufacturing industry. Several of the Apollo Tyre models have proven their necessity to consumers but one specific model, the ‘Apterra’.

Along with its companions, the Apterra has been raved about and complimented by several automobile fanatics and critics. Upon further inspection, however, the Apterra shares many qualities with the entire Apollo family of tyres. What makes them so special is-

  • Traction- Apollo tyres are widely known for their impeccable traction. This is credited to the wide circumferential grooves in some tyres and V-shaped grooves in some others. Enhanced grip and more control handling are also made possible.
  • Safety- Certain optimal gauges make these tyres highway as well as mountain ready. They provide the driver with better handling and amplified control during sharp turns as well as rugged terrain. Apollo Tyres are a definite fit for vehicles more prone to rolling such as large SUV’s and Jeeps as they also provide low-rolling resistance.
  • Recommended- Apollo Tyres come with a heavy recommendation that they are well functioning on Indian roads as well.

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres Best Tyre Brand In India

Bridgestone is yet another notable name in the market. Bridgestone prefers to focus on the sustainability and the safety side of tyres to appeal to the consumer and thus far, their customers seem to be very satisfied with their products. Here is why Bridgestone is amongst the top 3 on our list:

  • Durability- these tires are best known for their durability. As mentioned before, Bridgestone is a staunch believer of sustainability, making their tyres a long term investment.
  • Braking- yet another unique tread pattern is embraced by Bridgestone tyres, providing necessary traction. Braking is made very controllable and comfortable to the driver.
  • Economic feasibility – Bridgestone tyres are a favourite to users who prefer long drives as these extremely durable tyres can withstand prolonged exposure to friction, making it an economically feasible option for certain users as though they might be one of the more expensive tyres, it is a very long term investment.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin Tyres: Best tyres for car and bike

Michelin is a benchmark that many manufacturers strive to achieve. It has earned spots in the coveted top 5 brands in numerous articles and critic pieces. All of this is of course due to their persistence with quality and performance. Here is why Michelin is amongst the top %5 on our list-

  • Gripping- erosion and abrasion are quickly erased by the high-end Michelin tyres, providing you with excellent gripping. Some users have pointed out the comfort they experience driving on muddy terrain with Michelin tyres.
  • Noise free-The Michelin innovation has satisfied its customers with their noise absorbent tyres. Users can enjoy a hassle-free and noise-free journey.
  • Life-span- Michelin tyres have an interesting tread technology that is designed to elongate the lifespan of the tyres. Hence, this brand provides durability and sustainability. These tyres are suitable for users looking to make a long term investment and that also put their tyres to use on an everyday basis.

CEAT Tyres

CEAT Tyres Best Tyre Brand In India

CEAT manufacturers specialise in manufacturing tyres for bikes and other two-wheeled vehicles. They are a staple when it comes to choosing the right tyre for your bike or scooter. What makes them so is-

  • Extra Grip- the grip that CEAT tyres possess is far more profound than most tyres in the market, especially one of their models ‘GRIPP 3X’. Two-wheel vehicle riders have an insane amount of control over their vehicles with CEAT tyres because of its enhanced gripping capabilities.
  • Terrain adaptive- CEAT tyres, because of their impressive grip abilities, are also extremely adaptive to several different kinds of terrain. Indian monsoons can turn very ugly for two-wheel vehicle riders without the right type of gripping tyres like CEAT. Marshy and muddy areas do not and will not hold a candle to the CEAT Tyre’s power.

Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company

Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company: Best Tyre for Car and bikes

Goodyear is yet another reputable name in the industry. Reviews and consumer statements are consistent with praising. Although their tyres may seem similar to those of Michelin and Bridgestone, they are separable by minute nuances of tyre-making. Here is why Goodyear should be on your list of must-check-out brands:

  • Mileage savings-Goodyear displays an array of the most fuel sufficient tyres in India. Some of their models can even save you up to 20miles per tank of gas. This is highly economically feasible to users looking to save up on spending on fuel.
  • Dry terrain- A speciality of Goodyear remains their tyres’ incredible grip on dry terrain, making these tyres great for Indian Roads.

