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15 Best & Hot Ullu Web Series (Highly Rated Webseries)

by Aziz Arora
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Best ullu Web Series

Honestly, there is a lot of taboo around adult content premiering on mainstream platforms within India. Moreover, the censor board is stricter than most other countries, which makes such content rarer to access. However, recently there has been an increase in movies/shows that have been touching these themes. Ullu web series are among the most popular adult theme shows.

When you think bold and sexy, these shows immediately come to mind. Firstly, these shows have a huge mass appeal in terms of entertainment and sensationalism. But more than that, the shows finally normalize all forms of sexual desires and their free expression.

In this list, we have done our best to review the Ullu hot web series that have become all the rage among people of India. Most of these ullu web series are recent additions. However, we have taken care to include slightly older, but probably the best series as well.

Ullu Adult & Hot Web Series

Ishqiyapa 2

The successful and best ullu webseries Ishqiyapa from Ullu will soon have a sequel, which is titled Ishqiyapa Part 2. Ruks Khandagale, Amit Pachori, Shivangi Roy, and Mukund Kapahi are among the main actors in the TV show’s cast. As the series’ plot advances, Karan, who is confused, struggles to act and deal with his sister-in-law in a way that could endanger his brother’s life. Watch the current Ullu app stream of this romantic Ishqiyapa part 2. 

Lovely Massage Parlour

This is another fun but highly interesting show. Its story revolves around a middle-class girl who feels the crunch of her low finances when her mother falls sick. To take care of her, she joins the ‘Lovely Massage Parlor’. Although people deny it to her face, she is quickly taken to be ‘perverted’ and ‘too bold’.

However, our leading lady is too optimistic and lovely to take these silly opinions as a setback. Do tune in and enjoy her wonderful journey.

Honey trap 2

Honey trap 2

Watch the trailer of Honey Trap 2

One of the best ullu webseries that has many interesting turns in the story. As was shown in the first part of the honey trap, Vinita, who is unhappy in her marriage, is given a miraculous honey jar. She starts using this jar to satisfy her sexual cravings. In this part of the honey trap, Vinita’s husband accidentally breaks the magical honey jar one day.

Because Vinita does not use magical honey, men are not drawn to her. What will Vinita say in response? Watch Honey Trap Part 2 to learn more.

When her magical honey jar breaks, Vinita’s world is turned upside down. When the magic in her life fades, Vinita is left in ruins because her charm has disappeared and her life has returned to the wreckage that it once was. Vinita is currently on a mission to get her magical love glory back!

Teekhi Chutney 2

Teekhi Chutney 2

Watch the trailer of Teekhi Chutney 2

Part two of Teekhi Chutney ULLU Web Series is an Aditya, who is full of adventure, and decides to take Jenny on a road trip to his hometown. Upon arriving at his home, Aditya has to leave immediately due to a pressing business matter, leaving Jenny alone with his parents. Randhir, Aditya’s father, appears to fill the romantic void Jenny feels without Aditya.

Jabran 2

Jabran 2

Watch the trailer of Jabran 2

The successful Jabran television series has a sequel, which is currently being streamed on Ullu. Ajai V. is in charge of the direction. Previous episodes of the show featured important roles for Jatin Bhatia, Prashant Pandit, Donna Munshi, and Maahi Khan.

The story of the drama advances further in the series, and Sumaer’s cunning plan is either continues or he manages to free himself from the trap in the remaining chapters. Watch the most recent episodes of the Jabran Part 2 series starting on December 6, 2022.

Takk 2

Takk 2

Watch the trailer of Takk 2

The female gym members and the gym trainer are central to Takk Part 2 Ullu Web Series, as suggested by the trailer. Our first encounter is with the charming Shaily, a gym instructor who has several affairs with the majority of the married women who attend the gym.

Aliya Naaz, who plays a doctor in the web series, was also introduced to the audience. The trailer abruptly changed course when it became clear that he uses Viagra to attract nearby women. After a long time, Aliya Naaz made an appearance in the Ullu web series. She had previously appeared in the Choodiwala the one of the best Ullu web series.



Watch the trailer of Bhasudi

Bhasudi is an ullu web series that went public in 2020. Since then, its popularity has seen a continuous rise. The show revolves around a man- Zafar who meets a major accident. Following this, Zafar enters the world of crime, becoming a rising gangster. The show has some heart-throbbing adult romance.

This Ullu web series cast includes Rahul Abhua, Sajid Siddiqui, and many more. The hotness of the show increases with each episode, and we fully recommend it.



Watch the trailer of Innocent

Innocent is another ullu web series that takes adult themes to a whole another level. It has a very high rating of 8.1 in IMDB. Hence, it is not merely sensational content, but high erotic art. Doubtlessly, you will fall in love with every character and his/her story in the show.

This ullu hot web series features the story of a house help who is unable to resist his gorgeous owner. Casting the irresistible Joanna Robaczewska and Marina Kuwar, the show explores facets of infidelity.



Watch the trailer of Charmsukh

This is an ullu web series from 2019. However, the older it gets, the more popular it becomes. The show explores the themes of blooming sexual desires, love, and betrayal at a young age. Notably, each episode has a new cast and a new story! Hence, you will always find something new about your inner-self when you tune in. The ullu web series cast includes Jinnie Jaaz, Deepak Sharma, Meet Arora, and more.



Watch the trailer of Halala

As the name suggests, this ullu hot web series revolves around the events of Nikaah Halala. The cast includes dashing Eijaz Khan, along with the gorgeous Shafaq Naaz and Deepika Singh. Needless to say, it will be difficult to get your eyes off the screen. However, let us tell you that the drama quotient of the show is very high. Marital tensions, emotional agony, and feminist concerns- this show has everything the modern audience wants.

