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20 Best Video Conferencing Software & Apps (In 2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Video Chatting Apps

With the onslaught of SARS-CoV2, most of our activities have been confined to our houses. To practice social distancing till this pandemic passes, people have been on the lookout for the best video conferencing software and apps for meetings and online classes.

It’s very common for most organizations to have their team members spread out in various parts of the country. This is especially true in the times of this unprecedented disease outbreak which has hindered most of our working potential and routine.

The only way to contact our colleagues and keep the business going is through video conferencing and other online methods.

Not only has this pandemic affected the working people, it has also impacted most schools and educational institutions. Colleges and universities around the world have reached a standstill and left us all wondering about the solution to this problem.

The only answer in sight seems to be that of video calling apps, the best of which we have mentioned below for your consideration.

Best Software For Video Conferncing:

Here are the Best Video Conferencing Software & Apps:


Zoom: Video Conferencing Zoom

Zoom happens to be one of the most popular video conferencing apps that is used in business. It comes rich with features and has a number of plans which vary with business size and needs. It is the leader in modern enterprise video communications and has a reliable, easy platform for audio conferencing, webinars and chats. 

Zoom comes with certain free plans that are surprisingly rich with features, while also incorporating three paid plans specifically for businesses. The free plan can support meetings that last as long as 40 minutes with as many as 100 participants, while a one-on-one meeting may last for an unlimited amount of time.

Zoom has a lightweight interface which is very easy to use on desktops as well as mobile phones. There are four buttons that you can use in this app: New Meeting, Join, Schedule and Screen Share along with a calendar that shows upcoming meetings. The web app offers a number of features like managing your profile, managing local cloud recordings and scheduling webinars.

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Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts: online video chat

Google Hangouts is a part of Google’s foray into the world of video conferencing. This app is generally considered more efficient for individual user service, with less features as compared to other commercial or enterprise-ready services.

For small businesses that want to get full leverage from G-suite throughout their operations, Hangouts is a rather effective tool of video communication.  Having this app on your home screen gives immediate access to one-on-one as well as group video calls.

Through Hangouts you have the ability to video call up to 10 people and you can pick the people who will be in your Hangout meeting through the list of contacts in the search field. While you’re on call the app is able to display the person who is talking after detecting their presence.  You also get buttons across the bottom that allow you to switch between the front and rear facing cameras.

Google Meet

Google Meet: online video chat

Google Meet has been made especially for enterprises and happens to be an upgraded version of Google Hangouts. It has been designed to schedule meetings and conferences among team members online with features like conference room booking, calendar sinking and a more refined user interface.

This app is available as a Chrome extension and may be used in both androids and iOS. The app can set up meetings for as many as 250 people and is a part o G-suite which also offers a host of other business apps. There are three professional plans that you can make use of in Google Meet- Basic (for 100 people), Business (for up to 150 people) and Enterprise (for up to 250 people).

Google hangouts has a range of useful video chat features that include a live polling option that might be used for decision making in real time. You can also avail of text based chat, image and file sharing along with other features which make the experience of video conferencing highly productive and cohesive.


Go To Meeting: online video chat

GoToMeeting has an important place in this list of best conference call services. This platform virtually comes with all the tools that you could need to run any successful business operation online. GoToMeeting is very popular for its wonderful call quality, excellent customer service as well as robust features.

All the plans under GoToMeeting come with unlimited web audio conferencing, thus you do not have to worry about crossing any limit. This app also provides optional numbers for over 50 countries, which are absolutely toll-free. You also get email invitations, reservation less connections, integrated scheduling and one-click meetings.

GoToMeeting allows for as many as 25 people to use the webcam at one time. Unlike other video calling platforms, this app does not have confusing controls, unexpected outages or syncing errors. The app automatically adjusts the bandwidth for every user based up the resources and hardware at their disposal.

Skype For Business

Skype: online video chat

The very popular video conferencing app by Microsoft- Skype, has been augmented as video conferencing tool which can be used by all enterprises. This app allows as many as 250 people to attend a meeting and connect with other Skype users while making the most of whiteboarding capabilities.

Skype for business is one of the most affordable brands in the market. In case you’re looking for a quality service which can bring you all the important features, but do not wish to spend excessive money on the same, then you can make use of this inexpensive app for video conferencing.

You might also want to note that Skype for Business is soon going to transition into the unified collaboration suites under Microsoft. The app maintains all the important features of a video conferencing platform such as shared control, quality audio and video as well as chat messaging. This app is simple to set up and does not demand a lot of learning. 

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx : online video chat

Every month as much as 113 million professionals like to rely on Webex to move their products forward through collaboration. Teams can easily work on this app through their browsers, video systems or mobile phones.

Webex has integrated content sharing with audio and video while keeping conversations private through highly secure Webex meetings that come from Cisco Collaboration Cloud.

