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20 Best Vivo y50 Back Covers Available in India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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Vivo Y50 Cases

Recently purchased the Vivo Y50 and are looking for some back covers that can make your already cool looking phone seem even better and provide it all-round protection? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve put together a list of best-looking Vivo Y50 cases that can provide you full protection from accidental falls as well as scratches from daily use.

But before we start, I must tell you that there are numerous types of phone cases available in the market so this article is split into those types to make things easier.

Here below is the list 0f 20 Best Vivo Y50 Cases Available Online

Printed Silicone Cases


Gismo Printed Soft Silicone Back Cover

Gismo Printed Soft Silicone Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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Silicone cases are quite affordable compared to the other types of Smartphone cases, they’re also available in a lot of styles, and colors which makes them one of the most sought after types of smartphone cases, and hence we’re going to start this article with Printed Silicone cases.

The first Vivo Y50 Printed silicone case we have here is offered by “Gizmo” and this case depicts a stunning pink floral pattern that seems to jump out of the case due to the presence of the deep black background.

But this case isn’t all about the looks, this case also gives your delicate phone much-needed protection with its shock-absorbing materials and raised edges that protect the screen and camera module.

This unisex case is smudge resistant and scratch-resistant so it can easily survive rugged use for a long time.

BuyFeb Printed Soft Silicone Back Cover

BuyFeb Printed Soft Silicone Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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Up next we have a Romantic silicone cover case from ByFeb, this case is a great choice if thinking about purchasing a Vivo V50 for your Lover. Well, it’s true that we’re nowhere close to Valentine’s day, but I firmly believe that whenever you’re in Love, you can celebrate it 24/7 for 365 days so don’t think twice before showing them your love and making them feel special.

This silicone case depicts a cute pink heart with-in golden sparkle that gives it a cute and feminine appeal. This case is designed for durability so it is scratch resistant and smudge resistant, but not only that, but it also has raised edges that protect your screen and camera module from accidental falls and scratches.

Don’t think twice, just go for it.

Qrioh Heist Case

Qrioh Heist Case: Vivo Y50 Case

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These days whenever I hear Heist, the first things that come to my head are, Red hoodie, a mask, and Bella Ciao; I believe it must be the same thing for you since currently, we have a lot of free time on our hands.

Money heist is one of those fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping shows that leaves you hooked and craving more of it. So if you’re a Money Heist fan and are looking for a mobile cover related to it, then you should opt for Qrioh’s Money heist case for Vivo Y50.

Much like the other cases this case is made up of soft silicone and sturdy TPU material that helps it protect your precious Vivo Y50 from all the accidental falls and scratches.

Qrioh Galaxy Case

Qrioh Galaxy Case: Vivo Y50 Case

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Sooner or later people always get bored with their plain mobile covers and set out to find a good case with an incredible design. Of course, these cases must provide your Vivo Y50 adequate protection and here we have just that, this particular case will make your phone look stunning and also provide sufficient protection.

This case is presented by Qrioh, and unlike what the name says, this case isn’t really about Galaxies but instead, this depicts Constellations!

Impressive thing is, the constellations are properly named and are placed where they belong. If you’re someone who’s into stargazing then you’ll love this cover.

You needn’t worry about protection as this case is made up of TPU material along with soft silicone that makes it both soft and sturdy. TPU material also ensures that the case doesn’t turn yellow or gets scratched.

Transparent Cases


A rtistque transparent Back Cover

A rtistque transparent Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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If you are not looking for printed covers and want to flaunt the original design of your phone while having complete protection, then you should check these transparent covers. The first transparent case we have here is this hybrid shockproof case by A rtistque.

Hybrid cases are the best middle of rugged and ultra-thin cases, so your phone won’t look bulky. Anyways, this case offers 360-degree protection to your Vivo Y50 through its anti-shock cushion technology.

It offers an Aesismc airbag on all four corners which absorbs the impact of drops and shocks. Plus, its raised edges guard the screen against scratches or cracks. And you don’t have to worry about it turning yellow over time, as this acrylic back cover won’t turn yellow.

KC Liquid Flowing Glitter Back Cover

KC Liquid Flowing Glitter Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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This cute case by KC can be a great choice, as other than being transparent it adds sparkle to your phone. The liquid and the glitter stars can move freely which makes it even more eye-catching. Its girly design makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

This ultra-thin case is made up of anti-skid silicone gel, which will prevent it from your hand or from any smooth surface. Other than being pretty, it offers complete protection to your Vivo Y50 through its bumper sides and raised lip that safeguards the camera from scratches and cracks.

