15 Best Vivo Y30 Cases Available In The Market (2022)

So you’ve finally purchased the Vivo Y30 and now looking for some quality Smartphone covers that can make your already cool looking device appear even better all while providing it complete protection? Then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of best-looking Vivo Y30 cases that can provide your Vivo Y30 full protection from accidental falls as well as scratches. 

Before we begin, you must know that there are numerous types of phone cases like Printed, Transparent, Protective, flip, and Glass covers available in the market so this article is split into those types to make things easier.

Here below is the list of 15 Best Vivo Y30 Cases Available In The Market


Printed Cases


CK With CaseKaro Angry Owl Cover CK With CaseKaro Angry Owl Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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Let’s kick off these Vivo Y30 cases with an incredibly colorful case from CaseKaro. As you can see, this case has an incredible printed Owl design, as an art lover, I can’t help but want to own this case but sadly I don’t own a Vivo Y30.

Since you own a Vivo Y30 (or are planning to own one), I wholeheartedly recommend this case from CaseKaro as you won’t get bored of looking at it for a long time and this case can also leave the onlookers in awe. 

Unlike many other cases, this case is more than its looks, it is made up of high-quality hard plastic that can protect your phone from most of the rough usage. This case is scratch-resistant so you needn’t worry about the design wearing off, along with scratch resistance, this case is moderately dust resistant and offers a comfortable grip so it won’t slip from your hand.

This case has precise cut-outs for various keys, camera, and charging ports so it won’t cause you any inconvenience; it also offers raised edges that can provide better protection to the camera and screen.

Shinchan Back Cover Shinchan Back Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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“My name is Shin-chan Nohara and I am 5 years old!”; Did that line trigger some nostalgia? I guess it did since the majority of us grew up watching the hilarious antics of 5-year-old Shinosuke Nohara. If it still holds a soft spot in your heart, then you’ll definitely like this Vivo Y30 case 

Unlike the last Y30 case, this one is quite plain but that’s fine since it has a pretty good design of Shin-chan. Since this case is also from Case Karo, it is made up of hard polycarbonate that is adequately scratch resistant and dust resistant.

Despite its rigid looks, this case can protect your phone from most of the accidental falls and unlike the typical cases that can cause scratches on the back panel, this Y30 case will keep your back panel scratch-free. 

 It also has raised edges and precise cut-outs for various ports and keys for your convenience.

Naruto Two Face Vivo Y30 Back CoverNaruto Two Face Vivo Y30 Back Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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If Shin-chan rocked our childhood, it was Naruto that ruled our teenage years. Even if you haven’t watched the Anime or read the Manga, it’s likely that you’ve been exposed to it on social media, so you must know just how incredible it is. 

If you’re a Naruto fan, or more appropriately a weeb Otaku like myself, you must want to get your hands on this incredible Vivo Y30 printed case. As you can see, it depicts a combined version of Younger Naruto and Kurama (Nine-Tails). This case is. Made up of premium quality polycarbonate so it won’t break easily and it is also scratch-resistant so you needn’t worry about the design getting ruined. 

This Naruto case offers precise cut-outs for various keys and charging ports and raised edges that can absorb most of the shock from accidental falls; This case is also moderately dust resistant.The only thing it lacks is Glow-in-the-dark, it would’ve been a lot cooler that way, dattebayo.

Chilling Couple Back CoverChilling Couple Back Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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No matter how cliche it may seem but one simply can’t live without some romance in their life, hence our next Vivo Y30 printed case here depicts something Romantic and colorful. 

I absolutely recommend this case if you’re planning to gift a Vivo Y30 to your lover or if both of you already own Vivo Y30; This case is eye-catchingly colorful and looks like it belongs in some teenage romance comic book. 

This case is completely scratch-resistant, so you needn’t worry about wrecking its beautiful print; since it’s made up of high-quality Polycarbonate, it will last longer than your phone might.

This case offers raised edges to protect your phone’s screen and camera from accidental damage, it also has precisely cut openings for various ports and keys. This case is easily one the best looking Vivo Y30 cases you can buy.

Transparent Cases


Sunny Fashion Good Vibes Only Back Cover

Sunny Fashion Good Vibes Only Back Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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After printed cases, we have some of the best handpicked transparent covers that won’t add any bulk to your phone while providing much-needed protection to your device and will let you flaunt the natural beauty of your Vivo Y30.

So here we have this pretty liquid sand case by Sunny Fashion, which offers complete protection to your phone while making your phone look unique. Great thing is that this case glows in the nights and in the dark, after absorbing light. Its girly design makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

The liquid and the glitter can move freely, making it more fun. This case is made up of high-quality TPU making it soft to touch and its grippy texture prevents it from slipping it from your hand.

