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15 Best Vivo V19 Covers Available In The India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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We all would freak out if our phones fall down or they crack their screen. After all, phones are an investment. This makes us realize how important it is to cover our phone with protective layers.

If you have recently purchased Vivo V19 and you are unable to decide which cover will look good, feel good and make your phone good, we have a few best picks for you! There are various types of phone cases in the market, printed plain, silicon, or hard case.

Here, we are listing our top picks considering all those categories when it comes to choosing the perfect phone case.

We are presenting you with a variety of designs, and prints. In the end, we have also added a recommendation for tempered glasses because two layers of protection are better than one.

Here below is the list of Top 15 Best Vivo V19 Cases Available In The Market

Transparent cases

One of the best choices one can make for their new phones is to get a transparent cover for it. There is a reason why almost every phone comes with a transparent case.

This is because they are just so flexible and strong. If you have yellow-ed your existing transparent case and looking for a new one, check this out.


A rtistque Frameless case

A rtistque Frameless case: Vivo V19 Case

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Frameless cases are so much more fashionable than the framed ones. This frameless phone cover from A rtistque has a very unique and classy design. It has a frosted matte texture and its texture is also frosted matte and weave.

This gives the cover a very good grip and fits from the outside as well which prevents the phone from slipping off the hands. You will have the most convenient access to the lock screen button and volume buttons.

It also has precise cut-outs for the microphone, speaker, and other necessary jacks and ports. You need not worry about the safety and protection aspect either as this case is made up of TPU material which will prevent any damage to your phone.

Its blended memory material will help you to bend this case without the risk of it ruining its shape or breaking. This case is also dust and scratch resistant to keep it new as always. Moreover, it is extremely light and sleek so your phone does look it has a cover on.

Kapa Beetle for Vivo V19 Back Case

Kapa Beetle for Vivo V19 Back Case: Vivo V19 Case

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This case by Kapa Beetle will be perfectly compatible for your Vivo V19 in terms of all aspects.

The edges of the camera and the frame are raised to protect the screen and camera from cracking if the phone falls on a flat surface. The case offers hybrid protection as it made up of a soft TPU frame, hard polycarbonate back, and edges with shock absorbent technology.

All three combined helps to provide unbeatable and indestructible protection to your phone. The corner will protect any damage by drops and bumps. Furthermore, the back TPU of this cover is also scratch-resistant and sturdy enough to prevent daily wearing and tearing.

Weighing only 70 grams, this case is great for those who do not want to make their phones look too thick and heavy. Get this phone cover for durability at its peak!

REALCASE Clear Case Gel TPU Back Cover

REALCASE Clear Case Gel TPU Back Cover: Vivo V19 Case

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This extremely compact case offered by REALCASE is truly the real deal! It has a classic business look with a transparent body and black frame edge. The touch of the material is very strong but has a tough and strong layer for protection.

This case is made up of acrylic hardcover along with TPU and shock absorbent edges. The corners can guard your phone against drops and damages.

Moreover, for extra screen protection, the cover is raised by 2mm so that it can protect your phone from crashing and breaking if it falls on a flat surface. You need not worry about this phone slipping from surfaces a suit has a very firm grasp.

With its precise moldings and cut-outs, you will always have proper access to your microphones, camera, speakers, volume and lock buttons, and other jacks. It also supports wireless charging. Buy this phone for an excellent finish and longer durability.

Flip case

When it comes to optimum phone protection, flip cases have proved to be the most efficient one times and again. They have so many multiple uses at such an easy model.

If you are looking for the best flip cases, we have a few stylish picks for you.

Pirum Magnetic Flip Cover

Pirum Magnetic Flip Cover: Vivo V19 Case

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We all know that leather is one of the most protective material that can guard your phone against all kinds of danger. However, it is also very unethical to use real leather. You just got lucky because Pirum has a leather case for your Vivo V19 but this ethical cover is made up of faux or synthetic leather.

This implies safety and protection against damage without bearing the cost of unethical practices. The main component used is PU or polyurethane which will protect your phone against all bumps, scratches, and cracks. They also have different compartments for cards, cash, and receipts.

You need not worry about losing your stuff or falling down as this case is tightly clutched using its magnetic clasp. You can also have a hands-free and convenient experience of reading your favorite books and watching videos with the help of its built-in stand in the flip itself.

