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List of 15 Best Wall Clocks to Buy Online In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Home décor has taken a leap in the market by going through constant evolution. It is no more just a basic lifestyle requirement anymore; it has become a badge of prestige. Among home décor, one of the fanciest necessities comprises of wall décor products.

Being high in demand amongst the youth, wall décor has made its presence in the market, growing continuously by new players entering in.

Enhanced lifestyles and increasing disposable incomes are leading to growth in home/office renovation activities. Today social media is the king, and due to the widespread use of internet, people are more informed about the various products and its qualities.

Due to this increase in demands and preference, the growth of décor items is taking surge. India, being the leader in producing handmade art and craft is growing its presence, in every sector including home décor.

Wall Clocks among other products like wall arts, wall clocks, picture frames, wall mirrors, sculptures/posters, hanging cabinets and shelves, make an integral part of wall décor items, being both a need and an eye pleasing item, found in every house.

Ranging in price, shape and style it adds to the aesthetics of every house. Unlike other items, it is mandatory in each house, need I mention the reason? While in today’s world one can find uncountable types of wall clocks almost in every platform (online and offline), it still comes down to one of the finest qualities ranging in price to suit the customer needs.

Here are the 15 Best Modern Wall Clocks to Buy Online (Do Match One with your Wall):

Amazon Brand Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock

Amazon Brand Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock: Best Wall Clock In India

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If you are looking for a blend of vintage aesthetic alongside practical (less fancy) timekeeper, then Amazon Brand Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock is what you are searching for.

From assist you with mounting the ambiance of your space to a wholesome extent, this particular clock is made up of some splendid ingredients that enables its residents to take a glimpse at it over and over again, without sparing out some time to check up their cell phones (surprising right?). This clock is unique in its own, and is often lauded with admiration and appreciation.

Qualities Of The Clock

  • Having a dial size of 12 inches, it offers a favourable position.
  • The case material is made up of plastic, which makes it less fragile and demands less care and attention. (suitable for house with kids)
  • It has a clear representation of numbers on its screen, making it convenient for residents in the elderly age groups.
  • It is adequate for a room of almost any diameter.
  • Requires only a single battery.
  • Apart from all the commendable features, it offers a one-year warranty.

Red Flags To Be Noticed

  • Despite having all of the amazing features and qualities, its deemed to have complex mechanism within, that hinders in smooth running of clock for longer period.

Overall, a great pick.

Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock

Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock

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It’s not hidden, the fact that Ajanta has made a position for itself among the top    organizations, in not a very long time, and it is still growing. People searching out for some chic and lush wall clocks for their homes and offices, Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock is the clock for them.

It has multiple purpose usage, ranging from expert to individual reasons. Another great reason why it flaunts its prestige is that it is made up of fine plastic, making it suitable for longer periods with no issues.

The body of this clock is comprised of powerful and sophisticated planner shades improving the complete look of the clock. It has a conspicuous dial which is well perceived by the watcher.

Qualities Of The Clock

  • The benefits of a plastic structure are a no brainer.
  • This clock is accompanied with a battery.
  • The numerical are clearly visible, making it convenient for its users of all types.
  • Its beauty adds to the appeal of any space to a decent degree.
  • It almost fits walls of any room, thus making it a perfect gift for people.
  • Runs efficiently for a longer period.

Red Flags To Be Noticed

  • The size of the clock can be made to fit more spaces.

Although involves a bit of investment, this is a quality product with promising reviews.

Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock

Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock: Best Wall Clock In India

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Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock is one of a kind, its accompanied by a pendulum. In this ever growing world of technology and smart products, this clock is suitable for people with an old school taste.

This clock not only adds to the beauty of your house, but reminds you of your roots in the most elegant fashion. It has 60 minutes, a second and a moment hand. The pendulum remains holding tight the clock and that is the most appealing thing about the clock.

Qualities Of The Clock

  • Plastic material, making it durable and easy to maintain.
  • Comes mostly in dark shades, thus suitable for most wall décor.
  • It has a size of 45cm * 35cm * 5cm.
  • It is a stage development clock.
  • Requires two batteries.

Red Flags To Be Noticed

  • It comes with an overwhelming packing, which is made to protect the product during transit to save its craft, but can be time and effort taking.

Story@Home 10-inch Round Shape Wall Clock

Story@Home 10-inch Round Shape Wall Clock: Best Wall Clock In India

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Gone are the days when wall clocks were only a representation of time. At present, these tickers are not just used for knowing the right time, but it offers an avant-garde and front-line look to any room or hall. 

It is the easiest mode of adding shine to a place long with having a clock. Having said that, Story@Home 10-inch Round Shape Wall Clock perfectly serves the purpose of a room, office or a spot. It enhances the visual appeal of  any condition and is an ideal mix of quality and distinction.

Additionally, with exceptional look, it has significant worth. It is easy to handle and can be fixed anytime and anywhere. Also, having the standard size, it offers the chance to place it mostly anywhere.

Qualities Of The Clock

  • Possessing a glass front door and a plastic wall, it is strong and flashy.
  • Financially practical and a premium item.
  • Provides long term warranty.

JaipurCrafts Designer Plastic Wall Clock

JaipurCrafts Designer Plastic Wall Clock: Best Wall Clock In India

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While you are looking for some reliable and classy wall clocks, this might be the perfect choice for you. It is delightful and luxuriant altogether, along with a phenomenal craftmanship, making the place look magnificent.