It fits like a glove while its precise cuts will let you access all the ports, buttons, and controls with ease. Plus, its high-quality scratch-proof silicone increases its durability by preventing it from turning yellow over time.

REALCASE Vivo Y50 Back Cover

REALCASE Vivo Y50 Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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RealCase is one of the most trusted smartphone cases brands so this article wouldn’t have been complete without a case from Real Case, this particular case from Realcase has been designed to let you flaunt the original looks of your phone as well as provide full protection from accidental drops and scratches due to rugged use.

This case is made up of an Acrylic hardcover along with TPU material on the edges that acts as a shock absorber while giving you a firm grip on your phone. Its raised edges give extra protection to your phone’s screen and camera. This case offers scratch-resistant and smudges resistant properties.

It’s a must-have if you want total protection for your phone.

Flip Case


Aleppo Leather Flip Cover

Aleppo Leather Flip Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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Flip covers might not be the most preferred ones, the reason being it adds bulk and hides your phone’s original beauty.

And if you follow the trend you might skip these flip covers, but I recommend you to check these out, as we have some best-handpicked flip covers (Not boring ones) that come with a lot of features, for which you won’t mind some bulk on your device.

So the first flip cover that we have here is by Aleppo, which is made up of sturdy artificial leather and soft microfiber coating on the inner lining that prevents the back of your phone from scratches and cushions it for extra protection.

Apart from that, it comes with 3 slots for cards and 1 slot for cash. And you can use it as a stand too, while watching movies or on the video calls. Its magnet lock prevents any damage to the screen as even if it drops face down, the folio will stay closed through its strong magnet.

Knotyy Premium Faux Leather Flip Cover

Knotyy Premium Faux Leather Flip Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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This case by Knotyy is designed with enhanced dual coating technology making it more durable and comfortable in hand. Its precious cuts and perfect fit will let you access all ports and buttons with ease.

And just like the last case, this case also comes with a magnetic lock that will safeguard the screen, plus, it can also be used as a stand.

Knotyy used high-quality material making it resistant to wear and tear. The inner TPU is flexible so it’s easy to mount and dismount your phone from the cover. And its soft microfiber lining prevents scratches on the back of your phone.

D-Kandy Denim Series Cloth Case

D-Kandy Denim Series Cloth Case: Vivo Y50 Case

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Next, we have another cool looking flip cover, which is 100% handmade with high-quality PU leather. If you are a denim fan, then you should definitely check this out. The inner shell of this case is made up of TPU, which makes your device fit in this case seamlessly.

The PU leather protects your phone from shocks, accidental drops, scratches, and dust while giving an elegant look to your phone. The folio of this case has nubuck fiber, which safeguards your screen from scratches as it acts as a cushion to your phone’s screen.

It will feel comfortable in your hand without being grippy, you can easily slip it inside your pockets. Apart from that, It offers a card slot and a stand that can be used at 3 different angles.

With precise cutouts, you won’t have to remove the folio in order to access the buttons, ports, or speakers. And if you don’t prefer this color, D-Kandy provides a wide variety of colors from which you can choose.

Sandstone® Magnetic Flip Cover

Sandstone® Magnetic Flip Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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This case by Sandstone appears to be of pure leather but it is actually made up of PU leather, which is one of the best ethical friendly alternatives for pure leather.

Just like other flip covers it also offers complete protection to your device doesn’t matter whether you have a screen protector or not, and even though flip covers hide the natural design of your phone, this case will add an elegant look to it. Plus, for providing extra protection to the screen it offers raised edges.

The lining of this case is soft and delicately lined (handcrafted), which enhances its looks, while it’s cut-outs make it easier to access all the keys and ports. This case does not just offer heat and stain resistance but it is also moderately dust resistant.

The best thing about this flip cover? It features a great hands-free stand so you can enjoy your favorite movies easily. It also offers a card slot that can come quite handy if you ever forget your wallet.

YES2GOOD Luxury Smart Magnetic Case

YES2GOOD Luxury Smart Magnetic Case: Vivo Y50 Case

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This flip cover is more like a glass cover, hence no unnecessary bulk, slim, and you can flaunt the natural design of your Vivo Y50. And unlike all the above flip covers, this case will definitely make you forget that if it’s even there.

This case will cover the full body of your phone, offering protection through its metal bumper and 2.5d tempered glass. Other than its anti-drop and shockproof design it also offers scratch and dirt proof properties. And its raised lip prevents scratches and cracks on the camera.

