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List of 10 Best Selling Wall Fans in India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Summers have arrived! So has the heat. People have started looking for the right appliances that can deal with the excess heat. If you were looking for the best wall fans for your home, then your search might stop here. We’ve compiled a list of the best wall fans in India currently.

The article is written after extensive research and consideration of numerous factors including design, aesthetics, ergonomics, performance, etc. Most of the fans require simple installation. All these fans are available at the official website of Amazon India. Read the article to find out the best fan for yourself or your family.

Here is the list of Best & Durable Wall Fans available online:

Orient Electric Wall-49 400mm Wall Fan (with Remote)

Orient Electric Wall-49 400mm Wall Fan (with Remote)

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Say no to the scorching summer heat. This exciting product from Orient company will take care of your comfort needs. It contains a remote-controlled timer that removes the barrier of distance.

So, you can even use it from a distance. Most of the people are definitely going to appreciate this function. Even children will love using a remote to turn the fan on/off. The USP of this fan is the Matchless breeze control operation.

For manual operation, a touch button is also provided. The speed of this fan is 1330 rpm and the power source is AC. The appliance has a power consumption of 58 Watts. For enhanced protection, the fan is equipped with a powder-coated guard that has a polymer ring.

Moreover, this fan comprises a powerful motor which will ensure higher air delivery at all times. You can also adjust the fan at any angle with the help of upward and downward tilt mechanism. The blades give high air thrust. Also, you’ll experience variable air velocity.

Major highlights of the product include the aerodynamic design, 90-degree oscillation, breeze control operation, LED indicator amongst others. The warranty period is 2 years. The package includes motor and neck assembly, blades, guards, warranty card and user manual.

Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Wall Fan

Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Wall Fan

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This fan comes from one of the best home appliance brands in India. Salient features of this fan are silent operation, 1320 RPM speed, low power consumption, high air delivery, etc. This product is surely made for those who want power-packed fans with superior performance.

The weight of the product is 4Kg. It has a full copper motor. This fan has a sweep size of 400 mm cover a large area at high speed. The rated air delivery is 70 cmm. The body of the fan is rust-free. A remarkable characteristic is the silent function of the fan.

This further implies that you will feel at peace (unlike other fans that may cause noise). A rust-free body ensures optimal performance. Along with that, you’ll get a full copper motor which will provide longevity and enhance the performance.

Further, it is durable too, an element which is highly considered by the Indian masses. Overload thermal protector will prevent motor damage. The warranty coverage is only 1 year.  You will receive 1 fan unit, instruction manual, and a warranty card. Get this fan today and adorn your home.

Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan (White)

Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan

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Refresh yourself this summer with this amazing fan from Havells. Main features include 400mm sweep, 230V, jerk-free oscillation, three blades and pull cords. You will experience uniform air delivery (72cmm) in every corner of your room.

It also includes thermal overload protection, a feature that will protect the fan motor. The noise level is just 62 Db which is quite comfortable. The fan has a high-speed of 1350 RPM.

What’s more? The fan comprises a speed regulator which will enable you to select speed according to the requirement of the season (weather). The fan can be operated at a low voltage.

This means that it is cost-effective as it will consume less electric power. Aerodynamically designed balanced PP blades are made for long-term usage. Don’t forget the attractive control switch.

This lightweight product has very easy assembling. Buy this product and keep yourself cool and comfortable. Customers will also receive a mounting accessories kit along with the fan. The product comes bundled with a 2-year guarantee, which a great fact.

Havells Swing FHWSWSTIVR12300mm Wall Fan

Havells Swing FHWSWSTIVR12300mm Wall Fan

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This is a lightweight product that will take care of your room cooling needs. Exciting features of this fan include smooth oscillation, thermal overload protection, high speed smooth air delivery, etc.

The pull cord control ensures that this wall fan is easy to control. 60-degree oscillation will allow uniform air delivery to each person in a room. The blades are aerodynamically designed which lessens the amount of buffeting.

The sweep size of the fan is 300 mm which makes the fan deliver air at the rate of 55 mm in a very smooth manner. TOP or thermal overload protection is also a hallmark of this product. High speed fan.

The blades rotate at the speed of 1360 RPM which gives way to a smooth flow of air in a room. Moreover, the robust fan motor ensures that the fan works continuously for hours at a high speed. Even the fan base has an elegant design.

The noise level is 63.2 dB. Besides that, the power consumption is 45W and frequency is 50 Hz. Rated voltage of the fan is 230V. Like the previous product, this one too has a 2-year guarantee.

Havells Swing Dzire 300mm Wall Fan

Havells Swing Dzire 300mm Wall Fan

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If you’re looking for something that is trendy, stylish, consumes low electricity and fits in your budget, then your search may stop here. This product comes from one of India’s leading companies of home appliances- Havells.