It is again, easy to handle and does not demand much care and attention, making it a suitable choice for house with children and elderly, plus giving it away as a gift.

Qualities Of The Clock

  • It uses high quality rich material, and provides a vintage appeal to any given space.
  • Made up of plastic, makes it convenient choice for a wide range of consumers.
  • It provides a warranty period of one year.
  • Stylish and eye catching.

Casio IQ-59-1BDF Analog Wall Clock

Casio IQ-59-1BDF Analog Wall Clock: Best Wall Clock In India

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One of the splendid quality clocks, Casio IQ-59-1BDF Analog Wall Clock is of      high-calibre. The finest qualities of this clock becomes known after its very first use. It is structured with thought and exhibits skillful work of art. Extending over long periods, it has proven to be durable.

Qualities Of The Clock

  • Battery life of one year.
  • Fine configuration.
  • Controlled sound.

Possessing both exquisite looks and pleasing characteristics, this Casio Round Resin Wall Clock accompanies Arabic time makers,

RoyalsCart Floral Design Painting Analog Wall Clock

RoyalsCart Floral Design Painting Analog Wall Clock: Best Wall Clock In India

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Apart from showing the right time, this clock, with its vintage look, enhances the vibe of the place. This clock has a very interesting structure, with zero sound. Having a standard shape and size, it can be fitted anywhere.

Qualities Of The Clock

  • Sound control.
  • Made of wood.
  • Accessible at an exceptional size.

Apart from the above mentioned list, available at amazon, one of the most trusted network, here are a few more which has made it to the top list of 2023.


Opal: Best Wall Clock In India

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Opal is a well-known clock brand. Its manufacturing unit is based out of Pune, Maharashtra. Having a wide range of products in various styles and price, it has made a huge market for itself.


  • Round shape
  • Mostly rose gold/white colour
  • Made of plastic
  • Size is 29cm* cm


Seiko: Best Wall Clock In India

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Seiko is a renowned Japanese brand which is known for its uniquely designed watches and provides range of functional clocks. Providing wide range of clocks, it is available almost in every leading clock stores.


  • Square shaped
  • Mostly brown in colour
  • Wood material
  • 39cm * 39cm* 5.5cm


Random: Best Wall Clock In India

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A brand by Delhi-based Impulse Kreations, Random is a brand of designer     wall clocks that aim to tell time in style. It is available in wide numbers, and adds a unique vintage effect by its use of wood based materials and roman numerical on the screen.


  • Round shaped
  • Multi-colour
  • Made up of wood
  • Size 30cm * 30cm * 5cm


Casio: Best Wall Clock In India

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The name Casio is in every mouth and it needs no introduction. Offering wide range of products. It has a simple look but provides efficient qualities.


  • Round shaped
  • Gold/white in colour
  • Resin material
  • Size 350*350*54cm


Chumbak: Best Wall Clock In India

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Chumbak, known for its quirky designs rooted in Indianness, is a pop art   brand with a range of high quality innovatively designed products. It has a refreshing look, different from the boring designs. It is a great pick for people with enthusiastic and fun nature, and adds a spunk to the space.


  • Round shaped
  • Yellow in colour
  • Available in plastic/glass/paper/metal
  • 36.5*36.5*36.5cm


Solimo: Best Wall Clock In India

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Mix of quirk and elegance, Solimo is perfect for those who wants to add class and fun to their living space. It displays a roulette like clock, with a mix of colours, suitable for breezy atmospheres. Comes with a black frame, Solimo is an eye-catcher.


  • Round Shaped
  • Multi Coloured
  • Plastic Material
  • 12 inches in diameter

Village clockworks

Village clockworks: Best Wall Clock In India

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For all those who are looking for wall clocks that are unique, artistic and make a décor statement like no other, your search ends here.

Village Clockworks has a range of artistic clocks that not just display time, but showcase your taste for something unique.

The Village ClockWorks Iron Birmingham 1792 Wall Clock is a pretty little piece of art for the wall that has a bunch of small birdies sitting on artistic branches and leaves telling time in style.

Made in iron this is sure to be a great conversation starter and can be placed in living rooms, corridors or bedrooms.


  • Shape: Irregular
  • Green/gold in colour
  • Iron material
  • 60cm * 7cm * 55cm

Safal Clock

Safal Clock: Best Wall Clock In India

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These are presently only available in Maharashtra and Gujrat, with a range of products. They arrive from a place of prime time industries with over 25 years of experience.

It has many shapes and style. The most unique feature is that it has specially designed clocks made for kids for ease of understanding.


  • Round shaped
  • Red/blue in colour
  • Plastic material with melamine finish
  • 350 mm x 350 mm x 60mm in dimension

Rang Rage

RangRage: Best Wall Clock In India

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RangRage takes its inspiration from vintage, and comes in various style ad colours. Their clocks are handcrafted, statement pieces designed to add life to a space whilst delivering the function of telling time.


  • Round shaped
  • Yellow/red in colour
  • MDF Material
  • 12 inch in diameter

Factors Promoting Growth Of Wall Clock:

  • Growth in Online – Retailing
  • Rising Disposal Income
  • Real Estate
  • Distribution Channel (online & offline)
  • R&D developments

Overall, there are numerous factors promoting growth of wall clocks, and it is not stopping. Furthermore, increased personalisation is encouraging producers to design all types of style and shapes for clocks, thus creating a paradox of choice for consumers.

Thus, keep clicking, keep ticking!

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