A.S. PLATINUM Ultra Thin Back Cover

A.S. PLATINUM Ultra Thin Back Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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This A.S.Platinum case might make you forget that you have any case on your phone because of its ultra-thin structure that provides much-needed protection to your device through its shockproof technology.

It comes with a metal ring that will help you with the grip and prevent it from slipping. Even though it’s transparent and lets you flaunt your phone’s natural beauty, the matte frosted finish makes it look even sleeker.

It offers air cushions on all four corners to protect them during drops. And other than that its raised lip will safeguard the screen (2 mm higher) and the camera from scratches and cracks. 

Its fingerprint resistance and anti-scratch properties will help you keep this case as good as new. It’s a great choice if you prefer keeping your phone bare.

JGD PRODUCTS Shockproof Protective Back Case

JGD PRODUCTS Shockproof Protective Back Case: Vivo Y30 Case

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Next, we have another great transparent case that will safeguard your Vivo Y30 from shocks, scratches, and dust. This case offers protection through Its shockproof and air cushion technology.

Its bumper designed corners can withstand 6 feet drop (tested), plus, it comes with extra cushions on edges that prevent your screen from touching the surface when kept face down.

And unlike the above two transparent cases, this fingerprint-proof case is completely transparent, so you’ll be able to flaunt the sides, back, and front of your Vivo Y30. 

Its flexibility makes it easy to install and remove it, you can bend it without the fear of breaking or permanent loosening. And it is made up of silicone, offering a comfortable and strong grip without being too grippy.

CELZO 4 Side Full Protection Back Cover CELZO 4 Side Full Protection Back Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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Who doesn’t want to increase the life of their smartphones? No one, just like you can’t settle for less while buying your phone then why settle for less while buying the back cover for the protection of your Vivo Y30.

So just like other cases in this article, this case is also one of the best transparent cases out there. 

Anyways, this case by Celzo offers a slim and yet protective design, shock-absorbent, and scratch-resistant TPU has been used. That will offer protection from drops, shocks, and scratches, and you can easily clean it with water.

And just like many other cases, it also comes with raised edges that safeguard the camera and screen from scratches and cracks. Other than that it’s flexible (easy to install and remove) and offers a comfortable grip.

Flip Cases


Aleppo Leather Flip Cover Aleppo Leather Flip Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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Flip covers might not be the most preferred ones, the reason being it makes your phone look like a tank and hides your phone’s original beauty.

And if you follow the trend you most probably going to skip these flip covers, but I suggest you to check these out, as we have some best-handpicked flip covers (of course, not the boring ones) that come with a lot of features, for which you won’t mind some bulk on your device. 

Anyways, the first flip cover that we have here is by Aleppo, which is made up of soft yet sturdy artificial leather combined with the soft microfiber coating on the inner lining that prevents the back of your phone from scratches and cushions it for extra protection.

Apart from being protective, it comes with 3 slots for cards and 1 pocket for cash. The best thing about flip covers? They feature a great hands-free stand so you can enjoy your favorite movies easily.

Its magnet lock prevents any damage to the screen even if it drops face down, the folio will stay closed through its strong magnet. Plus, its fingerprint coating and anti-slip grip will help you in keeping your case and Vivo Y30 as good as new.

Cubix Magnetic Flip Cover

Cubix Magnetic Flip Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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This case by Cubix appears to be of pure leather but it is actually made up of PU leather, which is one of the most preferred ethical friendly alternatives for pure leather.

Just like the last flip covers this one also offers complete protection to your device, doesn’t matter whether you have a screen protector or not, and even though flip covers hide the original beauty of your phone, this case will add an elegant and premium look to it. 

The lining of this case is soft and delicately lined (handcrafted), which enhances its looks, while it’s cut-outs make it easier to access all the ports and buttons. This case does not just offer heat and stain-resistant properties but it is also moderately dust resistant. 

This Vivo Y30 case offers raised edges with precision cut-outs for various keys and ports, but not only that it also comes with a Credit card/ Debit card slot which can be quite useful if you frequently forget your wallet at home.

And you can use this case as a stand too while watching movies or on the video calls.

Knotyy Faux Leather Flip Cover Knotyy Faux Leather Flip Cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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The first thing that I liked about this case was its color scheme, it will definitely stand out in the crowd. This case by Knotyy is designed with the enhanced dual coating technology which makes it more durable and feels comfortable in hand.

Its precious cuts and perfect fit will let you access all the buttons and ports seamlessly. The material that has been used for this case is of high quality, making it resistant to wear and tear. But unlike the other two cases, this case doesn’t come with a card slot which might be a bummer for some of you. 

For the protection of the screen, this case comes with a magnetic lock that will safeguard the screen. The inner TPU offers flexibility making it easier to mount and dismount your phone from the cover.

Plus, the soft microfiber lining prevents scratches on the back of your phone. And of course, just like the other two cases, you can use this case as a stand too.