The cut-outs are precise and seamless for the smooth use of all your buttons, speakers, microphones, and charging slots. So many positive reviews can speak for itself.

Mobcruz Smart Mirror Flip Cover

Mobcruz Smart Mirror Flip Cover: Vivo V19 Case

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We would all love to have a flip case that not only provides sufficient protection but also adds to our style and class. Mobcruz just made this wish come true by introducing this flip case with ultimate good looks and good features.

This case very easy to install and remove. It is a waterproof and washable case your cover can always remain shining. To survive the daily rough use, wear and tear, this case is tear-proof and hence, have along with life.

It has an anti-scratch surface and will protect your phone against scratches, dents, fingerprint smudges, and marks. It can be converted as a stand for an easy and smooth hands-free experience.

The exterior is made up of optimum quality electroplating from the exterior and a hard material layer inside to ensure that no harm can reach your phone. Its shockproof technology is only an add-on to the protection provided.

It has a really modern glossy look and looks like a mirror for those emergency encounter days. The cut-outs are specially tailored for this modern and you will have convenient access to every button and jack.

Printed silicon case

Silicon vases are already one of the best materials for phone safety and flexibility. But what is even better is a printed silicon case that can add spice to its existing uses. Do have a look at these dreamy cases!


KC Crystals Transparent Back Cover

KC Crystals Transparent Back Cover: Vivo V19 Case

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This is one of the most stylish recommendations that we have for you today. This is especially fit for teenagers and young adults. It has a very pretty and glossy dreamy shell pattern marble design in a black shade that goes along with all look books.

Along with its great looks, it also comes up with amazing features. This case has shock-proof technology so it will guard your phone against any accidentally falls, drops, crashes, cracks, dents, and bumps.

Its anti-skid layer will ensure that your phone does not slip off your hands too frequently and easily and remains in good condition. This knock proof case weighs only 30 grams, so your phone can look sleek, stylish, and slim.

It is highly flexible and anti-knock. For simpler functionality, it has cautiously trimmed cut-outs for easy access to important ports and jacks without having to remove the cover every now and then.

AE Mobile Back Cover

AE Mobile Back Cover: Vivo V19 Case

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If you think a phone cover cannot get prettier than our previous recommendation, you clearly didn’t check this one out! This printed silicon case has stunning looks with its pearl white marble design.

It looks extremely sleek and stylish. To ensure all-around protection, this phone case is built of a hybrid concept i.e. TPU bumper and toughened glass. Its TPU layer has shock absorbent features so your phone does not stop functioning properly while encountering bumps and falls.

The frame design is anti-slip to prevent the phone from slipping off hands and pockets. Its lightweight technology further adds to both its look and safety aspect.

For those who do not want to settle on white color, this phone case is also available in several other colors such as blue and red. Get this cover at a very affordable price before it becomes out of stock!

Glass case

A lesser-known fact about glass cases is that it just looks thick but allows radio waves passage very conveniently. This means that your phone can catch signals such as that of LTE, WIFI, etc faster and easier. If this tempted you to buy a glass case, have a look at these.


TheGiftKart Luxurious Glass Back Case

TheGiftKart Luxurious Glass Back Case: Vivo V19 Case

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Check out this awesome case by TheGiftKard. This case is perfectly compatible with your Vivo v19 and stunning black looks. It has a slim profile and can make you look classy and elegant.

It is made up of toughened glass and TPU to ensure that your phone can always remain slick-looking! It provides 360 degree protection and also ensures that the 9h toughened glass can prevent dents and scratches.

The grip is excellent and the cut-outs are precise. It weighs only 18 grams and it can make your phone look coverless yet protected.

Smoke case

Smoke cases are so new trend and already have our heart! This is because they are not transparent hence won’t get yellow. They are also not plain and opaque. If you are looking for a sexy smoke case for utter translucent vibes, check this out.


Jkobi Shockproof Smoke Flexible Soft Back Case

Jkobi Shockproof Smoke Flexible Soft Back Case: Vivo V19 Case

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Jkobi presenting us with its all-new collection with this beautiful blue smoke case is definitely a must-buy! It looks very sleek and slim, and it will not add any ugly bulkiness because it only weighs 50 grams.

