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10 Best Waist Bags for Men & Women to Travel Hand-free

by Kartik Bhateja
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Best Waist Bags For Travel 

Holiday trips are more enjoyable when you’re not constantly worrying about where you kept your phone or wallet. There’s no other travel accessory that’s handier than a waist bags when you’re trekking the globe. Not only are these spacious bags convenient, but they are also super stylish and tie your whole outfit together.

Moreover, they leave your hands free to snap some memorable pictures of your loved ones and enjoy the moment. Whether you’re heading for the trails or the city, waist bags are the most practical and fashionable way to carry all your essentials. So keep reading if you want to get your hands on the best waist bags for men and women on the market right now.

Best Waist Bags for Travel:

Xcluma Waist Pack xcluma Waist Pack Travel Handy Hiking Zip Pouch Document Money Phone Belt Sport Bag Bum Bag 

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This waist bag for women and men has been the talk of the town thanks to its handy design and convenience. Now, you can travel to your holiday destination with peace of mind knowing that your essentials are all space in your waist bag. Moreover, your passport, phone and wallet are always within reach whenever you need them. 

It features four compartments spacious enough to store all your travel essentials and so much more. Plus you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with an adjustable strap and quality polyester material for maximum comfort and convenience. There is also a safety zipper at the back of the bag to ensure that all your belongings stay secure at all times. 

It is ideal for travelling, running, trekking, camping, hiking and more. Besides that, xcluma waist bags are all waterproof so you don’t have to worry about any accidental spillage or bad weather.

Dein Kleider Waist Pack

Dein Kleider

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Dein Kleider is known for its waist bags which are perfect for both travelling and everyday wear. You can’t go wrong with their high-quality nylon material that is incredibly resistant to rough everyday usage. With premium quality stitching and sturdy zippers, you can get excellent durability and strength that’s worth your money. Moreover, this bag features an inner padding to ensure that none of your cards, phones or passports procures any scratches along the way. 

Besides that, the minimalistic design gives you a classy look while carrying all your items with ease. Plus there are more than enough compartments to store small water bottles, earphones and keys too. 

This Dein Kleider waist bag is ideal for travellers, campers and trekkers thanks to its waterproof material. The best thing is that it is crafted by professional Indian artisans so that you can stand out from the crowd. You can drape it around your waist, wear it cross-body or even at the back.

K London Waist Bag

K London Real Leather Brown Waist Bag Fanny Bag 

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This aesthetic and versatile bag from the house of K London is everything that you need for your travels. It is made of genuine leather and features a sleek yet spacious design to carry all your holiday essentials while making you look collected. It is one of the best waist bags for man and women who want to keep their belongings safe and appear like a fashionista. 

Moreover, this bag comes with two zipper pockets at the front and one at the back for maximum convenience. Plus the adjustable strap allows you to wear it how you want, whether your jam is cross-body or around the waist. You can fit a white lot of travel essentials including your phone, passport, wallet, power bank, earphones and more. 

Since this waist bag is incredibly lightweight, it is ideal for everyday wear too. You can wear it while you run errands in the city or meet up with your friends for brunch.

GoTrippin Polyester Waist Bag

GoTrippin Polyester Waist Bag

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Destino (formerly GoTrippin) is your one-stop destination to shop for all kinds of travel accessories. Among their most popular products is this waist bag that is every traveller’s best friend. It is so functional yet lightweight that you won’t even notice you’re carrying any weight. Moreover, the design is very trendy and features multiple compartments of different sizes. 

In addition, you need sturdy and durable waist bags if you’re planning to travel somewhere far. Lucky for you, this GoTrippin bag is made of waterproof RFID material to keep out sweat, rain and accidental spillages. It is also the perfect accompaniment for running, hiking, festivals, concerts and more. 

Besides the premium zippers, this waist bag comes with an adjustable strap for added comfort. You can easily adjust it to any length you want and stays there without shifting thanks to a strong and reliable buckle. It is also one of the few waist bags for man that offers a waterproof inner lining to keep your bank cards and passports safe.

Cute Critters Waist Packs

Cute Critters Fanny Packs for Women Man Cute Waist Packs 

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Waist bags from Cute Critters are a must-have for avid travellers, fashionistas and outdoor enthusiasts. Light, durable, functional and trendy, this bag is everything you could ask for. Moreover, you can always look stylish on the go since there is a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from. 

Moreover, the high-textured design and details on their waist bags are too good to be true. This includes a wear-resistant zipper, strong buckle, high-density webbing and comfortable adjustable straps that you won’t get anywhere else. Besides that, it is made of PU leather and offers tons of benefits like water repellency, flexibility and durability. 

There are two front pockets and one at the back. The front zipper can hold all the small essentials like your passport and bank cards for easy access. While the back pockets are great for storing slightly larger items like your phone, wallet and charging bank.