Palang Tod

Palang Tod

Watch the trailer of Palang Tod

The name itself should be enough to lure you in! The story revolves around a youngster and his two sexual partners. However, he slowly finds himself falling in love with one of them, giving rise to friction and jealousy with the other. With Simran Khan, Rajsi Verma, and Tarakesh Chauhan, the audience deals with the classic boy, mom, and daughter sex triangle. Extremely exciting and riveting, this show will have you sweating by the time it’s over



Watch the trailer of Woodpecker

Three jaw-dropping beauties and one alpha male. We can already see the great appeal of the show with its chosen characters. Mostly, the story follows Shanaya, who wishes to have an airline of her own. She confronts three others who aspire for the same. However, they all must now impress one single man of power. Who do you think you will bet on? This glamorous show casts Parag Tyagi, Ira Soni, Nehal Vadoliya, Surabhi Tiwari, etc.

Size Matters 2

Size Matters 2 - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Size Matters 2

This adult drama explores themes like love and its rivalry with physical attraction. Additionally, it also highlights themes like body-shaming and sexual dogmas. The show casts Ravi Bhatia, Shikha Sinha, Karan Singh, and more. Aarohi (Sinha) cheats on her sister and employs various sexual tactics to impress her crush- Aadi (Bhatia).

Simultaneously, she also struggles with body shaming and societal pressure. Will she be able to find true love and pleasure in her chaotic life?

Prabha Ki Diary

Prabha Ki Diary - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Prabha Ki Diary

This series is more erotic than most adult shows you will find online. Following her marriage, a woman struggles to get love from her husband. However, her life changes when she meets a young man who evokes all her feelings of love and pleasure. Try as she might, she is unable to resist his charm and dynamic nature. With Anusmriti Sarkar, Pratik Dixit, and more, this show takes the female desire to its height.

Chawl House: Slum

Chawl House - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Chawl House

Imagine you are staying in a little chawl, shared by other residents. Already uncomfortable, at night you hear the sensual moans of the gorgeous mistress of the place. Even though you are attracted to her beyond belief, you cannot approach her since she is married. What will you do? Well, this is exactly what Chawl House tries to answer! Highly erotic, dramatic, and goosebumps-worthy, the show is a favorite on this list.

Le De Ke Bol

Le De Ke Bol - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Le De Ke Bol

This show can depict several sexual pleasures within one single episode. This steaming show will take you right to the heart of pleasure land and leave your throat dry. The show has sexual tension, irony, and eroticism all around. It has been 3 years since its release.

However, it remains among the most watched shows in ullu. The story features a soon-to-be wedded couple hooking up on the day their families meet for the first time! With such a hot-take, the show is bound to be very enjoyable.


Kasak - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Kasak

Honestly, there are very few shows that deal with the extreme side of sexual desires as well as Kasak does. This show is based on real events and goes back to the 90s. A nurse, who is being courted, is eventually raped and asphyxiated. The woman fails to recover fully and develops a lifetime ailment and bed confinement.

At first, you might think that the show is about uncontrollable sexual needs. In a way it is. However, it also shows the consequences one faces if these needs are not met.


Bribe - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Bride

This is the story of a widow named- Padma. To begin, she is put into the world of sex trade forcefully by her brother. Although she succumbs to her fate in the end, this marks a new beginning of her life. Making the best out of her limitations, Padma begins to sleep with men of power and money.

Secrets unfold, and a frighteningly ferocious Padma emerges slowly as the show progresses. With great acting by Harshita Gaur, this show should be on your list.


Ashuddhi - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Ashuddhi

Here is a mini-series that caters more to the younger generation today. Do we get to see sexual encounters? Of course! However, the show soon turns a little dark as desires take their more carnal form. Other than eroticism, the show will also give you a great dose of slow mysteries.

Hence, if you are ready for an all-in-one package deal, then Ashuddhi will work wonders. With stars like Hiten Tejwani, Kavita Radheshyam, and Chandana Gowda, the show is a must-watch.

Virgin Boys

Virgin Boys - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Virgin Boys

Nothing gets better for our young audience than Virgin Boys. We see three friends, Chuchu, Chomu, and Gagan who are all trying to break their dry spell of virginity. Hence, the show takes a lighter tone with dabs of humor, youthfulness, and a more fun side to eroticism. Surprisingly, the show remains highly entertaining, even when dealing with a highly sensitive issue!

Right or Wrong

Right or Wrong - ullu web series

Watch the trailer of Right or Wrong

We have another scandalous love affair at our hands. This is the story of a father, a daughter, and her friend. As many might guess, the father goes on to fall in love with his daughter’s beautiful friend. He courts her and she reciprocates through a youthful sexual boldness. However, things get messy when the daughter finds out! But it all only contributes to the sexual tension and enjoyable growth of the characters.


The list above comprises a plethora of sub-genres within eroticism. No matter how much we want, our society simply doesn’t allow sexual themes to be expressed in the open. However, it is thanks to such shows and media that some progressive thought can reach the public.

Erotic shows in India offer a very dark social commentary too. Not only do they talk about sexual suppression and inclination, but they also talk about larger freedom. Feminism, suppression faced by men, societal toxicity, everything comes to play. However, I think if I talk more, I will take the fun away from my audience! After all, these shows should be enjoyed before they’re completely understood.

The dormant desires within our hearts eventually take various forms. Sex and related activities are among the primary form of expression for a man or a woman. Hence, the more you explore, enjoy, and understand, the more you get to know about the world at large.


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