Its magnetic field absorption technology makes it easier to install and remove the cover, a total of 16 magnetic points makes it possible for this case to close automatically.

Even though it doesn’t offer slots for cards and convertible stands, it will support wireless charging and you won’t even need a screen protector with this case as it’s folio will act like one.

Protective Cases


Spazy Case®

Spazy Case®: Vivo Y50 Case

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If you are among those clumsy people who got butterfingers or just work in a harsh environment and want a case that can withstand multiple falls without causing any damage to your phone and makes your phone look even better without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Then, these protective cases are a great fit for you, as they offer a lot of protection while keeping your phone lightweight and slim. So the first protective case we have here is by Spazy, which safeguards your device with its dual-layer armor defender.

Its inner layer is made up of TPU while the outer shell is hard polycarbonate. Its raised edges and a lip around the screen prevents scratches and cracks on the screen and the camera.

This easy to install and remove case has a metal plate that will work as a magnetic car holder, for those who use their phone in the car for direction, calls, etc. Plus it offers a ring holder that can work as a kickstand too.

A.S.PLATINUM ultra-thin Back Cover

A.S.PLATINUM ultra-thin Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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Next, we have another great protective cover, whose ultra-thin and full protection design might make you buy it. This case by A.S Platinum offers 360-degree protection with the help of high-grade shockproof TPU materials.

That will absorb and distribute the impact of drops and shocks. Its anti-slip design will not just prevent your phone from slipping it from your hand but also adds a premium look to it.

And it’s thin design might make you doubt its protection capabilities but this case is drop tested which ensures a level of protection to your device.

This premium looking case is resistant to oil, grease, and abrasion. Its perfect fit and precise cuts will let you access all the interface and buttons with ease.

Monkish Deer Series Soft Smooth Fabric Back Cover

Monkish Deer Series Soft Smooth Fabric Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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This case by Monkish can be another great choice, their deer series offer a soft fabric case with an anti-slip grip and hybrid protection. Materials that have been used for this case are strong TPU and PC combined with high-grade fabric.

Its elegant design and soft comfortable texture is scratch and fingerprint resistant. While its flexibility makes it easy to install and remove this case. It offers a perfect fit so you can have access to all ports and buttons with ease. You can keep the case as good as new, as it is washable.

A rtistque Smoke Translucent Back Cover

A rtistque Smoke Translucent Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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Here we have a well-known brand that provides one of the best and sexiest cases in the market.

This case is a bit different from any of the other protective cases here as it has a hard Polycarbonate (light opaque) layer on the back and soft/ flexible TPU on the borders making it look like a normal silicone case but it does offer complete protection.

The TPU comes with raised edges to provide better protection from accidental falls, this case has a precise cut-out for the charging port and buttons for volume and power. The green color with an orange power button makes the phone look quite sexy and deadly.

The material that has been used for this case is of high-quality anti-slip material and it also makes your phone moderately dust-free. To keep this case as good as new you can wash it as it’s washable.

Newlike Back Cover

Newlike Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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I hope you found a protective case that fulfills your requirements by now, if not then check this last protective case, which will protect your Vivo Y50 with its dual-layer structure.

The inner layer is of a soft shock absorbing TPU and the outer layer is of hard PC that has impact-resistant properties. Plus, its corners offer protection against drops or shocks through its air cushion technology.

It comes with port caps that will help you keep dust and dirt out. It’s clear protective layer will prevent scratches on the back of your Vivo Y50. And its comfortable and grippy case will prevent it from sliding over a smooth surface or from your hand.

Glass Covers


Clickfleek Glass Back Cover

Clickfleek Glass Back Cover: Vivo Y50 Case

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So the last category and the last case that we have here is this glass case by Clickfleek, that will not just provide 360-degree protection but also give a stunning look to your Vivo Y50.

It’s the thin structure that might make you doubt its protection capacity but worry not, the reason for its thin structure is hybrid technology. Its hybrid construction and TPU bumper ensures that your phone will stay as good as new.

Its soft sides make it easier to install and remove this case. Plus, the tempered glass will prevent the back of your phone from discoloration. And its non-slip soft sides will prevent it from slipping from your hand.

Authors’ note.

And thus we’ve come to an end, I sincerely hope that you found your ideal Vivo Y50 case, but if you’re still hunting, then I recommend you Qrioh. They have one of the cheapest and the most stylish smartphone cases available.

Even though they offer cheap cases, they don’t compromise on the quality, the best thing is, they’re “Made in India” smartphone cases.

If you have any suggestions to make, do drop us a comment. We’ll love to hear from you.

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