However, if you are looking for high-performance tyres to suit high-speed drives on difficult terrains, Goodyear may not be the brand for you as its competitors offer more attractive high-performance features.

Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tires Best Tyre Brand In India

Yokohama Tires, a Japanese start-up is no amateur with Rubber. They are experts in the field and hold great pride in the quality of their rubber compounds. That being said, the quality of their products is apparent.

  • Custom-made- Some Yoko tyres are custom made to fulfil customers’ needs such as frequency of use and the condition of roads travelled and so on. The ‘Earth1’ model, for example, is a custom made tyre suited for Indian roads.
  • Shock Absorb- These tyres are also extremely shock absorbent, guaranteeing a smooth ride, every time. Any high impact on the tyres is muted due to the shock absorbent feature. This also ensures safety to the driver and/or passengers.

However, this brand is most associated with modifications and racing so it may fall short of fulfilling the average every-day drives of the common man.

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Tyres Best Tyre Brand In India

Pirelli Tyres, an Italian brand, also holds international quality.  They continue to supply tyres for the largest automobile races and events in the world. But the average driver is no Louis Tomlinson.

  • Dry and Wet Grip- Pirelli tyres provide an enhanced grip on dry as well as wet terrain. Many users rave about the immense control they are able to have over their vehicles because of the Pirelli tread pattern.
  • Tread Pattern- Pirelli Tyres often have longitudinal, wavy tread patterns, optimal for drivers who are extremely new to driving as it offers noise muting, better control and shock absorption.
  • Low Rolling- These tires may also be used for large automobiles like SUVs and Jeeps as they prevent rolling. The tread pattern and rubber compound ensure a low-rolling effect.

However, Pirelli Tyres can be very heavy on your pocket, being an international brand. Some critics also point out that these tyres do not suit Indian roads as durability is compromised for a better race.

JK Tyres

JK Tyres Best Tyre Brand In India

This leading car manufacturer in India is an optimal accessory for passenger cars.  It was the first company to bring radial technology to the Indian car Passenger segment. Here is why JK Tyres occupies a spot on our Top 10 List-

  • Stability- JK tyres offer the driver stability in high-speed situations. This is favourable for users who are prone to attain high speeds while on the road.
  • Tread life- The tread and traction supplied by these tyres do not take away from its durability. JK tyres maintain a lengthy tread life even when used on an everyday basis on difficult terrains.

However, minor punctures are more prone to occur. This may be very inconvenient to the busy population of India.

Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop Tyres Best Tyre Brand In India

Dunlop tyres are frequently recommended to users in India. Their one of a kind tread pattern and rubber compound benefit their consumers greatly. Here is why Dunlop Tyres has earned a spot amongst our top 10 list of best tyre brands in India:

  • Cost-effective- Dunlop tyres are one of the most affordable tyres in India. But do not mistake their low prices for low quality as great quality is still maintained.
  • Durability- these tyres emerge as one of the most long-lasting tyres for automobiles. Their unique rubber compound mixture allows for sustainability, causing a long term use for drivers.

However, these tyres are often designed for entry-level drivers who do not require high-tension grip and specific tread patterns. So, if you are looking for a more controlled and stable ride, Dunlop may not be the best option.


The aim of shortlisting and curating this list was to make accessible an easy way to decide. From MRF to Dunlop, we listed all the main things to look out for so that users can pick, choose and evaluate, based on their decisions, the best tyres for their needs.

These brands are the definite pioneers in tyre manufacturing in India and hold immense value despite their position on our list, at the end of the day, your choice depends on your necessities.

We thank these brands for their tireless and continual effort towards making the roads of India safer and the automobiles of today better. We must also thank them for their products, which keep helping automobile owners build strong pyramids, from the ground up.


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