NISUN Waist 

NISUN Waist Bag Fanny Pack Travel Handy Hiking Zip Pouch Money Phone Belt Bum Bag 

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If you’re on the lookout for waist bags for man and women, you definitely need to check this one out. It is the perfect companion to hold all your essentials while you travel, explore the great outdoors or run everyday errands at home. The nylon material and blue and grey design also make it a great accessory for street style fashionistas too. 

There are 4 spacious comfortable, 3 at the front and 1 at the back, to keep your things neat and organized. In addition, you can also style it however you want, whether you prefer keeping it around the waist or going cross-body. The adjustable straps also make it easier for you to adapt the bag based on the activity that you’re planning to do. 

In addition, you can easily take it on or off thanks to the buckle and strap that can easily fit a 47-inch waist. Since it is incredibly light and easy to carry, you can keep it around while you travel, trek, work out, cycle or walk your dog.

F Gear Enzo Sports Waist Bag

F Gear Enzo Sports Waist Bag

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F Gear by Enzo is currently one of the best waist bags that you can get your hands on in the market. It is everything you’d want in a travel bag: spacious, trendy, exclusive and easy to carry. Now, you can travel in style while making sure that all your essentials are safe inside this amazing waist bag. 

It features one roomy zippered compartment that can easily fit your wallet, phone and even a small water bottle. Besides that, all your bank cards and passport can go into the inner pocket with two small sleeves. This waist bag also comes with a waterproof material, adjustable straps and premium YKK Japanese zippers. 

F Gear swears by the durability and quality of this bag. Moreover, its lightweight design and slim profile make it the perfect accessory for everyday wear too.

GUSTAVE®️ Waist Bag

GUSTAVE®️ Waist Bag

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Gustave understands the needs of the modern man and brings you this waist bag featuring a cool design. These waist bags for man are not only up-to-date with the latest trends but also incredibly efficient and durable. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of styles and designs to fit any mood and activity. It is the perfect gift for your family, friends and loved ones on any special occasion too. 

This Gustave waist bag has a large storage capacity with 1 main compartment and 4 spacious zippered pockets. The pockets can easily fit your phone, wallet, keys, passport, bank cards and more. In addition, it is made of waterproof nylon material to protect your belongings from bad weather and sweat. 

The adjustable straps also make it a comfortable travel companion for you. Plus it is so versatile that you can also use it for everyday errands or outdoor activities when you’re not travelling.

AmazonBasics Bum AmazonBasics Bum Bag with Double Pocket, 3L, Black 

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If you want sturdy waist bags, you can’t go wrong with buying from AmazonBasics. With its convenient and classic design, you can look chic and keep your things secure when you hit the road. Besides that, this waist bag is incredibly lightweight with still durable enough to take with you on long journeys. 

In addition, the waterproof material and coated interiors do a great job of keeping the contents dry and safe. AmazonBasics also ensures that all your jewellery and cash are in a safe place thanks to the secure back pocket. 

It is ideal for travelling, hiking, concerts, cycling, walking your dog and other activities. The adjustable straps also make it extremely convenient to carry around.

Worldstar Waist Bag


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Do you want to look glam while getting easy access to all your essentials while you’re travelling? Well, look no further because Worldstar has the best option when it comes to stylish and functional waist bags for women. This bag will make a great addition to your whole ensemble during a trip, hike, trek, fair, festival or concert. 

In addition, it is made of polyester, making it waterproof and durable for long trips. There are 3 spacious compartments perfect for storing your phone, passport, wallet, carls and more too. 

With its adjustable straps, you can style it around your head or opt for a classy cross-body look. 

What to Look For in a Great Waist Bag That’s Worth Your Money 


Waist bags are more than just a simple pouch and strap. You will find that they feature different materials based on the purpose of their use. Most Wildcraft waist bags are made of waterproof nylon material that is best suited for hiking, camping and trekking. In addition, you can also get ones made of canvas or other material for everyday wear. 


Size is a crucial factor when it comes to shopping for good waist bags, whether it’s for a trip or simply for the style. If you’re planning to travel with it, you should buy one that is spacious enough but also not too bulky. This way you can fit all your essentials into the bag and still carry it with ease. 


While you’re on the road, it’s very convenient to keep your things organized. An ideal waist bag should come with tons of roomy compartments to fit all your travel items. This means you need to search for one that has room for your wallet, passport, phone, keys and more.

Adjustable Straps 

For avid travellers, buying waist bags with adjustable straps is a must. Besides being easy to carry around, adjustable straps also let you wear the bag in multiple ways. You can either follow the classic route and keep it around your waist or wear it cross-body to look more fashion-savvy. 


When you’re on a trip, you need a sturdy and durable bag on you to keep your travel essentials safe at all times. And it’s a plus point if the waist bag comes with a chic design to keep you looking fresh and stylish while you’re on the go. 

You can get easy access to your passport and wallet while protecting your things from theft too. Plus the adjustable straps help you style it the way you want. So check out these amazing waist bags for the best deals now. 

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