To catch people’s attention, it also has added pop-up color in neon yellow. This phone case is specially designed for Vivo v19 and fits like a glove due to its edge to edge fitting.

It has perfectly tailored seamless cut-outs with a great finish so you can have proper and uninterrupted access to all speakers, microphones, headphone jack, and charging port.

The material is made up of rubber which makes it supremely flexible and ensures easy insertion and take-off. The built of this phone ensures that it does not obstruct the lens of the camera.

The case is anti-print so one need not wipe off the smudges on a frequent basis. Moreover, this case is scratch-resistant and also protects the phone from dust, scratches, and dirt. At the price that it is offered as of now, it’s surely a deal that should not be missed.

Glitter case

Glitter cases are so appealing to our eyes and moreover, provide perfect protection if the right material issued. Lucky for you, we have the best glitter case recommendations with premium quality


KC Crystals Glitter Paper Back Cover

KC Crystals Glitter Paper Back Cover: Vivo V19 Case

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Just when you thought that we were done with today’s picks for stylish cases, we have another banger for you! This glitter case in a beautiful rose gold shade is perfect for someone who likes everything glitter and glamour.

The glitter is made up of artificial rhinestone diamond. Contrary to what it looks like this case is pretty lightweight as it weighs only 30 grams and doesn’t add any bulk.

The glitter paper is inserted in between a bumper case so that the glitter does not smudge after directly coming in contact with hands or any other surface. In order to hang the neck lanyard, they have provided two holes in the bottom.

This 360-degree cover has shockproof air cushions that will absorb any shock in case of falls, bumps, and dents. The TPU material has electroplated edges for extra protection.

It also provides extra protection to the camera through its elevated back. However, a word of caution: avoid the interaction of sharp surfaces with its edges.

KC Starry Night Dry Back Cover

KC Starry Night Dry Back Cover: Vivo V19 Case

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Next up we have another glitter case, this time in a stunning starry black design. The glitters and stars are fixed inside and they do not move. There is also no water inside hence this prevents the risk of tearing and leakage.

The upper layer is composed of epoxy resin. The outer layer is made up of TPU silicon, making it flexible, lightweight (only 30 grams), and protective at the same time. The cover has a very smooth tough due to the silicon composition.

At the same time, this case is anti-fingerprints which will keep your phone smudge-free for a long time. The cut-outs are perfectly designed to add convenience while you access your speakers, microphones, and other jacks and ports.

Leather case

Leather is the strongest and the most durable material when it comes to phone cases. It also makes the cover look very professional and smart. If you are looking for ethical options for a leather case, check this out!


Excelsior Premium PU Leather Back Cover

Excelsior Premium PU Leather Back Cover: Vivo V19 Case

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While leather cases are generally highly strong but are unethical due to animal cruelty. But this case is made up of PU or faux leather that ensures environmental safety and still provides an optimum level of protection for your phone case.

The phone remains well protected and guarded against any falls and drops. Its shock-absorbing material ensures that it remains unaffected by shocks like sudden bumps and slip-offs. Its musky brown shade gives the perfect professional and classy look.

In spite of being a faux leather case, it weighs only 5 grams so no extra bulk is added to the phone, making it easy to carry around. The case has a great grip with steadiness and sturdiness.

Tempered glass

It’s so hard to imagine a phone without tempered glass as we know all, its perfect condition won’t last for long. Tempered glasses are the best options for screen protection and have a premium quality recommendation for your Vivo V19.

SISCA 11D Tempered Glass

SISCA 11D Tempered Glass: Vivo V19 Case

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Lastly, we have a bonus recommendation for top-quality tempered glass. This tempered glass can easily be applied at home as it comes with a self-application kit that includes the tempered glass, dry wipe, wet wipe, and camera lens protector.

It is very easy to install once you read the guidelines and a smooth bubble-free, 1 tap application. This 9h toughened tempered glass is hard and scratch proof.

It comes with a 0.3mm thickness so it provides adequate protection without causing any interference between a smooth screen experience. It is also waterproof so you can clean and sanitize your phone screen on a regular basis with ease.


We have provided a list of our best picks in terms of both quality and looks. Now you can choose your favorite cover and flaunt our style and phone for a very long time because all of the above are high-quality phone cases. Let us know which one did you like the best.

Stay tuned for many more recommendations!

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