The new Cisco Webex meeting has been built on years of innovation and also features a new app for desktop. It also includes a new mobile experience, integrated video devices and more intuitive and powerful tools.

Other important features of this app include background noise detection, AR capabilities as well as video call back features.

There is one button that you need to click on before starting, and rest the app manages on its own. Cisco WebEx also provides some of the best metrics in the industry.

These can help you view the smallest of details to help understand all the flaws in your business and get increased feedback from the participants.


Blue Jeans: online video chat

BlueJeans is a high-features web conferencing app that has integrated with a number of collaboration tools. Using a simple, modern approach, unlike more complex services offered by its competitors, Blujeans has been able to use a system of rooms, meetings and events to allow video conferencing anywhere.

If you’re looking for the best video conferencing app then BlueJeans will suit all your needs with its host of features such as- advanced user management, encrypted conference calls, ultra-clear Dolby Vision sound and high definition videos. 

Bluejeans is priced per hosts where hosts include anyone who can schedule and start meetings or invite guests- thus the financial burden can be shared.

BlueJeans is fully compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows along with all major browsers. The software has a number of stand-out features which are perfect for businesses and schools.

For example- smart follow-up, task assignment, segment highlights and the break-down of meeting recordings into chapters. 


Slack: Video conferencing service

Slack happens to be one of the most popular collaboration tools for organizations all across the world. It also comes integrated with a few video conferencing features.

In case your organization is not using Slack, adopting it as a video conferencing medium will not make a lot of sense. Video conferencing on slack is more of an add-on functionality which can work great for integrating any hybrid teams. 

A part of Slack’s free accounts features includes one-on-one video chat. However if you want to expand your meetings you need customized enterprise pricing that comes with a customizable quote. Slack is basically the best tool for team communication.

If you need to kick start any project , hire someone new, deploy a code, review any sales contract, finalize the yearly budget, or anything else that needs collaboration- then Slack will help you out.

There are a number of features which slack offers such as sharing your screen while on call to help improve communication. Other than built-in voice and video calls, Slack also allows you to use a video conferencing tool of your choice so that you do not have to leave your Slack conversations.


Whereby: Online Video Chat

The video chat service by Whereby is perfect for small organizations that are looking for a simple method to connect its team members. It has the feature of very fast service, given its streamlines nature. There are also anonymous features which are not as important for enterprises but important to take not of regardless.

Whereby can be used to coach clients directly- nationally or internationally. The app is easy to load and there is no unnecessary time wastage while being connected. The user experience given by this app is simple and quick- all you have to do is click the desktop shortcut and reach the unique room URL. 

Whereby works very well if you’re trying to create a separate tab to meet someone virtually- in private. Many people use it frequently to conduct interviews with people who cannot make use of a smart phone device. The app also works great because you can customize it and create your own links.


TeamViewer: Online video Chat

TeamViewer is a leading global provider of solutions to remote connectivity. It empowers the participants to connect anything, anytime, anywhere. This company offers features like remote access control, support and collaboration capabilities that can meet the requirements of all kinds of online endpoints. 

The company has collaborated with cutting edge and easy to deploy Internet of Things and Augmented Reality implementations that have helped a number of businesses to reach their full digital potential. TeamViewer is currently active in more than 2 billion devices, out of which 45 devices can easily operate online at the same time.

The company was founded in 2005, in Goppigen, Germany- it employs more than 800 people in all the offices across Asia Pacific, Europe as well as United States. For one of the most flawless experiences of video conferencing and online business set-ups, you should definitely give TeamViewer a try.

Best Software for Online Classes

It is important to choose the best virtual classroom for your educative platform- be it a school, university or even a workplace. There are a number of tools that are available in the market today which can help in efficient learning online. Below we have given some of the best online learning software in the world.

Here are the Best Software & Apps For Online Video Classes:


BigBlueButton: Online Classes

The first entry in our list is the open source called BigBlueButton. It comes with a whiteboard capability that meets productivity and has been created especially for education as well as online learning. It a free open source tool which comes with a number of add-ons and integrations via third party developers.

Other portals have the power to customize the web conferencing experience of the users. It has also integrated with Learning Management Systems which helps provide a seamless student and teacher experience.

The various features of BigBlueButton include- On demand webcasting, presentation streaming, real time chat, group collaboration, mobile access, presentation tools, record and playback ability, screen sharing, two way audio and video as well as video conferencing. 


ezTalks: Online Classes

ezTalks Webinar virtual classroom software is a web conferencing and video tool which can used for creating slideshows, presentations and other audio/ video files.

It also comes integrated with a whiteboard that can be used for illustrations. You can use this virtual classroom platform to quickly share files and screens to help keep all you teammates aligned about the task at hand.