Protective Cases


Avianna Tough Armor back cover

Avianna Tough Armor back cover: Vivo Y30 Case

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If you work in a harsh environment or you are just one of those clumsy people who got butterfingers and want a case that can withstand multiple falls without causing any damage to your phone, plus, makes your phone look even better with minimal bulk.

Then, these protective cases will be a great fit for you, as they offer a lot of protection while keeping your phone sleek and lightweight. 

So the first protective case that we have here is by Avianna, which safeguards your device with its dual-layer armor defender. Its inner layer is made up of TPU while the outer shell is of a hard polycarbonate that comes with raised edges that can prevent scratches and cracks on the screen and the camera. 

This easy to install and remove case has a metal plate inbuilt that will work as a magnetic car holder, for those who use their phone in the car for direction, calls, etc.

Other than magnetic car holders, the 360-degree rotatable metal ring offers two more functions, one is for providing better grip and the other is for watching movies or attending video calls.

A.S.PLATINUM Deer Series CaseA.S.PLATINUM Deer Series Case: Vivo Y30 Case

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This case by A.S.Platinum can be another great choice, their deer series offer a soft fabric case with an anti-slip grip and hybrid protection. The material that has been used for this case is soft TPU (that will not crack) combined with a high-grade fabric.

And bumpers offer protection from accidental drops, through anti-shock cushion technology. This elegantly designed flip offers a smooth texture that is scratch as well as smudge-resistant.

This case is also fairly flexible which makes the installation and removal process sufficiently easy. Its lanyard hole design will let you free your hand by offering you an option to hang it around the neck.

This case also comes with precision cut-outs for various keys and ports and can fit your phone like a good pair of Jeans. Vivo Y30 isn’t wireless charging compatible, this case is wireless charging compatible

Case Studio Protective Back Case

Case Studio Protective Back Case: Vivo Y30 Case

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Next, we have another great protective cover, this case is a perfect example of a protective case with an ultra-thin structure. It offers 360-degree protection to your Vivo Y30 through its 3 in 1 hybrid technology.

It is designed to provide complete protection without adding any unnecessary bulk to your phone. This case can be broken into 3 parts, top, bottom, and the body. Other than that, it makes your phone look more elegant and premium. 

For extra protection, this case offers raised edges that help in giving better protection to the screen and camera module. While its precise cutouts provide seamless access to all the ports, buttons, and other interfaces.

Plus, it’s color scheme will make it stand out, if you don’t prefer red and black Case Studio offers various other options to choose from.

A.S.PLATINUM Carbon Fiber Shock Proof Case

A.S.PLATINUM Carbon Fiber Shock Proof Case: Vivo Y30 Case

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So the last protective case that we have here is by A.S Platinum, whose full protective, ultra-thin, and advance looking design will make you feel like buying it.

This case by A.S Platinum offers 360-degree protection with the help of high-grade shockproof TPU materials that can absorb most of the shock from accidental falls. Plus, the pattern on the inside of the cover helps in better distribution and dampening of the shocks. 

This premium looking case is flexible enough and it’s also resistant to oil, grease, and abrasion; it also offers precision cut-outs that’ll let you access all the ports and keys with ease.

Apart from that, Its anti-slip design and texture will not just prevent your phone from slipping it from your hand or from a smooth surface but it also adds a premium look to your device.

And of course, its thin design will make you doubt its protection capabilities but worry not, this case has been thoroughly drop-tested and will ensure top-tier protection of your phone.

Glass Cover


Clickfleek Luxurious Glass Back

Clickfleek Luxurious Glass Back: Vivo Y30 Case

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So finally we have reached the last category and the last case of this article, this glass case by Clickfleek will not just provide 360-degree protection but also give a stunning look to your Vivo Y30.

Its thin structure might make you doubt its protection capacity but worry not, the reason for its thin structure is its hybrid technology, which lets this case protect your device without making it look like a tank.

Its toughened glass and TPU bumper ensure that your phone will stay as good as new. Plus, it gives your phone a sleek and elegant look. 

The high-quality tempered glass will prevent the back of your phone from discoloration. And its non-slip soft sides will prevent it from slipping from your hand while making it possible to install and remove this case with ease.


Finally, we’ve reached my special corner a.k.a Author’s note and I hope that you found some good Vivo Y30 case from this article, but in case you didn’t like anything on here, then I recommend you Qrioh and CaseKaro. Qrioh has one of the cheapest and stylish smartphone cases available in the market.

Even though they offer cheap cases, they don’t compromise on the quality, the best thing is, they’re “Made in India” smartphone cases. This is more or less the same thing with CaseKaro, you might find more Y30 cases on CaseKaro than on Qrioh.

If you have any recommendations to make, do drop us a comment. We’ll love to hear from you.