This fan is characterised for its exceptional performance. The high-speed motor will never disappoint you Another exciting fact about the fan is its transparent blades. These blades boast an aerodynamic design.

The very fact that it consumes low energy makes it suitable for most of the Indian folks. Further, you’ll get corner-to-corner air circulation. A two-way speed regulator will help you in changing the speed as per your desire.

You can easily customise the setting with the help of the pivoting mechanism. Characteristics include 300mm sweep, 1350 RPM speed, jerk-free oscillation, etc. The wall fan has a power consumption of 50 watts.

Uniform cooling is possible through the 300-mm sweep. A 2-year guarantee is provided to the buyers. Noise level of the fan is 70.4 dB.

Havells D’zire High Speed 300mm Wall Fan

Havells D'zire High Speed 300mm Wall Fan

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Yet another product from the above brand, it is very similar to the previous one. It has a trendy and compact design that will impress everyone. The fan weighs 4.22 Kg. The design is intelligent and intuitive.

Salient features of this fan are 2100 RPM speed, 110-watt power, three blades, pull cords amongst others. The air delivery is 95cmm. Voltage ranges between 220-240 V. For extra protection, a thermal overload protector is also present.

The design is aerodynamic which will ensure maximum circulation of air. If that was not enough, the fan arrives with an impressive air delivery that will keep everybody cool during summers. Get an adequate amount of air so that you do not feel the extreme heat during summers.

Ergonomically designed blades do their task will full efficiency (corner-to-corner air circulation). Add this stylish fan to your décor portfolio today. Get this fan today to enjoy the cool breeze at your home.

Don’t forget that the product comes with a 2-year warranty. Keep yourself relaxed this summer. What are you waiting for? Get this stylish product today.

Havells Swing Platina 400mm High Speed Wall Fan

Havells Swing Platina 400mm High Speed Wall Fan

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This brand does not need any introduction. You’ll also get one of the most sought features called energy saving which will eventually lower your electricity charges.

Specs include 2000rpm speed, 400mm sweep, uniform air circulation amongst others. A speed regulator is coupled with this device. It can be used to customise the fan’s speed. For easy tilting, the fan has a pivot arrangement.

Rated frequency of the product is 50 Hz. The noise level stands at 62 dB. However, the power is 30 Watt only. Like other fan variants, it is also equipped with aerodynamic blades.

The design of this fan can easily blend with any décor or interior. Don’t worry about the service costs, as this fan comes with a 2-year warranty by the brand. Get this fan today if performance of devices is your utmost priority.

Havells Swing Platina 400mm High Speed Wall Fan

Havells Swing Platina 400mm High Speed Wall Fan

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The cool breeze of this fan will make you forget the heat outside your home. The wall mountable fan packs performance along with design. Key factors of this appliance include 400 millimeters sweep, 50 Hz frequency, aerodynamically designed blades, 1350rpm speed, etc.

The airflow offered by the fan is 72cmm. According to the company, it has a power consumption of 110W. Moreover, jerk-free oscillation will ensure a smooth air flow. Change the level of air with the help of a speed control regulator on the fan.

This wall-mountable fan has a power-packed motor that will give you superior performance. The stable performance will keep you rejuvenated the whole day. Not to forget that it has pull cords too. The three-blade design of the fan ensures optimum air across the entire length of the room.

This fan even operates on low voltage. This makes it an energy-efficient fan that helps lower energy bills. The design of the blades is ergonomic. This will surely be a classy addition to your home.

Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan

Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan

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Want an elegant product that has superb performance? Then, this fan is surely made for you. The aerodynamic design will never fail to impress you. The fan is made of high-grade polymers which impart lightness. Even the fan body is made of stainless steel to ensure durability. An extremely compact fan that makes little noise is waiting for you. Coming to the features, you’ll get 1350 RPM speed, trendy design, 400mm sweep, etc.

The power is 60W. Like the other editions, this three-blade fan also comprises pull cords. Another cool thing about the fan is its competitive pricing. The fan includes a thermal overload protector that will prevent short-circuit (over-loading and overheating). What’s more? It is equipped with a protective grill that secures the blades and provides seamless operation. Further, air delivery is quite impressive. Speed control is also available.

You’ll never feel like the scorching heat of summer season. Each corner of your room will become airy. If you want stellar looks, low power consumption, attractive pricing, and superior performance, then go for this product. The warranty period is 2 year.


These were our picks for best wall fans in India. It is recommended that you carefully assess each and every factor such as price, reviews, design, brand value, etc.

To find the right product for yourself. All the fans mentioned in this article come from genuine brands, so there is no question regarding their quality. But the ultimate purchase decision lies on you solely. Get the right wall fan and get mesmerized in the cool breeze.

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