Some of its most important features include- instant messaging, audio conferencing, interactive whiteboard, video webinar, room calendar synch and meeting control. You can use this incredible software to have the best possible online teaching experience.


Moodle: Online Classes

Moodle open-source is a virtual classroom software than can be used for online classes through its learning management system. Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, otherwise called Moodle can be used by educators to help create customized lessons for every type of learner. This software provides live online classes that can also send automatic alerts/notification while providing multimedia integration.  

The various features of Moodle include management of user roles and permission, plug in management, all in one calendar, detailed reporting and logs, multilingual capability, outcomes and rubrics, mass enrollment and secure authentication, intuitive text editor, peer and self-assessment. 


Vedamo: Online Classes

Vedamo software offers live online classes that provide highly interactive live online teaching experience. There are a number of factors which make the teaching and learning experience very enriching and constructive such as- online whiteboard, breakout rooms and screen sharing.

This software is used widely among various educators in universities, school as well as teaching organizations. The software is web-based and does not need any additional installation of hardware.

Some of its features include blended learning services, course management, screen sharing capabilities, breakout rooms, records for both online and traditional teaching as well as live face-to-face virtual sessions.


LearnCube: Online Classes

The LearnCube platform has proven itself to be very important for tutoring organizations, language institutes and corporate trainers. This software is used to upload lesson material as well as multimedia content on websites for classes and courses. This virtual classroom software also has a free trial which can familiarize users with online teaching, tutoring and training courses.

The key features of LearnCube include- Interactive whiteboard, Quality video/audio services, custom branding options, conversation mode, private/group classes, class review, scheduling, reporting as well as content marketplace.

Their virtual classroom includes: – Reliable live video + high quality audio – Interactive online whiteboard – Instant access to your saved lesson materials (PDF, video, Google docs, etc) – Student access via link (i.e. download-free) – Teacher features (multi-tabs, pointer, highlight, video-sync, instant conjugation tables, etc)

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect: Online Classes

Adobe connect learning is a virtual learning software that is used by educators and trainers  to create engaging content delivery. This platform can be used to host on demand or live online classes from any given location.

Teachers also have the freedom to use interactive whiteboards as well as annotations that come with an integrated system of records that helps to track progress of various training sessions.

Some of the features from adobe connect include screen sharing, meeting recording, central content library, polling, multiple meeting rooms per user, VoIP, Collaboration builder SDK and User Management and reporting. 

If you’re looking to powerfully communicate your ideas through presentations and slides, you can make use of this software.

Electa Live

Electa Live: Online Classes

Electa Live is a cross-platform online teaching platform that is being used by educators and instructors to take live courses where students may attend online classes.

This is a virtual teaching software which has a number of online teaching tools such as gradebooks, homework assignments, ebooks, etc. that make the process of learning rich and fulfilling.

The main features of Electa include Live Sessions, Resource Libraries, Recorded sessions, Integration, Testing and assessment, flexible licensing models, centralized management, homework quizzes and so on. 


WizIQ: Online Classes

WizIQ digital classroom solutions gives end to end mechanisms for learning such as polling, live teaching lessons, online whiteboard and so on. This is a smart class enabled software which offers e-learning tools that make the entire process of learning available in some very high resolution formats along with a 5 way audio layout. You can also integrate it with Canvas, WordPress, Moodle, Joomla, Blackboards. Sakai and Efront.

Tutor Room

Tutor Room: Online Classes

Tutor room is a tutoring management portal which helps to organize virtual classrooms through scheduling, live demos, updated courses and so on. Some important features of this software include credit cost for each class, booking button, backend resource upload, PDF samples, tutor profile, backend scheduling, credit weight, ABC credit system, Backend management system and so on. 


BigBlueButton: Online Classes

Udemy educational tool offers a virtual classroom that can provide live online classes. The virtual classroom software of India includes tutorials from subject experts in the needed areas and topics.

It also offers online lessons on particular subjects. If you are looking to learn or teach online you should definitely take advantage of lessons from subject matter experts of around the world through Udemy online teaching software.

Some of the features of Udemy include- retargeted ads, course catalog, action based email campaigns, external partnership promotions, ad hoc email campaigns, training videos and teaching hub.

All instructors who want to create and share paid courses can get support from this platform and also acquire insights about creating online courses. The courses offered to students are very simple and available at some highly cheap prices.


Remote work and schooling can significantly help an organization, but it ultimately impacts the productivity of participants and makes them feel isolated.  If you wish to solve this issue of productivity, one of the best steps you can take is video conferencing. 

If in person communication is not possible, you can take help of video conferencing to feel connected with your students or workers.  Above we have given some of the best apps and conferencing apps that you can make use of  to carry out your daily operations.

No matter where your team members are located, these apps are efficient, easy to use and come with a host of other features which make them highly likeable. Every app is better than the other, and we are sure that you will be pleased by what they have to offer.

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